Lucky Cable Guy Ch. 05

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Author’s note: After nearly seven years since I submitted anything at all, I started working on something of a rather larger scope than anything I’ve done before. I picked this story up again because I’ve always had a good time with it, and I needed a break from the other thing I’m writing. Knowledge of the previous chapters is helpful but not necessary. Of course, all character’s are at least 18.


You’d have thought after the way my vacation had gone that I’d have gotten used to waking up to someone sucking my cock. But that particular novelty is one that I highly doubt will ever truly wear off. Heidi was just as skilled a cock-sucker as her sister.

We were in bed; my bed. So at some point I’d managed to pull myself away from the orgy in the living room and get back to my bedroom. I was delighted to see that Heidi had made the trip with me, or had at least come along before I woke up.

Sunlight spilled through my window and illuminated the eighteen-year-old vixen’s blond hair as she bobbed up and down on my cock. I hadn’t seen a stitch of clothing on anyone since hours before I went to bed, and Heidi was no exception. I could see her perfect ass pointing up in the air and make out the gentle sway of her tits beneath her. She had a hand wrapped around the base of my cock and was sucking almost all of the rest of it into her mouth.

She was at a right angle to my body on the bed, and I was able to reach over and run my hand up the creamy smooth skin of her thigh, and reach behind, where I felt the spreading wetness of her pussy.

“Fuck yes,” I whispered when Heidi moaned onto my cock.

“How the fuck can you possibly be hard again?” The voice to my left startled me badly and I nearly jumped out of my skin, and accidentally pushed my cock into Heidi’s throat in the process. Heidi gagged and pulled her head off my cock. Then I remembered going to bed clearly, with Heidi and Amber.

“Little jumpy this morning?” Heidi teased, then she went back to sucking, sending waves of pleasure pulsing up through my body.

I looked over at Amber, who was lying on her side facing us. Her brown hair was a chaotic sex and sleep induced mess. She was smiling and slowly rubbing her fingers in her pussy. Her gorgeous boobs were pressed together by her arms. I stretched my face toward her and she moved in closer, allowing me to capture her nipple in my mouth without dislodging my cock from Heidi’s.

Amber had decided to join our party after her boyfriend Stan had stormed off, presumably upset that he had to share his pool full of naked women with me, although I hadn’t asked Amber about it, and now here she was, waking up naked next to me. I was going to have to ask her about things at some point, and hadn’t I promised to have some alone time with Jenny too? With Amber’s tits in my face and Heidi’s mouth on my cock, this didn’t seem like the right time to worry about such things.

Amber moaned happily. “You didn’t answer my question.”

I rolled back onto my back and Amber climbed up over me, lowering her tits back to my face.

“I uh…” I stuttered, Heidi’s skilled sucking making it nearly impossible to focus. “In case you didn’t notice, I’m in bed with two gorgeous naked women.”

Amber smiled and cupped one of her breasts and pushed it into my mouth. “Well, yeah, but how many times did you cum last night? Like four? And those were only the ones that I was here for.”

Heidi popped up again. “Tina says she uncaged the beast in him. Says before she found him he was a dormant fuck-machine just waiting to be turned on.”

“Your sister is nuts,” I said. Nuts she may have been, but Tina had been the one to get this entire week of debauchery started by dropping that towel when I was supposed to be setting up her television. She’d introduced me to the best sex of my admittedly short life. Now my roommates and I could boast that we’d hosted an orgy. I wondered if there was something in the lease covering cum stains on the carpets.

“I don’t know what to tell you, Amber. Just lucky, I guess,” I said.

“Yup,” Heidi concurred. “You are one lucky fuck.”

Amber moved down lower on my body and the two stunning beauties started licking up and down either side of my cock. They took turns sucking it, stroking it, and sucking my balls. I gasped when Amber stuck the tip of her tongue into the little slit at the tip of my dick, licking out the clear pre-cum. Then she crawled back up over me and I managed to get her tits in my mouth again briefly before she was straddling my face, presenting me with her pussy. Just as I started to taste her arousal, I felt the unbelievable tightness of Heidi’s pussy sinking down onto my cock.

I reached up and locked my hands onto Amber’s tits while I explored her pussy with my tongue. Heidi was starting to move up and down, her tits pressed into Amber’s back, and her pussy sending waves of pleasure crashing over me.

