Lustful women II, Barbro , Inga Ch. 02

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In the previous chapter I talked about the show Inga had sponsored. In the show I became her son Eric´s first woman and he took me twice more. Inga got on stage too and performed superbly twice. After that I volunteered to become Eric´s sex teacher and was invited to their home to carry it out.

At my first visit I soon found out that Inga wanted Eric to be allowed to take me several times. We fucked before and after dinner and then I was invited to stay the night to give him more opportunities. He took me twice during the night and then again after a rich breakfast.

Inga wanted me to come back for another session already the following Sunday. She wanted me to come already at two o´clock. She didn´t say it but it was obvious that she planned to give Eric several opportunities to fuck me. We started with a pool party that soon turned into a double strip tease where converted C-strings added to the excitement.

Then I gave Eric a thorough lesson about how to caress and please a woman. Inga took an active part by giving advice to Eric. I had him take me in several positions showing him a lot of variations. But to make it a grand finale I let him fuck me in the way he liked. He eagerly took me from behind standing up. He did an excellent job making me cum twice before he cum bringing me with him in a shuddering orgasm.

After recovering we had a nice, leisurely time swimming and playing in the pool and resting in the sun. Inga opened a bottle of champagne and brought delicious small sandwiches on a tray.

After some time, Inga rose and got a refill for the glasses. She didn´t sat down though but moved around the pool aimlessly as if she didn´t know what to do. I went over to her.

“What´s troubling you?” I asked. “Has it got to do with Eric? No need, he performed incredible. You know how many times he made me cum.”

She looked relieved for a moment but then her troubled look was back.

“Yes, you are right of course. He did a great job. But why isn´t he excited again. We are moving around in the buff and he doesn´t react to our naked bodies. I thought that boys could do it like rabbits.”

“Oh, don´t worry about that. We had an extremely long session ending with an incredible fuck that drained him. And he has got used to us being naked in his presence. Nudeness alone isn´t exciting after a while. It takes something more especially when he is spent and contented like he is now. But he will be able when it´s time, don´t worry about that. You want him to get another round I take it?”

“Oh yes, goodness gracious me, if just you know how much I want him to enjoy you again. It worried me that it looked like he wouldn´t be able,” she blurted out.

“You really love him, don´t you?” I asked.

“Oh yes. My goodness, yes. I love him dearly. I want to do everything for him. He is all I have got. But on the same time, I don´t want to spoil him or doing anything improper. He must get a life of his own very soon.” She talked partly for herself with a longing look on her face.

“Yes, I can see that you really love him. Nothing wrong with that. It would also be natural if you want him to fuck you. Do you?” I asked. The talk had become so intimate that the question came naturally.

“God almighty, yes. Yes, I would like him to fuck me. If just you know how much I want that. To have his hands and mouth all over my body, to suck his cock into hardness, to feel his cock force its way into my pussy, to feel his hard thrusts when he bangs me, to feel his seed fill my pussy. Oh, goodness gracious me, how much I long for that. But that´s out of the question of course. Having the condom with his seed in my pussy is as close as I will come. And I really mean it. Not only because it´s improper and forbidden but it would be beyond my moral limit. And I really think it might spoil our relationship. Maybe I have already overstepped the line by doing what I am doing now. Being in the nude with him I mean. But that is as far as it goes. But I will do what I can to give him the best upbringing there is.”

“And that includes what we are doing now I am sure,” I said giggling trying to ease her tense mood. And it worked. She laughed and looked more at ease.

“Well, I had better get more decent then,” she said and went to pick up her panties, the converted C-string. She wriggled it into place and put high heeled sandals on. She rose and looked contented. “Feel good, really good,” she said giggling. She looked gorgeous.

I did the same and agreed that the lump felt genuinely nice in my pussy after the previous exercise.

“Time for dinner, isn´t it. I could do with some help if you feel like it. As I said we will have grilled meat and eat out here.” She moved us over to the grill and fired it up. “Feel like making the salad?”

We moved around cooking dinner rather much in the raw. Eric joined us after a while. I asked him to help me lay the table. I suddenly caught him staring at Inga who stood at the grill. He looked at her admiringly. I moved closer to him.

