Lucky Tales Pt. 01: Fun with JJ

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Author’s note: This is the first in a series of (generally) shorter stories about the couple in the Lucky Over 40 series, and their friends. They have a rather adventurous sexual relationship, and are very much in love with each other. Overall, these tales are about exploring various heterosexual kinks. You do not have to read previous parts of that series to enjoy this one, although somethings might be better understood if you do.

Please check the story Tags to see what you may or may not like. If anything bothers you, it might be best if you try another story, otherwise, I hope you enjoy reading this one. If you like it, please add some stars at the end, and even a comment. Your feedback does help inspire me to continue writing.

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Jill and I have been having a lot of fun trying different things and exploring sexually. It all started about a month after we began dating, and took off like a rocket from there. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be with her. We also have a pretty unusual relationship in that Jill has occasionally “lent my services” to a couple friends, like JJ, in order to help them out with some sexual frustrations. Since we met her on our first sex date, when I took Jill to her Adult Toy Store, JJ has become a good friend to us both.

Jill and JJ both say I have a really nice cock. JJ, who has more experience with various cocks than Jill, says it not only looks great, but it’s not too big and definitely not too small, but just right for all her holes. At a little over 6″ long and 1.5″ wide, it’s a bit above what’s considered average size. For reasons beyond my comprehension, she even thinks a copy of my cock would make a good dildo to sell in her store!

“Hey Tiger,” Jill greeted me as she walked into my apartment shortly after I got home from work. “Ready to have JJ clone your cute cock? I can’t wait to see how it turns out. If she really does start selling silicone copies of you in the store, I definitely want to buy one, maybe two!”

“Well hello to you, too!” I kidded her, then kissed her. “Hey, it’s not me she’s gonna copy, but yeah, I guess I’m ready, more or less. Tell me, why would you need to buy one when you have the original! And why buy two…”

“Oh stop! I think it might be nice to have a not-so-little part of you around when you aren’t there,” she said with a smile and another little kiss. “And I may want to buy more than one for, um, gifts!”

“Oh, yeah? Not enough that you already lend me out to your friends.”

“Hey, you keep saying that, but you don’t ever say ‘no,’ do you?”

“Alright, you got me there. Let’s get going.” She grabbed a small bag and we got in my car, headed to JJ’s. On the drive Jill told me about an additional plan she had for the evening.

“You know JJ and I talk a lot, especially about things related to sex. Hey, I saw that smirk. Don’t think that’s all we talk about!” She paused a moment,” Ok, I guess it sorta is. I guess we should broaden our conversations…

“Anyway, she really liked your dream — and I’ve already started writing an enhanced version. Well, she told me about a dream that’s sort of a fantasy of her own. She’s had very little personal experience with bondage and discipline, but she’s really curious, and she’d like to try it.”

“Shit, don’t tell me you want me to try Femdom with her, or go to a dungeon or something…”

“Hell no! I figured we can do it to her, together, tonight.”

“WHAT?” I said, astonished.

“Well, nothing really heavy, just some spanking, and tying her up, and forced sex. That kinda thing.”

“You’re serious?” I both stated and asked, still dumbfounded.

“Yeah. It’ll be good, trust me. I’m sure she’ll like it, and I bet you will too. Just follow my lead, Ok?”

“Where’d you get this type of experience, or learn to be a Dominatrix? I mean, you did a nice job of toying with me on that special date a while ago, but we didn’t get into any of this kinda stuff. Were you and your late husband into that, or did you — do you — have something else going on…”

“Definitely not. She’s told me some fantasies she has, and I’ve watched a couple or three specialized porno videos, and you know…read stuff.” She actually blushed a bit. “Anyway, I’ve got some things in my bag, and I know where she has a few toys of her own. Just play along, Tiger. Please?”

“Ok, you’re the boss, or Mistress, or whatever…”

When we got to JJ’s house she greeted us at the door, “Hey you two!” she said, giving us each a hug and kiss.

“See, Jill, that’s how to say hello.” I teased.

“So, ready for me to make a copy of that really cute cock, Stud?”

I shook my head and said, “Yeah, let’s go get it over with. This is so bizarre.”

“Actually, it’s not. Home do-it-yourself ‘penis molding kits,’ as they call ’em, are pretty popular. The biggest seller is probably the one called ‘Clone-A-Cock,’ or something like that. I sell some in the store, but the one we’re using today is really kaçak iddaa a professional version, I guess you could say. And though I’d love to mold a copy tonight, I need to send the cast to a modeling company for the final products. Even if I have enough supply left to make a second mold, so I — or maybe we — could try it out, it still takes about 24 hours for the clone to cure. So, ‘not tonight, dear’ as they say.” She laughed.

