Love in the Dunes

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I hadn’t been to the beach in awhile. Don’t know why, since I live so close and I really love it. It’s just a half hour drive from where I live.

But a girlfriend and I were talking the other day and she lamented how she loved the beach, but never seemed to have the time to go. So, I got inspired and took the bull by the horns (this is Texas, after all).

“Alright girlfriend, that settles it; we’re going to the beach! Are you working everyday this week?” I asked her.

“Ah, I’m off Wednesday,” she said.

“I’ll pick you up at nine. The water’s probably too chilly to swim, but we can soak up some sun. Bring a bikini anyway; you never know,” I instructed. “And no arguments – you’re going and that’s that.”

I’m not sure if she really wanted to go, or if I just bullied her into it. But, come Wednesday, I picked Jess up at nine, as promised.

I brought a large tote bag with beach blankets, drinks and a few snacks. I’d thrown it in the back of my Jeep, and later, hauled the bag out when we parked near the beach access point. Galveston Island is pretty built up with non-stop cottages and tourist crap. So, I drove us further south; to about halfway to Surfside Beach. The span of beach and dunes in between the two communities was, and still is, virtually deserted; no cottages, no businesses, just beach and sand dunes.

“Oh this is marvelous,” Jess said, as we exited the Jeep.

With my tote in hand, I said, “let’s walk down the beach a ways; find a nice secluded spot … maybe even sunbath nude.”

I gave Jess a sly grin.

“Oh Joan, I don’t know … I’ve never, ah, you know …”

“Listen honey, there’s no one around for miles. Kids are in school, so on a Wednesday, we won’t see a soul. I promise. So let’s be adventurous; live a little,” I told her.

We had walked, maybe ten minutes, when I stopped and looked around scanning the dunes.

“This is perfect. Let’s go up this dune and see if we can find some privacy nestled between this one and that one over there,” I said, indicating the next dune over.

As with so much of American coastal dunes, ours, here in south Texas, are covered in sea oats which help preserve the dunes. They grow in large clumps but leave a lot of open sand amongst the dunes. When we reached the top, I pointed down the slope on the backside to a hollow between the dunes. Heading that way, I dragged Jess by the wrist.

“This will be perfect,” I said.

Opening my tote, I retrieved two extra large beach towels and spread them out.

“Here, put the bag on the corner. It’ll keep the wind from blowing the towel away,” I told Jess.

As Jess smoothed out the beach towels, I stood and pulled my tank top up over my head. I was wearing a rather skimpy bikini underneath. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic of my mini skirt and pulled it down, as well. My bikini bottoms came off with the skirt and dropped to the beach towel. I reached back and pulled the string of my bikini top and tossed it on top of my skirt.

I noticed Jess looking a little sheepish at my disrobing. We’ve been pretty good friends for awhile; played golf, had wine in the clubhouse after, and gotten together for coffee a number of times. But, we haven’t been what I’d call intimate friends. I mean, I really liked Jess and I thought she liked me. But, I realized at that moment, I might be putting our friendship in jeopardy.

It dawned on me too, that perhaps I was being a bit too … hmmmm … brazen, perhaps? But really; that’s just me, I’m that way with everyone. I truly hoped she was up for the challenge of … me!

“Come on girl, get naked. You’re not shy are you girl? Here let me help you.”

Brazenly, (there’s that word again) I reached over and pulled Jess’s blouse up over her head only to discover no bikini, no bra, just beautiful bare breasts.

“Oh my,” I said. “You’re absolutely gorgeous, honey. Come on then, off with the skirt too.”

But Jess seemed reluctant.

“I’m not wearing panties,” she admitted, bashfully.

“Well, that’s the whole idea,” I said as I (brazenly) yanked her skirt down onto the towel, and giggled.

“Oh my. You’re about the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen,” I gushed, and she blushed. She had a neatly trimmed red bush that was sexy as all get out! (All get out…that’s a Texas thang).

It was fairly obvious that Jess was shy about being naked, so I sought to put her at ease as best I could.

“Here, lie on your tummy on this towel here, and let me apply some suntan lotion to your back.’ I said.

