Love by Candle Light

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It was a night to remember, and full of surprises as we went out for Italian. Caelyn was dressed in a black dress that accentuated her every curve and rustled slightly when she walked to the table to be seated. Being a gentleman I pulled out her chair and waited for her to be seated. Then I took my seat. It was then he noticed and became captivated by her eyes. Her eyes were as dark as a black hole from which nothing can escape not even light itself. They always hypnotized me when I looked into them.

But, tonight they were different somehow. They were seductive and alluring in way that made him wonder what she was thinking. His hopes surged and were dashed when he realized they had discussed the possibility of sex before and she had wanted to wait until the time was right. But he was still powerless to look away from those eyes.

The waitress arrived breaking his momentary connection to her. “Can I get your drinks, and would you like to hear the specials for the evening.”

“I’ll have a white wine.”

“I’ll have the same.” She said.

Then the waitress left us alone and he glanced in her direction as she smiled at him. Caelyn’s smile was captivating but not like her eyes. Tonight she wore red lipstick the color of crimson fire and her smile was mischievous. She looked at him with raised eye brows, and he thought “Damn she could always read him.”

The lights were down low and the candlelight was the only illumination for our (there) table making for a close and intimate atmosphere. One could hardly notice the other patrons seated at tables some distance away. Then her expression changes and becomes playful as she leans in to whisper. “I have a surprise for you.” ” Lean closer.”

As he leans forward, she leans back and pulls her chair out slightly. In one quick discreet motion she raises the hem of her dress revealing that she wasn’t wearing underwear showing him her rose garden of trust.

Then she is back at the table like nothing happened. And she asked with a smile.


He was stunned, speechless, and excited beyond words he tries to collect his thoughts to respond. He can not so he reaches for his glass instead and almost tips its over.

Then the waitress arrived with our drinks and took our orders. Caelyn sipped wine quietly and demurely like nothing happened. I couldn’t help smiling at her in disbelieve. Then we proceeded to engage in small talk but He can’t remember what was said.

When the food came I wasn’t hungry but she encourages me to eat anyway with a promise of more surprises to come.

The waitress returns Tekirdağ Escort and Caelyn says quickly.

“Surprise Number 2.”

She asked the waitress for some strawberries and chocolate syrup to go. She tells the waitress. “It’s my favorite dessert, but I couldn’t possibly eat any more now.” Then she smiled at him.

He pays the check and we head to the door with a medium sized box of strawberries and chocolate. Once in the car she expected me to lose all control and have her in the car. But he regains his senses as they left the restaurant. And she didn’t know it but he had a surprise of his own.

As he leaves the parking lot, she starts to tease him again by raising her dress little by little distracting him.

“Stop it.” He says.


She then lifts the dress higher giving him more to see each time. She knows he loves to be teased and she won’t stop no matter what he says.

At the next stop he turns the tables on her and reaches over with his right hand and caresses her inner thigh lightly and slowly. His hand rises closer to her rose, but he pulls back at the last possible moment. She arches forward eagerly for his touch, but he doesn’t allow it. Enjoying this little game he smiles at her and says.

“We’re almost home.”

She gives him a playful seductive smile and says “okay.”

Then we pass though the intersection and start heading home. Thinking the game was over and she will wait till we get to the house he relaxes. But, she shows him that she has one last card to play. As she reaches over with her left hand and without any hesitation grabs his crotch and asks.

“Can you wait that long?” She smiles devilishly at him.

He struggles to keep the control of the car just barely keeping the car on the road. She laughs because she knows that she had won. But then the house appears up ahead and he accelerates just a little as she begins to rub the bulge in his pants more vigorously.

He whips the car into the drive way and turns off the ignition and she opens the car door and exits the car heading for the door. He calms himself then exits the car not forgetting the dessert and heads for the door where she is waiting with that same smile. Unable to wait much longer he reaches for her and takes her in his arms holding her close to his face. He waits for just a moment their mouths barely touching enjoying her excitement. “I have a surprise of my own upstairs for you.”

She looks at him with some frustration. With a boyish grin he says “Trust me.”

He opens the door and deftly leads her inside. Tekirdağ Escort Bayan And he tells her.

“Wait a moment while I go up to make some last minute preparations.”

