Lydia Ch. 02

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Lydia regained her senses a few minutes later. The three men had pulled out of her body but Vikash seemed to have some strength left. He carried her to the detention corner with cells for the arrested people. He used manacles to tie her to the bars of a cell door, leaving her hanging freely. The stress on her shoulders was terrible and she woke up quite fast. She drew on her arms and discovered she had to stand on her tiptoes if she wanted to relieve the pain in her shoulders. It was a very strenuous position but Vikash seemed not to care. He had waited until she was fully conscious and then he left her, telling her :

-Don’t worry; I’m going to my office. I have confiscated a useful tool to a man who managed a shop with forced workers making shoes for a well known American firm. I would like to try it on you! You’ll see how fiendish men can be to enslave other people!

Lydia had visited shops with forced workers for her reports and she had never expected to see it from the receiving angle but she was totally unable to oppose any resistance! She was spread eagled on the door of the cells block and manacled to the steel bars that would have stopped a bull… Vikash returned soon after with a vicious looking flogger with ten long leather strips. The strips were made into tight knots every two inches that would certainly increase tenfold the pain for the person receiving it. The handle was also in leather and wholly braided in the shape of a big cock. Lydia had no doubt it was especially designed to punish girls, probably in front of their colleagues.

-It was used on inmates of a brothel who had been illegally smuggled in India from Thailand. The girls appeared sufficiently exotic to interest tourists and rich people hereby… It will strengthen your understanding of your new role in life! Your only mission is from now on to satisfy men, ANY men, in whatever ways they want! Failure to do so will just entail a return to this cell door but not for a short demonstration like today!

Vikash opened the door completely, squeezing Lydia between the door and the wall. Her flesh was pushed between the bars. Her tormentor lifted the arm behind his shoulder and delivered the first stroke. Lydia yelled in pain as she discovered that the bars were no protection for her. Vikash spaced his ten lashes from her shoulder blades to the back of her thighs. Then he opened the door wide to gain access to Lydia’s front. He presented the whip to Lydia’s mouth and told her in a very menacing tone :

-You are going to kiss this whip. If you are restive, I will apply ten more lashes to your back and then ten other on your front, but if you comply, I will be extremely generous and will give you just five lashes on your belly and tits but you’ll return to meet Sulay and Amithar with the flogger shoved in your ass hole! That should be enough to revive them! What is your choice?

Lydia was broken : she blubbered as she replied sheepishly:

-I will kiss the whip, M… Master!

-A wise decision, girl! I would have been sad ruining your nice back!

Vikash whipped Lydia’s breasts and belly but he was almost gentle, not applying the full strength of his arm. Lydia screamed aloud nevertheless but it was more fear than actual pain! Vikash then helped her down from the door. He just commented :

-You were lucky we had no inmates today : they would have mauled your breasts through the bars and I would have left them take their pleasure with you! Now bend on the table and part your ass cheeks wide open with your hands! You have to take the whip handle in your back passage all the way! Sulay and Amithar are waiting anxiously for your return!

Lydia was sobbing in distress but she complied hastily. Vikash shoved the handle in her mouth and told her to slaver copiously on it, to lubricate it for easier penetration! Lydia was tamed now and she followed his instructions. Vikash presented the conical tip of the improvised dildo to her anal opening. He shoved it inside slowly but in a single thrust. Vikash was proud to have opened her ass quite sufficiently to receive such a big intruder! He pushed it in to the hilt, leaving just the strips hanging from her ass hole down to the back of her knees…

-Now back to the main offices, slut!

Lydia hurried toward the place where the two policemen were waiting for her. Their first concern was for the marks on her back, those on her front were already fading away, just leaving a reddish coloration to her skin. The marks seemed to really arouse them as they almost immediately sported huge hard on erections! Vikash decided to organize things and to show he was the boss :

-This girl had received a sound punishment of her back! You will let her ass quiet for the moment and just use her mouth and her pussy!

Lydia was pushed immediately across a desk. Amithar plunged his cock deep into her throat. She then felt a presence behind her back. She yelled in anguish, thinking that Sulay had decided to use her anus contrarily bakırköy escort to his boss’ orders but she felt his cock pushing aside her nether lips : he was just taking her pussy backwards but it was another first for her : her previous lovers had never tried to fuck her pussy from behind her. Her sexual education was making quite fast progress! Finally her stay in India could be really rewarding!

