Lost Creek Wives’ Club Pt. 09

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The following is obviously a continuation of the Lost Creek Wives’ Club (LCWC) series, and as always, I highly recommend reading the prior chapter first as an introduction. And as mentioned before, this is my first fictional erotic story. Everyone depicted in it is purely fictitious, as well as the story line except for yours truly, which I took the liberty to use myself in an imaginary role as the lead character based on my own experiences and fantasies. And it’s a long story with multiple parts in varying lengths, so please bear with it.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive. Thank you.


After I finished sucking John’s cock to a very satisfying conclusion for both of us, it was time for Maureen to finish with my husband Jim’s blow job, which she paused temporarily to watch me. Something I enjoyed because of my exhibitionist tendencies, and the thrill it gave me having an audience. It also gave Jim the opportunity to fulfill his long time fantasy of seeing me suck someone else’s cock for the first time.

Soon as Jim repositioned himself with his butt on the edge of the sofa, Maureen knelt between his legs before she reached for his cock. She held it by the base and was barely able to wrap her fingers around it. She then lowered her head to take the first few inches extending above her hand in her mouth. After pausing to adjust to its girth, she started bobbing up and down. Slowly at first, then more rapidly as her head motion increased significantly.

Unlike me where my mouth does all the work, Maureen used her hand to stroke his cock in sync with hers. A much different technique, where she was all but masturbating him by using her hand in conjunction with her mouth versus sucking him off. And not much actual sucking either, which she only did intermittently. It’s the same kind of blow job you often see in truly “amateur” videos online where women tend to use their hands more so than their mouths. But what she seemed to lack in style, she most definitely made up for in enthusiasm. And although I wasn’t impressed with her technique, the only thing that mattered was how much Jim was enjoying it.

After about five minutes of some well coordinated manipulation between her hand and mouth, Jim began humping up towards Maureen very subtly before he announced he was going to cum. Not knowing if they discussed it earlier about where he would when the time came, I was anxious to see if Maureen was going to take it in her mouth in spite of her distaste for it.

As though reading my mind, Maureen released his dick with her hand and plunged down on it further before sucking like crazy finally. Soon as she did, Jim let loose with a loud groan and ejaculated. And as with John’s cumload, it seemed to be a big one. Jim twitched and groaned a good six or seven times, of which Maureen took it all in her mouth and never lost a drop. You could easily see by the movement of her throat, she swallowed the entire load. And very willingly it seemed.

Soon as Jim finished ejaculating, Maureen sucked his cock for a good minute or more until it began to shrink. For someone who didn’t like the taste of semen, she did a damn good job of sucking it dry. Not that I like the taste of it either. If you don’t, you either have to block it from your mind, or acquire a taste for it, of which I do the prior.

While I wasn’t impressed with the way she sucked cock, I was with how she took and swallowed his entire load. But it made me wonder why the sudden change of heart. She did say she would if she ever gave Jim a blow job because of her obsession with a big cock, but she seemed to do it with a lot more zeal than I expected.

As soon as Jim’s shrinking dick slipped from her mouth…”Way to go Maureen. That was awesome, but if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you enjoyed taking Jim’s cumload in your mouth. And before you ask Jim, unlike me, Maureen normally doesn’t.”

After she cleaned her lips with the back of her hand and tongue…”I did enjoy it Lacey, but I can’t say I’m fond of the taste of semen suddenly. But after watching you, I decided to bear with it since I know Jim routinely does in yours. I also have a much better appreciation of why after seeing how much John enjoyed it with you. Most likely because you did it so eagerly compared to me with a frowny face the few times I have. Now before you ask John, yes it does mean you can merrily cum in my mouth in the future. And without the unpleasant look on my part. Now be sure to thank Lacey for it.”

Just as he was about to…”No need to thank me John. I’m just thrilled if we didn’t achieve everything we wanted by having a foursome, we did accomplish one thing.” After which I addressed everyone in general…”Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I desperately need to use the bathroom, after which I’d like another wine cooler while Jim and John recharge their batteries.”

