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Brad let himself into the apartment, juggling his tool box, the work order, and his keys. He had three jobs to do this morning and a party to go to this evening, so he wanted this one done as soon as possible. He closed the door quietly and turned – and stopped still.

Directly in front of him was a pair of long legs and a tight ass, clad only in a tiny red thong. Evidently, the tenant was still home and was digging for something in her fridge. Her bare ass cheeks wiggled a bit as she reached deeper and went up to tiptoe. His breath caught in his throat, all the blood in his head drained to his cock and made it stand at attention. His hands went lax and the tool box thudded on the linoleum entry, the keys jangling as they fell, the work order floating further to the carpet.

The girl stood and spun with a squeak. She wore little but the thong – she had on a flannel shirt but it was unbuttoned and her spin had given him a brief glimpse of one nicely rounded breast. She stood just shy of his chin, with short red curls and wide green eyes. A pixie face and a curvy body…He just couldn’t stop staring. Get it together, he ordered himself.

Brad held up his hands. “Maintenance, ma’am,” he started, aiming for a calming tone, “I’m here to fix the sink.” He took a step back, his eyes never leaving her as he waited for screams or worse.

“That was today, wasn’t it?” she frowned, looking at him and then looking at his tools. “I don’t suppose you can fix it while I’m still here? I mean it’s not a problem that I’m home, right?” She gave him a hopeful look. “I’ll stay out of the way and be quiet. Promise. I’ve got to go out later but I need to relax first…”

“No problem.” What a lie. His cock was so hard he was sure it could hammer holes in sheetrock. Sure, he could fix a leaking faucet with a nearly naked chick in the same 800 square feet. And he could also fly.

“Thanks…” She gave him a smile that had his cock twitching. Breezing past him with a yogurt in her hand, she settled on the couch and clicked on the television. Brad stood still, enveloped by the scent of cinnamon and vanilla and horny as hell. With a sigh, he picked up his keys and tucked them in his pocket. They were big enough to pull his work pants tighter against his cock and he winced as the zipper dug in. Another sigh and he picked up his toolbox, heading into the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes. Fifteen endless minutes. 900 freaking seconds. Brad couldn’t keep his mind on task; he was too aware of the girl sitting on the other side of the counter. After he rapped his knuckles with the wrench for the third time, he decided it was time to bite the bullet and say something, anything, to get her out of the apartment. He dropped his wrench on the counter.

“Listen, I…” his voice trailed off as he realized what she was watching. The sound was off, but the screen was filled with a woman kneeling before a man, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The guy’s cock was thick and almost purple, dripping with spit. His hands were tight on the woman’s black hair, holding her still while he fucked her mouth. Brad swore he could feel each tooth in the zipper of his pants.

Finally managing to tear his eyes away from the screen, he was even worse off when he looked at the girl. She had her feet up on the coffee table, her legs spread, her hand down inside the front of her panties. Her throat was flushed and she was caught up in the action on screen, totally oblivious to Brad. He watched her thighs tremble and held his breath. His gut clenched as she squirmed, panting acıbadem escort a little, her hand moving faster and faster. His mouth went dry as she started to whimper. Right before his stunned eyes, the girl began to shake. She tipped her head back, eyes closed, as she came with a shudder. She went limp on the cushions, her head down, her breath still ragged.

It was all he could do not to tear off his clothes and drag her to the floor. His own breath was short. “Um, listen,” he managed. He tried to keep his eyes on the floor, but out of one corner he could see the couple on screen fucking dog-style and the other corner had her, nearly naked and flushed from her orgasm.

“Oh!” Her gasp told him she was now aware he was standing there.

“I didn’t mean…I…well…I can’t work with you here,” Brad babbled, tilting his head up so he stared at the ceiling.

“I was just relaxing.” It took him a moment to realize her voice was closer now. Then her hands were on him, skimming up his belly, tugging his shirt out of his pants.

“I…You…whatever…I’ll have to come back later,” he managed, tugging his shirt away from her as he stepped back. His eyes were hot on hers. He couldn’t mask the lust, but he needed this job. She gave him a wicked smile.

