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Morning came early. Not because he wanted to get up at such an early hour, but because the sun made it through that one little open section of curtain and hit him in the eyes. Normally the curtains were neat, hung straight as if ordered to do so by a slave driver of a Master Sergeant. But now, they fell about the window frame in a disorderly manner, the lady of the house not able to fuss over them and correct their slovenliness.

The curtains weren’t the only thing disobeying orders. A lamp shade sat akimbo, various items of clothing lay strewn on the floor, and the bed’s comforter was piled in a corner, evidence of someone’s carelessness.

That someone was lying beside him, still snoozing dreamily.

“I gotta piss.” The first thoughts that entered his head. Just like every other day. Lazily scratching his nuts, visions of the previous night came back to him like shadows in a funhouse. Even if he tried to focus on them, clarity was fleeting. Drinking, laughing, friends, the seduction of a friend’s wife, more drinking, more laughing, sex—oh my God, the sex!—kept flashing through his mind.

Exiting the huge bed gingerly, careful to not make a movement that would cause her to stir, he sat up. “Naked…again,” he thought to himself. “‘Didn’t even bother to put on drawers.” The evidence of last night’s debauchery was everywhere. A crumpled pair of purple panties (What a misnomer; that wisp of lingerie barely could cover a deck of cards let alone a beautiful ass like the one in the bed.), a torn pair of boxers, and a still slightly wet stain on the bed all pointed out that someone had had a lot of fun.

Morning wood led the way to the master bath just down a small hallway. He peed as quietly as possible while memories came rushing back. “Did two different women really suck my cock?” He emptied his bladder. “Geez, that was hot.”

Considerately, he wiped any little splashes of piss off of the rim of the toilet since she liked to keep a clean house. Keeping her happy was very high on the list of priorities. A woman who did the things she was capable of was certainly worth keeping happy. He looked in the mirror, stretched luxuriantly, and noticed with some satisfaction that his morning toilet which usually allowed the swelling of his cock to dissipate, had had no effect. Still hard, he walked back into the bedroom.

Tousled blond locks spilled all over the pillows. One dainty hand drooped over the edge of the bed from beneath cotton sheets. Well manicured fingers hung lazily, reminding him of when they’d been wrapped tightly around his throbbing member last night as she stood behind him, slowly jacking the rod. Those pretty fingers and expertly painted nails looked fantastic wrapped around Bostancı escort his thick cock. A brunette with vaguely Polynesian features had been kneeling in front of him, her bare tits still heaving from the exertion of her recent orgasm.

He hesitated, trying to remember that orgasm.

“Oh yeah…” he smiled to himself as he remembered the scene of the blond kneeling behind the brunette, working those pretty fingers over her clit and into her cunt, whispering into her ear, “Do you want to cum for me? Your pussy’s so wet…say you want to cum. I might let you do it.”

“Yes,” gasped the brunette, “let me cum.” She gulped for air again. “God, the places you’re touching me…Please!”

The blond slowed her manipulation. “What will you do for me?” she hissed.

The brunette didn’t hesitate: “Anything.”

“Anything?” came the blond’s feigned surprise. A wicked smile played on her face that only he could see.

Still playing in the brunette’s bald pussy, the blond worked to control her friend by not allowing her to cum. “Will you suck his cock? I’d love to share him with you. Do you want a taste of what I can have any time? Do you want that veiny, velvety, stiff cock in your mouth?” Without waiting for her to answer, he’d stepped even closer to her and unzipped his tuxedo trousers.

“Open your mouth. Take him. If you treat him nice, I’ll get you off.”

Standing over the sleeping blond, his cock grew harder as he remembered the scene. Somehow, she was still wearing remnants of last night’s outfit. A purple bra hung askew over her breasts, the right one peeking out from its cup, a pink nipple tempting him. Those tits had inspired so many daydreams, fantasies, and wild fuck sessions in the few short months that they’d been together. They’d be riding in the car and she’d droop a shoulder, pull the top of a sundress away from one of them, and within minutes that little minx would be riding his shaft while the two of them enjoyed heights of orgasmic bliss that neither had experienced before. Or she’d come out of the shower, towel wrapped around her waste and he’d be on her, sucking those nipples and practically mauling her breasts. Fresh from the shower, smelling of clean girl (his favorite fragrance), she was such a sight that he couldn’t resist exerting her and making her need another shower. And last night, last night, when she’d exposed the brunette’s tits and then her own, he’d finally nutted, spraying his cum all over the brunette’s upper chest while the blond pinched her own nips and encouraged him.

