Lyla Ch. 01: Loose Lips

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“Ugh,” she thought to herself as she reapplied some lips gloss. “Better get this over with.”

The band began to play a slow somber song as she entered the ballroom, people gently swayed on the dance floor. She soon found an empty table and made a beeline straight for it, the earlier convention had bored her to tears, if it wasn’t for the love of her job she wouldn’t have agreed to come at all.

Minutes later after flirting with the young barman, Lyla was stirring the straw in her drink, watching the people dance. All fancy gowns and suits, her red cocktail dress felt out of place, but it had gotten her the intended reaction. Women looked at her with disdain while the men most definitely approved. It clung to her body, extenuating her curves. Her big natural bosom was in jeopardy of spilling out, she had to constantly readjust herself for fear of it riding up over her full ass. It was all about the hint of what was underneath, she wasn’t a fan of giving out free viewings.

Some of the other executives had already caught her eye, she had her hook up buddies on standby, she had given herself two hours to bag a man or else she was out of there.

“I am easily the youngest here,” she thought, “Clarke owes me big time.”

She felt her phone buzz in her purse.

She scrolled down, quickly scanning her emails, Clarke was demanding every little detail from the convention dinner. The first read. “Lyla I cannot thank you enough for going in my place, you know you’re the only one I could ask, you are a life saver.” He quickly followed it up with a slew of questions, was a list of different company executives there, had any of them mentioned a similar app launch.

This app launch had consumed everyone who worked for Clarke lives for the last year. It was top secret until the launch in three weeks, he had emailed her the details about the app and it’s software specifics so she could compare it to other companies proposed launches. As far as she could see nothing came close.

She quickly switched from emails to her hook up app without replying, he knew the answers to all of those questions. Clarke Bentley never left anything to chance, it was his over analytical brain that made him one of the youngest and most exciting software developers in the city. She had took a risk leaving her job to join his up and coming company. At twenty two she felt that she was lucky to land a personal assistant job with him. She had read about him in a magazine months prior to the interview. She was not business minded but very ambitious, she was constantly scanning sites to see where the next big thing was going to occur.

It was this ambitious streak that landed her the job with Clarke, she knew that he was married but that didn’t stop her from plying on the charm during the interview. She had made him blush, she found him extremely attractive but knew he was off limits. For now. He was not the sort of man she usually was into, she liked them older, bigger build and wealthy. Clarke ticked none of those boxes. He was very tall, over six foot, curly mop of brown hair, trimmed beard and a thin frame, he had just hired a personal trainer. He had some money but not the vast amount he was capable of making. He was the kind of man that she would have for breakfast and still be hungry for seconds.

He was very secretive, awkward and sensitive, she felt oddly protective of him, even though he was older by a decade. His wife Cassie sometimes came into the office, she was still wary of Lyla, not too trusting of her husband relying on a tall pretty blonde all the time. She too was aware of Clarkes potential and wasn’t going to risk losing her nest egg to his P.A

“May I get you a drink Ms. Samson?”

A voice asked behind her shoulder. Her breath froze and her heart stopped. She knew he would be here but had given up hope that she would bump into him, she had seen the back of his head earlier and thought he had left after the conference.

“You may, Mr. James,” she replied softly, plastering a big smile on her face as she turned to greet him.

“My, my, I forgot how well you scrub up,” he said kissing her on both cheeks. She inhaled his musky aftershave. Her mind raced and she momentarily forgot where she was, the scent of a powerful man usually had this effect on her.

“I like to look my best, you never know who you may run into.” She replied seductively.

He signaled the waiter and placed the order.

“Mind if I join you, or is this seat taken?”

Holt James was her former boss, they hadn’t left on the best of terms, he was angry at Clarke for stealing away his star employee and felt that she had shown disloyalty by agreeing, even after he had offered her a raise. His main problem, Lyla thought was not that she had left, it was that their attraction had been growing and it was inevitable that they were going to end up in bed together. It was not every day that a tall, blonde, sexy young lady returns your flirtation she surmised. He was just Trabzon Escort pissed that a weedy young nerd had cock blocked him.

