Lustful Awakenings

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It’s still dark. My first thought of the day. Stay asleep. Drifting in and out of sleep, my mind talking to itself. My eyes struggling to focus, the blurry images start forming into shapes. I hear my mind saying, a few more blinks, as I start my morning wake up routine. Eyes finally clearing, even in the dark, my room becomes clearer. I start stretching muscles. It is the shoulder movement that first comes to notice. Why does it feel weird to roll my shoulders.

Turning over with this thought, I feel my legs start to entwine. Are my feet caught in the covers? Shaking my feet gently I feel a sharp pull and pressure around my ankles. Unsure of the feeling I try to sit up, I move to push my hands down on the bed and suddenly understand why my shoulders reacted differently. Still lying on my back, I tilt my head back to see my arms stretch out towards the bed head, wrists wrapped in a blue silk scarf that was then tied round a wide wooden post on the bed head

More senses coming alive, the warmth of a body next to me, skin pressing to my skin. I watch as the person Starzbet slowly moves their face to press against mine. Holding my breath, mind confused stuck in that moment before waking completely. Feeling scared, yet excited. Pulling down on your arms, feeling the silk tighten round my wrists. Kicking my feet, finding little allowance for movement from whatever was tied round my ankles. Their breath, a gentle breeze on my cheek. Warm skin caressing mine. I feel lips touching mine barely, as I feel their skin rubbing along my side, pressing up against me. Eyes closed, surrendering to this moment.

They shift slightly, I feel the weight of this persons arm resting on my stomach. Slowly I feel the path of the arm across my body, soon aware of the hand between my thighs. My mind explores the rest of the arm down to the fingers, feeling them sliding gently along…ahhhh how long has this been happening, feeling how aroused my body was, fingers gliding. I take a sharp intake of breath, my eyes open and look down to see the outlines of our bodies. Focusing down Starzbet Giriş the arm, my mouth mimicking the reaction to the caress of those fingers on me, a slight moan escapes my lips, as they part slowly, tip of my tongue runs over, wetting my lips. The touch changes, pace quickens, pressure increases. My thighs flex and I feel them parting without any thought, slowly my hips raising to push against those fingers, feeling them press harshly against my soft flesh as the thrusts continue, I see my hips and thighs acting to fulfil their own wanton desires.

Each sensation arousing me further, my senses over flowing. Hearing the sound of my breathing, chest heaving with each breath. Feeling the hand and fingers, feeling of being opened and a finger slides inside me gently, coupled with movement of hips rising, pushing, wanting more, making me moan, lips parting wider, a tongue takes advantage and flicks at my opening lips extending the pleasures running through my body, my body writhing to the sensations. My arousal mounting, another finger slides inside, Starzbet Güncel Giriş arching my back, pulling down on the silk round my wrist. Welcoming the joy of being entered, intensified by the stretching of my body.

Weight on my chest, fingers dragging down the fall of my breast , eyes roll back into my head slowly closing to this new touch. The palm cupping and squeezing gently. Pulling harder down on the silk bonds, forcing my chest harder towards the hand. I feel my hips starting to be lifted as the pressure and pace continues to increase. My body becomes only three places, nothing else exists. The tongue and fingers invading me, caressing and sensual, then the rough grasp on my breast, clenching then pushing. My body, covered in sweat, sliding up against naked flesh. Kisses becoming more forceful. Rhythm of our bodies increasing tempo, new torture starting, fingers sliding up to my nipple, body shivers, fingers teasing, pulling and twisting……

…….. Your eyes open, your feet can’t move being caught in the covers, one arm raised over your head, the other between your thighs. You take a quick sharp breath as you slide your fingers out of your soaked pussy. You roll onto your side with a moan. A lone tear falls from your right eye, and runs down your sweat covered cheek….. You pray to go back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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