Madame Widow and Her Servants Three

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An heiress to a financial empire joys its carnal advantages

Everyone’s over 18


The not so recently widowed matriarch had been bequeathed a paradoxical position. All at once, she was cast as wealthy beyond imagination, yet it came at the highest price possible the passing of her beloved Henry. Protector, benefactor, provider, sex slave! He was all of these besides being her more than generous lover and admirer. They had met in the go-go ’90’s when each had turned 30, just at the launch of his unfaltering march to moguldom. Henry was no Wolf of Wall Street, but a privileged upbringing had destined him for big things, and big money. He had been rather sexually naïve at first meet, but she coaxed him out of his shyness with her past vast, varied and vivacious experience. She could have otherwise been classified as a slut, but nobly partook in such activities on a strictly non-disclosure basis. So many of her collegiate cohorts sought little more than an ‘Mrs.’ degree, aspiring to be future baby-mommas and miners of sugar daddies.

She had taught, no, trained him, in the ways of love making of an unconventional nature. She assumed the role of disciplining school marm while he enthusiastically grew as her subjugate. During their many ‘playtimes’ over the years he would often be heard bellowing feigned protests or pleas for mercy that echoed off every wall and ceiling of their opulent dozen-room estate. She was charged with being in charge while he relished the role of relegated carnal lackey. This gave him the welcome relief from the otherwise ardent disposition he had to maintain to achieve success as the majority partner in his global conglomerate.

The couple’s repertoire included queening, ass worship, restraints, reciprocal strap-on penetration, biting and pony riding. She used his tie as reigns when they were particularly plastered on vintage Dom Perrione, but never verbal degradation. Nor did they ever employ physical harm, his servitude and coital and orgasmic denial was more than adequate for their purposes.

She was his little catalyst to their vast fortune, frequently encouraging his reluctant assertiveness at strategic times, and had more than enough justification to taut herself as being more responsible than he for their lofty station. But that would be most gauche and bourgeois. She was reared a fighter from humble means, a true successful warrior who ne’er issued a gloat.

At the time of his departure from this earth those who were not privy to his personal matters could not have guessed at the advanced state of his cardiac failure. Madame had for some time taken the blame upon herself for not being more vigilant in thwarting his proclivities for waffle fries and sweets, as well as his disdain for stationary exercise. He was a strongly stubborn man with a penchant for sexually pleasing his mate-for-life, such as it was within their jointly consenting structure. After almost an entire year of guilt ridden mourning, she had reconciled that his demise was his predisposition for lack of healthful willpower, in combination with his occupational demands, that had been his ultimate undoing.

Since that time she had rebounded like the scrappy firecracker she was. Her heart and lascivious libido had reawakened with a vengeance.

Evelyn (aka, Madame Window) physically tended on the slight side, but by no means a ‘skinny-mini.’ She had that frame of short physical stature with a tall sense of clout, ample curves and impressive mammaries. It fit her personality most apropos. Curiously, or not, she had no interest in pursuing romantic relationships, but getting laid was always on the table. She didn’t want to play the widowed MILF to immature stallions, or obsequious cohorts. Either constituted a subscription to a Faustian Bargain, and she was way too smart to resign herself to that.

Playing with toys was another matter, except that these toys were alive, ready, willing, and more than able to entertain her Lazarithan libido. They were at her constant beck and adiosbet yeni giriş call, just as she liked. These ‘toys’ were her three resident domestic staff. By day they cooked, cleaned, cared and comforted her, and could make her and themselves come repeatedly long into the night. They were – Katrina the Nubian firebrand, Miguel, always the energetic and sultry Latin, and not the least, Cal, the well hung Scandinavian tall glass of water.

Upon returning home from a typically tedious (and all too frequent) all day meeting on the board of Henry’s corporate legacy, she typically rested for a bit after a bite. That was shortly followed by the luxurious attending to by one (or all) of the ‘help.’ Sometimes said soothing service involved a simple bath and rubdown, other times a passionate pussy and asshole lapping. Quite often she orchestrated a ‘DP’ with Miguel and Cal, who frequently traded places during the double pleasuring. It could also entail the not nearly enough full body full staff worshipings upon her. On rare occasions a raucous quadruple orgy might ensue. But this particular day was ‘Manor Keepers Choice,’ and what was in store for the Divine Miss E was to be a terrific surprise for her.

Evelyn was first blindfolded and undressed by Katrina, who then applied butterfly kisses to each freshly exposed patch of skin. Madame was then led to the well appointed unlit study, then seated on her favorite Stickley club chair. Her blind was removed. When a dim lamp was lit and her eyes recovered from squinting, she nearly headbutted the vaulted ceiling from the shock of the sight. It was Cal, naked on his hands and knees, with his jiggling ass retaining a jeweled pony tailed butt plug. Miguel was grasping and flailing his caramel colored cock next to Cal, then turning and bending away from Madame to flex his cute muscular ‘culo pequeño’.

