Maid for Fun

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Even as calm and collected as I always seem to be, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I get when I prepare myself for an evening with You. I so adore being more than just a lover. I am much more than just a girl-friend, too. I am Your submissive. I am Your slut, and You love to show me off. . .

That particular night, I took some extra time to get ready. As You have always wanted me to remain fresh and clean-shaven, I took a lot of extra time in the shower. Maneuvering the razor so delicately around my pussy parts got me very aroused. Plus, with the layers of steam and moisture mixing with those others layers of moisture, one little dip of my finger would have made me cum quite easily. . .

However, without Your explicit permission- I wouldn’t dare!

Stepping into a satiny and mini-sized robe, I apply my make-up with just the proper dosing of whore. There’s a fine line between a classy kind of trash and looking more like a ridiculous clown. I have definitely perfected that balance, and I know that You have always appreciated that. . .

With a dash of my Christian-Dior Poison parfum, I rush to the wardrobe to get dressed.

You had a courier bring the outfit by already, and when I saw it, I had to chuckle. This Frenchmaid’s costume was Your favorite. I wore it the first time W/we cammed as Dominant and submissive.

The silky stretch of the white stockings across my calves, and the ways in which the garters wrap (almost like Your belt) across the bells of my arse are breathtaking. Per Your request, I forego the knickers, and so when I pull up the nearly-bare and very clingy black dress, I can definitely feel a drafting. . .

My cunt is already more wet. . .

The cute Starzbet adornments include the white lacy apron, the white head-dressing, and very spiky, black high-heeled shoes. A typical maid, who will have to serve in very untypical ways.

As I arrive at Your flat, I continue on with the food preparations I had begun much earlier that day. Your guests begin to ring the bell. I greet them one by one, taking their hats and coats and offering them some refreshment.

You are wooing and wowing Your clients, and as You confidently make each feel more and more welcome, You allow them to know the truer intentions of tonight’s big get-together.

Pointing to me, You explain that more is to happen, but for now, I am truly at their service. Nothing is to be denied.

While keeping up with the proper splatterings of Jack, Jim, and Jose into each glass, I am even and also putting up with drops and splashes of piss against my ass.

The raunchy debauchery has begun, and I am enlivened by it all. . .

When You do draw me near and command that I come hither, You put me in a collar and You attach a bright red leash to it. Having me bend down so that my chin is practically resting on my ankles, You swat my arse and let everyone know that whoever holds the leash has total control over me. With another harsh spank, You further inform them all, that nothing is off-limits, and that anything may be utilized as they wish.

Getting the hint quite readily, a brawny man of Your same stature but a bit shorter, grabs the loop of the collar and walks me around to the corner of the divan. He would like me to post across the back side of it, so that that my arse is hoisted out for all to Starzbet Giriş see.

Without lube of any kind, he whips out his cock and shoves it right in and begins to bang my hole unrelentingly.

After about forty minutes and about seven guys later, I am slightly disheveled, but am needed to be of more basic service. I refill some drinks, accept more guests at the front door, and try to keep things tidied and running smoothly. . .

Another man, slightly taller, takes a curious liking to me, and with his control of the leash decides to wrap it (the leash) about my neck. With the slack pulled taut, he reaches around with his other hand to fondle my breasts and tweak my nipples a bit. Pulling my dress down at the level of my navel, he motions for others to sway on over.

With a synchronized motion, a half-dozen of them unzipped their trousers. They beat off, and spray a unified glob of cum across my tits and my stomach.

While gasping for air, and fighting a horny orgasm from the stimulation of it all, I was sort of forced to spread my legs to help regain my balance. Well, the gentleman holding my leash, took that as a lucky kind of invitation. He reached up into my cunt, and began to finger fuck me. With cheers and compliments, he began working his way in and out more hurriedly. In one swoop, he went for an all-out fisting.

I saw You taking in the scene before You. There was no disgust. On the contrary, there was such pride. With a slight nod, I knew that You were so very pleased, but I also knew there was much more to occur. . .

With another glance, I also noticed Your amusement. You knew I was concerning myself with the details of my problematic Starzbet Güncel Giriş situation. Even with my overflow of pussy juices, and the layers of cum sticking upon me I had to continue with my basic duties. As I was the only one there providing the service, I had to keep replacing the drinks, I had to keep up with the social graces, and I had to tolerate the whims of Your friends.

As I balanced a tray of stuffed mushrooms, one of Your patrons wondered about how many guys I could be “stuffed” with. He took the lead, shoved his cock down into the deep recesses of my throat and gathered some more of the guys together. I was quickly filled. I had a cock in both hands, a cock in my cunt, and a cock in my arse. . .

As each took his own turn dumping his built-up load, I was quite over-come and began screaming and begging for You. You knew immediately what I was going to ask for. . .

Shaking Your head, I shriek and and I react by shaking right back. I am needing to cum quite very desperately, and it will take every ounce of any amount of wrangling I possess to make sure it doesn’t happen. Not at that precise time, anyway.

I will get mine- but it will be later on when it’s just the T/two of U/us. . .

At around two in the morning, I am realizing that I have played the adoring part of Your Frenchmaid and all-around fuck toy for about five hours straight.

It’s been a beautiful challenge. Servicing over twenty of Your most favored section of Your wall-covering industry all for You and Your appreciation. I am made more whole because of it. As just Your personal assistant, I then come to note that I will petition to make this a permanent addition to my job description. Yeah, it’s weird. Yeah, it’s freaky. But You and I know there will be many more requests for parties like this now. Everyone has been spoiled. There’s nothing I can’t handle. There’s nothing I won’t do for You.

It’s that knowledge that gets You so incredibly hard over and over and over again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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