Loving Audrey after Amanda

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*** Author’s Note ***

This is the continuation of “Loving Danica through Amanda”, which was told by Audrey. This story, however, is told by Danica.

When I woke up, Audrey was gone. For a split second, I thought that it all might have been a dream and my heart sank. But I soon realized that I was lying in Audrey’s bed and there was still the heavy aroma of sex hanging in the air. Throwing the covers off me and sitting up on the side of Audrey’s bed, I surveyed my sticky naked body to find that I had a few fresh bite marks, a couple of sweet hickeys and several fingernails scratches all over me.

The sheets were still damp, reeking of spent sweat and sex; as I ran my fingers through my hair, I found that it too was laden with remnants of Audrey’s excitement. As I stumbled over to the window, my toes came in contact with a delightfully soft fabric. Looking down, I found Audrey’s panties under my foot and immediately snapped them up. Glancing around, I also found her bra not too far away, but the rest of the clothing she had so sexily stripped off for me last night was missing. The thought of Audrey running around not wearing a bra and panties, combined with the delectable odors of her sex still hanging in the air around me was starting to get me hot again.

Pressing the soft cotton of her panties to my face, I inhaled deeply of her sex. Closing my eyes, I ran my hand sensually down the front of my body with her panties wrapped around my fingers and let them tease all around and over my slit through the still damp fabric. Seeing Audrey’s gorgeous naked body in my mind, I realized that my greatest sexual fantasy of the last three years had finally come true! I had a night of wild and unbridled sex with my best friend Wendy’s mom – Mrs. Thompson.

Contrary to what she may have told you, Audrey has always been an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. True, she has really toned up and sculpted her body considerably since her divorce, but she has always been sexy and I have wanted her ever since I was a sophomore in high school. I didn’t really know or understand why I became so attracted to Audrey; I wasn’t a lesbian! In fact I’d never even thought about being with another woman. I had always really liked guys and when it came to the Thompson family, Wendy’s older brother Nick had always been the object of my affections. But one fateful Friday night, Wendy had a few of us girls over for a slumber party and Audrey forever captured my sexual imagination that night. It was the night that she and Wendy’s father had decided to separate; and instead of locking herself in her room and crying, she came down and joined our pajama party. Wendy was a little embarrassed, but I’ll never forget the incredibly sexy, dark green, silk night gown that Audrey wore. It accentuated every nook, cranny and voluptuous curve of her beautiful body to a divine level and I was hooked. I remember I got so wet that I had to stay wrapped up in my sleeping bag for fear that all the other girls, Wendy and Audrey, would see the big wet stain in my pajama pants. It was a wonderful and a terrible day when I learned that Wendy’s parents were divorcing, which wasn’t until a month or so later. Nobody but Audrey and her husband knew it the night of that slumber party. Wonderful because I somehow convinced myself that I might now actually have a chance to get Audrey into bed; forgetting that she was my best friends’ mother, good friends with my own mother and 34 years older than me. While most people would look at those facts and figures and scoff, they only seemed to turn me on even more. Something about the forbiddances of it all really got me hot. But at the same time that it was wonderful, it was a terrible day too; not only because it really hurt Wendy, but also for the fact that she and her Mom were moving to New Orleans.

After Audrey and Wendy moved, I still couldn’t get Audrey out of my head. I stayed in close contact with Wendy and I would often find myself practically interrogating her about what her Mom was up to. “Was she seeing anybody? Any chance you’ll be coming back to Houston? I’d love to come visit you all.” I was almost obsessed, and all about a woman. I decided to explore this new side of myself and soon learned that I was at least, definitely bi-sexual. I had my first sexual encounter with another girl when I was sixteen. I met this girl on the beach in Galveston over Spring Break; she was seventeen and it is about the only time that I have ever been grateful to be Danica Patrick’s identical twin. She honestly thought that’s who I was and it was then very easy for me to manipulate her into bed. Turns out that it wasn’t her first time to fuck another girl and she ended up teaching me a lot; primarily that I really liked fucking girls.