“Well, OK, I guess,” she replied, still sounding unsure.

Lying down, she seemed to exhibit less anxiety about her body being exposed. I retrieved a large bottle of hi-test Bayan Escort Gaziantep sunscreen from my tote, which is a must in the brutal Texas sun, and squirted a healthy amount onto the palm of my hand to warm it. Don’t you just hate it when someone squirts cold lotion on your back?

I began to apply the lotion to Jess’s shoulders and neck, working it in; almost as if I were giving her a massage. I pulled her fabulous long red hair out of the way and started rubbing the lotion in. First, her neck and shoulders, then down her back to her shoulder blades; my thumbs kneading her muscles along the way. Then, lower to the middle of her back; and then, lower still. I gasped when I noticed just how shapely and absolutely lovely her butt cheeks were,

“Everything alright?” Jess asked when she heard my sudden intake of breath.

“Ah, yeah … just need some more lotion, babe,” I said, sort of breathlessly.

I repeated the warming process, squirting lotion in my hands, then commenced applying it to her luscious ass cheeks. I worked the lotion slowly into her beautiful skin. Starting at the top, then, sliding my hands around to the sides; then working back along the bottom of her cheeks until my hands met in the middle. I repeated this several times; still massaging her muscles in the process. Jess moaned.

“Mmmm … that feels so nice,” she said and squirmed a little.

“Glad you like it. You get to do me next,” I responded.

I warmed more lotion in my hands and started on the backs of her legs, working all the way down to her ankles; covering the bottoms of her feet, as well.

“Oooo, that tickles,” she said, jerking her foot away.

“Be still, you don’t want sunburned feet; very painful. Now, hold still,” I said.

After covering her feet, I started my way back up her legs; my fingertips continuing to massage as they moved up. I covered her calves and then my hands moved on up to her thighs with more lotion. When I started on her thighs she moaned again and squirmed even more than before; and, interestingly, spread her legs a bit more.

“Oh honey that feels so good, don’t stop,” she moaned.

That’s when I realized my fingers were stroking the insides of her thighs very close to the “V” where her legs came together. So close, that I was almost touching her labia. As I rubbed more lotion in, she wriggled more and spread her legs even further apart.

“Oh yes, that’s good … a little higher.”

I guess I’d been a little reluctant to get too familiar with a girl friend I didn’t feel I knew that well, but I obliged her and moved my fingers up until they lightly stroked her engorged pussy lips. She squealed.

“Oh Jess, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Oh no, it feels so good … turning me on a bit,” she admitted. “Don’t stop, please.”

Reassured by her response, I rubbed higher and felt her wetness. My fingers slipped between her lips, now bright pink and swollen from her arousal. I stroked her gently. She didn’t protest; a good sign.

Emboldened, I pressed my fingers up even higher until I felt her tight little nub nestled beneath a hood of skin, just below her red bush. Her hips jerked up when my fingertip slid over her clit.

“Sorry,” I apologized

“Oh god no! That’s wonderful. Don’t’ stop,” She begged.

So, I rolled her turgid clit between my fingers and felt wetness from her pussy on my wrist. She was dripping sex juice copiously. Her hips jerked side to side and I struggled to hold on to her little pleasure nub.

“Like that, babe?” I whispered.

“Oh fuck yes!”

“Then roll over, let me do your front,” I ordered. She complied; her breathing rapid.

I smiled at Jess; she looked so sweet lying naked before me. Her red hair splayed out over the towel; the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

With more lotion, my hands began massaging her neck and shoulders. I then moved down to her ample breasts whose hard erect nipples were poking up in the sun to feel the ocean breeze blowing across them.

I kneaded her soft tits with my hands and fingers; squeezed the nipples which elicited more moans and groans.

“Your hands are so nice and soft and warm; I love it,” she groaned. She closed her eyes and just enjoyed those intimate moments with me.

After spending much time on Jess’s breasts, I ran my palms and fingers across her tummy; stroking back and forth, gradually working down towards her mound. A mound covered by a beautiful copse of red hair that left no doubts about Jess being a natural redhead.