“Just like that,” Amber whispered. “Mmm, yeah make me cum.” I Ankara escort flicked my tongue across her clit, her pussy resting against my chin and her juices spreading all over my face.

Heidi had started really riding hard on my cock, slamming herself down over and over and sending my cock into her cunt as deep as it would go. I moved as well as I could, considering I was pinned down by them, thrusting my hips up to meet Heidi as she came down.

“Ohfuckohfuckofuckohfuck-” Heidi chanted.

“I’m cumming,” Amber gasped. “Oh wow!” She fell back into Heidi, separating her pussy from my mouth, and leaving me covered in her cum. She rolled off of me and lay back down where she had awakened.

Heidi climbed up, and my cock slapped back down hard against my stomach, covered in her pussy juice. Heidi took my place lying down and directed Amber between her legs. I watched Amber dive into her pussy, licking and sucking and eliciting coos and moans from Heidi. I positioned myself behind Amber and slowly pressed the slick head of my cock in between her pussy lips.

Amber broke contact with Heidi just long enough to growl, “Oh yeah, fuck me!”

I pushed forward and plunged my cock into Amber’s soaked cunt. She cried out a moan that was muffled by Heidi’s pussy. Holding onto Amber’s hips, I fucked her hard, slamming my pelvis into her ass over and over. I wrapped and arm around Amber’s body, just beneath her heaving tits, and pulled her upright so I could hear her groaning and filthy language.

“Oh fuck!” Amber cried. “Oh fuck, your cock feels so fucking good! You fuck me so much better than Stan! It’s so fucking big and hard, yes! Give it to me! Pound me with that fucking cock!”

Heidi slid herself down the bed underneath Amber and rubbed at her clit with wet fingers while I fucked her.

“Oh holy fuck! I’m gonna fucking cum!” Amber screamed, then words were replaced by a long ragged scream that would certainly wake up anyone in the house who might have been sleeping. Her pussy clenched around my cock and her cum leaked down my shaft, covering the insides of her thighs and my balls. I fucked her until she pushed herself free of me and collapse down on the bed to recover from her second powerful orgasm of the morning.

I was not ready for a break however, but thankfully, neither was Heidi. She spread her legs in front of me and smiled, slowly rubbing her fingers in her pussy. “My turn,” she said. “Fuck me good, Jason. Fuck me hard.”

My cock was so fucking hard it was almost painful to point it downward at Heidi’s pussy, so I lowered my whole body to her, and she helped to guide me inside her again. I pressed my chest into her tits and closed my mouth over hers. Her tongue snaked into my mouth just as my cock slid home. I took a very long time pulling it back out until only the swollen head was inside her juicing pussy, then I slammed it all the way into her tight pink channel. Heidi cried out, but didn’t break the contact of our hungry kiss. I pulled back again, just as slowly and rammed back inside her several more times until she had an orgasm, her pussy pulsing on my cock and covering me with her cum.

Heidi pulled her lips away from mine. “So good!” she gasped.

Then I fucked her. I braced myself up with my arms, fists down on the bed to either side of her stomach and began to pound her cunt. I wanted badly to cum, but I wanted Heidi to enjoy this enough to come back for more. What can I say? I’m greedy like that.

“Oh my god!” Heidi screamed. “Oh my god, yes! Fuck me! Harder! HARDER!”

I obeyed. Lifting her up by the hips, I fucked her down even harder, pulling her into my every thrust and slamming my cock to the hilt in her pussy. My balls bounced off of her ass and her fantastic tits bounced up and down on her chest.

“Oh Jesus Fuck! I’m gonna cum again!” Heidi shrieked. Her body went board stiff and her face locked in a silent scream. “Gah! Oh my FUCK!” Her pussy clenching around my cock set me off. My balls churned and I started spurting thick gobs of cum deep into Heidi’s cunt. Jets of spunk raced up through my cock and splashed against the inner walls of her pussy.

I pulled my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and watched a dribble of my cum leak out of her. Amber swooped in and took my dick into her mouth, sucking off the mixture of her and Heidi’s pussy juice and my cum. Then she turned to Heidi and lapped up and sucked down the juices that were leaking out of her freshly fucked pussy.

When Amber was done, I flopped back down between the two naked beauties and put my arms around them.

“Good morning, ladies,” I said.

“This better not be the last time we do this,” Amber said.

“Yeah, I’m going to be needing a lot more of this cock,” Heidi said.

“Any time you want. Either of you,” I said. “Just stop by or give me a call.”

