Maidie Meets Her Match

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Isabel and I met for dinner at her brother’s restaurant in Old City after she returned from visiting Jimmy in Chicago. I waited at the bar, flirting mindlessly with the cute bartender, until Isabel finally arrived. An achingly beautiful redhead from Costa Rica, Isabel and I had met outside a club on Delaware Avenue, both trying desperately to shake a creepy guy who alternated his attention between me and her. We shared a cab only to discover we lived in the same apartment building, although not for much longer, as Isabel was planning to move to Chicago to be with Jimmy; it was true love, after all.

She was wearing a cropped blazer, snug white tee shirt, and dark denim blue jeans, her deep red hair loose around her shoulders. Classy as always, I thought, although I still felt pretty in my ruffled mini skirt and black tee. We turned heads as we were led to our table, the redhead and the blonde, a dirty joke in motion.

Isabel’s brother sent a bottle of wine to the table and we ordered the specials and chatted as we waited. Isabel was glowing like a woman who was either deeply in love or having great sex; of course, she was lucky enough to have both. She was particularly golden as she regaled me with stories of her week with Jimmy.

“He picked me up from the airport and I wanted him right there, by the baggage carousel.” We laughed. She continued, in her soft accent:

“We stood there hugging for like, twelve minutes. And he was hard and it turned me on so much. Just the feeling of him near my crotch was enough, gosh, we had to get out of there. And we controlled ourselves pretty well until we made it back to his apartment. As soon as we were inside, it was like, boom. Explosive. Clothes were torn off; we barely made it to the bed.”

I smiled behind my wine glass. Jimmy was a lover with simple tastes, a missionary-in-the-bedroom-only kind of guy. Adorable. Blonde. Canadian. As ordinary as Isabel was exotic. But Jimmy was sweet and kind and gentle and absolutely head-over-heels for her. Even the most vanilla sex was thrilling for them.

Isabel ran her fingers through her hair, clearly enjoying the memory. “His hands are so amazing, Maidie. He touches me in the most erotic places: my thighs, the small of my back, my stomach. It was just so good to be touched by him and to touch him again. It was the hungriest sex we’ve ever had, even though I only just saw him a few weeks before. Feeling his body on top of me…wow. I wanted to stay like that forever.”

I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together. The vaguest notion of good sex was making me squirm. It had been a while, a month, in fact, and as Isabel began again I made a mental list of possibly booty calls I could make tonight.

“Jimmy’s such a cuddler though, Mae. All about touching and holding afterwards; honestly I think he enjoys that more than the actual sex. It’s just nice. I can feel his love, you know,” and she blushed and we laughed over the sentimentality of the last comment.

“I’m jealous,” I told her, forking a carrot.

“And what about Nick?”

Nick. Yes. I’d nearly forgotten about him. He was the only guy I’ve dated since being out here that I genuinely liked. But we lost contact sometime after Valentine’s Day when we bumped into each other at a bar, he with some friends and me on a date; we hadn’t been exclusively but I think he was hurt by it. After that we had barely spoken. But the mention of his name stirred my interest. He was so cute, tall and well-built, dark hair, good looking in a generic kind of way but with something else about him, a ruggedness, a quiet sexiness that turned me on. Like the guys çankaya escort who worked in the lumber yards back home in Oregon. Nick would be a good lay, I decided, if I could only ignore the fact that I cared about him as well.

I shrugged and changed the subject. “What else did you and Jimmy get into?”

Isabel gave me a look, knowing I was avoiding the topic, but continued anyway. “I woke him up with a blow job,” she said so nonchalantly that I nearly spit out my water.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said with a smirk “When I woke up he was hard but still asleep, and I was horny enough to do it, so I pulled the sheet down and took him out of his boxers and just sucked him for awhile. He didn’t wake up for about 10 minutes, but once he did and realized he wasn’t dreaming, he came like crazy.”

“Hot.” I shifted my tongue around in my mouth; I knew I needed it bad when going down on a guy sounded that appealing. Eventually our conversation drifted away from sex, but I was only half listening. I really wanted to get laid and the thought of Nick aroused old feelings. I drove back to my apartment and sat in my parked car for a few minutes, staring at his phone number on the screen of my cell phone. But I wussed out and scrolled down, finding Paul’s number, the fuck buddy I fooled around with last summer.