But after a few more encounters with different girls, I soon began developing strong lesbian tendencies; men were fast losing all appeal to me. Audrey and Wendy moved back to Houston just in time for Escort Bayan Gaziantep Wendy and me to start our senior year of high school. It had been almost two years since I’d actually seen Audrey and her sexiness had increased a hundredfold in the elapsed time; I about went insane. I remember that I practically lived with them my entire senior year and did my best to get as friendly and close to Audrey as possible. Of course, I never called her Audrey; it was always Mrs. Thompson and there were times that it became torturous because she was getting back into dating. I feared that my chances were slipping away.

I finally got up the nerve to share with Wendy that I was gay, but I never said a word about being hot for her Mom. Wendy was totally cool about it and she was even instrumental in hooking me up with my first real woman – Pamela. Pamela was twenty-seven years old and the executive chef at the restaurant where Wendy worked as a cocktail hostess. Wendy knew Pamela was gay, or at least, bi-sexual, and she hooked us up by getting me a job there as a food runner. It didn’t take long for me and Pamela to hit it off and it was less than a month before she and I had sex. Pamela was an incredibly hot and passionate lover; so much so that I nearly fell in love with her. But she turned out to be married and her husband was a freak; he liked to watch Pamela fuck younger girls and then join in. Now, if it had been another woman, I might have been into it, but by then, I knew that I was pretty much done with guys for good.

Wendy and I graduated from high school and then left to go to college in Arizona a couple of months before Hurricane Ike hit; I’ll never forget the hug goodbye that I got from Audrey. It kept me hot all year. I couldn’t even look at another woman. Audrey was constantly in my thoughts and fantasies; especially now that she had whipped herself into the body of a supermodel. Wendy kept a picture taken the previous Christmas of Audrey, herself, her brother Nick and her younger sister Tiffany on her dresser in our dorm room and it served me tremendously well throughout my freshman year at Arizona State.

I overheard a telephone conversation between Wendy and her Mom in early May. Wendy was telling her Mom about how she was going with a group from her drama classes out to Los Angeles to do some summer stock theater. I managed to overhear that Audrey’s social life wasn’t going anywhere; she hadn’t been on a date in months, was very lonely and then I heard Wendy repeat that Tiffany was going to be in Chicago for the summer with her father and stepmother. I don’t know if I was completely crazy or what, but I figured that if I was ever going to make a move on Audrey, this summer would afford me the best chance to do it; especially since my own parents were going to be in Europe for nearly a month. It was the perfect setup for a secret and torrid affair.

I got back to Houston in late May and my Dad immediately swept me and my Mom off for a surprise trip to Indianapolis for the 500, where I actually met Danica Patrick. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie “Dave” where Kevin Kline plays both the prick of a President and the sweet Temp Agency guy that fills in for him as his security look alike? Well, the scene where the two of them come face to face pretty much sums up my meeting Danica Patrick. She was stunned at first, and I have to admit that as her eyes coursed over every inch of me, I got pretty hot. Yeah, I’d fuck her! Only thing was, she’s a cold bitch. Anyway, Mom and Dad continued on from Indianapolis to London for their European tour and I flew back to Houston. I hadn’t yet had a chance to see Audrey since I left school and I was really getting desperate to. But no sooner did I get back to Houston, did I get a call from Wendy and she told me that her Mom had come out to Los Angeles to see her in a play. When I asked her when she’d be back, she told me that she was then going to Annapolis, Maryland to see Nick and she’d probably be back around June 20th.

I counted the days on my calendar until the twentieth and called their house on the afternoon of the twenty-first. Audrey answered and we talked innocently about our recent trips and such for about an hour. Just hearing Audrey’s sensual and sexy voice over the phone got me hot and I was just about ready to ask her if she wanted to do lunch or something when her cell phone rang and she had to go. I couldn’t believe it! Here I’d finally gotten up the nerve to basically ask my best friend’s Mom out on a date and a fucking blackberry got in my way. Two days later, Hurricane Amanda became headline news.

I didn’t really think much about it at first since it was still so far away, but the closer it came to the upper Texas coast, the more terrified I got. I was as terrified of that hurricane as those two little kids were in “Jurassic Park” when the T-Rex was attacking their vehicle. I know you may not believe this, but when I went over to Audrey’s house the night Hurricane Amanda was coming ashore, having sex with her was the last thing on my mind. I had only seen and heard hurricane horror stories on the TV, particularly those of Hurricane Ike from the previous year and I was genuinely petrified; particularly since Amanda was a much stronger storm. When I showed up on Audrey’s doorstep last night, I was honestly looking for a mother’s protection and love.