“Of course you may join me, I am flying solo tonight.”

“Oh, Mr. Bentley too big now to go to a silly little convention like this.” He said placing his jacket on the back of the chair and sliding into the seat next to her.

“He has other matters to attend we both know that the expo in three weeks is a lot more important than this ego stroking get together.”

She couldn’t help but take in his body, it was gym fit, his salmon colored shirt was straining against his upper body muscles. His black dress pants were filled out in all the right places. At forty one he kept himself in great condition. Not a single grey graced his jet black hair. She felt her mouth go dry, she had forgotten how attractive he was. His thin lips pulled back in a gentle smile revealing snow white teeth, his dark blue eyes glistened under the dim lighting of the ball room. She could feel something stirring in her stomach.

“Maybe tonight,” she thought.

“Launching something big is he?” He asked fixing his cuffs.

“You know I can’t tell you that Mr. James, let’s not talk about business, I have had enough of figures and graphs to last me a month. Tell me what has been happening with you.”

They continued talking as the people on the dance floor slowly trickled away. They caught up on each other’s life’s since she had left his gaming company. His ex-wife was being a bitch he said, playing around with his visitation of the kids. His business had slowed down a bit, they were looking to get out of the stores and more to online retail only. She filled him in as vaguely as possible, doing her best to avoid talk of Clarke or the new company. The upcoming launch was going to shoot him into the stratosphere. She told him she had moved apartment’s, finally got her friend to move in with her, and was just focusing on her career at the moment.

“So no man in your life then, pretty young thing like you, I am surprised they are not throwing themselves at your feet.”

She blushed, the drinks were now having an effect. She told herself that she wouldn’t get drunk tonight. It was too important to Clarke and her career.

“No, no man yet. I am not looking to be honest, more fun to be had before I settle down.” She giggled, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. She caught him staring at her breasts.

“One more before we call it a night?” He was already signalling the waiter and ordering two more.

“You trying to get me drunk Mr. James?”

“Of course not, I am just trying to make a surprisingly good night last a bit longer is all. Please call me Holt, I am not your boss anymore, remember.”

She could feel her phone vibrate in her black clutch bag, she had told Clarke she would give him a complete rundown of the nights events. She quickly fired off a text message saying that she was in bed, that it all went well and she would call him in the morning. She switched her phone to silent, returning her gaze to Holt.

“What am I doing?” she thought as she felt attraction strongly stirring behind her belly button. “This was strictly meant to be a work event.

“Getting a cab is going to be a bitch at this time,” he said.

“I know, that big rock concert has everyone out, Clarke offered to get me a room but I said no, to be honest I didn’t think I would still be here this late.”

“And why are you here this late, Lyla?” he said softly, placing a hand on her thigh.

She didn’t remove it straight away, instead she uncrossed her legs. It was like they had never fallen out and were picking up where they had left off.

“I bumped into an old friend and got chatting, why are you still up Holt?”

“Because I have been enjoying excellent company with the prettiest girl in this city.”

Her cheeks began to burn, she had often fantasied about sleeping with him, but at that time he was still a family man. A young hussy had split her own parents up and she vowed that she wouldn’t become the other woman, she had seen firsthand how much pain that had caused. Now it was different, he was divorced, she knew that he had a room here in the hotel. She had often made the reservations on his behalf when she used to work for him. She had a choice to make, leave now and go home, or stay and spend the night with her former boss.

Men and sex has always been her weakness, in high school she was always the good time girl, she had gotten a name but instead of fighting it she had wanted to not only live up to it but to exceed it. Her legacy was still talked about to this day in her small home town. They nicknamed her the Cherry popper. She enjoyed sex since she discovered masturbation at a young age. She was in tune with her sexuality and it was another tool she utilized in her day to day life. She was unashamed. Her hunger had always been large. Early on in college the topic of masturbation Escort Trabzon had came up during a girls night in and everyone was shocked to learn that Lyla liked to release at least twice a day. She refused to feel bad and after seeing her friends disapproving looks fucked three separate guys the next day. Her only concern with it was that her hunger never seemed to stop, it had gotten her into some scary situations in the past but it was always there, waiting.