I jumped up off the bed. “Let’s go see who else is up. I want breakfast.”

Amber and Heidi had no clothes in my bedroom, since we’d all undressed Ankara escort bayan in the living room during the party, so instead of putting on a pair of shorts like I normally would on a Sunday morning, I walked down the hall from my bedroom naked, followed by the girls.

I walked into the living room with my cock dangling in front of me to find Jenny sucking Matt’s cock, and Melanie sucking Tina’s pussy. Ryan and Jack must have been in their bedrooms, and I assumed Stacy and Sarah were with one or both of them.

“Glad to see the orgy hasn’t stopped yet,” I said.

“Oh we’ve only been awake for a few minutes,” Tina said, holding Melanie’s head down between her legs she tried to look around at us. “We could hear you fucking those two like you were right in here.”

I have to admit my eyes were not on Tina’s face when she was talking, but rather on her big perky tits. With her hands wrapped up in Melanie’s hair, her arms were pushing her bosoms together and her hardened nipples looked more delicious than whatever I could have wrangled up for breakfast.

“Jesus, again?” Amber said beside me. I looked at her and she pointed down at my cock, which was quickly rising.

I shrugged and motioned at the sight before us in the living room. Jenny was working Matt’s huge cock in her mouth and twisting her fist around the rest of it, spreading out her saliva and getting him good and slick. We could hear the sounds of Melanie licking and sucking Tina’s pussy. Melanie was on her hands and knees on the floor, her ass pointed directly back at us. I could plainly see her yummy little pussy and the little star of her asshole. Of course I was going to get hard again.

Heidi giggled and got down on the floor behind Melanie and launched her tongue at that sweetly pouting pussy. I looked at Amber again.

“Want me to eat your pussy again?”

She smiled and even blushed a little. “Actually, I think I need to head home and get a shower. Stan is going to be looking for me, and I think it’s going to be a rough day breaking up with that douchebag.” She looked around the room until she found where she had dropped the two pieces of her bathing suit, and I watched her step into the bottoms and pull them up over her tight round ass. She pulled the top on backwards and tied the bikini string in the front before turning it around and stuffing her tits into the cups. Then she pulled up her hair and turned her back to me and I tied the string behind her neck. She turned around and gave my cock a squeeze and then kissed me.

“Call me later?”

“Definitely,” I said. I watched her bounce out through the kitchen and out the back door to cut through the yard back to her own house.

I turned back to the action just in time to see Jenny impaling herself on Matt’s cock. She was facing away from him, giving me an unimpeded view of his cock thrusting up into her pussy. Matt had both hands on Jenny’s small perky tits.

I climbed up on the couch next to Tina and presented her my latest erection. Tina sucked my cock, grunting and moaning as Melanie worked her pussy thoroughly with her tongue. I pawed and squeezed at Tina’s luscious tits while she worked my cock directly down her throat. I remembered the blow-job she had given me while I was on the job at her apartment and shivered. Goddamn, but she was good at sucking cock.

I watched Jenny fuck herself up and down on Matt’s cock, chanting “fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme” over and over. I was happy to see her enjoying herself. We’d been broken up for a pretty long time now, but not because we didn’t like each other or couldn’t get along. She went to college on the other side of the country, and we both knew that we weren’t “in love.” But we had certainly had our share of hot sex, basically teaching each other and learning together. I was glad she had chosen to make our party part of her visit home, and even more happy that there was no awkwardness between us. And it didn’t hurt that she looked so fucking hot frantically bouncing up and down on Matt’s enormous cock.

I looked back down at Tina, who popped my cock out of her mouth.

“Fuck me,” she said. She let go of Melanie’s head and I took her spot between Tina’s legs, nudging the head of my cock into the dripping opening of her pussy. Melanie turned around and fell into a heap of skin and limbs on the floor with Heidi. In seconds, they were sucking each other’s pussies.

Heidi was right. I was one lucky fuck.

I lifted Tina’s light frame up off the couch without letting my cock slip out of her pussy. I stood in the middle of the room, bouncing her up and down on my cock, every stroke burying me in her cunt and sending explosions of pleasure through my body. Her tits bounced around across my chest and she howled and thrashed on me.