Their asses, cocks and balls that were suspended and swayed low to the floor were a juicy vision for Ev. The smiling Madame nearly came on the spot, but was prevented from doing so by her legs being spread apart by the unclad maid stationed at her womanly apex. Katrina parted Madame’s labia and began licking her inner folds softly so as not to elicit Madame’s immediate orgasm.

Evelyn pulled her knees up to give Katrina access to her nether place. The Queen leaned back in ecstasy. Cal, meanwhile, had gotten up to a stand and was squeezing Miguel’s cheeks together with both of hands. Miguel’s buns formed an obscene hot dog bun. Katrina paused her lingual assault upon her master. Evelyn tilted her head forward to gain better visual purchase to the boys’ performance. Her eyes slowly opened as she gradually awakened from the intensity of Katrina’s oral servicing. Her own tongue poked out of the corner of her pursed lipped mouth and slid salaciously to the opposite corner.

Miguel and Cal spun in place to reverse their stances. Their dicks faced away from each other. Without prompting, the men pivoted back to back, and commenced bumping their rumps against each other with exaggerated fervor and playfulness. Katrina giggled at the display. Queen Evelyn gawked in awe. Cal and Miguel changed pitch to what could be described as ‘booty boxing’, mashing their behinds while intermittently issuing mutual cheek sliding. This in particular got the women’s rapt attention. After a few rounds, the gents turned to face their leader to await further instruction.

The scene was heating to a boil when Evelyn commented, “Very nice you two, but don’t think for a minute that you’re done with each other.”

At that Cal and Miguel glanced at each other with quizzical expressions, “Cal drop to your knees and Miguel stay as you are with your arms behind you. Both of you turn profile that I may better witness what I’m about to command of you.”

The boys positioned themselves sideways, visibly revealing their trepidation.

“Move closer to your superior,” Evelyn demanded, “That’s right. Now Cal, my big strong Fin, grasp his cock in one hand and his balls in the other.”

Cal complied without question and tentatively held Miguel’s shaft and scrotum in his hands. Miguel held back an overly audible sigh adiosbet giriş of contentment. In their previous dalliances they were so close to each other as they tag teamed their Evelyn. During such, they had never purposefully made direct contact. Though, in retrospect, they inadvertently had, several times. In such acts as dp’ing their mistress, or occasionally Katrina, they felt their cock heads rub against one another. Only a thin layer of dermis delineated the separate portal canals. They had never admitted it to each other, but both men were secretly excited when Ev was in the mood for joint male ravishing. As one fucked either lady in doggy pose while the other was treated to a spit roast bj on the other end, they sometimes caught themselves locked in intense eye contact.

What they were now doing was on a whole other level, however. They clandestinely loved being ordered to enact this, despite their reservations. The merry widow had long suspected the two men mutually harbored latent sexual attraction. Now she was going to get to the ‘bottom’ of just how much!

“Stop!,” Madame barked, and all three servants froze in their tracks, “Enough foreplay. Now I insist on commencing the main event. Cal, all fours, Katrina get Miguel ready,” at which time Katrina donned a woeful expression.

Evelyn sympathetically consoles her, “tut tut my dear J-J, you know I’d never leave you out. Would you like to have Cally attend to your pretty pussy with his tongue, hmmm?” J’s face breaks out into a huge grin, and she nods her ‘yes please.’

Madam’s words were always adhered to, “I thought so. Indulge an old lady’s fancy by placing yourself in front of him.”

“You’ll never be old, Madame, just better,” chides J-J.

“True. You know just what to say to make me feel good. Cally, apply your expertise upon my lovely young maiden.”

“Of course, ma’lady,” Cal replies and spares neither time nor talent in servicing the juicy feast ahead.

Katrina spreads her pussy lips with her fingers in anticipation of the coming come. She swoons with a deep sigh of joy at the touch of Cal’s tongue. Miguel temporarily interrupts her nirvana by standing next to her holding his own half hard cock. Her eyes open from their contented slumber when Miguel rubs the head of his cock up and down her left leg. She chuckles and crouches to give his member a lick and a suck. She emphasizes her subservience by ensuring there’s no sparing of saliva to dangle off of his dick and her lips. Madame’s lips curl upwards at the corners of her mouth to express her approval.

When Miguel reached full mast Katrina gave it a playful slap. She tightly grips it and pulls it towards the rear of Cal. Along with it follows a smiling Miguel. Cal’s gaze is riveted to Migel’s approaching appendage. He looks upon it with both trepidation and anticipation.

“That’s it J, put that big cock head between Cal’s luscious cheeks. Miguel, you know what to do next. J, resume your prior position in front of Cal so he may further lavish your sweet wet cunnie.”