Vikash emitted a muffled groan and Lydia felt a spurt of semen landing onto her face and into her hair. Vikash seemed to have been aroused watching her taken by his two subordinates… They were presently shagging her non stop. Her lovers (as she had to admit, they were just that now!) clearly intended to shoot their sperm into her at the same moment. She turned her eyes toward Vikash. He disobeyed to his own orders and shoved his middle finger up her ass. She started bucking violently! She was forced to admit that she was excited like hell, too. She moved her ass up and down along the finger impaling her. There was nothing else she could do! It only seemed to bring her climax closer. Pleasure waves were rocking her whole body as the two cocks and the finger were pounding mercilessly at her ravaged holes!

Lydia surrendered completely to her senses : they really owned her for the moment! She was nothing but their obedient slave, living just to be fucked violently like a true bitch! An Earth shattering orgasm rocked her insides :


The cocks in her mouth and her ass disgorged torrents of hot cum… The impact on the sensitive walls of her pussy made her cum repeatedly in direct response. She automatically started to lick the rapidly shrinking cock in her mouth, trying to revive it with her tongue and lips and suck the last droplets out of it! The three men continued to use and abuse her all the night. At 4 AM, Vikash decided they had had enough. They marched her toward his car in the front courtyard of the police station. She was still stark naked but she no longer minded being seen by passersby in this situation : she was way past it. Lydia not even asked where he was driving her. The two policemen had returned home for a much needed rest. Lydia was too!

When they were arrived in front of an isolated villa in the outskirts of the town, Vikash told her to present him her wrists and he manacled them together, adding a long chain to it? Lydia felt she was an animal led by a leash to its prison. Cum was oozing from her pussy and her ass but she was totally unable to wipe it away… Vikash drove her inside.

– This is my home. I leave alone here. You couldn’t stay at the police station as other policemen will shortly arrive! I don’t want you to tell to everyone that you have been raped by Sir Nigam!

-Do you plan to keep me prisoner for years?

-Certainly not, just the time to make you realize the futility of your position! Then we’ll certainly find a use for you! You’re too pretty to be killed if that is what you’re afraid of and you may earn a lot of money for us!

-I won’t ever become a prostitute for you!

-You’ll become just what I decide! You’re a Dalit, so nearly worthless. Any use for you by decent men might me a nice improvement! Your Karma will profit from it!

Vikash held the chain hanging from her neck as if it was some leash and Lydia hurried to follow him with her wrists still manacled behind her back. She had lost her shoes at the police station and walked barefoot since then. The pebbles on the street had hurt her soles but she expected no pity from this beast. He had a nice big cock and he had made her cum violently against her will but he was certainly not the man of her dreams : a potbelly, violent, brutish and ill mannered! He drove her to what was apparently his bedroom. He was clearly a bachelor : there were pieces of discarded garments scattered on the floor and on the furniture. There were bottles of beer, wine, alcohols and even a few of water on the table, some half and other completely emptied. There was a ring attached to the wall. Vikash attached the chain to it. She probably wasn’t the first girl he had kept in his home!

Lydia tried to reach the bed but she discovered that the chain was too short. She was stopped about three feet from the couch. She contemplated with envy the large bed with fresh sheets… She would have loved to slump into it after a long soak in a hot bath but this was most probably a dream that would never come true anymore! She turned toward Vikash and asked with the most submissive tone she could muster :

-Master, where shall I sleep? The chain is too short to reach the bed!

-You didn’t expect me to share my bed with YOU??? Just lie on the tiles and if the night is too cold, you may sleep on the bed carpet. No sheets and no pillows for a lowly Dalit girl, of course!

Lydia obediently curled on the bed carpet and fell asleep quite fast. Her pussy and ass tickled her somewhat as they had been extensively exercised and bakırköy bayan escort her stomach was upset by indigestion of male spunk! Around 3 AM, Vikash woke up and switched on the lights, awaking Lydia with no consideration for her. She expected none and wasn’t disappointed. He told her to keep her cheek on the tiles and just lift her ass. He kicked her ass, telling her to kneel on the floor and part her legs wide. Lydia instantly knew what the man wanted and took the adequate position. He fumbled behind her back and she could feel his cock drilling between her ass cheeks. He pumped his manhood in her once tight hole with brutality.

