Lost and Found Ch. 01

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This is my first attempt at a novel. Any and all comments and feedback would be highly appreciated. This story contains adult themes on bdsm, D/s, and all the good things that go along with it. If this is not your thing, please don’t read it!


Alex Smith leaned against the wall admiring the rope work on the woman bound before him. Her arms were tied behind her and rope encircled her large breasts, making them stand out straight. They were turning a lovely shade of purple. The nipples were very hard. She was on her knees. Rope wrapped around her thighs and was tied to the bed behind her, pulling her legs open and exposing her glistening pussy. A pretty pair of panties were tucked in her mouth and a smaller rope held them in place.

Alex loved beautiful things and this woman was no exception. He was a high end mechanic working on Porches, Jaguars, Bentleys, and the like. He made good money and had a good life. Now he had found the woman of his dreams. All softness and curves, with big brown eyes and a generous mouth. Perfect for sucking his cock.

She was the daughter of one of his customers. He had met her when her father had brought his Mercedes in to be serviced. She had stood quietly while her father talked at length to Alex and finally he introduced them:

“Alex meet my daughter, Kelli. She’s just graduated college with a degree in business and is taking the summer off to find herself. Of course, I didn’t know she was lost, but hey! I’m just her father!’ the older man laughed.

Alex took Kelli’s hand and noticed that she was too shy to meet his gaze. He smiled,

“It’s nice to meet you. If you’d like any help looking I’d be happy to assist!”

Kelli blushed and stammered, “It’s nice to meet you too and thank you!” She didn’t know what else to say. Her father walked off to talk to one of the owners and that left Kelli alone with Alex. She had butterflies in her stomach. He was a handsome man. About five ten, dark hair, full beard cut close, hazel eyes that changed with his mood and a nice body.

“So what is it that you’re looking for, Kelli?” Alex asked looking at her seriously.

Kelli opened her mouth and nothing came out. She didn’t know how to explain what was missing. It’s just that nothing seemed right or complete. Nothing made sense. She had her degree and now what? Join the ranks of business people, live in a cubicle for the rest of her life? There had to be more!

She flicked her eyes up at Alex and saw understanding in them. She felt pulled to him and didn’t know why. He was waiting patiently for her to answer his question. She tried again.

“More. I want more.”

“More what?” Alex prompted.

“More life, I guess, I’m not sure. It’s just that, well, this can’t be all that there is!” She nearly choked on the words.

Alex looked at her curiously, definitely interested. Wondering what her father would say, he took a chance, “Will you have a drink with me tonight?”

“Well..I.. that is..yes, yes I will!” Kelli answered with a determined look on her face. She wanted more. Here was more. What was the point if she didn’t take any chances? “What time and where?”

“How about Mojo’s at around seven?’ He answered quickly, not giving her a chance to change her mind.

“Alright. I’ll meet you there at seven.” She turned away then to catch up with her father, but Alex caught her by the arm. He leaned in close and said,

“You’re a beautiful girl. Wear something sexy. Impress me.”

Kelli’s mouth fell open as he turned back and went to work. Her face flushed with heat she hurried to her father’s side. What was she thinking? She didn’t even know him! Surely her father would tell her she couldn’t Starzbet go.

“Papa? Would you be really upset if I told you I had a date with Alex tonight?” She cringed waiting for the explosion.

“Really? That’s great! I like him and maybe I’ll get a discount!” Her father laughed, took her arm and led her out of the shop.

Kelli was quiet on the ride home. She was having an argument with herself, “Dress sexy for him? Who does he think he is? I don’t even know him! But he thinks I’m beautiful! I’m sure he’s just saying that. Probably trying to get on Papa’s good side. Although, he doesn’t seem the sort…what am I going to wear?”

When they got back to the house Kelli barely waited for the car to stop before she opened the door and jumped out. She was excited at the prospect of an evening out. Something different for a change. Maybe this was something more. She ran up the stairs to her room and threw herself onto the queen size bed.

She lay there for a few minutes thinking about the coming evening. Then she sat up and looked at her closet. She tended to dress a bit conservatively. Nothing to showy. What did she have that was even remotely sexy? She got up and opened the closet door. She suddenly hated everything she saw and then she remembered the dress.