Katrina at once complied with her Lady Master’s ‘e-DICK-t’. She gathers the excess spit dripping from her chin and coats the tip of Miguel’s cock. Then she gently pries Cal’s cheeks open to expose his man hole to ready it for Miguel to line up to. Cal flinches slightly upon initial contact but gradually gladly accepts Miguel’s turgid offering.

Katrina is about to turn and take her place when Madame pipes, “before Cal licks you, J, could you rotate the men with their backs towards me so I get the best viewing angle of their asses and balls? You should do that before they get too excited, lest you may get yourself hurt by the rough rutting.”

“Of course ma’am,” replies Katrina.

As Katrina saunters hurriedly in front of Cal for her just do, Evelyn slowly grazes a finger up her own soaking slit to reveal her shining pearl rising from its host clamshell. In addition to a meaty cunt with major curtains, her clit stands tall and proud when excited. Her left thumb and forefinger clasp her left teat and pull it out severely, almost like she’s trying to remove it from the body of her breast. She then takes the pad of adiosbet güvenilirmi her saliva soaked right index finger and encircled the nip’s periphery, thus painting it with a reflective ring.

“That’s sooo hot. Why haven’t we done this before? Hmmm,” Madame ushers while her orgasmic quivers precipitated a heat that approaches a fevered pitch.

True to form, Miguel tilts his head up from the pleasurable feeling of finally realizing his fantasy of being upon his friend’s asshole. His pelvis is oscillating rapidly in and out the more quickly his pleasure grows. Cal has latched his lips onto Katrina’s clit while she keeps his head frozen against her. This guarantees that he will lick upon just the right spots within her intimate being.

Cal must have connected to just such a place as he has caused Katrina to raise her head up and her eyes to painfully clamp shut. She yields a high-pitched squeal and rides the shattering ‘O’. She then positioned herself flat on her back to shimmy her way down between those same arms which brace Cal’s body off the floor. J divides and bends her legs around his hips. She clasped her arms onto his upper back and pulled him down for a tight sloppy kiss. She thrust against his hips with hers. His cock slid effortlessly within her moisture slicked cunt. The dual sensations of being fucked like the meat in a sandwich precipitated Cal to issue his vertical humping, much to the delight of the two stationary slices of human bread.

“Damn. I’m getting me a piece of that,” declares Evelyn as she pounces on Miguel to separate him from his newly found ass-boi, “Fuck MY ass you Latin stud! And make it hurt!”

She smacks his ass for emphasis. Miguel positioned his queen prone but with her back slightly elevated off the floor. Her unbent legs were together and high over her head, “Yeah. You got it, Queen Bitch. Feel my Uruguayan cock scrape inside of your tiny matriarchal bung hole. I’m gonna split you right down the middle!”

“Do it ‘Mi Vaquero’, and don’t spare the caballos!”

Miguel immediately shoves his probe directly into Evelyn’s ‘basement bore’ and proceeds to deliver his promised pounding. She cums at first slam, spilling seemingly gallons of juice over Miguel’s torso. He just smiles at a job well done. By this time Cal is in full gallop with Katrina in missionary. She’s found unholy salvation, courtesy of the Very Reverend Cal, while staring at the lewdness playing out beside her. When Her Majesty yields her cry of pleasure from Migel’s ‘ASS-ault’. Katrina lets her own peak loose, and both ladies sing a chorus of joyous hymns.

Evelyn’s current lover flips her over to a kneel, only to hop on behind her and resumed her butt banging. Both Katrina and Cal look to the coinciding action to their left. A magnificent view of Miguel dominating Evelyn’s behind is presented to them. Katrina cums again and when she recovers, rolls to her lover’s right side and grabs the base of his beet red tool. He’s become so mesmerized at the sight to his left that he fails to notice Katrina’s change of position. He’s so close. Katrina sucks him furiously into her hungry mouth while she squeezes his balls in one hand and jacks his cock head with the other.

In no time Cal takes a deep and audible inhale, arches his back off the floor and releases a torrent of man cum into the air. Despite her valiant efforts Katrina can’t catch it all in her mouth. Some evaded fodder landed on her hair and upper back, as well as on his tum. Katrina giggled when a pool of it filled in his belly button. She violently jerked him well past his peak, which made Cal turn away to escape her over stimulation. He collapsed face down.

Miguel pumped with lightning speed against Evelyn’s rear. She came when he reached his hand to stimulate her love button. He bucked a last time and filled her with his fluid. As he withdraws his spent penis all can see his cum ooze out of Evelyn’s hole and trickle down her thigh to the floor. The rest of the crew joins Cal, panting and exhausted.

Heiress E breathlessly proclaimed, “What a wonderful arrangement that was. Let’s spend the day tomorrow in the sun on the ‘HMS Eve,’ and her carnal chattel cheer collectively in a huddled mass of sweat glistened nudity. What adventures await the foursome on the yacht will be the stuff of future tales…


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