“Fuck yes! I fucking love it!” Tina wailed. “Your cock feels so fucking good! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

I threw her down on the other couch next to her boyfriend, who was thoroughly enjoying Jenny fucking Escort Ankara his cock. I grabbed Tina’s tits and bent over her to catch a nipple and my mouth. I sucked and licked it while I fucked her, continually ramming my cock deep into her cunt. It dawned on me that I had been doing a whole lot of sucking and fucking this last week, especially with Tina, but I hadn’t done much cumming on tits. Now was the time. Tina started to cum, and I let her breast fall back out of my mouth and stood up. With a roar, I pulled my cock out of her pussy and jacked it in my hand just as cum started spouting out from the tip. Tina did me the favor of pushing her tits together and I knelt over her and shot strands of cock cream all over her big beautiful boobs.

As I was still shooting my load, Jenny jumped up off of Matt’s cock and a thick jet of cum shot up out of his cock. Jenny grabbed his spurting prick and sucked on the tip while Matt stroked the rest of his cock and fired off a huge load of spunk into Jenny’s mouth.

When we had all recovered from our various orgasms, we started to search for the clothes we had discarded the day before, strewn across the living room. Jack and Stacy emerged from Jack’s bedroom and shortly after Sarah and Ryan came out of his. For several minutes, six naked women were climbing around the living room trying to figure out whose bra this was and whose panties were on that lamp. I found my shorts and put them on over my slowly deflating cock without underwear. I was going to need a shower soon anyway.

We made a huge pile of eggs and bacon and everyone sat around the kitchen and living room, dressed for the first time since everyone arrived, and talking and laughing.


Everyone stopped what they were doing. More than one fork dropped to the table or floor.


Well, I had managed to piss someone off on this gorgeous Sunday morning. I headed to the kitchen door and went out onto the deck followed by Matt, Ryan and Jack. The girls were all close behind. I was pretty pleased to have nine friends right behind me to face Stan.

Stan was in our back yard. His face was radiating hate. His eyes were shot with red and tears were streaming down his cheeks.


“Where’s Amber?” I said, as calmly as I could fake. My heart was pounding, not only from the rude interruption of my morning, but also from worry that Amber was not at least trying to drag Stan back to her house.

“None of your fucking business,” Stan finally said something at a level somewhere below an all-out scream. “Get down here and get what’s coming to you.”

Matt actually laughed.

“Dude,” I said. “There is absolutely no way that is going to happen. First of all, even if I wanted to, there’s no way I’d be able to get a hand on you before every one of my friends here sent you running. And second, you could have come over to our party last night too if you hadn’t been such a fucking baby and stormed off.”

“Come over to your fucking faggot party?” he sneered. “I know what you guys were up to, bunch of goddamn queers touching each other.”

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. The dude sounded like he’d just stepped off the train from 1956. “Okay, you’re upset, and you’re not making any sense,” I said. “Where’s Amber?”

“Fuck you!” Stan actually spit in our direction.

Before I could stop her, Melanie marched down the stairs into the yard and crossed the few paces of grass straight to Stan. I tried to catch up with her but before I could—SMACK!! She slapped Stan so hard across the face that he twisted around and fell in a sad heap on his ass. She grabbed the hair on the top of his head and jerked him around to face her.

“Listen, you fucking jackass! If you don’t tell me where Amber is in three seconds I’m going to rip your goddamn scalp off.” She started to count. And pull.

“Aaaaah! Fuck okay!” Stan wailed. “She’s right over at her house! Just stop it!”

Melanie let go.

“She doesn’t know I came over here. I was supposed to meet her at her house. Stupid fucking cunt is gonna break up with me because of you!” Stan made a lurch toward me, but Melanie slapped him again so hard I heard it echo off of the house. He crumpled back to the ground and Melanie shook her hand and winced.

“Jesus, Mel,” Sarah laughed. “Your pimp hand is fucking strong.”

Amber walked through the gap in the bushes from her yard. She was dressed now, in shorts and a t-shirt, hair and make-up done. She looked so good I wanted to cross the grass and sweep her up into my arms. She did not look happy. She crossed her arms and glared at Stan.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” she growled.

Stan said nothing.

“Let’s go,” Amber said. “We need to talk.”

“Fuck you, whore,” Stan said before scrambling out of the reach of another one of Melanie’s hay-makers. “Fuck all of you fucking faggots!” He ran wide around Amber and darted through the gap in the bushes. A few seconds later we heard the engine of his car start and his tires squeal as he peeled away.

I approached Amber cautiously. “Are you alright?”

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