Love and Destiny Ch. 05

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Autumn Falls

For compliance purposes, all sexually active characters in the story are over the age of 18. This is a long, complete story that I have cut into more digestible chunks. I plan to publish each section immediately after its predecessor is posted.


CH. 05

I awoke about an hour later when I almost fell off of my daughter’s small bed. I opted not to shower before heading to bed, afraid that it would just wake me up. I already knew I was going to be a zombie at work the next day.

The alarm sounded much too soon and I groaned as I slapped the snooze. After my shower, I fixed my coffee and ate some bagels. I was a bit concerned when I didn’t hear Destiny, she was usually up a bit after me. A few moments later I heard her walking about upstairs but quite later than she usually did.

Destiny was dressed in a nice blouse and a thigh-length skirt like she usually wore when she was also going to work at the crime lab, She came lurching into the kitchen holding her lower groin. With a hateful look, she snapped, “I can’t believe you violated me like that yesterday”. Then she stumbled, I jumped from my chair but she tumbled against me knocking me back down into my chair.

She sat on my lap and grinned as her eyes did a merry dance. “You’re so gullible, McFly!” She kissed my forehead in daughterly affection. The laughter in her eyes faded as they grew warmer. She then kissed me on the lips, softly and romantically. “Good morning, Daddy! She slid out of my lap and fixed her breakfast while giving me very loving smiles. Her movements showed no sign of discomfort until she sat down but the little, knowing grin she flashed demonstrated that she did not regret her pain in the slightest.

Although I was burning with questions, I waited for her to open our morning discussion. However, I was a bit perplexed by her opening remark. “I think I’m ready to get rid of my bed.”

Okay, I wondered why this sudden change after years of putting it off. Was she always waiting for what she considered “becoming a woman” to get rid of her bed?

“Sure, okay, Well, we can go shopping for one this weekend.” She raised her brows slightly as if I were misunderstanding her. “Or sure, you can look online for a new one”

Smiling, and trying not to laugh, she said, “No, Daddy, I was thinking I would use yours.”

Why did she want me to get a new bed? I thought. There was only one problem with that. “Sweetheart, I don’t think my bed will fit in your room.”

A small gasp laugh burbled, as Destiny gave me a ‘Is he fucking with me look?’

Then she laughed realizing I was clueless. She spoke to me as if she were talking to a small child. “No, Dad. Your bed stays where it is. You sleep in your bed and I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I sleep in your bed.” Her eyes grew hopeful and she licked her lips nervously as she added, “What do you think about that plan?”

So Destiny wanted to become my live-in girlfriend as well as my daughter. I am monogamous by nature and she loved me more than anyone else alive. I realized that after I’d left her bed I had missed having her beside me as I slept.

“I always planned to turn your room into a combination study and entertainment room if you went away for college. I guess I can go ahead with those plans even though you’re staying.”

Destiny happily grinned, “Go ahead and build your man-cave, old man but I wouldn’t plan on getting much use out of it for a while, I intend to make up for lost time.” I wondered a bit what she meant by that remark. I guess she meant time I wasted with Fiona instead of her.

“So how do you really feel this morning, baby? Your mom was tender for a couple of a few days after our wedding night.”

“I’m a little tender. I’m gonna skip school today and try and get seen at a women’s clinic.” At my look of concern. “Not for the pain but because I don’t want to wait a month to see my doctor for a prescription for birth control. And I won’t make you wear a condom, I want nothing between us.” She grinned wickedly, “Just skin to skin between me and my Daddy.” I felt my face flush. Destiny giggled and blew me a kiss. “I love you, Daddy.”

As I was leaving I kissed Destiny on the cheek as I usually did and then she pulled me for a long kiss. “I… will… see… you… tonight,” she said mock seductively, rubbing her lush body against mine. “Oooooh Yeaaah!” She winked and giggled.

Destiny wasn’t home when I returned from work. She texted me she would be home soon.

As I was breading some fish, Destiny walked in and threw off her coat. In her hand, she had a little white bag which she shook at me with a big grin. “You wouldn’t believe how crowded the planned parenthood clinic was today. Mostly it was girls about my age. I guess V- Day also stands for V-stamping.”