But when Audrey shared all of her hurricane experiences with me, I once again began to see her as the object of my lustful affections. Her overall courage in the face of so many horrific natural disasters, plus her incredible calm right now in the midst of yet another one was making her immensely appealing and unbelievably sexy to me. I felt completely protected and the longer she held me close to her beautiful body, the hotter I got. Her blouse was soft, her breasts were so big and firm, and her delicious smelling perfume was driving me wild. I don’t know if it was divine intervention or what, but I was going for broke and about to plant a kiss on her at the exact same moment that her lips came to me. And well, you know the rest. Audrey has already told you of our incredibly passionate night together. But now, let me tell you of Amanda’s aftermath.


As I said, I woke up the day after Hurricane Amanda and Audrey was gone. The power was still out, so I had no idea what time it was exactly, but I’m guessing it to be sometime in the afternoon. With remnants of our raw sexual frenzy still all over my body, the bed sheets and in the air, I stepped over to the window and peered out the mini-blinds. Hurricane Amanda had left quite a mess all over the yard and from what I could see, all over the block. Still holding Audrey’s panties in my hand, I glanced down at the front walkway and I saw her coming toward the front door. My pussy immediately began to tingle as my body filled with a powerful flash of lustful heat. I knew that probably the first thing she’d do is come up to check on me, so I turned on my heels and headed into the master bathroom.

Even though the power was out, daylight was flooding into the bathroom through the wall of glass bricks in the shower stall, plus the window over the commode. I intentionally left the bathroom door open and hopped into the shower. Even though the wall was glass, the only thing that could really be seen and penetrate the bricks was light. Equipped with several different shower heads at different levels, water sprayed all over my body and I knew that it would only be a matter of minutes before Audrey’s beautiful naked body would be pressed up firmly against me.

Reveling in the warm water dousing all over my body simultaneously, I soon heard the shower door open and then felt Audrey’s rock hard nipples probing into the skin of my back as her arms went around my torso. I felt her succulent lips wrap around my ear lobe, nibbling and sucking on it like a famished vampire and her beautiful mound begin to grind firmly on my ass. Running the tip of her tongue around my ear now, I felt and heard her hot breath in my ear and my entire body tingled with intense arousal as she squeezed me tighter and her entire body seemed to meld into mine.

Without speaking a word, I leaned my head back on her shoulder, turned it toward her and closed my eyes; Audrey’s tongue slid almost on queue deep into my mouth as her hand slid slowly down the front of my body and was soon massaging my fleshy folds. I wrapped my arm up and around her head, resting my hand in her now soaking wet hair and pulled her deeper into our kiss. I then felt her finger slip up inside me and I let a tender moan slip down her throat. Audrey had her other hand wrapped firmly around one of my breasts, gently kneading the flesh and then pinching and twisting my nipple. Suddenly, Audrey pulled out of our kiss, yanked her finger out of me and spun me around.

Audrey pushed me up against the smooth granite wall at the head of the shower stall and stared deep into my eyes. Her eyes were on fire and she plunged her tongue deep into my mouth. I’ve never had anyone kiss me like this. Suddenly, Audrey slid down to her knees, letting her tongue graze down the front of my body as she went. Audrey then roughly hooked both my legs over her shoulders, took my ass firmly in her hands and lifted me up. With my back pressed up against the wet and hard wall and my legs dangling down over Audrey’s shoulders, I grabbed hold of the two nearest shower heads and practically yanked them out of the wall as Audrey’s hungry mouth suddenly snatched my pussy.

The shower stall quickly filled with a thick cloud of steam as the heat of our bodies rose with the illicit force of a sexual pressure cooker. Audrey was like a famished carnivore as she gluttonously devoured my pussy and I was soon gasping for air as every muscle in my body strained against the orgasmic pressure building up in every fiber of my being. My moaning only seemed to fill Audrey with more desire and I could feel her fingernails piercing deep into the skin of my ass cheeks. The next thing I knew, I was looking straight up my body from the floor. My head and shoulders were lying against the wet floor, my legs were spread wide above me and Audrey was holding my body up against hers as she continued her feeding frenzy on my pussy.

