Magic Carpet Ride

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I was sick of posing for graduation pictures. This wasn’t the real reason I had actually put on makeup and picked out my most curve-hugging maxi dress; nope, that was all because I had a feeling I would see him tonight.

“Come on, Sam, can we please finish this up?” My dear friend and photographer, Samantha, was being so patient with me: “You look so beautiful, Anna! But yes, we can go now. I got some good pictures!” Finally! We turned to walk out of the park, hopped into the car, and sure enough, I had just received a text from him.

‘What are you up to?’ he inquired. I told him, and said that we were heading to the Ferm to get a drink and hang out. ‘I’ll be there,’ he said. Yes. I loved his assertiveness. He has such a gentle soul, but God, the air of mature confidence that he exerts draws me in like mad.

He’s almost 15 years older than me, and I love it. I want him to show me everything he knows. I want his hands to explore every inch of my body, mapping out this uncharted territory. His lips… I shuddered. I can’t even think about him without getting turned on. I crossed my legs in an attempt to feel less awkward with Sam sitting right next to me in the car.

We drove to the Ferm, ordered our wine and began to delve into our usual philosophical debates, but this time, I couldn’t focus. My eyes and thoughts kept wandering towards the door, wondering when he was going to make his entrance. Make his entrance…okay, my mind is definitely in the gutter. I can’t even think about fucking doorways without thinking about fucking…never mind.

Just then, I spot him as he walks into the bar, his slender but athletic body (he’s a triathlete and a yogi), his thick black hair, tanned skin and radiant smile that is framed by his always-perfectly-unshaven stubble. Samsun Escort Half Cuban and half Iranian, he far surpasses the stereotypical idealistic image of tall, dark and handsome. I wonder what his body looks like without the burdensome cover of clothing…Stop it, Anna. Play it cool.

He slowly strut over to our table, and kissed me on the cheek-hesitated for a moment as we lock eyes, air dripping with sexual tension—and then kissed me on the other cheek. “Hola, Anna,” he greeted me. I was starting to tremble and could barely muster a “Hey, Carlos.” GOD. I felt the wetness between my legs beginning.

Sam looked at me, eyes wide. She could feel the tension, too.

As I watched him walk to the bar for his beer, all I could focus on was how badly I wanted to tear his clothes off and run my hands all over his body, his chest, how badly I wanted to press my warm flesh against his.

When he came over and sat down, our legs were barely touching, my body heated with passionate electricity. He grabbed my hand and ran his fingers in between mine, rubbing me in exactly the way I was craving him to rub my pussy.

He asked if I wanted to come out and sit at the picnic table with his friends and band mates. Your friends? I thought to myself, Great, they have no idea we are seeing each other, so now I can’t touch you anymore…

We went out and sat down; it was an agonizing hour, since he was sitting at the opposite side of the table from me. We kept looking at each other, and I could see that he wanted me, too.

I could see little flames dancing in his eyes when he looked at me. Eventually, it was getting late and Sam had to go pick up her husband from his office. I was going to get a ride with her, so I stood up to leave.

Carlos Samsun Escort Bayan pushed himself up from the table and swept me off to the side, my back pressed up against the courtyard fence. He looked at me with his eyes of fire and pressed his lips against mine. The outside world fell away as his hands firmly groped my backside, pulling me into his hardness. He asked me if he could take me home, instead.

“What do you want to do?” I asked, teasing him, “I’m looking for a verb, not a pronoun here.” He is a language person, too, so he appreciated my shabby attempt at flirty humor. That sexy smirk of his lit up his face as he thought for a moment and then retorted, “Exchange.” I could practically feel my juices running along my inner thigh as I bit my lower lip and nodded.

Everyone at the table just stared with big grins on their faces. I know they could see the passion. I even heard someone say, “Holy shit, you guys are hot.” Hell yeah, we are. And I knew I hadn’t even experienced the half of it yet.

The car ride could not have felt longer, but we finally pulled up to his house. He led me down the hallway to his room, which was softly illuminated by a lit candle on his dresser. He closed the door behind him and somehow controlled himself enough to start slow, his strong hands caressing my face, gently pressing his lips to mine.

I could feel my body melting again as he slipped my dress off and carefully laid me on the bed. I happily unbuttoned his shirt, growing wetter with every inch of his exposed skin. I unzipped his pants and slipped them off, along with his boxers, revealing his large erection. Perfection.

He climbed on top of me, began grinding his hips into mine, and I almost couldn’t handle it. I was Escort Samsun going crazy. I grabbed the firmness of his ass and whispered in his ear, “I want to feel you inside of me.”

Again with that smirk. He began kissing my neck, using his lips and his tongue to work his way to my nipples, massaging my breasts and kissing my body as if every taste was his nectar of Ambrosia.

Eventually, he made his way to my pussy, licking and kissing me in exactly the right way… I couldn’t help but close my eyes, arch my back and let out a breathy “Oh, Carlos!” as he brought me closer to climax. A few moments later, the veins running through my whole body were flooded with fire, my entire being wracked with the ecstasy of orgasm.

I could hear him moaning, too, as he slowly pulled his lips away to mutter, “You are so fucking delicious.”

He mounted me again, but this time allowed his penis to penetrate me. I was in a state of the purest bliss; our bodies became one. We moved together, we breathed together, and for the next period of time—I don’t even know how long—nothing else existed but our passionate union.

His sweaty muscles were glistening in the candlelight, and his eyes peered into my soul. This was everything. Contained within this moment was the heat of fucking, the passion of sex, and the energetic connection of lovemaking.

I wanted to taste him, too.

After I rode him, I lifted myself and made my way down his body to his hard penis, gripped it with my hand and put my lips around him, losing myself in the act until he finished. My ambrosia.

High as kites, we climbed under the covers and he wrapped his arms around me. Our naked bodies were two again, but the energetic connection between us was more present than ever.

He kissed my neck, pressed his lips against my ear and whispered, “You are a goddess. I’m falling in love with you, janam.” I squeezed his hand, he wrapped his arms around me even tighter, and we both fell asleep, transported to a dreamland that couldn’t possibly have compared to our reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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