Paul loved pussy, with a mouth made for oral sex, and never demanded reciprocation. We chatted for a few moments but when the moment came for me to invite him over, I realized that I didn’t want him in my bed. Didn’t want his mouth on my pussy. Didn’t want him inside me, although I was craving the deepest depth. I said goodbye to a clearly disappointed Paul and went into the apartment.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Or so the adage goes. I resigned myself to the fact that tonight, since I hadn’t the balls to call the guy I really wanted to see, I’d have to take care of myself. I ran a bath, lit some candles, and put Al Green on the stereo. I felt awkward and terribly unsexy crammed into my too small bathtub, but slowly began to relax as the warmth of the water caressed my skin. I began to admire my body, firm and toned from twelve plus years of ballet but also soft, feminine, and a little fuller since I’d stopped training almost four years ago. My breasts were perky and small, not too small though, a good generous handful, and I liked the way they sat above my flat stomach. I had very little pubic hair, but what little I had I kept trim; being hairless made me feel like a little girl while keeping a little reminded me that I was, after all, a full grown woman. I was fairly average height, just above 5’5”, but my legs were long and I smiled at my tight thighs. Maidie Greer, I said to myself, you are a nice piece of ass.

I don’t know if it was the wine from dinner, the music floating around the apartment, my self-absorbed flattery of my own body, or simply the rhythm of the water between my legs, but I was suddenly very turned on. I closed my eyes and saw Nick. In my fantasy he was bare-chested, revealing the hot body I had watched run along the Schukyll, well defined and lightly covered with dark hair. Hell, in my fantasy, Nick was completely naked, and I filled in the body parts I hadn’t yet seen with those of past lovers: my psycho frat boy boyfriend from freshman year with the amazing legs; Fanda, the cute Czech waiter I had dated in Moscow when dancing there, with the lovely bum; even Paul and his generous penis, as it was the last one I’d come in contact with and therefore my most recent point of reference. Just the though of my naked escort çankaya Nick brought my hands to my breasts, my fingers pulling at the pink nipples beginning to harden at their touch.

I thought back to another story Isabel had told me over coffee and dessert near the end of our meal which had really gotten me hot and bothered. I simply substituted Nick and me for Jimmy and Isabel. In my version, it was Nick sitting on a chair, mindlessly changing the channels, waiting me to finish showering so we could go get something to eat. I would then come out from the steamy bathroom, barely covered by one of those tiny hotel issue towels. He doesn’t notice me at first, and I begin looking for something to wear. But then I feel Nick’s eyes on me and I meet his gaze, smile and blush, reading his expression, his hungry eyes. I wander over to him, teasing him a bit, but he seizes me by the waist and unwraps me like a present. The towel drops to the floor.

Nick strokes my body with his strong hands and here in the bathtub I mimic his touch with my own softer hands, caressing along my stomach, my legs, my shoulders, my breasts. I imagine his lips on my torso, like Jimmy’s had been on Isabel’s before pulling her into his lap. The craving for depth down there escalated and only in my imagination is it filled, the three fingers that have crawled into me not satisfying my lust for a thick cock. I wanted to ride Nick, to rock back and forth on top of him, and moan as his hands and lips covered my exposed body. I wanted him to pant and groan as he waited for the right moment to release. I heard him murmuring my voice low, from deep in his throat: “Maidie…Maidie…oh yes…oh yes…” and then I was pulled back into reality by the sudden seizure of orgasm that ran up my spine and I was spent, laying still in the tub for a few moments in order to collect myself.

The next day Isabel and I had a date for window shopping in Manayunk. I wore my black Vegas t-shirt and a denim mini-skirt, not expecting to meet the love of my life but hoping to find someone to cure my current bout with horniness. We wandered in and out of shops aimlessly, laughing and chatting and making up secrets about strangers on the street. We bought water ice and ate on a bench which provided a perfect view of the various strangers who were wondering around and providing Isabel and me with our entertainment for the day. We were in the middle of an elaborate story that this clearly embarrassed man walking out of Bendi Jewelers was decidedly buying a present for the bisexual coed he and his wife were having a threesome with later that evening when Isabel stopped, mid-laugh, and licked the dribble of cherry water ice from her chin.