“Yes, look at your mother, what a mobilbahis güvenilir mi lovely sight she is. She looks really gorgeous, doesn´t she?” I said loudly to Eric. “Look at her extremely elegant figure, slim, long-legged and with those lovely boobs.” Inga heard what I was saying and looked proud. She straightened her back. “See how well she carries herself to make the best of what she has to show. See how straight she stands with her shoulders held back and how that lifts and pushes her big boobs forward” I added but now in a low voice only for Eric to hear.

Inga stood silent taking in my sudden praise. Her face had flushed but she looked proud. Suddenly she turned around as if she had got shy. But she did it without haste and didn´t try to cover anything.

“And look at her backside. It´s as lovely as her front. See how much her pear-shaped ass adds to the elegancy of her figure. And see how nicely the slender thighs attach to the ass especially as both ass and thighs are so well muscled. You are an incredibly lucky boy to have such a good-looking mother.” I had raised my voice again making sure that Inga could hear.

“Yes, she looks great. Real great,” Eric blurted out.

I thought for a moment that I had put it on a bit too thick when Inga blushed even more but then I saw that she had got really proud and very happy from the sudden praise from her son.

Inga stood at the grill with her back against us for a while moving the steaks around. Then she moved to get an apron which she put on. It was wide enough to also cover her ass but left the shoulders and arms bare. She handed me one too.

“We always dress for dinner,” she said with a giggle. “Eric, put on your clothes. Dinner is ready.”

We had a very nice time. The food was excellent and the wine a perfect match, but she made sure that we didn´t drink too much. Eric wasn´t allowed more than one glass.

When the table was cleared, and the leftovers stowed away in the outdoor fridge Inga started to look impatient. We both had felt that Eric had recovered.

I went to Inga when she stood at the pool side out of Eric´s earshot.

“You think it´s time for the fuck you promised? I am sure that Eric has recovered by now,” she said eagerly suddenly looking revived.

“Yes of course we will,” I said. “But I have a suggestion. Let´s put on a show for Eric,” I said.

“A show? What kind of show?” she asked a bit puzzled.

“You know, you and I making it out with each other,” I said trying to sound casual.

“But . . . but I am not a lesbian. And what would the purpose of that be?” She hadn´t said no, I noted. She was getting curious about what I had in mind.

“Neither am I. But it can be fun anyhow now and then. The purpose of course is educational. A good lover must know how to caress. That´s what we have taught Eric today, the basics anyway. He needs practice of course. But we both know that what makes a man a master lover is that he is inventive and does unexpected things. And that can´t be taught. He must get inspiration from somewhere. And what better inspiration is there than watching two women together?”

Inga looked at me for a little while. There was doubt on her face to begin with, but it was gradually replaced with an understanding look.

“Well, I think you have a point there. But it´s rather improper to show off to your son in such a way, isn´t it?” She said thoughtfully.

“Well, it might be under other circumstances. But you said that you wanted to give him the best upbringing there is including making him a superb lover. And you have already showed off to him and I don´t mean walking around in the buff. At the show the other night you really showed it all to him. You showed that you are a great fucker, the best I have seen. You have lots to teach him without having to fuck him.” I did my best to persuade her, feeling that she wanted to do it if only she could find good reasons for it.

“Well . . . I don´t know . . . you have a point there about being inventive . . . but . . . well, you are right, I might have crossed some taboo line with that show although I didn´t thought so when I decided to go on stage.” She got quiet and indecision showed on her face. “Well, I think it might be justified given the goal to make him an expert lover. Yes, you have convinced me. The end justifies the means, isn’t that so? Goodness gracious me, let´s do it. I will love doing it. You are such a gorgeous woman in all respects. And I am not completely out of experience. In my younger days I made it with some of my girlfriends. That was a long time ago though.”

“Splendid, I thought you would see reason. This will be an excellent complement to what we taught him earlier, I am sure.” I said to reassure her even more. “Do you have a good place for the show?”

“Oh . . . well, can´t we stay where we are? It´s such a lovely evening and it will be warm enough for quite some time yet. And there are infrared heaters should we need it. And that pool bed is free-standing so he can watch us from all sides,” she said suddenly mobilbahis getting very practical.

“Fine with me. Plenty of room and excellent viewing as you pointed out. Let me have a word with Eric before we start.”

