Ls Gets Things Going

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Note: These stories are written for ls who I am in a long distance relationship with. each has already been shared with her and I get her feedback via text or video chat. They are for her, but we are sharing them with you. If you like them we will both see the feedback. Enjoy!


It’s been a wonderful day in Goias. We got here last night and we’re getting settled in. Today was a very lazy day, we went food shopping and then hung around the house all day, talking, relaxing and listening to music.

Although we’ve had several days together, I have a hard time keeping my hands off you. I’ll come up behind you and give you a hug, if no one is there you sometimes move my hands up to hold your breasts.

Frequently, when we are together the norm seems to becoming that you sit on the floor between my legs and lean back. I massage your face, neck and head. I think we both very much enjoy this. If I think you are too relaxed and getting ready to fall asleep I sneak my hand down your shirt and give your nipple a little light pinch. That seems to keep you awake.

We listen to music and talk late into the night. It’s 1 am and I’m nodding off, so I announce I’m headed to bed. You say you’ll be along shortly.

I brush my teeth and wash my face, then I get to our room, turn off the light and climb into bed. While I prefer falling asleep with you pressed against me, I’m tired and I’m asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

You come into the room about 20 minutes later. The room is dark, but not pitch black. The moon is out and we have some light in the room. Not enough for details, but you can easily make your way around without bumping into anything.

You get undressed and slip on the t-shirt I had been wearing today. You slip your panties off because you want me to have easier access. You know I love seeing you breasts and the t-shirt will be like a gift wrapping I can take off to see my presents.

You get into bed and press up against me on my left. You hear my breathing, I’m asleep. You can take care of that in a few minutes. You position yourself against my arm so that my hand is at your crotch. You lace the fingers of your left hand through mine and start to rub yourself against my hand. You hug my arm to you with your right arm and tease your nipples lightly through the thin t-shirt with your right hand. Your breasts are firm and your nipples harden quickly.

Kissing my shoulder you throw your left leg over my legs. Rubbing your smooth Tokat Escort leg up and down against my leg you also gave yourself easier access and better leverage to continue rubbing yourself on my hand.

The rubbing is starting to do the trick and you feel yourself getting wetter. Looking down the sheet you see that you are having an effect on me as well. The sheet is bulging and I am stirring awake.

You are starting to lose yourself in the sensations and don’t realize how awake I am until I free my left hand and twist it around to directly touch you. I spread my hand into a vulcan shape (two fingers together, a space, 2 fingers together) and run my hand between your legs. I love the feel of your completely waxed crotch. So smooth and now so slick with your wetness.

With my hand in place I grip gently putting a little mild pressure all over your. Then I squeeze my fingers together, trapping your clit hood in the V of my fingers. Moving my hand in a small circular motion, I rub you. Your hood is still trapped in my fingers and you moan at the sensation of how it feels.

You have largely stopped rubbing your leg against leg, now content with just resting it high up my leg so that I have full access to you.

You remember your right hand, still touching your nipple and now you go back go caressing yourself. Your left hand, now free of my hand, wonders over and grabs hold of my cock. You run your hand all over my cock. Not really jerking me off, but just feeling every bit of me.

Feeling the thickness of the shaft. Each vein, the way the shaft transforms into the bulbous head. The heat in your hand. How I twitch in your hand as you lightly drag your long manicured nails down the underside.

I’ve changed tactics now, I’ve freed your hood and have started running my finger up and down your slit. You are very wet and I just spread your wetness around, getting the tip of my fingers very wet. Now with wet fingers, I don’t just run my fingers along the top of your lips. I use my index and ring fingers to spread you open a little and use my middle finger to probe you a little. Pushing in, just up to the first knuckle, then pulling out and running my finger back up and down your slit, stopping at the top to run your clit a little. Again and again, each time taking a little longer, both with my finger in you and with rubbing your clit. Each time thrusting my finger deeper so that now I’m finger fucking you with my whole finger.