“Wow, that was some night,” he said softly, not sure if she was awake. If she was, she’d answer. She’d wake up horny; ‘probably suck him off or masturbate Anadolu Yakası Escort her own sex while he watched. She was always up for putting on a good show for him. If she was indeed sound asleep and didn’t respond to his recollection, then that was fine too. Even asleep, she was putting on a show, arousing him more by the minute. The thin sheet wrinkled itself around her midsection, barely hiding the perfect curve of well toned hips, shapely thighs, and the treasures between them. “If you were only awake, Dear…” he thought to himself as he remembered last night.

The brunette had expertly suckled him. Ruby red lips left lipstick smears all along the length of his veiny shaft. Her tongue had snaked its way around its girth, tickled his nuts heavy with the cum that he so longed to release, and even plied its way into the slit of his peehole. While she fought to force him to release, the blond had continued her ministrations at her cunt. Two fingers worked over the brunette’s steamy hole and forced their way higher and higher into her channel. “Make him happy, Baby. When you make him happy, you make me happy, too. Isn’t he big? I think he likes to watch me fucking your pussy with my fingers, don’t you? Look at that, look at it. Yeah that’s it. Suck him…more…get it all into your mouth. Relax your throat, Doll. That’s it. Ooh, I think he’s close.”

The blonde’s constant dirty talk aroused both of them. For his part, he seemed to grow bigger in her mouth and she seemed to get wetter around the blonde’s fingers. As he approached his peak, the brunette could no longer take it. A stiff cock in her mouth and the blonde’s expert fingers in her cunt set her off. She came, quietly at first, but was soon gasping for air. She released his member from her mouth to facilitate her breathing. When she did, the blonde’s wet fingers found their way into her mouth, smearing her own creamy juices around her tongue. She’d tasted herself before, but certainly never had her own flavor forced upon her. She gave in; physically relenting and allowing the blond to do whatever she wanted. Licking them clean, she removed all of her own pussy’s liquid from the hand of the blond girl behind her.

“That’s it. Nice.” Blondie removed her fingers from the open mouth of the brunette. “Now sit up. That’s good, on your knees dear. We’re going to help him.”

He stood over them, slowly jacking his rod now, watching the heaving tits of the brunette while the blond moved behind him and took over for him. She was at just the right height for it too. With her heels on, she was tall enough to reach around his waist and get a good grip on his manhood. “Let me know when you’re going to blow. I want to get down there Kadıköy Escort with her and watch. You’ll do that for me, won’t you?”

His reply was a barely intelligible grunt.

“You love me, right?” She stroked from the head to the balls slowly for emphasis.

“Yep!” he replied enthusiastically. Dammit, she really did a number on him when she jacked him off from behind. She was so intuitive about what made him tick. Somehow, maybe instinctively, she’d discovered that he loved this. The fact that she wore her stilettos when she did it made it impossible to resist. She practically needed to so that she could gain enough height to reach around him properly. She also knew he had a major fetish for her pretty feet and she took advantage of it. At every opportunity, she wore shoes that accentuated her toned legs and showcased her sexy feet. He happily shelled out the money for shoes and her pedicures since she willingly wore the high heels often, even going so far as to wear them to bed for their wild fuck sessions just like a starlet in a porn movie.

Oh, those pretty feet! Standing at the foot of the bed and watching her sleep while reliving last night’s fun, he realized that she still had her strappy heels on. The left one was still securely attached. The right one, though, was partially loose from her foot, one of its straps hanging open and the other partially unbuckled. Her feet looked so sexy poking from beneath the sheet. Just enough of her creamy skinned calf was visible to further entice him. She still hadn’t stirred.

Without any conscious thought, he’d started masturbating. Looking at her form in their shared bed and watching the pert, pink nipple rise and fall with her breathing was a turn on. If she awoke, he’d explain that he’d started without her and fuck her silly. If she kept right on sleeping, he’d stand here and work his cock while fantasizing about using her body.

But, damn, those heels were driving him nuts. “Look at those pretty toes, that gently curving instep, her finely shaped heel…”

Yep, this was going to happen. She stirred slightly, shifting her legs. The right shoe gave in and fell to the floor with the movement. Now, one pretty foot was completely exposed. The other was still in its “Come Fuck Me” shoe. The visions of the brunette and the blond filled his head. The brunette on all fours with the blonde’s hand in her box, the brunette sucking her own cream from the blonde’s hand, the bare tits of the two women on the floor in front of him, the petite hand reaching around from behind him and jacking his cock, and now this vision, this heart-stopping, nut-busting, glorious vision of those sexy feet…

With a muffled groan he came all over them. Ropes of semen shot out from his engorged cock and landed in pearly droplets on her pink painted toes, on her soft instep, on her firm calves, and on the expensive shoes. He stroked himself empty. Warm cum landed on all of the exposed parts of her lower body.

And still she slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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