My fingers roved through that red thicket. They swirled around until they moved lower and felt the soft folds of her pussy. Again, I found her swollen clit and rubbed it in little circles. Her hips arched upwards in response and began gyrating and pushing back against my hand.

“So good,” she moaned.

Talking a bold step – not that touching her pussy in the first place wasn’t beyond bold – I leaned in and brushed my tongue over that distended essence of a woman’s pleasure. She squealed.

“Oh Joan! What are you doing? It feels so fucking good,” she cried out.

I was pretty sure she wasn’t so naïve as to not know what I was doing; so, I just kept at it and increased the intensity by licking her clit and sucking it into my mouth. She tasted so fucking good!

“Ohhhhh … shit! God that’s … ahhhh … yesssss!” She was losing control, which was fine, because it’s what I’d intended.

Jess’s hips began gyrating against my mouth making it difficult to maintain contact with her swollen clit. Reaching around her hips, my hands sought her breasts and squeezed them and pinched her nipples.

Jess was writhing in ecstasy by then. I removed my right hand from her breast and moved it down to insert a finger in her wet slit. My fingers quickly became lubricated. I pushed two fingers, then three, as deep inside her cunt as I could.

Her body trashed and the volume of her moans increased to little screams of pleasure; good thing I’d chosen a secluded spot far from any cottages, I thought to myself.

“Oh shit Joan … what you’re doing …ahhhhh fuck its so … good!” She managed to get out as I increased the intensity of my ministrations.

“That’s it baby, I want you to cum for me! Now!”

And she did; hard.

With her back fully arched, her head thrown back and desperately grasping the beach towel with both hands, Jess seemed to have one of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever witnessed. She whimpered and thrashed about. She was completely out of control of her body while I stepped up the speed at which my fingers were driving in and out of her pussy … over and over and over. With one final thrust my whole fist was buried in her throbbing cunt.

I sucked her clit fully into my mouth and hung for dear life as she violently jerked her hips up and down. Jess’s legs clamped my head tight and I felt her shaking and quivering as her intense orgasm progressed.

It was a wondrous thing to give someone else such bliss. My mouth rode her bucking pussy alternately sucking and licking her engorged clit. My full hand was buried in her hot cunt and I fisted her fiercely and I continued to relish her pleasure vicariously.

She screamed so loud I thought we might be heard despite our secluded location. And she made garbled noises that seemed to approximate speech; I had no idea what she was trying to say, except that I think maybe she liked what I was doing.

Eventually Jess shouted, “God! No more! Please I need … ohhh fuck stop!”

If you’re a girl, you know there’s that point in your orgasms where you just have to stop; no matter how good it feels. Because in that place, you are on the knife edge between intense pleasure and pain. To continue beyond that threshold threatens to turn ecstasy into something so much less.

So, I eased off. I withdrew my fist from her pulsing cunt with a plop (I know, TMI), then, lifted my head and cupped her drenched pussy, but with two fingers still inserted in her. I felt the waves of delight pulsing between her legs and inside her pussy.

It took some time before she could speak.

“Oh my fucking god, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had,” she blurted out. “Thank you so much, Joan!”

“I’m so happy you enjoyed it,” I said, then I went down on her pussy with my mouth and sucked her scrumptious juices from her dripping cunt.

“Careful … very sensitive …” she moaned.

After sucking and licking her clean, I moved up to kiss her passionately,

“Like how you taste?” I asked, after giving her a lengthy, loving and passionate kiss.

“Mmmm, yes, I do. And I think I’m going to like how you taste, too; lie down, Joan. It’s my turn.”

More than willing to comply, I lay down beside her.

“On your back, bitch; spread those legs,” she ordered, with a giggle.

I did as she commanded eagerly in anticipation.

I felt her fingers on my thighs and a warm wet sensation on my belly just below my navel. It traveled down and through my sparse dark bush and made me shudder with delight; made me giddy with excitement for what I hoped was sure to come. Then, I sat halfway up and supported myself on my elbows.

“Wait,” I said. “I forget something … got too carried away with you,” I said, as I reached for my tote bag. I inserted my hand, fished around until I pulled out a nine inch, very real looking, cock shaped, dildo.

“Here … if you like, you can use this. Twist the knob on the bottom … it vibrates, too.”

