Lust Driven Tammy

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I never expected to fall in love with Darrin, but things happen when you least expect them too. My best friend Samantha started dating Darrin when she was seventeen. That was four long years ago. I began falling in love with the guy only last year.

My love only grew stronger as the days went on. I was constantly wondering what it would be like to actually fuck Darrin. I wondered what it would be like having his thick eight inch cock stuffed in my pussy or my ass. I needed him so badly, it no longer mattered if he was my best friend’s love.

Three months ago something happened that sent me over the top. Samantha and I are both twenty-one and we’d been staying over night by each other’s houses since we were nine. Samantha was spending the night that day three months ago. We watched movies and talked about men. We had fun. We never had any bad times. We never ever had anything to fight over. We were the perfect friends.

Darrin arrived at my house at one thirty in the morning and changed all that. He joined Samantha and I on the couch and watched TV with us. Ten minutes into the movie Darrin was feeling on Samantha’s bulging breasts. Samantha is an exotic looking woman at five foot seven and nearly one hundred twenty pounds. Her breasts were the size of honey dews and she had an ass I thought was the same size and shape as Jennifer Lopez. Her picture perfect white teeth, a beautiful legs and slender neck made her perfect in everyway. She could have been a model or an actress or anything she wanted to be. She could have any man she wanted. But she had Darrin and I was determined to have him. And I’d sink to any level to have him.

I looked on as Darrin sank his teeth through the fabric of her white tee shirt, biting on her nice nipples. His hands were in her pants feeling her pussy. I’d almost wanted to cry but held my tears back. I saw the bulge of his penis sticking out of black joggers. I saw the bulge of his chest, he wore a tight shirt and he’d been jogging before he arrived at my house.

“Stop,” Samantha said. She slapped his hands away in a playful manner. “We’re guests here.”

“Come on now,” Darrin interrupted. “Tammy doesn’t mind if we have some fun.”

“Of course not,” bornova escort I smiled. “Go to my room if you want.”

I was not even serious about my statement, but they thought I was. Samantha and Darrin and looked at each other and asked if I was serious. I could not say that I wasn’t after that. So the two of them ventured off into my room, closing the door behind them.

Tears finally rolled down my eyes. One minute later I heard Samantha’s high pitched moans. My bed was squeaking like crazy too so I knew they were really going at it in there. I turned the TV down and listened to every moan both of them made. I listened to Samantha’s “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard,” and Darrin’s “I love your tight pussy,” and resisted my urge to scream at the both of them. I had to remember, it was my fault this was going on in my room, and if I didn’t want to hear them, all I had to do was turn the TV back up.

I heard Samantha screaming at the top of her lungs, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Then she was laughing and moaning at the same time. Darrin was simply groaning during all of this.

I was wiping away my tears when I heard Darrin say that he was coming. It was finally all over between them and I was the happiest person on the face of the earth.

Five minutes later Samantha came out of the room by herself. The TV was as loud as she’d left it, but she’d come back looking like a new woman. It was all of her face.

“You need a towel?” I asked.

“For what?” she asked

I pointed to my cheek and said, “You have nut all over your face. You should have wiped it off.”

Samantha was blushing at my comment and she ran down the hall and into my bathroom. I couldn’t believe how much she’d had on her face. All her facial features seemed to have been covered by Darrin’s thick sperm.

When Samantha returned I asked her, “Where is lover boy?”

“Sleeping. You don’t mind.”

“He’s going the couch when I’m tired.”


We watched the movie for ten minutes before I finally spoke again. “Since when do you let guys cum on your face. I thought it was against your religion.”

Samantha laughed loudly. “I gave in. He asked buca escort me to try it for two years and finally I gave in. The first time both my eyes were covered shut.”

“Wow!” I said. The night went on. When I was too tired to keep my eyes open I told Samantha to get Darrin out of my room. I fell asleep on my bed, wishing Darrin was in her with me. I could smell all over the bed. I could smell the sex in the air too. I masturbated with my twelve inch dildo while the two lovers slept on my couch. I had me a few orgasms before I fell asleep.

Two weeks later Darrin came knocking at my door while I was showering. With a towel wrapped around my soaked body and my heart thumping in my chest I asked what he wanted.

“I’ve been looking for my watch for two weeks now and finally I remembered where I left it,” he said quickly. “But I see I caught you at a bad time.”

“No problem,” I said. I was picturing him naked, and I hoped to God he wanted to remove my towel. “I left on my dresser. Come with me.” My mind flashed with images of Samantha’s cum soaked face. I wondered if it was finally going to happen.

Once we were finally in my room, I took the watch from my dresser and handed it to him. My nipples were hard because it was cold in my room and my pussy was aching for him.

“Thanks a lot,” I said. He was about to leave then, but I didn’t let him. “Where’s Samantha?”

“Shopping, I think.” His eyes were looking at my legs now. My legs were my best feature and I was beginning to feel happier about the situation. I thought I had him in my clutches. I wasn’t as attractive as Samantha, but I was no push over either. My breasts are nice and my nipples were pointy. My face is refreshing to look at, my chin resembles Julia Roberts, my ass is great and my eyes are gray.

“Does she know where you are?” I asked.

He was staring at me. His eyes were searching my body up and down. I had the feeling he wanted me to remove the towel. So I entied from my waist and let him take better look.

“What are you doing,” he asked. His mouth was hanging open.

“Come on, Darrin, I need you. I’ve been dreaming about you for a while now.”

“I’ve karşıyaka escort been thinking about you for long time too,” he said. The words were music to my ears. “But we can’t do this. What if Samantha found out? What about your friendship?”

I was pleased to her him thinking about my friend and all, but I just couldn’t let this oppurtunity go. I walked toward and kissed him, swirling my tongue wildly in his mouth.

“I love Samantha too,” I said. “We’ve been best friends for a long time, but this is lust I can’t control anymore.” I slid my hands down and felt his big erection through his pants, while he kissed my neck and played with my breasts. Before he could change his mind I was pulling down his pants and his boxers. I played with his balls and kissed the big head of his giant penis before I took his cock into my throat. I gave him the best blow job I’d ever given any man. He moaned my name and begged me not too stop.

His penis was so thick I had trouble pushing into my determined mouth. I sucked and sucked, taking in all the pre-cum he could ooze at me. When he took his cock out of my mouth and let it rest on the right side of my cheek, I was surprised by the thickness of his cock once more. The head of his penis alone almost over the right side of my face. He circled his penis around my face before driving it back in my mouth. He fucked my mouth for ten glorious minutes, pushing all the way to the back of my throat. When his thrusts got faster, I got faster. I kept up with his face.

“Oh, damn,” he moaned out loud. “I’m going to cum all over the fucking place. Please let me cum on your face.”

I looked up into his eyes and saw the pleasure in his eyes. He was still fucking my mouth while my tight lips sucked down on his cock. I shook my head yes because I couldn’t talk. I took both my breasts in my hands and began squeezing and playing with them.

“Oh thank you baby!” he said. He pulled out of my mouth and immediately the cum began to flow from his cock and onto my face. I watched in awe as his cock spurting thick wads of cum on my cheeks and at the bridge of my nose. I was blinded when the thickest jet of cum he had to offer connected with my eyes. I only felt him put the cock back in my mouth. I licked him clean before he left.

“We’ll have to do that again,” I said. My face was still covered with his cum.

“Soon, I hope,” he said.

I left the cum on my face for the next ten long minutes as I admired my new look in the mirror. I couldn’t wait till next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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