The typical mock sour look when she had to explain something to the doddering old fool. “To get your V card stamped means you lost your virginity.” A wistful smile and a twinkle lit her face as she recalled her deflowering. She hugged my back as I worked on porno izle the fish. “I wasn’t the only walk-in so it took a while to get seen.” A sour little smile accompanied a disappointed sigh. “When I did see someone they noticed I was in some pain and questioned me, making sure that the sex had been consensual.”

At my shocked face, she gave me a little eye roll “Not consensual incest, just consensual sex. You know to make certain, I hadn’t been forced. I said, of course, that I hadn’t been coerced in any way, that my boyfriend was a bit on the large side. So they insisted on an exam before I could get the pills. Turns out there was some chafing and a bit of tearing of my hymen.”

As guilt and a sick horror welled up in me at the idea of hurting my sweet little girl, Destiny poked me hard with her finger. “Which was totally my fault! I didn’t stretch myself enough before hopping on your one-eyed monster.” With a wan smile, ” The NP said a lot of girls get over-enthusiastic on their first time. Anyway, they suggested I wait a few days before trying penetration again. Sorry, Daddy.” She was genuinely sad and upset.

I turned around and took her in my arms and kissed the top of her head. “It’s okay, baby, your “boyfriend” completely understands. If it was… you know who… it would be several weeks anyway. Besides, the time I spent with you yesterday was far better than all of the time I spent with her.”

Upon saying that with my daughter rewarded me a dazzling smile. “Poor Daddy, If you hadn’t been so clueless you could have avoided being with that woman entirely.”


Destiny merely shook her head, “Never mind, it doesn’t matter now anyway. It’s just a little disappointing that we have to wait.” She hugged me and looked up at me with a little sigh. “It’s that all the while I was sitting and waiting to be seen, I kept thinking about how wonderful yesterday was. All of it including the restaurant and the films we watched, but I have to admit, I thought a lot about the hot sex. And I kept getting… excited. I was looking forward to tonight. To it being the first night I got to sleep with my Daddy in a long time… after wearing him out with my hungry little kitty!” She gave me a pointed smile and then sighed dramatically “But my kitty needs to rest for about a week, dammit!”

My daughter’s obvious desire was awakening my own. And I had to shift a bit so she wouldn’t notice my erection.

“Daddy… you don’t need to hide them anymore. You never really did.” She said kissing my neck and rubbing her hip against my hardening cock. “You do know lots of times I made you hard on purpose, don’t you? To give you a thrill and so I could see that big bulge!” She tittered. “But don’t worry, I’m not her, I won’t let you suffer just because my kitty has to rest.” With a final swish of her hip against my boner, she moved away and started fixing the rest of the supper.

After supper, I watched some television while she sat next to me finishing some assignments on her laptop. While I sat there so close to her, I kept remembering the last film we had watched together. Her phone video of us having sex. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see the rest of our encounter. I kept debating on how to approach the matter without seeming like a pervert. Finally, I said screw it, after all, she had filmed the thing.

“Des, do you still have that video on your phone?”

“The one with the kitten trying to get out of a blanket?” she looked up from her work with a little smile.

“Uh, no. The other one.”

“The Penguins dancing? Can you be more specific, Daddy? I have a few videos on my phone.” She then acted as though she had a sudden insight. “Oooooh, do you mean the one where I fucked you? Is that the video you want to see?” My daughter, the comedian.

“Yes, honey that’s the one. I want to watch the whole thing. I can’t believe I didn’t see your phone on my nightstand.”

“Well, that’s because I hid it under your tissue box before I took off your mask. I wasn’t sure how you’d react to my big reveal and didn’t want to ruin the video if you freaked out.”

“Oh, so you didn’t film the entire… ummm bout?” I felt very disappointed.

“No, and I’m sorry I didn’t. I would love to see the moment you realized it was me and still wanted to make love to me or watch my first anal sex.” A couple of little spikes were now poking through Destiny’s blouse.

Making a happy little sigh, she lowered her lids at me and quirked up the left side of her mouth. “I thought that my Valentine’s Day would be a nice dinner with my Dad, where I’d flirt a bit with him. I never imagined that he’d be drilling my ass with his huge cock until I gushed all over him like a fire hose! Next time though we’re going to use lube though, my butt still kinda hurts. Plus, anal sex is really intense I don’t think I want to do it all that often, maybe just once or twice a week.”