“There’s the famous Holt charmed I missed.” She laughed, leaving her gaze lingering a second longer that normal. They both knew what was going to happen next.

“You know the room number, it’s the same one I always get.” He said sliding on his jacket and pushing the chair under the table. “If you want to come up and have a night cap that is, or does Mr. Bentley have you on a tight leash. “

“A night cap would be lovely.” She said ignoring his jibe at her current boss. She pushed all thoughts of work out of her mind. She was off the clock now.

They got the elevator to the sixth floor, glancing at each other before looking away bashfully. She felt like a lioness looking at her intended prey.

“He has no idea what he is in for.”

She laughed to herself, she was horny as usual but this time it was different, she had landed one of the guys she thought had gotten away, but here he was looking at her like a kid on Christmas morning.

He slid his key card into the door before stepping aside and letting her enter first.

The room was cold, a single light shone from the corner, casting a atmospheric glow over the giant bed. The seating area had his clothes strewn all over it. He quickly bundled them all up and threw them on his open suitcase.

Lyla took a seat as he went to the mini bar. She no longer cared about her dress riding up, she removed her black high heels and massaged her feet through her stockings.

He turned towards the table, drinks in hand, and paused. Feeling his gaze on her she looked up and smiled, accepting the drink.

“I wonder if he is getting hard looking at me.”

Her purse began to vibrate, she glanced apologetically and retrieved it. A text from Clarke, ‘Please call me first thing in the morning.’

She put it back and placed her purse on the table.

“Give that to me.” He said firmly. “No distractions.”

“Sorry about that,” she said handing it over, “He never seems to take a minute off.”

“You poor thing, I hope I never worked you that hard.” He said with a hint of a growl in his voice placing her bag in the bottom of the closet.

“No, I have been very lucky with all my bosses.”

They drank their drinks quickly, stealing lingering glances.

He stood up and kicked off his shoes, opening the top two buttons on his shirt at the same time. She looked him up and down again, she was ready. Her body burned with desire, if she didn’t fuck him soon she would explode. All other thoughts and feelings were abandoned. Sex clouded her mind like a drunken haze. She craved it.

She swung her legs out and stood up slowly.

“Here let me help with that,” she whispered, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt.

“You always were very helpful Lyla,” he whispered leaning in, planting a deep kiss on her soft red lips. She pulled his shirt off and rubbed his broad shoulders, returning his kiss in kind.

The taste of the whiskey on his breath coupled with the musk of his aftershave drove her wild. She cupped the back of his head, pulling him closer. Both of his hands were resting on her lower back, slowly rubbing her ass. His crotch was pressed against her stomach and she could feel his member stand to attention, she had thought about what it would look like, these thoughts often came to her when she was having a bath. She pulled away and was about to sink to her knees when he stopped her.

“Lyla, I have wanted this since you walked in to my office two years ago. There is no rush, we have all night.”

“He has wanted me for that long?” she thought as he moved behind her, she already missed his lips.

He planted a flurry of soft kisses on her neck, his fingers slowly trailed down to the zipper on the back of her dress, she pulled her hair forwards so he could see. He gently scooped it off her shoulders and let it slowly glide down her body. She side stepped and moved it away with her feet. She stood there wearing only black satin panties and thigh high stockings. Still behind her, he pulled her hips towards his, his hairy chest felt nice against her back. She slowly began to rub her ass against his bulge. He cupped both of her big breasts in his hand, slowly tweaking her prominent nipples.

“My God, I can’t believe this is happening.”

A slight gasp escaped her mouth, his hands were rougher than she had been expecting, she turned her head towards him, missing his mouth on hers. He began to massage her breasts the same time his tongue was massaging hers.

“You are Trabzon Escort Bayan so fucking sexy. Put your high heels back on for me.” He moaned quietly.

