Luisa Ch. 09

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White Panties

Luisa and I picked up Carol and John and I told them we were going to a very special restaurant a few miles from the resort.

When Carol came out, she looked stunning in her pale green dress that fell a few inches above her knees and was very sexy with its spaghetti straps.

When we went in, the maitre d showed us to our booth which is was in the corner of the dim lit restaurant.

As we sat down, we heard music from the piano player. It was all so romantic and the women loved it. Carol and Luisa sat next to each other with John on the right of Luisa and me on the left of Carol.

Our waitress came over and introduced herself as Janet and said she would be taking care of us for the evening and if there was anything we needed, just call her.

As she walked away, I got a good look at her and said that she looked pretty sexy in her mini skirt and white see through blouse and even Luisa mentioned that was an odd presentation and opened ended. We all laughed and shrugged it off.

Janet brought us some wine while we looked at the menu.

We finally ordered our dinner and ordered more wine.

John and I each ordered oysters as an appetizer.

As we waited for dinner, we chatted and my hands were underneath the table feeling Carol up. It didn’t take me long to realize that she wasn’t wearing panties.

At my first opportunity, I managed to slip my finger in her wet cunt. As it entered her, her left hand found the bulge in my pants and she gave it a good feel. This went on for the entire time at the restaurant.

I looked over at John and had the feeling that he already found Luisa’s uncovered cunt and was playing with it too.

As the music played, we got up to dance, switching partners as we danced.

After about a half hour, Janet brought out our dinners. She asked if we needed anything else and gave a sexy smile as she asked.

We all looked at each other and laughed, then started eating our food.

By now, we were into our third bottle of wine when we asked for our check. Janet brought it too us with her sexy smile. As she handed us the check she said, “I just wanted Pendik Escort to say that you four make lovely couples and I want to be as sexy as you are at your age. I envy you two women. I bet your guys are great in bed too.”

We just looked at her, not knowing what to say. Then Luisa spoke up, “Janet, you are a beautiful young, sexy woman and we are sure you will be as sexy in your golden years as you are right now. And, oh yes, our guys are fucking great in bed. Carol and I know for sure because we have each of them whenever we want.”

With that, we paid the check and got up and left.

When we were outside, we all broke out in laughter. We drove back to the cabin for some fun.

When we got inside, I put some music on and cleared away some furniture so we could dance.

I danced with Luisa, kissing her as we held each other and slow danced. We could see Carol and John doing the same. It was a perfect night.

After some sexy dancing, we sat and talked about what happens when we leave the resort. We all wanted to keep the relationship going, without question.

I thought about it and said, “Look, we don’t live that far from each other, so why not alternate visits a couple of times a month?”

Carol then said, “If we do that, I am afraid we will drift apart. We could either move closer or visit more often.”

Then Luisa had an idea. She said, “Look, we are all retired and we pretty much like the areas where we live, so why not meet halfway and get a couple of townhouses next to each other? We will be next to each other to cum and go as we please.” She said laughing.

Or, she continued, with a dirty little smile on her face, “We could just live at the resort. What do you guys think?”

The three of us looked at each other and I think we all said that was a possible solution also. I suggested we think about it and not rush into a decision.

I told them that I think, for now, we should visit each other a couple of times a month to see how it goes and then we can decide.

Everyone agreed and John suggested that we make a decision in three months, one way Kurtköy Escort or the other. We all thought that was a fair and honest suggestion, as well as a smart one.

“Now,” said John, “Let’s have some fun.”

I moved over to Luisa and lifted her off of the couch and pulled her to me. As I kissed her, I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. I stepped back to admire her beauty. I told her she looked as beautiful now as she did 50 years ago and I kissed her.

As we kissed, I saw John remove Carol’s dress and I ogled my friend’s wife and told her she looked ravishing. Then I noticed something. I called over to John and said, “John, we aren’t going to get any hair in our mouths tonight with Carol.”

John looked at me and I pointed down. When John looked, he saw his wife’s smooth pussy and smiled.

The four of us spent time with our wives, making out like teenagers. John and I finally got our clothes off with the help of the women.

I felt like I was 19 again with the 22 year old woman I loved 50 years ago and I enjoyed every second of it.

I looked at John & Carol and suggested we would be more comfortable in our bedroom. We got up and headed to the bed.

John and I had already prepared for the evening. We had plenty of lube, toys, handcuffs, blindfolds and other items ready, but out of the women’s view.

We all got on bed and I started playing with Luisa and John played with Carol. Then I told the women to get on all fours so we could fuck them doggie style.

In seconds, John and I were pounding their cunts as their tits swayed and bounced around. The women had a tough time playing with each others tits but managed.

John and I switched women and I was now fucking Carol and John had his cock in my wife.

We quietly reached over and got some lube and prepared our cocks to assault their asses.

We managed to lube their asses and I started slipping my cock in Carol’s ass. She gave out a yelp and asked me what I was doing. I told her I am going to fuck her ass and John is going to fuck Luisa’s ass.

We didn’t give them any time to Tuzla Escort back out and John and I started slipping our cocks into their asses.

We constantly asked them if they were ok and they said they were.

As we kept pushing our cocks in, they started pushing their asses back to meet our insertion. After awhile, our cocks were fully seated in their asses with our balls touching them.

John and I started fucking them slowly. The women got in synch with our thrusts and then they started moaning. Both women started playing with their clits as John and I were on the verge of cumming in their asses.

Luisa started screaming out to fuck her ass harder. Carol yelled out the same.

Then John and I shot our cum in their asses. When we pulled our cocks out, our cum was oozing out their asses and it was such a great sight.

The women fell to the side exhausted.

We gave them some time to rest then we started again.

This time I got on my back and told Luisa to slide her cunt down on my hard cock. When she did, John told her to lean forward. When she did, John slipped behind her and started inserting his cock in her ass until it was in all the way. Luisa now a cock in each hole and when we got in synch she was screaming how good it felt. Almost at the same time, the three of us came.

I told Carol to give John and me a few minutes and then it will be her turn. She said she was looking forward to it and went to get more wine for us.

About an hour later, Carol got her DP and loved it more than Luisa did.

Over the course of the night, John and I used toys, blindfolds and even the handcuffs on our wives.

At one point, John and I took the blindfolded women into the shower and as I kissed and hugged Luisa and John hugged and kissed Carol, we both gave the women their first golden shower which they told us they weren’t crazy for but liked the warmth of our pee.

I told them that it would be their turn to give us one later. They laughed and agreed.

I don’t think any of us got any sleep and we were still fucking when the sun came up.

Later that day, when it was time to leave, we made plans for John and Carol to visit us in two weeks.

Luisa and I were hoping that our new friends would eventually become the permanent intimate couple we were looking for.

Two weeks was going to be like a lifetime waiting for them…

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