Once or twice… a week??? I thought.

The spikes on her blouse were more pronounced as she closed her laptop and put it aside altyazılı porno so she could sit on my lap. There was a dreamy, warm cast to her eyes as she put her arms around me and gave me a soft, passionate kiss. This was followed by another and another.

All the while I was kissing her, in the back of my mind, I wondered why Destiny was kissing me like this. She had told me that she couldn’t have sex for several days. After her third kiss, she gave me a happy smile, eyes glimmering with warmth and affection. “I love you so much, Daddy.” And she once again began kissing me but not only on my lips but also on my neck and face.

This once again brought home the age gap between us. When Desiree and I had been teenagers and even young newlyweds, we had also necked quite a bit. But as we aged and entered our thirties, our affection became more understated. A hug, a cheek kiss, or holding hands became the equivalent of our younger selves sitting on the porch necking until my Dad threatened to throw cold water on us. Making out became confined to a prelude to foreplay rather than just a romantic activity in itself.

To Destiny, she was just making out with her new boyfriend who happened to be her Dad. She was being affectionate with me for the sake of being affectionate, expressing her love physically and romantically. After a few minutes of intense, yet tender kisses, Destiny moved off of my lap. Her face was flushed and her eyes a bit glassy in an expression I recognized even though I hadn’t seen it in years. It was the expression your girlfriend got when she had reached the point of arousal from making out that she needed to stop before she went too far. The point right before her desire overwhelmed her rationality.

She panted a little bit as she fanned a hand in front of her, “Your kisses are so yummy, Daddy! I don’t want to stop but I need to get ready for bed.” She moved over to her laptop again and plugged her phone into it. After a few strokes on her keyboard, she slid the laptop over to me.

“Do you still want to watch the video?”

I had asked because I had thought she had filmed the entirety of our first sexual encounter and was a bit disappointed she hadn’t. However, I got the impression that Destiny wanted me to watch it again. So I nodded. She gave me a smug smile and opened her media player and opened a file named Pop pops his Precious Princess. She had transferred the file to her laptop and named it. Her eyes were merry as I noted the title. She had used one of my favorite expressions for her when she’d been a little girl. I guess this was so I couldn’t pretend I was watching some strangers having sex but could only view it knowing that it was her riding me. She started it and slid the laptop to me with a wink and left to go change into her bedclothes. As she walked out of the room, my sweet, little girl turned and gave me a knowing feminine smile.

Since she had left me alone, I planned to fast forward the film to where she had stopped it the night before and then watch from that point on. However as I fast-forwarded it, I stopped advancing when I hit the part she gave me a blowjob. I re-watched this with avid interest and then just kept watching the rest of the video in real time.

In the video, once Destiny had fully impaled herself on my cock she loosed her death grip on my sides and placed her hands on my chest. She slowly began to rock to and fro and up and down slightly. She held one hand on my chest and with the other played with her breasts.

As she slowly began to fuck me, my daughter’s face was a picture of angelic radiance transformed into absolute beauty by pure happiness and love. Her adoring eyes shimmered with tears of joy, which she wiped away with a silent laugh. Seeing my daughter taking such pleasure in loving me and taking love from me, even though I was an unwitting participant, was mesmerizing.

When I said, “Young lady, I know you’re not Fiona” her face became both alarmed and a bit smug. It flashed over with anger when I called her Tanya. It now dawned on me that the reason she had reacted so strongly was that she thought I had figured out who she was and was crushed for a second when it turned out I hadn’t. Her look of horror after she slapped me was almost comical. After a second thought, Des smiled wryly to herself and then grinned. Destiny leaned over and pushed her right breast against my mouth and once again enthusiastically began fucking my cock.

Once I started suckling her teat, she let out a little squeal. Later when I decided to just enjoy the anonymous sex and began to fuck her back, she kept up with me for a while but then slowed down to hug me and kiss me. This was not, as my male ego had thought at the time because I had pounded her sweet little pussy into submission, her adoring expression made me believe she had slowed so she could fully enjoy the experience of her daddy vigorously fucking her. The several orgasms she had weren’t necessarily from my technique but rather from the emotional impact of me, her loving father, being inside sex hikaye her.