“That’s sort of disappointing, but we still have the real thing available for use, tonight!” Jill added, laughing herself.

“What do you mean, use?” I said, just teasing…sort of.

“Ok, make good use of, is that better?” she asked, with her sly grin.

“I’m not sure,” I replied, though I was thinking that either would almost certainly be fun with these two.

“Ok, stud. I’ve got everything laid out here in the kitchen. So, go ahead and strip.

“And make a good show of it, Tiger, would you,” Jill laughed, with JJ grinning and nodding her head.

I didn’t really put on a show, though the girls both made approving comments when I bent over to take off my briefs, presenting my ass to them. I stood back up and faced them, my cock quite ‘chubby’ but not yet erect.

“Oh, good time to slip this cock ring on you. It’ll help keep things hard while we wait for the mold to cure,” JJ said, walking toward me with a narrow rubber ring in her hand. “Just let me slide it down here and pull your balls through,” she said as she applied the moderately constricting band around my cock and balls. I had a little experience with cock rings, but her putting it on me was definitely arousing.

“Nice look, Tiger, Jill told me. “So, JJ, how messy will this get? Maybe you should strip down, too. And I bet it would help Rob stiffen up,” she added, giving me a wink.

“Yeah, Ok, I guess that might be good. The first thing we need to do is trim the molding tube to the length of your full erection. So you need to get it up, Stud,” she said as she pulled her top off, dragging her boobs with it, until they suddenly dropped out the bottom and bounced. The sight got my cock stirring, as she knew it would.

“Did you like that? How about if I bend over like this as I drop my pants,” JJ continued, unveiling her beautiful bare bottom in front of me. As she lifted her leg to pull the pants off, her downy pussy hair came into full view from behind. It’s a sight I always find arousing, and it got me harder. Then she wiggled her butt as she spread her legs and bent over, looking back at me between them. Fuck, that was hot. Jill must have thought so, too, since she was staring, with her arms crossed, hands fondling her own breasts.

“Hmm, stroke it for me, will you. It’s making me wet to see you getting so hard,” JJ continued in a sensuous voice. I did as she asked, mostly without even thinking about it. “Oh, yeah,” she said, standing up and turning to face me. Her hands went to her now lightly hairy bush, since she stopped shaving a little while ago. I love a woman’s pubic hair, and she knows that, too.

“Do you like this? It’s so soft right now. I’ll let you feel it when we’re done cloning your cock. That nice, big, hard, cock. Jill and I can’t wait to play with your cock. Can we? Would you like that, too?” Fuck, her voice was definitely sultry. She was moving in an erotic way as she stroked her new fur, and then spread her lips just enough to show the moist pink between them. I was quite hard, and still stroking.

“Looking good. Now you need to keep it up there. Maybe Jill can help you do that, while I mix the molding batter and pour it in the tube. Once it’s ready, we only get about two minutes before it sets up so we have to move quick.” As she mixed, she explained the procedure and I practiced tipping the tube up onto my erection and holding it tight against myself. Jill had recently trimmed my pubes pretty short, so they shouldn’t be an issue, but JJ had her rub some lube on them to be sure.

When the time came, I plunged the tube full of goop over my hard cock and balls. It was warm and moist, but not really wet. It didn’t feel like anything I had stuck my prick in before, but it was sorta nice. Jill snuggled up behind me and held it tight against my pelvis. She rubbed my ass and that felt nice, too. I watched JJ swaying her naked body in front of me. All this, and the cock ring, kept me fully erect. “I’m timing a bit more than two minutes, to be sure it’s set right,” JJ said.

Before I knew it, the timer dinged and JJ said we should be ready. She came towards me with a pair of small scissors, and walked behind me. She slapped my inner thigh until I parted my legs more, then she reached between them. I was nervous as I felt the scissors behind my tight ball sack. JJ tugged on the rubber cock ring and it tightened uncomfortably, then suddenly released as she snipped it. All that took quite a bit of the firmness out of my hard-on, and it shrank some. It was enough for her to slowly pull the mold off my cock.

She peered kaçak bahis inside it and pronounced that it looked good. “Yeah, I think it was a success. I’ll ship this out in the morning so we can get a sample back in a few days. I can’t wait to see it. And feel it,” she laughed.