Jim laughed first before saying…”I bonus veren siteler didn’t think we’d get away with just a blow job. But if we did, I’d be very content with it. And before I forget Maureen, it was excellent. Different than Lacey, but still excellent. Now I need to use the bathroom too. And after you two ladies do, John and I will be sure to have your wine coolers ready for you.

Maureen and I used the same bathroom together, being the one upstairs in the master suite. Maureen used the toilet first, then as I was I noticed her looking at me kind of funny.

“What’s with the strange look Maureen?”

“Don’t ask me why, but hearing you pee kind of turns me on.”

“It did me too when you peed, but I thought it was just me. And if it wasn’t for the fact you have a bidet, I think I would have asked to wipe you clean when you finished. I know, kind of kinky, but it did cross my mind.”

“Not kinky at all compared to what crossed mine. I was thinking about what it would be like to have you pee on me.”

“That is kinky.” Then with a big smile…”But I wouldn’t mind obliging you whenever you like.” And I would, although I’ve never done anything like it. But with Maureen, I was willing to try anything once.

“I’m going to give your offer some serious consideration, so don’t be surprised if I take you up on it.”

After I used the bidet, which was kind of a turn-on too, we both checked ourselves in the mirror. Once satisfied how we looked in spite of having no make-up on…”Do I need to ask what’s next on your agenda Maureen. Or can I safely assume you want Jim to fuck you vaginally?”

“With my obsession about a big cock, there’s no way he’s leaving without fucking me first. What about you and John?”

Not being in a rush to answer, I kissed her first while feeling her delectable ass…”As for me, there’s nothing I’d like more than John to fuck me here.” And patted her ass.

“I figured as much, and I’m sure John will be pleased. More than pleased since he’s thought about nothing but since seeing the photo of your anus.”

We kissed again, but a little more lovingly and a lot longer as we wrapped our arms around each other and pawed each other’s ass. As our kissing became more heated, one of our hands found its way to each other’s pussy. When they did, our love nobs were very aroused and big as could be. I have a slightly bigger clit than Maureen, but we both have unusually large ones, and are a pleasure to suck and be sucked. But for now, the best we could do without getting carried away was finger each other…and very vigorously.

It didn’t take long between some intense kissing and fingering before we both cummed. Not intense orgasms where we became weak kneed and barely remained standing, but strong enough where we thrusted our pussies against each other as love juice flowed freely out our cunts. As it did, we both wet our fingers with our own vaginal secretions before inserting them into each other’s mouth. One of the most erotic thing two woman can do, and it caused my vagina to spasm as I sucked her fingers clean. And her mine, as we fed each other our love cream at least a half dozen times.

Afterwards, we held each other until the euphoria of our mini-orgasms passed and an incredible feeling came over me. Other than my husband, I never felt closer to anyone and began to realize how fond I was of her. And in a way I never thought possible with another woman. Sexually as well as emotionally.

Even though we didn’t cum a whole lot, it was still enough where we both gave the bidet a good workout. And thankfully it’s one where the water is heated.

Soon as we finish cleaning ourselves we grab four pillows off the master bed, a couple of bath towels and some lubricant before heading downstairs. Once in the living room we placed everything on the mattresses before heading for the kitchen.

When we arrived, we noticed through the sliding glass door, Jim and John were out on the patio minus their shorts. Just as were about to join them…”Do you think we should put something on like a robe Maureen? While no one can see they’re bare-ass because they’re sitting down, it’ll be obvious with us being topless.”

“Not unless you want to. With the privacy fence and the trees around our lot, no one can see us. That’s unless someone unexpectedly makes an appearance through the back gate, which is unlikely without us knowing it because of our new security system.”

Since she also sunbathes nude occasionally, I felt comfortable with it and proceeded out onto the patio naked with her right behind me. Once we sat next to our husbands, who both gave us admiring looks, Jim asked me what took us so long.

“You should know by now how involved women get with things when they use the bathroom together. Plus we wanted to make sure you two had enough time to recuperate.”

“I can assure you we have.” After which he looked at Maureen…”While I know I mentioned it earlier, bedava bahis that was a very different blow job Maureen. At least for me. And John and I were just discussing how different you two are when it comes to one. Oral sex is the one thing that can be totally different from one individual to another. And between sexes. If you don’t mind me asking, is it true when it comes to cunnilingus, nobody does it better than a woman?”