Audrey’s lips, teeth and tongue battered my clit mercilessly and my body convulsed wildly as I came. I felt the inner walls of my pussy collapsing under the force of a tsunami-like wave and only then did Audrey relent her ravenous gorging on my sexual center. Gently lowering the rest of my body down to the floor, Audrey pressed her seething and soaking wet body down on top of me and pelted me with soft and sensual kisses as my orgasm passed. Slowly wrapping my arms around Audrey, we kissed deeply as the warm water pelted our bodies. Tasting my own cum in her mouth set me ablaze with passion.

After regaining my strength, I stood Audrey up, pinned her against the wall and repaid her in kind. As I was on my knees in front of her body, I felt one of her powerful legs wrap around my shoulders and I opened my eyes to see her head gently rolling from side to side as she was gently massaging her gorgeous breasts. With my mouth full of her succulent and sultry womanhood, her deep and slow sensual moaning grew ever louder and louder until her powerful body was tumbling wildly about and my mouth was suddenly full of her delectable juices.

Audrey pulled me up to my feet and her tongue was soon scouring the deepest recesses of my mouth, now completely sated with her cum. Audrey lifted my much smaller frame up into her powerful arms, shut off the water and carried me back to her bed where we continued to sexually ravage one another; I just couldn’t get enough of her and she couldn’t get enough of me – we were both completely insatiable. Relentlessly grinding, eating, licking, sucking and fucking each other in a house without air conditioning, Audrey and I remained hellishly hot and sweaty until both of us were on the verge of dehydration, asphyxiation and complete physical exhaustion. Panting like a couple of rabid dogs, I collapsed on top of Audrey’s body and almost immediately slipped off her sweat drenched skin and into a puddle of sex on the mattress beside her. With my heart pounding and my vision blurred with stinging sweat draining into my eyes, I rolled on to my side and gently caressed Audrey’s seething body. As the daylight was quickly slipping back into the darkness of night, Audrey’s bedroom was pitch dark and with no air conditioning to circulate it, the air was stuffy, humid and heavily saturated with the odors of forbidden lust. I loved it.

“Happy Birthday, Audrey.” I heaved. “I love you.”

Audrey was silent. I could hear her breathing but I sensed that her body tensed in a very uncomfortable manner as I spoke those words. Finally, I felt her hand squeeze mine on her heaving chest.

“Thank you, honey.” She whispered.

The next thing I knew, I woke up from a deep sleep and again, Audrey wasn’t there. Daylight was coming through the closed window blinds and it was very warm and stuffy in the room. Looking over at the digital clock beside Audrey’s bed, it was still out. I got out of bed and slipped on one of Audrey’s night shirts that were hanging over the back of the chair in the corner of her room. Covering Audrey down to her thighs, the night shirt draped down to just below my knees. I went downstairs and found Audrey sitting at the kitchen table watching a local news web cast on her laptop computer. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore a pair of sweat shorts and a loose fitting LSU T-shirt.

“Good morning.” I said.

“Good morning.” She replied.

I sat down on her lap, wrapped my arms around her neck and kissed her on the lips. I tried to probe my tongue into her mouth but Audrey pushed me away.

“Easy there, killer. Don’t forget, I’m an old woman.” Audrey said.

“Oh, shut up!” I told her. “Old woman, my ass.”

I tried to kiss her again, but Audrey raised her hand to my lips and held me back.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked.

“Danica, we need to talk.” Audrey said. “Come on, sit down.”

“I am.” I joked.

“I mean, over there.” Audrey said. “Come on.”

I cautiously slipped off Audrey’s lap and sat down in the chair beside her. My heart was suddenly thundering and I felt my stomach tie itself in knots.

“Have I done something wrong?” I asked.

“Wrong? Honey, I don’t think anybody has ever been more right.” Audrey said as she smiled. I relaxed a bit.

“Then what’s going on?” I asked.

“Last night, just before we fell asleep, you told me Happy Birthday.” Audrey began.

“Yeah.” I said.

“You also told me that you loved me.” Audrey continued.

“And?” I said.

“Honey, I’m 52 years old. I’m old enough to be your mother. In some cultures, I’m old enough to be your grandmother. My daughter is a year older than you, and your best friend.” Audrey continued.

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