“Don’t you want to help me relax?” she wheedled, her voice innocent, her eyes dark and hungry. He felt his body responding, tightening. She ran her fingers up and down the open sides of her shirt, then slipped it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. The brief glimpse he’d gotten earlier was nothing compared to a full frontal view. Her breasts were big and pink and tipped with hard peaks that made his mouth water. Wearing only her red panties, she bit her bottom lip and opened her eyes wide and innocent.

“I…can’t,” he growled finally, damning himself, damning her silently. His body hummed with sex and he wanted this so badly.

“Sure you can,” she murmured, “I won’t tell anyone.”

“I have to finish this and do two other…” his voice trailed off as she began to wiggle out of her panties. He started to watch them slide down until he was distracted by the bounce of her breasts as she moved. Why was he arguing? Here was a dream opportunity – a hot little body eager for his touch. Her pussy was shaved, pink and ripe, and her inner thighs glistened as she stepped out of the red silk.

“I’ll make it worth your time,” she whispered, cupping her own breasts. She fondled herself, her eyes on him, knowing he was remembering her earlier orgasm. Knowing he wanted to give her the next one. She was naked, offering, and he’d be stupid not to at least have a taste. No one had to know, Brad told himself.

She saw in his eyes she’d won and smiled again, a smile full of promises. Brad stepped forward this time, his hands on top of hers, feeling her small fingers against his palm even as he lost himself in her dark eyes. She pulled her hands away and his hands cupped her warm soft breasts. His thumbs stroked her nipples and he felt his body echo her shiver. Her tongue slid over her bottom lip and his mouth watered.

“Let’s take this to the bed…” he started, but she was already shaking her head. She reached for his shirt again and this time he let her tug it over his head. She made a small sound of pleasure as she ran her hands over his muscular chest.

“Here,” she said breathlessly, her hands going for his fly, “Fuck me here.” Here, there, anywhere, he thought, brushing her hands away. akbatı escort If she touched him now, he’d go off and neither of them would enjoy it. He tumbled her down onto the couch, his hands on her thighs as he slid to his knees between her legs.

“Taste first,” he growled, “Fuck later.” She started to say something, but it was lost in a moan as he lowered his head and his tongue slid over her swollen folds. She was juicy and sweet and he explored her secrets, savoring. She slid down on the couch, draping her legs over his shoulders, and let him feast.

His tongue lapped at every inch of her flesh before he focused on her clit. Using his thumbs to spread her folds, he blew a breath over her wetness, hearing her breath catch. Her nub was hard and red and he rubbed his tongue over it first, then suckled it. Her hips rocked and she squirmed, whimpering, as he teased her. He shifted one hand, his middle finger seeking, finding, rubbing her quivering hole.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned softly, tilting her hips to press to his hand. He eased his finger inside her, feeling her pussy envelope him in wet heat. He pushed deeper, his tongue still flicking her clit, and was rewarded by a ripple of her inner muscles along his length. “You feel good,” she whispered, “More, please, more…”

He began to finger-fuck her, thrusting his middle finger in to the hilt, while he nibbled at her swollen clit. She was panting, her hips rocking, and he could feel her muscles tensing. He added a second finger, thrusting hard, and her hands clutched at his hair. His eyes watered at her grip, but he didn’t let up, thrusting, thrusting, until she came with a strangled cry and a gush of cream. He yanked his fingers free, lowering his mouth to suckle her pussy juices.

“Fuck me now,” she whimpered, “Now. Fuck me.”

He was more than ready. Brad tugged open his fly, unable to stifle the groan as his cock sprang free of the tight material. He was fully erect, a big man, and she licked her lips as she eyed him. “God, I’d love to suck you,” she murmured.

“Later,” he growled. He already planned to invite her to the party tonight – and back to his place after. There were several things he’d like to show her, but right now, it was time for his cock to play.

Brad gripped his shaft as he eased forward on his knees. He dragged his tip up and down her swollen slit a few times, spreading his precum and her juices over his head. Then he settled himself against her pussy, his hands sliding up her thighs to her hips. “Ready?” he murmured with a sinful grin. Just as she opened her mouth, he thrust into her.