I didn´t wait for her answer but went quickly up to Eric. I didn´t want Inga to hear the instructions I was going to give him. I had plans to give them both a thrilling experience.

“Eric, Inga and I will put on a show for you. You will see how two women caress and pleases each other. You have learnt technically how to caress a woman. Now you should watch and get the feeling of what women like and learn how they do it. And later, you must do exactly as I tell you. I won´t be able to tell you in detail. Maybe there will be only a sign. Trust me, you won´t regret it.”

With that I left him for Inga and pulled her with me to the pool bed. We started to kiss and caress each other and soon the aprons were off. We took some time to wriggle the panties out of each other´s pussies. Eric was close by. I told him to get naked too and don´t be shy if he got hard. That would be a nice inspiration for us, I told him.

Inga soon proved to be good at lesbian sex. Well, she seemed to be good at everything she did. I think I met her expectations too, even if I had to think of staging the show as well. But I was used to that from my performances.

But it took some time before Inga got comfortable to perform in front of her son and relaxed. When she did, she responded eagerly to my caresses and cum for the first time. I guessed that she was horny and had built up a lot of steam. After that, all her inhibitions were gone.

We had a lovely time caressing each other to several orgasms. Eric had plenty of opportunities to study how we pleased each other with hands, mouths and tongues. I beckoned for him to come close when I licked Inga´s pussy and carefully showed him what happened when I flicked her engorged clit with my tongue bringing her over the brink doing that. I then had Inga to do me in a similar way and I hoped that he caught the differences. We had different technics when licking and kissing the pussy and clit. I too cum under her tongue.

Inga was incredibly pleased when she noticed that Eric got a nice erection from watching us and I felt that it turned her on even more.

We played for quite a long time before I felt that Inga started to tire. I decided it was time to spice up our show. I managed to get us in a sixty-nine position with me on top. While Inga started to work on me, I beckoned for Eric to come close to my head. I jacked his erection to make it real hard and then whispered to him to go around to the other side and take me from behind. He got flabbergasted to say the least and looked as he was going to object. But I squeezed his erection real hard and looked sternly at him. He nodded and went. I became happy when I felt his cock prod my pussy opening and heard Inga cry out of surprise. She protested but rather lamely: Both Eric and I remembered from last time that it was merely for the record and not to be taken seriously. And we were right. There were no more protests but instead sounds of excitements and I felt her hands pull my lips apart clearing the way for his cock.

I could of course not see what happened, just feel it. Eric slid easily into me as soon as his mother had opened me up and started to thrust, but he did it gentle. Inga did nothing that I could feel, and I guessed that she just watched what went on just inches above her face. I heard small moans of surprise and admiration though. But after a while Inga´s tongue set to work on my clit. Having a good cock in the pussy and a skilled woman´s tongue working on the clit was heavenly and it didn´t take them long to make me cum in a mighty orgasm. It was so strong that I fell forward on top of Inga and making Eric to plop out of me. What a sight Inga must have got. Eric´s very erect cock, wet and shining from my pussy juice, was out in the open just above her face with the balls nearly touching her forehead.

I felt that Eric moved forward to enter me again, but I stopped him. It wasn´t time to let him cum just yet. I had other plans for them.

I rolled off Inga and turned to lie at her side embracing her. She smiled happily when I thanked her for a most powerful orgasm. But there also was hunger in her eyes which fitted my plans.

“What a wonderful cock. I know what you should want to do with it. I will take a ride on it. With a finger in my ass, you can feel it without touching it, I whispered in her ear. “And a thrilling educational experience for him too,” I added thinking that she might need more encouragement to actually do it.

I told Eric to lie down on his back and swiftly straddled him facing his feet. I wanted Eric to see what happened. I started to hump in a slow steady rhythm with only short strokes. I looked at Inga and saw her desire but also hesitance. But finally, desire took over and she moved forward. When I felt her finger probe my ass hole I leaned forward as much as I could to give her plenty mobilbahis giriş of room and stopped humping. She pressed and wriggled her finger to loosen up the hole taking her time. But a finger is easy to take in and soon she slipped past my sphincter muscle. She pressed on until both knuckles were inside my ass canal. I moved slightly back and forth letting her feel along the shaft.