“And I can’t wait to feel the real thing, once we get those bits of rubber off and stiffen it up again,” Jill said.

“Do you think we can share, it, maybe?” JJ said, half teasing and half really asking, I thought.

“Probably, if you’re good,” Jill replied. “You clean him up, while I get myself ready. But don’t start anything without me,” she added, kind of sternly — for Jill anyway.

JJ, began to pick some bits of hardened rubber off my pubes and balls. Her attention got me hard again pretty quick, especially as she was still naked, and she kept talking sexily about my cock and it being a great plaything, or some such. She got a warm wet cloth and wiped my cock, stroking it, and before long I was throbbing. She put away the cloth, looked back at me and suddenly dropped to her knees, covering my dick with her eager mouth. “Ummm, that’s nice, JJ baby. Not sure Jill’s gonna like you starting without her.”

“She made some unintelligible noise — that felt great on my cock — and shrugged, as if to say “so what?” as she bobbed her mouth along my cock. It felt wonderful, and I was pretty sure what was gonna come of it when Jill got back.

Sure enough, Jill walked in, wearing a silvery half-face mask and nothing else. She winked at me, and yelled, “What the fuck? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me?” She motioned to me, behind JJ’s back, to sit on a kitchen chair.

“I told you. You’re in trouble now, JJ,” I said, tongue in cheek, as JJ got up.

“Yeah, sorry, couldn’t resist that cock, and you were taking a while, so…” she said as she got up and turned toward Jill, apparently noticing the mask as Jill interrupted her.

“None of that! You need some discipline. Lay down across Rob’s lap. Go on…do it…now!” she said, giving JJ a light shove in my direction. Jill seemed to be getting into this.

I sat on the chair and grabbed JJ’s hand, pulling her towards me. She seemed sort of dumbstruck, not sure what to make of this. “Best to just go along with it,” I said to her, softly. “You be glad later.”

She lay down across my lap, giggling a little. “You think this is funny? You think you can disobey and not pay for it? We’ll see if you learn anything from a good spanking. Let’s start with five good smacks and see if that makes her cheeks glow,” Jill said. She was being stern, but I saw a smile breaking through.

I rubbed JJ’s bottom gently and she wiggled in my lap, against my erection, still giggling softly. I smacked one butt cheek smartly, she jumped and shrieked slightly. I quickly smacked the other one just as hard. “Hey,” she said, no longer giggling. I immediately smacked each cheek once more. Then a fifth time across the bottom of both cheeks together, just where they meet her thigh.

“Nope, not red enough, try a few more,” Jill said.

“Hey,” JJ said, kicking her legs a bit. I quickly landed three more smart smacks, alternating cheeks. Jill nodded that was enough. I gently rubbed JJ’s blushing butt. She hummed softly, “Mmm.” I pushed a couple fingers between her legs, she parted them slightly, and I felt her wet pussy. She hummed some more.

“Ok, up now, both of you, and JJ, kneel on the chair, facing over the back.” Jill handed me a black half face mask, and a collar with a leash clipped on it, saying, “Put this collar on our pet, please. Then keep her in place.” She was holding a butt plug and some lube as she moved close behind JJ.

I put on the mask, as Jill signaled to me silently, then walked in front of JJ. She must have caught on by now. She was smiling slyly and did not protest at all when I fastened the collar around her neck and pulled her head over the back of the chair so her butt stuck out more.

Jill lubed JJ’s ass and inserted the butt plug. Once it was in, she pulled it part way out and pushed it back in, doing that a few times. JJ purred and wiggled her ass. “Ok, Rob, step over here, your turn now,” Jill told me.

She handed me an insertable bullet vibe and whispered in my ear, “Slip this in her cunnie. You may not need the lube, I think she’s pretty wet, especially if you play with her a bit first. See if you can push it up to hit her g-spot, and snug the bottom end against the plug. It could drive her nuts that way. It does to me!” She gave me a little kiss before standing in front of JJ and taking her leash.

I ran my fingers between JJ’s labia and found she was even wetter. She moaned and opened her legs more when I did that. I ran my fingers up again and brushed her clit. She moaned again. “We may have to give you a few more smacks if you’re enjoying this too much, pet.” Jill told her.

“Sorry, ma’AM! Oh!” JJ said, suddenly surprised by the two fingers I shoved in her pussy and ran across that special illegal bahis spot up inside on its front wall. I wiggled them around, then pulled them back out. She sighed softly, “ohhh,” or maybe “nooo.” Then I slipped the vibe in and moved it around, feeling with one finger that it was at her g-spot. She shoved herself down against my hand. As I slid the finger out I pushed the bottom of the vibe back where Jill suggested. I ran my wet fingers over her clit a couple times, before stepping back by Jill.