Her head fell back and she bit her lip to hold in the cry. Her body was arched, tense, as his fingers tightened on her hips and he forced his cock deeper. He could feel her body stretch to accommodate him, her pussy snug and hot around his throbbing shaft. Another short thrust and he was seated fully inside her, his head crammed against her core, his hips flush with her thighs. She shuddered, whimpering, and he clenched his jaw as her inner muscles fluttered around his penis.

“More.” The word was almost soundless, but the heat in her eyes spoke volumes. Brad drew his cock back until just his head was inside, his long red shaft speckled with her cum, white on dark against the pink of her pussy. Then he plunged in again and again she bit back a cry. Her nails dug into his upper arms as she took his full cock. This time, the sensation was of one long caress and he needed more. Out. In. aksaray escort Out. In. He fucked her eagerly, driving his penis deep into her body again and again.

She was squirming on the couch, her moans low and breathy, her hands clamped on his arms as she thrust her hips up to meet his cock. Again and again he filled her, creating a hot friction where flesh met flesh. He groaned at the feel of her pussy clutching his cock as he pulled back and grunted at the quiver when he drove deep. His groin slapped her thighs in a rhythmic pattern, sound for his strokes.

The scent of musk mixed with the cinnamon and vanilla that surrounded her and he breathed deep, thrusting in the same moment. He felt the burn in his balls, the throb in his cock, and tried to gauge how close she was. Not close enough.

Brad slipped a hand to her folds, his finger finding her clit and rubbing, even as his cock kept rubbing inside her. She gasped, her body picking up the tempo, urging him on. He thrust faster, harder, pounding his cock into her. Now they were talking, he told himself. He slid his free hand under her ass, giving her a squeeze as he drew her hips forward, shifting the angle of his fucking. She slid her arms around his neck, her mouth on his throat, as he now hammered up into her pussy.

Brad felt her tightening, but he was swelling too, closing in on his own orgasm at a quick pace. He shifted both hands to her ass, pushing her down even as he drove his cock up, pistoning in and out. She bounced, panting, clutching at him, her head falling back as the tell-tale flush began to spread from her throat to her breasts. And, damn, those breasts. He leaned to catch a nipple in his mouth as he increased his pace.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, riding his cock, her body so tight around him, he could barely move inside her. Suddenly, she jerked, stiffening and arching away from him. He bucked up against her, hammering her core with small thrusts, as she opened her mouth in a silent scream. His eyes crossed as her pussy clamped tight around his cock, tighter, tighter…

She came in a rush of cum, enveloping him in her cream as she collapsed against him, shuddering wildly. Brad dumped her on the couch, fucking her as fast as he could, the wet sound of her pussy adding an erotic sound to his movements. He felt his cock swell, felt his balls clench, as his body strained…and burst. Wave after wave of hot seed erupted into her. She gasped, her eyes opening wide, as he gripped her hips and squeezed his cock deeper inside her, ejaculating again and again. With a groan from his gut, Brad emptied himself into her pussy.

Another softer groan and he slipped his spent penis from her body, rocking back on his feet, gathering himself. He was still panting, his body still hot and humming, but the urgent need was sated. She gave a small sigh as she shifted, then smiled up at him.

“I’m all sticky now,” she teased, “I’ll have to shower.”

He heard the invitation, but knew he’d never get it up this soon and he really did have three jobs to do today. He gave a shrug. “You’re relaxed now,” he smirked, “You’ll have to see to your own shower.” He fixed his pants, reached for his shirt. “I’ll come back later and fix the sink.”

She gave a pretty pout. “Okay,” she sighed, “But I may have to break something else next week.” He grinned, gathering his stuff. He gave her a wicked grin and a salute as he let himself out of the apartment.

She stood, stretching, then sauntered towards the bedroom. Stepping into the darkened room, she hit the light switch. The naked man on the bed grinned at her, his cock thick and red under his stroking hand. “Did you enjoy that, baby?” she murmured, sliding onto the mattress, licking her lips as she leaned towards his erection.

“You always give me a good show, angel,” he groaned, laying back on the bed as she slid her mouth over his cock….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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