You’re breathing Tokat Escort Bayan harder against my arm. Alternating between biting the sheet, moaning and kissing and licking my arm. I know you are getting close as you bite into my arm and moan.

I consider making you come right now. But I’m awake again and this is too much fun to end quickly.

Something else I know about you is that you like it when I take control. You like being in the position of following my lead.

I remove my finger from your slit and my hand from your crotch. You are so lost that it takes you several seconds to realize that I’ve stopped. Now you moan again, but not in pleasure. You’re on the edge and your frustration at being denied is clear.

As I roll over on my side to face you you continue to play with your nipples but now try to move your right hand from my cock to yourself.

I finish rolling over so that I am laying on top of you, your legs spread and wrapped around my waist. I take each of your wrists and trap them at your shoulders. You try to slide down a little so that I will enter you, but I slide along with you.

Another moan of frustration. You look me smiling above you and thrust your hips up at me. “Chris, you can’t do this!!” your whisper fiercely!

I don’t reply, instead I lower my head and kiss you deeply. I keep your arms trapped against the bed and you struggle a little. I don’t think you are trying to get free, I think you are just enjoying struggling against me. As we continue to kiss you tighten your legs around me.

We kiss like this for several minutes. You are coming back from the edge of orgasm, but you are still very aroused. As you grind against me and try to get me to enter you, I keep resisting.

“You may have started this game, but I’m in control” I whisper in your ear.

You put up a little more token resistance and then relax back into our kiss.

After a few minutes I break out kiss and roll us both over so that I’m on my back and you are straddling me. We look into each others eyes. In the dim moonlit room, we only see lust.

I gently push you around so that your crotch is over my face and your face is over my cock. I start licking and sucking your clit as I feel you grip my cock and start licking and sucking me.

At first I’m careful to not stimulate your clit too much since I don’t want you to bite. I’m pleasantly surprised that instead of biting you just fill your mouth with me and moan around Escort Tokat me. The sensation is incredible!

You don’t just suck, but you also start at the head and run your tongue all the way down my shaft and lick my balls too. Sucking them 1 at a time into your warm, wet mouth. Now it’s my turn to moan!

After only a few minutes of this, I know I’m on the edge and listening to your breathing I think you are back on the edge. I slide up and out from between your legs, leaving you in a doggy-style position. I grab the pillow and push you down so that your hips lay down just over the pillow. This forces your beautiful ass up. I spread your legs a little and lean down over you. I put the head of my cock against you and start to enter, then stop.

I want to see your face, even in this dim light. I get up and we flip you over. Your ass resting on the pillow, your legs spread wide. In this light I imagine I see the moonlight glisten off you as I lower myself back down. I position my cock just at your entrance and push in, so that just the head is in you.

You are arching you back into me to get me to enter you fully, but as you reach up to put your arms around my neck I grab your wrists again. This time I hold both arms above your head with 1 hand. You could easily get free, but for now you are content to be held by me as I work the rest of my cock into you. With my free hand I rest some of my weight on my elbow and caress your face and hair.

Now that I’m in you I quickly start thrusting. We are both close and as I get closer I stretch both my hands above your head, stretching your arms up. I put more of my weight on you and feel your breasts crushed below me as I continue to thrust. You have grabbed as much of the sheet in your mouth as you could and are thrashing your head back and forth, moaning wildly. Your hands, still trapped in mine above your head, have nothing to grip but they open and close, trying to grip air anyway.

You start to come first. Your body goes rigid as you bury your face in my neck and chest. I feel you spasm around my cock and that triggers my orgasm. I continue thrusting a few more times, and then collapse on top of you.

Letting go of you hands I prop myself up on my elbows a bit. Your legs still around me and your arms now free you wrap them around my neck and hold yourself against my chest. A feeling denied to you too long, you think!

As I catch my breath, I roll off to the side. You roll with me and put your head on my chest. Running your fingers through my chest hair you giggle and say, “You never even unwrapped your presents!” as you nod down at t-shirt you still have on.

I look down, give you a kiss and say, “That’s ok” before wrapping you in my arms and we both fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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