It felt heavenly for me too, having both holes filled up. The pressure was great, and I wondered how long Eric could stand the new sensation without cuming. I had to be careful. I looked over my shoulder and saw pure lust on Inga´s face and a perplexed look on Eric´s. I went on sliding back and forth on the steel hard cock but very slowly. But after a while I didn´t dare to go on but moved forward making them to plop out of my holes. I sat up on the bed.

“Guys, I want to please both of you at the same time. It will be fun, believe me. Just follow my lead,” I said.

I lay down on my back on the pool bed with my ass on the edge. I called Inga over and asked her to kneel over my head facing my feet which she was more than happy to do. I think she had come to like what my tongue was able to do to her pussy and clit. I told Eric to take position between my open thighs but I didn´t let him into me yet.

Inga sat straight above me waiting for the effects of my tongue to kick in. I went slowly at first. I raised my arms and cupped her boobs from underneath and caressed them. I pushed them up and forward towards Eric who stood close with his eyes glued to them. I tweaked the nipples making them hard and protruding. My tongue now worked on full speed. Inga was ready and cum in a nice vibrating orgasm.

I gave Eric´s ass a light nudge with a foot sending him a message. He understood directly and moved in. I wriggled my ass to ease his way into me, and it slid very smoothly inside. He really needed no help. Inga tensed when their heads suddenly came so close but when I resumed my efforts on her clit she relaxed again. Her body got motionless though, only her pelvis moved in rhythm with my licking. Eric had also stopped banging me. My view was obscured having my head between Inga´s thighs but I succeeded to get a glimpse upwards. I saw that they were looking each other into the eyes just as they had done at the show.

“Hug him,” I said to Inga taking a break from my licking. “Hug him, there´s no sin in hugging,” I urged her on, feeling her hesitation.

And to my great joy her arms slowly moved to embrace him. She held him loosely for a little while but then she pulled him closer. Eric put his arms around her and suddenly the hug got very tight with her boobs pressed to his chest. I had seen what I needed and went back to work on her clit.

Inga moaned of pleasure and lust. Eric´s upper body was held tightly against his mother´s boobs and he could only use his ass for thrusting into me. The strokes were short but powerful although irregular.

Inga´s hands slid down Eric´s body to the small of his back and she began to steer his movements. She got him into a steady rhythm synchronizing her pelvis movements with it. I too picked up the rhythm and soon we were fucking in total harmony.

Inga kept it slow to begin with but gradually speeded up Eric´s short thrusts. I followed with my tongue on her clit also probing her ass hole. She reacted nicely to that and soon I had a finger in her ass wriggling it too in rhythm.

Inga really had a good feeling. She picked up that Eric was close to cuming only shortly after that my pussy had. She slowed him down to let us catch up. I increased my efforts on her clit and in her ass. Inga responded splendidly to it I could feel. And I used my muscles to increase my pleasure from his cock.

She loosened her hug to allow rubbing her breasts against Eric´s chest and speeded up his thrusts. Suddenly Eric got frantic, and his first shot splashed into me. With no condom in the way I felt the warmth and wetness and that made it for me too. When his second shot hit me, Inga sat down on my face and together we cum in shuddering orgasms.

Eric and Inga kept embracing each other for quite a while with me pinned under them. There were soft moans from Inga, and I thought I heard a sob or two. But when she finally rose and turned to me, she was extremely happy. She hugged me lengthily.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you, it was marvelous.”

Inga suggested that we should freshen up and invited me to use the same bedroom as before. I took my time in the shower. A lot of Eric´s seed leaked from my pussy.

When I left the bathroom, Inga was waiting for me.

“You are a cunning woman. You had it all planned when you suggested that we should give Eric a show. You knew of my desires but also where my limit is. Maybe we overstepped the line a little, but it was worth it. My goodness yes, it really was. If just you knew how close it was that I grabbed his cock when it was just above my face. But luckily, I could restrain myself. And then it was a tremendous feeling hugging Eric while you fucked both of us. It was the strongest orgasm I have ever had, so filled with feelings and love. I really want to thank you.” She had spoken rather gravely but then her face lit up in a big happy smile and the happiness spread to her body. She took a few dancing steps when she moved around the room.

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