Lydia was surprised not to feel any real pain, just some discomfort. Was she already getting used to be buggered regularly! In just 24 hours, Sir Nigam, Vikash and Sulay had used her that way. It seemed that her ass was especially attractive for Indian cocks! Provided it was not painful, she had nothing against it. She felt Vikash spraying a huge load of cum inside her and withdrawing without any caress for her. Lydia returned to her sleeping position, trying to forget the heat in her neglected pussy! Vikash went to a lavatory in a corner of the room and cleaned his cock hastily, not even bothering with drying himself. The night temperature was really hot and the water would dry swiftly!

Vikash woke up again around half past seven. He kicked Lydia in the ribs with his foot and told her to prepare food for him. Her chain was long enough to reach for the fridge and the table! She dutifully served him his breakfast, stark naked, and her tits thrust forward and her ass pushed backwards in order to offer him the best possible figure. Then Vikash told her to clean the whole room, collecting and cleaning his dirty garments, cleaning the floor and the fridge, doing in fact all the domestic chores a Sutra would have done! Just Lydia was expected to do it without a stitch on her body. It just prevented her to clean the balcony but it clearly fuelled Vikash’s lust. Every hours or so, he would push her on her knees and order her either to suck his cock or offer herself on the floor to be buggered or fucked. When he had been satisfied, he abandoned her, sometimes in the middle of her own climax!

-If you want to cum, you may frig yourself, cunt!

Vikash told Lydia to prepare his lunch. Her knowledge of Indian recipes was limited as Indian restaurants in Canada serve something adapted for local tastes : there was often meat served and the usual sauces were too hot for European delicate palates! Vikash had to explain Lydia how to prepare a decent meal. It reinforced his bad opinion about Dalits but it was a good apprenticeship for Lydia… Vikash congratulated her after she had cleared the table :

– Very good lunch, cunt! Now you may clean the dishes and you make have a nap. I’ll receive my colleagues Sulay and Amithar for dinner and you’ll be the main course!

Lydia had no objection to be ordered about just as she had been : she was now Vikash’s possession, his personal slave, existing only to fulfil his animal lust! When she had finished her work, she obediently knelt on the floor like a good slave and crawled to the feet of Vikash with her eyes downcast. He smiled in silent triumph and told her to suck his cock before going to sleep. She started to work on him with her newly acquired experience. The cock in her mouth rapidly grew in size and hardness and soon began to spurt pre cum. After a few more minutes, it suddenly gushed into her mouth and down her throat. Vikash pulled out of her mouth and shot the rest of his cum onto her face. He told her not to wipe it and keep it during her nap. Lydia felt dirty but she obeyed once more!

One hour later, the feel of dried cum on her skin and the stench woke Lydia up. She tiptoed discreetly to the lavatory and cleaned her face like a cat. She then returned to the carpet at the feet of her Master and placed herself with her ass lifted to the sky turned toward the bed, so that Vikash would have a perfect view on her totally offered pussy and ass hole when he would wake up in his turn. If the exhibition pleased him, he might be gentle with her afterward!

Vikash finally woke up and contemplated Lydia’s bum seductively displayed for the pleasure of his eyes. She had expected he would jump on her and impale her on his cock but he moved to present his impressive manhood to her mouth. She immediately changed her plans and covered his cock with her wet mouth and slurped avidly. She was no more shy when toying with a man’s cock. When she had made him hard and slippery, he pulled out slowly and presented himself between her legs. He had a second of hesitation when he had to decide which hole he wanted to burst in. He finally opted for her tight cunt… He grabbed her by the hips and in a single thrust, he shoved his cock inside her all the way. Her cunt was becoming now really loose and it was fitting like a glove to a hand.

-You’re finally getting used to my size, cunt. I don’t bayan escort bakırköy need to force my entry any more. Soon your ass will be stretched out in the same way and I will be able to alternate freely between your holes! You will come to love it!