“Yes,” she replied, usually she was the dominate one, this was one of the times she didn’t mind being told what to do.. He moved to the chair, watching her as she slowly bent over, revealing her perfectly toned ass cheeks. Her black panties lying between her thighs as if they were made out of paint. She put on each high heel slowly, she was enjoying being watched. It was making her moist. She turned around and faced him, cupping her perky breasts. He signalled her to come to him with his finger.

She quickly sat on his lap, his hand found her thigh and stroked it softly while he took her pink nipple in his mouth, licking it gently. Goose flesh sprung up all over her body at the sensation. She closed her eyes and began to stroke his hair. He moved to the next nipple as his hand began to stroke her inner thigh.

“Higher!” she inwardly screamed, “Higher!”

His index finger grazed between her thighs, another gasp escaped from her, she opened her legs slightly, welcoming his touch. He began to slowly bite her nipple as he stroked her , occasionally rubbing against her sweet spot. She could feel two fingers hook the material and pull it to one side. She was exposed to him now.

“Lyla, you are fucking amazing,” he whispered, as she lent down and kissed him passionately.

She felt warm and wet as he caressed her pussy, slowly in a circular motion then up and down. She was so turned on that she couldn’t resist any longer, pulling his fingers away, she put them straight in her mouth and began to suck. She enjoyed seeing the shocked look on his face, She tasted sweet.

She was rubbing her tits now, squeezing her nipples. All the while staring deep into his eyes with his fingers still in her mouth.

Removing his fingers he slowly parted her fleshy lips, sliding a finger inside her tight hole. His thumb gently rubbing her clit. Her head was thrown back now, her blond hair cascading down behind her. She moved in time with him, pushing on to his fingers until he was knuckle deep. He slipped another finger in, she clenched but after few seconds relaxed. The movements became faster, as did her moans.

She pushed herself up off his lap, she needed to taste him, every fibre of her being was on fire. Kneeling before him she put both hands on his knees and pushed them apart. She made short work of his zipper, she plunged in and pulled out his throbbing member.

“Fuck,” she uttered.

She slowly began to move her hand up and down his fleshy cock, his helmet had a teardrop sized orb of precum. She rubbed it with her thumb, spreading it all around his third eye. His thick foreskin pulled back easily on the first tug, exposing his wide head. Her lips parted as she took him in her mouth, the taste of his salty discharge tingled on her tongue. She got into a steady rhythm, easing more and more of him down her throat with every motion.

“This man is amazing.”

She put him at seven inches easily, he was making exclamations of joy as he gently rested his hand on the back of her head. She went hands free as she continued to suck on his dick. She knew she was good at oral, no one ever complained before, she was now living her fantasy and had built it up in her head. She had a lot to live up to and was determined not to disappoint. She loved giving him pleasure, she was rubbing herself now as she slurped on his cock. She could sense his toes curling.

She felt his hands on her shoulders gently pushing her away. He cupped her face and quickly began to kiss her. As she stood up to walk to the bed he slipped off her panties. She sat on the bed and watched as he removed his trousers. He stalked towards the bed and slowly sank to his knees.

Kissing her soles through her stockings he trailed kisses all the way up her leg before burying his face between her thighs. Her engine went into over drive. He was eating her out like he was starving, his tongue going in deep and noisily, he pulled on her lips with his own, watching as they slunk back into place. She had moved her legs, feet resting on his shoulders.

Her senses were exploding, her skin felt on fire. His hurricane tongue was hitting all the right spots and she felt weak under his touch. She felt him move.

“Fuck me!” She said forcefully, she couldn’t go another second without him inside of her.

He leaned forward, his body weight on top of her. Grabbing his cock she guided it in. His wide head pushed against her until it found entry, she dug her nails into his ass as he stretched her hole. He went ball deep and paused, letting her relax around him. It didn’t take long.

He eased out before plunging it in again, the movement made her moan loudly.

“Fuck me,” she said again. He was happy to oblige.

Nestling his face in her neck, he began to pound her, years of dirty thoughts about her finally being realized. One of her hands moved to his lower back, helping to push him in deeper, the other had moved to the front, pleasuring herself. His cock felt so good inside of her, deep and hard just the way she liked it.

His momentum was tapering down. She was not close to finishing.

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