“Alright now pet, we’re going to the bedroom. JJ stood up and took a step before Jill tugged her leash and said, “Oh no, pets use all fours. Down on the floor and follow me.” We all headed to JJ’s bedroom. I followed, watching JJ’s sexy ass, and thought I could faintly hear the vibe buzzing inside her pussy. She crawled along pretty well, and even got close enough to rub her head on Jill’s leg, like a kitten. “You’re very affectionate. Let’s see how that works out.”

“Up on the bed now, on all fours. You know how much Rob likes having his ass played with. Since you’re so affectionate, kiss his ass,” Jill started to giggle, then caught herself. “Um, and lick him. You know, ream him,” she said, suddenly sounding a little unsure of herself.

“Should I rim him, too, ma’am?” JJ asked, gently correcting Jill, with an innocent submissive look on her face. I smiled. She was getting into this, too.

“Yeah…I guess that’s it,” Jill said, a bit flustered now. “Yes, certainly, use your mouth to pleasure his ass,” she added, getting back into character.

“You’re doing fine,” I whispered to her as I squeezed her butt, walking past to bend over slightly in front of JJ, presenting my ass. She kissed each cheek a couple times as her hands caressed me, then she spread my cheeks and licked my crack from very bottom to top. My cock hardened more.

Jill came over, kissed me, and whispered, “Thanks. And thanks for playing along with this. I may need more of your help than I thought.” She kissed me again, fully, as JJ’s tongue teased my anus, before probing it. She moved one hand to my balls and caressed them. My cock twitched and I moaned into Jill’s mouth. Jill broke our kiss and stepped away to watch. She adjusted the vibe with the remote and JJ’s ass wiggled.

After maybe a minute, JJ slid her hand from my balls to my cock, teasing the underside with her fingers. Suddenly Jill smacked JJ’s ass. JJ yelped, pulling her head from my butt and putting both hands on the bed. “I said please his ass, I did not give you permission to play with anything else. Now roll over on your back,” Jill said sternly again.

Jill handed me some padded nylon and Velcro cuffs, which we applied to JJ, and then clipped her wrists to her ankles. She was on her back with her head at the end of the bed, her legs bent and spread. She appeared to be trying not to smile, putting on an innocent look. Apparently, she really was enjoying it.

“Since you want his cock so bad, you’re going to get it. He’s going to fuck your mouth, and you’re going to take his whole cock, all the way to the root. If you do a good job, I may let you have his cum. Back on your knees now,” she told JJ, then whispered to me, “This is another thing she told me about. Be careful not to choke her too much with that big thing,” she teased as she dragged her fingers along the length of my cock.

I helped JJ onto her knees and she looked at me expectantly, her mouth open and waiting. I slid my cock in and she wrapped her lips around it, humming again, “Mmmm.” I began to slide it in an out of her mouth like it was her pussy. I’d never really face fucked anyone, not liking to force things; preferring instead, to have a woman fuck me with her mouth because she wanted to, if that makes sense.

“Hold her head and fuck her like you mean it,” Jill said, slapping my ass playfully. She had a hand on her pussy and her nipples were quite prominent now. She was getting turned on by all this. I saw her play with the vibe remote again, and JJ squirmed.

I did as I was told, trying to use JJ’s mouth like a vagina. But I was still reticent to push all the way into her throat. JJ, however, leaned into me as I thrust forward, and tried to get me all the way in, though she gagged a bit. Her eagerness to deep throat me, and Jill’s comment that JJ wanted this, got me to push in deeper and deeper. She still sputtered and gagged some, but she also kept pushing herself forward. Soon she was able to take my whole cock. I pumped her like that a few more times and then pulled her in until her face pressed against my pubes, holding her there. JJ, bucked a bit and gagged just slightly, then she leaned forward into me. She moaned and hummed again, sort of, “Unggmmmm,” her tongue stroking the underside of my cock. Saliva began to drip from her mouth, onto my balls.

I pulled back and fucked her mouth some more, then held her in place to suck on the head. Her tongue swirled all around it. Fuck it was good, and I began to moan. I started to push in part way and stroke myself between her lips, when Jill asked, “Are you getting close Tiger?” I nodded and moaned a bit. “Good, I want to see you jerk off on and give her a facial. On your back, pet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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