Lust For Ass

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Big Tits

A short wham-bam thank you ma’am story about a young guy with a particular interest picking up a MILF at a bar.


“Never did anything like this before,” Roberta said as I ushered her out of the bar where we had been drinking for the last couple of hours. “The park?”

“Why not?” I said as we walked across the street and down toward the little park that was only supposed to be open for use during daylight hours, and certainly not for what I had planned. “My Mom and Dad wouldn’t like me taking you home with me, so unless you want to take me to your place…”

“I wish I could. Oh well. Lead on,” Roberta giggled, and although she might not be as drunk as she let on, she was tipsy, certainly more so than I was.

What I knew about Roberta was that she was a MILF who could drink Long Island Ice Teas like water, although since she was buying most of our drinks I didn’t care about that. She said she had two kids at home who were being babysat, and claimed she was 37. I figured that she was probably in her mid 40’s which made her close to twice my age but I didn’t care.

She wasn’t particularly attractive, and in fact bore a spooky resemblance to Rosie O’Donnell, but her body wasn’t all that bad. A bit thick in the waist and plump all over, but her ass felt firm when I had grabbed it during our brief bar courtship.

“You’re a real ass man, aren’t you Mike?” Roberta had asked back at the bar after I kept pawing at her rump.

“I like yours, Roberta,” I told her and then whispered into her ear what I wanted to do to her.

“Anybody ever do that do you before?” I asked, and while she admitted that she had experienced anal sex once before in her youth, what I suggested as an appetizer was new to her.

“I wouldn’t stick my cock in anything my tongue wouldn’t try first,” I said. “I bet you’ve got a hairy asshole too, don’t you Roberta. A nice furry and funky balloon canlı bahis knot for me to munch on. Am I right?”

“Oh – I don’t know. Does it matter?” she asked nervously. “Maybe I should go back to the ladies room. I wasn’t expecting…”

“The hairier the better,” I had assured her, and that’s when I suggested we leave the bar and go to the park.

“What if somebody comes by here?” Roberta asked as I led her to the quieter side of the little park, where there were a few benches under a dim street lamp.

“They can get in line,” I said as I kissed her and squeezed her tits through her clothes before yanking down her slacks. “There’s nobody around, and it adds to the excitement. Now let’s see what we have here. Bend over the back of the bench for me.”

I knelt down behind Roberta, whose matronly white panties held a plump pale ass that was wide but firm, and after I yanked down her panties I reached under and felt her pussy, which was wet and hairy.

“Omigod – you don’t waste any time,” Roberta giggled, and after I told her to spread her legs she obliged, exposing a crack that was hairy and pungent.

“Oh yeah!” I snarled while I grabbed her ass-cheeks and parted them wide before burying my face in the steamy crevice while fingering her. “Gimme that ass.”

“Omigod – Omigod – Omigod!” Roberta kept babbling as I ran my tongue all over her anus before dipping in, causing her to almost fall over the back of the bench, and I had to hang onto her tight as she regained her balance.

“Lean back into my face,” I said while I reached into my pocket for my lube, because my cock was hard and throbbing in my pants.

“This is so – Oh!” she mumbled as my thumb went into her pussy. “Oh Mike! This is… OH!”

She came in about a minute, the combination of my tongue up her ass and half of my hand in her pussy causing her to squeal like a pig, and then I was getting up and bahis siteleri dropping my pants and underwear.

“That was – oh Mike!” Roberta said when she turned around and looked down at what I was rubbing lubricant all over. “Oh, Mike! You said you weren’t that big! Look at you! Your penis is huge!”

“Am not, you’re drunk,” I told her, and while I’m pretty well endowed I think her reaction to seeing my cock was more of a reflection of what she was used to getting.

“Why don’t I just suck it?” Roberta said. “You don’t have a condom? Well, you could put it in my pussy and pull out before you cum.”

“Bend over,” I said as I moved up behind Roberta and pushed the head of my cock up to her fur-ringed anus. “You know what I want.”

“Too big – OMIGOD! You’re tearing me apart!” Roberta squealed as I pushed into her, almost lifting the bench off the ground as my cock tore into her rectum. “Please – it’s too big!”

“Shut up!” I hissed as I began to thrust in and out of her warm cavity which was incredibly tight, and while I didn’t fully impale Roberta, she was getting most of my 8″ and getting it hard.

There’s something about hearing traffic in the distance and the nocturnal sounds of nature combining with the slapping of two bodies together that really gets me hot, and soon Roberta was no longer complaining but taking it with only her grunts accompanying my thrusts.

“Here it comes,” I groaned after about 5 minutes of fast and hard fucking of that plump ass with my hands on her hips like I was the captain of the ship, and as I filled her bowels with my seed I heard her sigh while my dick jerked and spat.

I enjoy seeing the woman’s gaping anus after I pull out, but the dim light wasn’t enough for me to get a good look into her hole, so I pulled up my pants and helped Roberta get her slacks back on like a gentleman.

“Tell me you didn’t like it,” I said.

“It bahis şirketleri hurt so bad at first. Would have been nicer in a bed though,” Roberta opined.

“Maybe next time,” I told my date for the night as we walked out of the park, with Roberta stepping very gingerly. “But you did like it.”

“Will I see you again?” she asked.

“Sure, give me your number,” I said.

“I don’t even know your last name,” she said after giving me the number.

“And I don’t know yours,” I countered.

“If you call and a man answers…”

“I thought you said you were divorced,” I asked.

“It’s complicated,” Roberta said and left it at that.

“Well, if we get together again I’ll let you toss my salad.”

“What?” Roberta said.

“You can rim me next time,” I said. “You can stick your tongue up my ass. It’s more blessed to give than receive.”

“Oh. I don’t know about that,” Roberta said with a pained look on her face.

“Nothing to be afraid of,” I assured her, and to prove it I stopped her. “Here.”

With that I grabbed her and kissed her, and though she tried to push away, before our lips separated her tongue and mine were dancing.

“Maybe you could practice on your husband,” I said. “Maybe he could make you forget about me.”

“Don’t think so,” Roberta said as she started waddling again. “Feels like you’re still in me. Besides, I don’t think his dick could reach.”

“Next time maybe I’ll put it all in,” I said, and she shuddered while shaking her head as we neared her car. “Anyway, I had fun, and I think you did too.”

“It was good, Mike,” Roberta said. “Really good. You made me feel so sleazy but it was really good. And you will call, won’t you?”

“We’ll see.”

“I’ll do it to you – what you said,” Roberta said hopefully.

“You’ll do what?” I asked.

“You know.”

“Tell me.”

“I’ll lick it.”

“Lick what?” I continued, pressing her to say what I wanted to hear.

“I’ll lick your asshole.”

“I guess you did like it,” I chuckled, and Roberta smiled and shrugged her shoulders as I waved good night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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