She had bought it on a whim when out with her friends back at college. It was peach colored, came to mid-thigh, hugged her curves and then the skirt flared out. She looked like a different person in that dress, but she had never had the guts to wear it. Tonight she would.

Meanwhile, Alex was making his own preparations. He was very intrigued by Kelli and was wondering how far he could take her. He left work a little early and went home. His house was neat and well organized. He grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom. He found himself absentmindedly stroking himself in the shower as he thought about her. Those big brown eyes, so expressive! And that mouth needed to be kissed! Those breasts, well, he could only imagine how they felt. He shook his head and refocused his attention. He finished up his shower and went into his bedroom.

It was definitely a man’s bedroom. The bed was a four post, wooden, king size one. There was a large dresser with a mirror along one wall. A tall, antique armoire sat against another wall. The brown rug was thick underneath his feet and the walk in closet was neatly hung with his clothes.

He selected a pair of black jeans and a black short sleeve, button down shirt. He left the top three buttons unbuttoned, revealing his chest hair. He put on cologne, combed his hair, and put on his boots. He liked what he saw in the mirror. He thought about the evening to come and this elicited a smile. He went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

The Date

Kelli was on pins and needles. What was it about Alex that drew her to him? She decided that rather than make an entrance, she would be there waiting for him. Maybe she would have a drink while she was waiting, just to soothe her nerves. She left her house early and headed for the bar.

When she arrived at Mojo’s there were half a dozen cars in the parking lot. She parked, checked her face, and headed in on unsteady legs. She hadn’t wanted to make an entrance, but as she walked in it seemed everyone looked up and stared at her. Now she wished she had waited, but it was too late. She came in and let her eyes adjust to the darker atmosphere.

“Welcome to Mojo’s! Would you like to sit at the bar or did you want a table?” the perky voice of the waitress startled her.

“A table, please!” Kelli responded

The waitress led her to a small table by the wall. This was good because Starzbet Giriş Kelli didn’t feel as exposed here. She sat down and ordered a long island iced tea. She figured she’d get one good drink in before he got here to give her courage. Though she wasn’t sure why she needed courage. As she sipped at her drink she watched the door, oblivious to the stares of the other men around her.

Alex arrived at the appointed time and the parking lot was half full. He walked in and was immediately hailed by a couple of men at the bar. He nodded at them, then scanned the room. Suddenly he stopped short because there she was and she was even more luscious than he remembered. The lowcut, short skirted dress was playing dangerous games with his libido. He smiled at her as she noticed him standing there and she raised a hand nervously.

“You look lovely, Kelli.”

“Thank you!”

“I see you have a drink already.”

“Yes, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not this time” He smiled at her. She looked at him, a little surprised. “So, tell me about yourself. What makes you tick? What is this “more” you are looking for?”

“Oh!” She said, “Well, I’m 24. Just graduated from college with a degree in business. My father wants me to go to work for him, but I don’t know. I kind of want to do my own thing, but I don’t know what that is yet. I like helping people. My best friend says I’m a people pleaser. I guess she’s right. I just want everyone to be happy, but I want to experience some of life. I don’t want to just exist. I want more than that.”

He looked somewhat amused by her answer. “You really don’t know what you need, do you? How many boyfriends have you had?”

“Well, not many. Actually, I’ve had three; one in high school and two in college.”

“And did you have sex with them?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“The kind I want an answer to. Look, I want to get to know you and I can only do that by asking personal questions, but if they make you uncomfortable I’ll back off. We can have our drink and you can go back home and nothing will have changed.” He looked steadily into her eyes, “Or you can take a chance, answer my questions and maybe I’ll be able to add a new dimension to your life. Your choice.”

She was quiet for a moment as she contemplated what he had said. Then she answered quietly, “I had sex with the two in college. The one in high school wanted to, but I was to prude for that.”

“Very good, thank you. Do you enjoy sex?”

“Well, some parts are very nice, but it’s not really that big a deal.” She was squirming a little as she gazed into his eyes.

“So, then, you’ve never had mind-blowing sex?”

“Um, I guess not.” She felt all flushed and took a big gulp of her drink.

