Lucid Dreams, Real Desires

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Ass Shake

She woke suddenly, heart racing. It wasn’t a bad dream, no…quite the contrary. The reason she woke with such a start, the reason her heart was beating so fast, the reason her nipples stood erect and a warmth was quickly spreading through her pussy was attributable to the lucid dream she was having moments earlier — the shock of her situation causing her to awaken so abruptly.

The dream was surprising, though not unpleasant — as surprises can often be. Nevertheless, the implications of Emily’s dream scared her. Was she attracted to her best friend? Was she a lesbian? What should she do? Was it just a fantasy; nothing out of the norm?

The circumstances surrounding the dream were rather bizarre and actually quite comical. It involved a zombie apocalypse scenario of sorts. They were locked together in a house, successfully warding off the undead. At some point, they laid down to sleep. The friend, we’ll call her Natalie, began to gaze upon the woman lying next to her in a peculiar fashion. Slowly, gingerly, Natalie started pushing the young woman’s tank top towards her breasts. The sensation of Natalie’s fingers on her stomach, first, soft…skimming the skin ever so gently caused Emily to take a sharp intake of breath. In a moment, that slight contact unleashed a series of tingles throughout her body, most evident by the small nubs Antep Escort Bayan which had begun to visibly harden under the thin tank top she was wearing. As Natalie’s hand passed over her ribs, Emily could not help the moan which, although trapped behind her lips, emitted a pleasant hum that seemed to encompass the room.

Natalie continued her bold move, up Emily’s chest, not making a sound. Her hands then pushed the tank top over the tops of Emily’s breast where soft, fleshy domes topped with petite pink nipples greeted her bright blue eyes. Flitting her eyes towards Emily’s face, she could only make out her parted pink lips and hear the labored breathing. Bringing her eyes back down to the feast that laid before her, her eyes once again took in the large mounds of flesh, the pale pink areola, the nipples waiting to be suckled.

Emily could hardly stand the sensation. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to stop Natalie….stop her from what, she didn’t dare think it could possibly be happening. But the feeling of Natalie’s hands on her skin excited Emily in a way that nothing had before. Natalie’s touch lit her senses on fire. She could feel every one of Natalie’s hot breaths on her skin, and she hoped very soon that she might feel the wet warmth of Natalie’s tongue on her aching nipples. Emily’s eyes were clenched shut, greatly anticipating Natalie’s next move.

But the move never came. Emily tentatively opened her eyes, and found herself staring into large, blue pools. She was so caught up in the sensations that she didn’t even feel the shift in the mattress. Natalie was hovering over her, with the weight of her body supported on hands and knees. Natalie’s eyes were trained on her own, and they appeared to be searching for something…anything. Resistance, maybe? Fear? Confusion? Emily did not know, but as she stared back at Natalie, she could not help her eyes from darting to Natalie’s sumptuous lips — the color of a pale, red rose.

She caught Emily’s eyes staring at her lips, so she allowed her own eyes to travel away from the deep, green eyes, glittering even in the dark cover of night. They were so vivid, so mesmerizing. She scanned Emily’s face, first taking in the petite nose, then moving to her lips. Natalie noted the pronounced cupid’s bow, the small pink lips in a constant pout. She couldn’t help herself as leaned in closer, tracing Emily’s lips gently with her tongue.

Emily gave a slight jump at the contact. It had been awhile since the last time she had been intimate with another person, and the warm, wet tongue gliding across her lips sent chills down her spine. It was not long before Natalie continued her exploration, as she began to suck on Emily’s lips.

Natalie wanted to ravage Emily’s mouth after her first taste, but she knew to take things slow with her best friend. Emily hadn’t been in a relationship for quite some time, and she certainly had never been with another woman before. However, she couldn’t wait much longer. She began nibbling on Emily’s lips, biting gently, hearing the heaving panting that was emitting from Emily’s mouth. After a few minutes of this, Natalie decided she was going to go for it…

Emily responded eagerly to the kiss. Natalie’s tongue was probing her mouth, like she was studying it, memorizing every nook and cranny. Emily responded in kind, and their tongues engaged in a sort of duel. It seemed Emily had finally awoken from her shock, and she engaged wholeheartedly in the erotic kiss.

Soon, the kiss became less inquisitive and more impassioned. Each girl wanted to bring the other great pleasure and they were quickly learning what made their lover tick. Natalie wanted to be in control, but she enjoyed the resistance from Emily, the way she succumbed to the pleasure, her willingness to submit. Emily liked the domineering attitude of Natalie: the playful biting, the insistence of her tongue, the pressure of Natalie’s lips heavy upon her own. But the passions running high could not stay focused on their lips alone for long, and soon Natalie took the lead and began to explore more of Emily’s beautiful body…

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