I took the liberty to answer for Maureen…”While I’m not as experienced as Maureen, I can say without any hesitation, the answer is yes. As good as you are Jim, you’re not in the same class.”

Maureen then jumped in…”Listen to you Lacey. Experienced or not, you’re pretty damn good. Awesome actually, so don’t dare you try to downplay your oral skills. And from what I observed with you and John, you’re equally good at fellatio.”

Not wanting it to become a conversation about what it’s like for Maureen and I to go down on each other…”Enough about who eats pussy better since it’s time for you two to take care of Maureen and I. Or do you think we should eat first since it’s close to dinner time?”

Jim answered first…”As for me, there’s nothing worse than having sex on a full stomach.”

John answered next…”I agree, so why don’t we wait until afterwards to eat.”

“With that being the case, give Maureen and I a head start with things before you join us.”

After which we both headed for the living room. Once there…”So there’s no mystery as to what we want as far as sex, let’s get positioned on the mattresses.”

And we did with us both on our backs with a pillow under our ass and heads. We also made sure we were close enough to each other so we could hold hands when we wanted, albeit at arm’s length. And we made sure to place the towels on the mattresses so we wouldn’t make a mess when we cummed.

“I thought you wanted John to fuck you anally Lacey?”

“I do, but with his short cock, he’ll be able to penetrate me deeper in a missionary position. Speaking of which, what did you do with the lubricant.”

“I put it on the coffee table.” After which she was nice enough to get it for me.

Soon as she was on the mattress again, Jim and John made an appearance and unlike earlier before our little strip tease, both had very erect cocks.

“Nice to see you two are raring to go this time.”

Jim replied first…”Hard not to be, no pun intended, with us discussing what you girls might have in mind. And before I forget. You two have made our first foursome go a hell of a lot better than anticipated by taking the initiative with everything. It sure has eliminated a lot of potential fumbling around. More so with John and me.”

“Jim’s right, you have made it all but stress free from your opening act, and we can’t thank you two enough.”

I replied again for both Maureen and I…”You’re very welcome, but it was purely for selfish reasons. The last thing we wanted was for you two to be so nervous you wouldn’t perform very well. Would have been a disaster if you didn’t…and maybe our one and only attempt at a foursome.”

After I paused for a second…”So you’ll know Jim, Maureen expects you to fuck her vaginally while I want you to do me in the ass John. But before you both do, we expect some oral foreplay first. Vaginally for Maureen, and anilingus for me John. There’s nothing I’d like more than you to pleasure my asshole with your tongue before you fuck it.”

Neither one of them wasted any time before they were on their knees between our widely spread legs. Soon as they were, both Maureen and I raised our legs and held them back towards our breasts. With our asses raised on the pillows, they both had a view neither of them probably ever thought they’d get to see, along with easy access to things.

As soon as John took in the view…”I didn’t think it’d be possible, but your asshole looks better in person than in the photo. It’s about as perfect as one can be.” While I was flattered, it dawned on me it was the first time he mentioned anything about the photo.

“Thank you John, and I’m surprised it is as much as Jim’s sodomized it. And as for the photo, I hope when the time comes you’ll enjoy seeing your cum oozing out of it instead of Jim’s.”

His only response was, ‘I’m sure I will’, before he bent over and began licking it. Felt like he poked me with a cattle prod the second his tongue made contact as it sent a jolt straight to my clit and caused me to groan. After first swirling his tongue around my anal ridges he began lapping up and down over it with very stiff tongue strokes. The sand papery texture of his tongue felt heavenly and caused my clit to continually tingle, and swell more than it already was. It even started throbbing from swelling so much, and felt like it was going to burst.

In the meantime, Jim was lapping up and down Maureen’s slit like a dog would a beef bone before devouring it. And much to her liking from deneme bonus the way she was moaning.

As John continued to lap my anus, I became impressed with his oral skills when it came to anilingus. Maureen taught him well and could even give Jim a lesson or two on how to lick someone’s asshole. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I felt the tip of his tongue pressing against my anal opening. Slowly he inserted it with an in and out darting motion, and while it was hard to be sure, it felt like the longest and fattest tongue ever to do my backdoor. Not that many have, and I made a mental note to ask him later to show me his tongue to confirm it.