When I accidentally called her Des, her face just lit up but turned to acute disappointment when I said she reminded me of my late wife. After a few seconds, however, a very verklempt look came over her face and she began to fuck me back once again. Destiny churned her hips down onto my prick even more strenuously than she had before all while frantically kissing me. It almost looked like she was trying to swallow my entire mouth.

When I broke off from her kissing to warn her that I was about to cum, Destiny’s looked like she had just won the lottery. My face contorted slightly as I came and Destiny wriggled her hips to milk my cock as she leaned forward to give me a lingering passionate kiss. Her hand moved towards the phone screen and then the screen went blank.

Watching the video engrossed me so thoroughly that I almost jumped when Destiny spoke next to me. “Although I’d didn’t get our whole first time, I’m glad I recorded the first time my Daddy filled my pussy with his hot seed.” She gave a wicked little smile as she laid her head on my shoulder.

Destiny was dressed in a loose scoop-necked black camisole instead of her usual winter sleepwear of an oversized T-shirt dress. The camisole was old, slightly frayed, and worn. Tonight however she had chosen not to wear a bralette which was obvious by the way her breasts bobbled beneath the shimmering material and the deep cleavage that widened and collapsed with every movement. Also, she had put on the same bright red lipstick that she wore the day before on Valentine’s Day. Once again I was struck by how well this highlighted her beautiful pale, freckled complexion.

With a smile, she noticed that watching the video had made me hard as a rock. Destiny moved the laptop to the end of the sofa and then slid down to the floor to kneel by the couch. Licking her lips, “Stand up, Daddy.” she whispered. Her eyes flared as I stood, especially since it was difficult for me to stand up because my pants were so tented. Pressing her nose against my compacted erection, she sniffed as her hands unfastened my belt buckle. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time, Dad. In her eagerness, her nails slightly scratched my hip as she pulled down my pants and underwear. As my freed cock waggled in front of her face she giggled as she stabbed her tongue chasing the elusive shaft.

A shiver ran through me as her warm, moist tongue trailed across the sensitive skin of my cock. “I told you I wouldn’t let you suffer, didn’t I?” Destiny smiled as she gave me a slurpy full tongued lick of my cock head. Eyes locked onto mine, she slowly enclosed the top of my penis in a warm mouth bath. She slurped and licked until streams of spit ran down the sides of my cock. The sight of my daughter’s full red lips slipping and sliding down my turgid pole as her happy, lusty eyes burned into mine was making me throb and pulse with unbelievable pleasure. Even the loose blowjob she was giving me was making my balls tingle. When most of my cock was covered in her spit, Destiny shrugged so that her camisole slithered down, exposing her full, firm breasts. She hissed in delight as one of her hard nipples brushed against my knees.

“Please sit on the edge of the sofa, Daddy.” I sat as she once again began to slobber all over my knob and shaft. “I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time. Hope you like it.” She encased the shaft of my cock between her breasts and began to softly massage them, slightly rolling her breasts, squeezing them up and down along my shaft. The warm spongy globes felt fantastic on my cock. And knowing that these were my daughter’s tits made it all the more exciting. Destiny smiled at my pre-cum dripping cock with a wicked smile. She then covered the tip of my cock in between her full lips and softly slurped.

The sight and sensations of this wonderful combined tit and blow job made me quiver with absolute pleasure. My wife had enjoyed giving me blowjobs but she had never done so with the pure enjoyment that Destiny took while giving me head. She licked and sucked on me like this was the best lollipop she had ever tasted. All the while her eyes kept locked on me, shimmering with equal parts of joy and adoration. She smiled around my cock every time I let out a small groan of pleasure.

The sensation and sight of my daughter loving having my cock between her big breasts and inside her mouth was very overwhelming. My balls clenched. As if sensing it, my daughter stopped sucking me just before I was about to come. However, she kept up the slow, excruciatingly wonderful tit-fuck, “Do you like this Dad? It seems like you really like it. I know you love my titties, Daddy. I love them too. I love sharing them with you. Now there’s one requirement for me to finish… You have to tell me before you cum, and I will decide where you will cum… and it will be a mystery until the last second. I might have you cum all over your baby girl’s beautiful boobies, I may have you spray all over these freckles you love so much or perhaps I’ll just wrap my so kissable lips around your gorgeous cock head and drink you dry or maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to swallow your cock as you cum! But you gotta tell me.”

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