A big smile formed on her face and she said gleefully, “oh wow. You can bet your sweet ass I’m going to do you with this honey. Hmmm … maybe in your ass, too,” she said giggling. “Now lie back and enjoy.”

Jess gave me a push and forced me back into a supine position.

“Spread those legs again, slut,” Jess ordered, as her head returned to my mound.

Simultaneously, I felt her wet tongue at the top of my pussy slit and her fingers lower down separating my engorged pussy lips. Her tongue connected with my distended clit and I instantly felt electricity flow through my tummy and down my spine. At the same time, I felt fingers pressing to gain entrance to my soft fleshy tunnel.

I moaned, much as Jess had done earlier, while rolling my head from side to side as blissful feelings began building inside me.

“Jess … oh honey, you make me feel so good, so hot … so sexy,” I said breathlessly.

Her tongue swirled over my clit and I twitched and jerked and groaned loudly. Then something large pressed between my cunt lips. It pushed in slowly (did I mention it’s a really fat dildo)? As she flicked her tongue over my swollen nub, I felt my body being wonderfully split open; the humongous silicone cock penetrated deeper inside me, and when it began to vibrate, I went nuts!

My whole body spontaneously began to thrash and shudder; I really wasn’t in control as I screamed with delight.

“”Oh fuck yes Jess! Do me baby …make me cum bitch!” I blurted out as my head jerked side to side. “Oh god! Don’t fucking stop … please!”

The plastic cock sank deeper into my cunt as her mouth sucked my clit in and she shook her head wildly to stimulate me to astonishing heights of joy. Jess pushed the huge cock deeper still until it reached its, and my, limit.

Jess jerked and twisted the dildo inside me as my hips arched high. Her mouth pressed hard on my mound forcing my hips back down, then, she bit my clit – not too hard, just enough to push me over that magical boundary into my first wild orgasm. The first of many.

I screamed bloody murder. I thrashed and shuddered; tensed my legs, my arms, my gut and squeezed my legs so hard on Jess’s head, that later, I was sure I must have hurt the poor girl. I was completely out of control and only vaguely sensed that Jess was increasing the intensity of fucking and sucking me – I was far away in some mystical place.

I remember her pumping my pussy hard with the massive faux cock and me screaming something unintelligible. My fingers grabbed handfuls of her brilliant red hair and pulled her into my wondrously burning pussy as hard as I could.

Unrelenting, Jess continued my blissful agony and I continued out of my mind; breathless to the point of almost passing out. My legs were shaking and quivering, my was tummy clenched so tight I thought I’d turned inside out; and yet, she persisted administering the most exquisite sexual torment to me.

After more orgasms than I could keep track of – they kept coming one after the other, wave after wave of ecstasy – I finally yelled to her.

“Enough! NO MORE! … God I can’t … ah … shit … too much …Oh baby I love you … thank you honey for that.” I said, all out breath.

Jess pumped my cunt slower and stopped licking my clit, then she kissed me hard as I had done with her earlier. After kissing long and hard, we lay next to each other just smiling and kissing and running fingertips over each other’s arms or hips or breasts. Enamoured with each other in the afterglow of our love making.

Because that’s what it was; love. Not just sex. We fell in love with each other that afternoon lying in the warmth of the sun and amongst the starkness of the dunes. Lying there, we whispered endearments to each other. Talking about everything; about nothing in particular, learning that we loved one another. We didn’t want it to end, but eventually, the sun hung low on the horizon and the air turned chilly.

“We should get back. It’ll be getting dark soon,” I told Jess.

“I want to be with you,” she replied.

“I know, me too. Do you live alone, or do you have a roommate?”

“Alone,” Jess said.

“Perfect, no one’s expecting you. So, you’re coming home with me and spending the night. If that’s okay with you,” I told her.

And she did spend the night; our love making exquisite until the dawn light coming through my window made us realize we hadn’t slept a wink. And she spent the next night, and the night after that. Later in the week she brought some of her clothes over. The following week she brought the rest of her things. We’ve been living together ever since.

The wedding is in the Spring; the ceremony will be in those very same dunes where we first loved.

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