Lydia felt again deeply humiliated by it just added to her arousal! He fucked wildly her dripping wet cunt and she came several times. She had lost the number of her climaxes and most of them were just mind boggling! Lydia wondered whether it was possible to become addicted to sex. She was certainly doing her best to reach that level… Vikash was soon ready to cum but he wanted to show off his domination on the young woman : he pulled once more out of her pussy and turned her around. He shoved his wet cock into her waiting mouth. He shot another load into her mouth but he told her not to swallow…

-Now open your mouth and show me you’re an obedient bitch!

It was another first for Lydia who had never imagined taking a part in such perverted games but she turned her head toward the man she really considered as her Master and opened her mouth wide. Her tongue and the back teeth were covered with a thick gooey. Vikash considered the mass of his thick sperm with satisfaction before telling her :

-Now you may swallow it all!

Lydia gulped it with relief. Her submission was another mark of the changes in her mind : she had been an independent mind who cherished taking her own decision. Since she had switched her identity with a dead Dalit, she had accepted to be dominated by other people : was she becoming in her mind a true Dalit? Would she end up doing the most disgusting tasks for a ridiculous fee? She would never have sucked the cock of any Canadian or American man and even less likely swallowed his jizzm! How could she accept it from some Indian corrupt cop?

Lydia was flabbergasted when the buzz at the door rung. It was probably Sulay and Amithar. Vikash undid the collar that attached her to the wall and ordered her to open the door and greet their hosts. She inquired, panicked :

-But, Master, I can’t go out : I’m totally naked!

-That is the reason why I gave you this order! Sulay and Amithar will enjoy having a naked girl open the door for them. They may even fuck you with the door wide open! Would you like it?

It was a nightmare for Lydia but she followed her master’s instructions to the letter and opened the door. Sulay beamed when he recognized her and saw her as Nature had intended!

-Lydia? I love when you receive me with such a skimpy outfit! You must have greatly progressed if Vikash lets you roam his house in the glory of your complete nakedness! Let’s see how tamed you are now!

Sulay pushed Lydia against the wall and bent her over a low table. She instinctively arched her back offering her bottom to the hand of their visitor. He hastily freed his cock and impaled her ass with his long cock! She gasped under the unexpected assault but she didn’t squirm otherwise. Sulay seemed pleased by her complacency :

-Good, Lydia! You didn’t try to resist! You seem already quite ready to make new acquaintances! I’ll propose Vikash to bring you back to Sir Nigam and maybe to Mr Shuralka, the high commissioner!

Lydia was terrified : Shuralka, that was the name of the man who had summarily shot a revolutionary terrorist woman during a raid against one of their strongholds in the mountains! He was said to be a sadist with women! Amithar’s impatient voice drew her out of her terror :

-Lydia! Don’t I deserve a similar welcome greeting?

She mumbled a few words of excuse. Just now she knew how a woman could apologize to a man. She leant on the table, bent even further down and opened her mouth in a perfect O! Amithar understood immediately the meaning of her gesture and he uncovered his rigid cock. Lydia took it in her mouth and worked her lips and her tongue on it. Amithar gasped in pleasure :

-That is just how I would like to be saluted when I visit a friend’s home! The host’s wife or his daughter should do it for visitors, shouldn’t they? Hello, Lydia! You seem to have vastly improved : yesterday you were a terrified sparrow and now you’re the lady of the House! Don’t you think so, Vikash?

-That is fine for me, Amithar. I want both of you to stick their hard cocks inside Lydia and fill her with their hot seed. Watching you spraying your hot sticky cum deep inside her will be sufficient to make me very horny. I think you haven’t used her back passage. So when you’re done with her, I’ll finish your job if you don’t mind!

When the three men had exploded in her three holes, she scurried to the toilets to refresh herself and then she hopped to the kitchen to fetch them drinks. She served them on a tray with glasses and she was kneeling at their feet.

-I think Sulay is right : you’re quite ready to be officially presented to Sir Nigam. He will love to enjoy again the brat he had met on the river bank! I’ve heard he is offering a banquet tomorrow. You will be the highlight of the dinner!

– It’s settled then! I’ll phone Sir Nigam later this evening but, for the time being, we are just the three of us and that pretty girl. How are we going to spend the evening?

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