She looks a little concerned but relents, and off I went carrying the box of strawberries and chocolate syrup. Once upstairs he entered the bedroom to put the finishing touches to his surprise.

Then he went down stairs.

“Everything is ready.”

She begins to ascend the stairs with a grace and beauty that always made him marvel at gods’ genius when he created women. Once we get outside the room he tells her too.

“Close your eyes”



She stands there a little defiant trying to gain some advantage over him. Even though, she knows she had him from the first time she smiled and he looked into her eyes. But, she also knows that he enjoys these little games and will not give in so easily this time. So, she closes her eyes and says.

“Lead the way.”

He opens the door and takes her by the hands and leads her into the room and closes the door behind them.

“Ok now you can open your eyes.” Her eyes need a moment to adjust the soft glow from dozens and dozens of candles placed throughout the room on every available surface. She even notices the careful placement of larger candles upon decorative plates on the floor at the foot of the bed. Then she notices the rose petals at her feet marking a small path to the bed covered in satin sheets, and upon the night stand she sees the strawberries in one dish and the chocolate syrup in another. She turns and smiles at him. He takes her in his arms and pulls her firm against his body. She leans in closer lips barely touching for a moment that lasts forever. Then they kiss. The kiss was like the first taste of wine that crosses parched lips after being lost in the desert, and quenches the soul.

He begins to undo the back of her dress allowing the dress to slip from her body to the floor. She steps out of her shoes and leads him to the bed. She lingers just a bit to enjoy the sensation of the velvety texture of the petals beneath her feet.

Next to the bed she reaches for a strawberry and dips it into the chocolate, and then takes a bite. She leaves a trace of chocolate upon her lips. He leans in and kisses her at that moment and taste the chocolate. Her lips part slightly allowing him the exquisite taste of her, the chocolate, and the strawberry all at once.

Lost in that second he fails to notice his shirt is on the floor along with his pants. They part so Escort Tekirdağ she could lie on the bed and enjoy the silkiness of the sheets against her smooth skin. The candlelight flickers and dances across the curves of her body. She looks at him seductively willing him to take her right then, but he resists.

He reaches for another strawberry and does the same thing she did only this time he places the strawberry in his mouth and kisses her. They alternate with each strawberry until there is only a one left. This one he dips in the chocolate and rub it on her lips covering them with chocolate. He dips it in chocolate again and uses the strawberry to trace around each of her nipples

He dips the strawberry in one last time coating the fruit with chocolate and then traces a line from her breast down to her other lips and covers those in chocolate. He begins to dip the strawberry into her.

She squirms because of the strange sensation and proceeds to lick her lips tasting the chocolate upon them. And lets out a soft sound.

He plunges the strawberry in one last time and then pops the strawberry into his mouth, and savors the flavor and the juices before devouring it.

Then lowering himself before her wet mound. First he firmly kisses her inner thigh. She closes her eyes and focuses on his lips as he begins to tease her erogenous zones. His tongue is inside her. Slowly at first, to enjoy the taste of her and the chocolate. His probing becomes faster as her senses her growing excitement. He tries to lick every bit of her to remove the chocolate before she comes.

She begins to shudder and shiver as waves of pleasure reverberate though out her body. He doesn’t stop until her body begins to calm. He catches his breath for a moment and proceeds to lick the line of syrup starting from her sex all the way to her nipples. Where he finishes licking the chocolate off and doesn’t miss a drop. He looks up at her and smiles with breathless satisfaction. She looks down at him with and undying fire in her eyes and wraps her legs around him trying to pull him inside her.

He grabs her hips with his strong hands and rolls her gently on top of him. She then takes the lead as he lies on his back. She takes him inside her and he lets out a soft moan as he feels her silken embrace. She begins to move slowly enjoying the friction inside her. He caresses her body and watches the soft flicker upon her body from the last candle about to go out. Her movement grows faster as her she is nearing climax. She presses her hands firmly against his chest and digging her finger nails in. She is in full control. She is relentless and he cannot escape as he feels his moment of climax is upon him. After a few seconds they both cry out at the same time instant one instant of madness and joy and their bodies shake with the release of each others orgasm. Then the last candle goes out.

The end.

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