Once inserted as far as it would go he proceeded to literally tongue fuck it using his head. Felt heavenly as he did, but I can’t imagine anyone tonguing your asshole and it feeling otherwise.

I took another quick look over at Jim and Maureen, and found Jim equally busy tonguing her fuck hole. It made me wish we had a camera set-up to video us being orally pleasured. It would have made for a nice video to masturbate to when alone and horny, which I’ve been a lot of the latter lately.

As much as I was enjoying John’s anilingus skills…”I hate for you to stop John, but I’m dying to be fucked. And with your fat cock, be sure to use some lubricant.” Which I handed to him.

After he lubricated my asshole and his dick, he placed his cockhead against my now very relaxed anal opening and pushed gently against it. Being as primed and greased as it was, it slipped in easily. But I was also able to accommodate it easily because of how conditioned my asshole is to Jim’s much bigger cockhead. And soon as it was, he paused for a second before he drove the rest of his dick balls deep in one smooth motion.

Soon as he bottomed out against me…”It’s time for you to hold my legs John, and to fuck my ass silly. And don’t dare cum until I do.”

“Be my pleasure Lacey, and I’ll try my best to hold off until you’re ready.”

I checked on Jim and Maureen once again, and just as I did, she orgasmed from Jim sucking on her love nob. A pretty intense one too as she let loose with a loud screech as her whole body stiffened as it usually does when she climaxes. As she did, I reached for her outstretched hand and soon as I grabbed it she squeezed it so hard it nearly caused me to yelp.

Once John was comfortable with holding my legs he began a slow but steady humping motion. Gradually it became faster, and his cock felt like it was electrified the way my asshole tingled. And since he ejaculated earlier, I was anticipating a long and satisfying ass-fucking before he did again.

As his pace became faster and more deliberate, I reached for my throbbing clit and began rubbing it in small circles while I pulled and pinched my nipples.

Wasn’t long before I began to feel the delicious first wave of an orgasm building deep in my vagina. “Don’t even think about stopping or pausing John, as I’m close to cumming. And fuck me hard and deep until I do.”

“I’m about ready to cum also Lacey.”

Almost immediately he began fucking me harder and faster, which soon had me on the edge of what I could feel was about to be a very explosive orgasm. As when I sucked his cock earlier, it was simply divine to be ass-fucked by a cock other than my husband’s, and very pleasurable because of it. And what made it even more pleasurable was Maureen being fucked right beside me. The smell and sounds of us copulating together were enough to bring me over the top.

About thirty seconds later after some intense fingering of my clit, my orgasm began washing over me like a tsunami. Just as it was, John let loose with a loud groan and plowed his dick deep in my ass as his huge balls slammed against me. So hard, I thought for sure they’d be sore. Just as he did, I felt the first load of hot cum shoot into my rectum and let loose with a loud scream. Us climaxing together couldn’t have been more perfect.

As he continued to shoot his load in me, I arched my back and all but exploded. Felt like a water main burst as a huge stream of vaginal fluids squirted out my cunt and all over John’s chest and abdomen. A near endless stream, and I could have doused a house fire from how long it lasted. While it soaked poor John, it made me thankful we thought to put towels on the mattresses.

Unconsciously I reached for Maureen’s hand and when I found it, I squeezed it hard as she did mine. Soon as John finished ejaculating I tightened my anal ring around his cock and put a stranglehold on it.

“Don’t you dare pull out John. I want to enjoy your cock in my ass for as long as I can.”

Eventually it began to shrink and couldn’t grip it any longer. After it slid out, I made it a point to discharge his cumload right behind it by using the same rectal muscles you would when taking a bowel movement. It oozed out like ketchup from a squeeze bottle. The entire load all at once, which left a thick gooey white trail from my gaping asshole down onto the pillow.

“Wow! That was pretty incredible the way you ejected my cumload out your ass.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice with Jim’s, and for some reason he gets a thrill out of it so I thought you might too.”

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