“What a shame. Would you do something for me?” He was taking a chance, but he thought the odds were pretty good.

“I don’t know, probably…”

“Would you go to the ladies room, remove your panties and bring them to me?”

She stared at him, mouth open. “What?”

“Your choice. You don’t have to.” He gazed at her.

“Well, I, don’t know. I’ve never, that is, I shouldn’t…” she is babbling a bit now

He nods in silent understanding of her dilemma, but says nothing.

“Oh! Fine!” She gets up from the table and walks unsteadily to the restroom. Once there she looks at herself in the mirror and wonders who that sexy girl is. She enters a stall and, luckily she is alone. She pulls down her panties and steps out of them. Balling them up and clenching them in her hand, she thinks “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

Alex is waiting at the table wondering if he’s gone too far. He senses Starzbet Güncel Giriş that there is more to her than meets the eye. She could be perfect. He sees her walking back to the table and smiles at her. He holds his hand out and she deposits her panties in them. He holds his hand to his nose and inhales her scent. Then discreetly tucks them into his pocket.

She is feeling warm and tingly as she sits back down. She wonders if anyone can tell, then realizes they cannot. She feels wicked and it feels good. She smiles shyly at Alex.

“Good girl. Nicely done!” He says. She is blushing. “Here is another question, would you like to go back to my house? Again, your choice and don’t worry if you say no, we will go out again.”

Does she want to go back to his house? She is sitting there with no panties, feeling more turned on than she’s ever been. She thinks about it and feels her nipples getting hard. The old Kelli would say “No thank you!” and run like Hell, but this is the new Kelli and the new Kelli says take chances.

“Yes, I would like that”

“Excellent! You can follow me in your car,” Alex pulls out his wallet and puts some money on the table.

They stand up and he places his hand on her back. She shivers at his touch, both excited and nervous. They walk to her car, he points out his truck and tells her again to follow him. She just nods. He leaves the parking lot with her on his tail and in ten minutes they are at his home. He walks back and opens her car door for her.

“What a pretty house!” she exclaims.

“Thank you,” He takes her by the arm and leads her up the walkway to the front door.

They entered the house and Kelli immediately noticed how neat it was, nothing was out of place. There was a leather couch and love seat, along with a recliner in the living room. A table for six in the dining room and not a dirty dish in the kitchen.

“Wow, this is really nice!” She said, impressed.

“Have a seat. Would you like a drink?” Alex sat in the recliner and looked at Kelli expectantly.

“No thank you.”

“I want to ask you something Kelli, and I want you to think about your answer.”


“Why did you bring me your panties?”

“Because you asked me too!” she looked panicked, had she done the wrong thing?

“That’s a good answer, but I want to know what you were feeling. Did it turn you on?”

“What? Well, yes, I suppose it did. I’ve never done anything like that before and it was kind of freeing. It was like I had a choice, but yet I didn’t. I know that sounds stupid.”

“Look at me” he commanded, startled she looked into his eyes and what she saw there was desire. It lit a flame in her belly.

“Do you want to know what I want or do you want to go home?” he asked in a low voice.

Part of her was saying run, but a bigger part of her wanted to see what was coming. He was so intriguing. “I’d like to stay.” She said, her voice trembling.

“Alright, then this is what I want from you; obedience. If you obey I will reward you with pleasure and if you disobey I will punish you. If you want me to stop at any time say the word ‘lollipop” and I will stop whatever I’m doing and it will all be over with. In return I will take care of all of your needs, provide you with mind blowing sex, and probably fulfill some fantasies. Do you agree to my terms?” Alex was very serious as he looked into her eyes.

“What do you mean by obey?”

“I mean you do what I want when I want and how I want with no more questions asked. Starting now. Yes or no?”

Kelli felt herself take one more step towards the edge of an abyss, but she couldn’t stop the answer from coming out of her mouth, “Yes.”

“Yes, Master Alex” Alex corrected

Kelli blushed and repeated, “Yes Master Alex.”

“Very good. Do you know anything about this lifestyle?”

“Not really,” She hesitated for a moment, “Master Alex.”

She was rewarded with a smile.

So it began.

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