“Look…walking out of the brewery…” I turned my head, expecting to see someone bizarre or tragically ordinary. It was Nick. I turned back quickly and Isabel looked at me with searching eyes.

“I dare you to talk to him,” she said, taking my lemon water ice from my hands “Go.”

I hesitated but ultimately my craving got the best of me. Nick was walking along the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, hands shoved into his jeans pocket. His orange hat was backwards and bits of his dark brown hair were poking out underneath. He was only wearing a thin white t-shirt next to that beautiful body and the fabric settled into his rippling muscles.

He was stopped at an intersection directly across from where I stood, frozen. I looked back at Isabel; she was watching and gestured with her hands for me to cross the street. But I stared where I was, about to bolt down the street, when Nick met my gaze. I çankaya escort bayan waved sheepishly, feeling the blush creep into my cheeks. He motioned for me to stay there and crossed over to where I was.

I breathed deeply as Nick came towards me. I tugged on my skirt nervously and smiled weakly. “Hi,” I managed and gave him a quick hug.

“Hey, how’ve you been?” I could’ve died, feeling his body against mine. I nodded and smiled and thanked God for Isabel, who suddenly tapped me on the shoulder.

“I’m going to get out of here,” she said, kissing my cheek. I glared at her and she raised her eyebrows. Nick didn’t notice. “Take care,” she and Nick clasped hands and then she was gone, a mass of red down Main Street.

“It’s been awhile,” Nick said as we walked over to the bench where Isabel and I had been sitting. I nodded again like an idiot. He asked me a few questions about work and by the middle of the conversation I felt like myself, comfortable with Nick, flirty, and dying to seduce him. I touched his arm when we talked, crossed my bare legs to draw attention to them, twirled my long blond hair around my fingers. It’s all so natural with Nick. I can’t help myself around him.

We agreed on dinner the following night and I kissed him goodbye, lingering a little longer on his cheek than I usually would. As I walked down the street I grew frustrated, impatient, even angry at myself for not pushing it further. I turned around to watch Nick leave.

He was still standing there, watching me. All of a sudden I felt powerful, like a surge of sexual energy had reenergized my coquettish nature. We walked slowly towards each other and I took his hand, without a word, and led him to my car.

Somehow I maintained my composure until we were in the kitchen of my apartment, drinking Coronas and laughing at non-jokes. Nick had downed a bottle and a half while I was still nursing my first one, so my feeling of power and control over the situation increased. I cuddled up to him, running my hands beneath his t-shirt, and kissing him quickly and repeatedly on the lips.

Nick nuzzled against my neck and placed his hands on my ass. I rubbed my body against his as he rubbed back. There we were, dry humping in my kitchen. Nick became a little more fresh and put his hands up my skirt. I was soaking through my panties and began pushing him toward the couch, which was the closest available surface. I was on top of him – the best position, as Isabel and I agreed – and was grinding against his hard on. I pulled his shirt off and then my own, and Nick began to claw at my breasts inside their red lace cage. I threw his hat to the floor and leaned down to kiss his mouth. As our tongues found each other his hands found my bra clasp, and when I rose again my boobs were exposed and being caressed by Nick’s free hands.

Our bodies kept rubbing, teasing each other, until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I got off of Nick and pulled him to my bed by his belt. He followed eagerly and we both tore out of our denim as soon as we reached the foot of my bed. I don’t really know why I insisted on leaving the living room; it must have been Isabel’s Jimmy stories that made me want my first time with Nick to be in my own bed. And suddenly I craved to be beneath him, to feel the weight of his body over mine. I was laying across the width of the bed, watching Nick roll a condom onto his erection and a pang of affection filled my heart.

Just as quickly he was on top of me, our bodies meeting below. And then he kissed me, slowly and lovingly, just before I felt the push of his cock inside my pussy. We rolled around the bed, touching and thrusting and cumming like mad, and the next morning, waking up in his arms, I felt little inclination to push this man out of my bed. Instead, before his eyes opened, I crawled down, took his delicious hard cock in my mouth, and greeted him with the hungriest head of my life.

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