Make Me Burn

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Haley exited the building where she was carrying out her summer journalism internship as she did every weekday around five o’clock, heading back to her apartment to spend another eventless evening reading or channel surfing. Summers in the small college town of Germanton were beyond boring. The warm, humid evenings seemed to drag on forever with so few friends around. It was late summer and soon the fall session would finally arrive. None too soon for Haley, who was eager to get this final year of college behind her and hopefully begin a more fulfilling stage of her life.

Haley’s passion, at least in an academic sense, was writing. She was proud of her 3.90 grade point average and the fact that she was chief student editor of the college newspaper. Some of her pieces had even attracted the attention of the local newspaper.

After leaving work, Haley popped by the local grocery to pick up a few items for the evening meal. Perhaps an avocado and chips, just the perfect appetizer to accompany the chicken tostadas that were already on the menu. Turning the corner to the produce section, she nearly collided with a tall, dark haired guy who dodged just at the last second.

“Sorry” blurted Haley, taking note of her assailant, and couldn’t help noticing his dark eyes and broad shoulders.

“No problem. All my fault” he replied. The guy’s eyes opened noticeably wider as he took full note of this young lady before him. Long brunette hair, sparkling blue eyes, a beautiful smile, a clean alabaster complexion, and a round, expressive face with a small chin, all sitting atop a petite build. She was wearing a thin tank-top that showed off her angular shoulders and pert B-sized breast. The tank-top stopped just above the navel, showing off her tiny waist. The tight blue jeans closed the deal; slim, yet round hips. And as she turned to the side, he caught sight of one of the hottest asses he had ever laid his eyes upon.

Just as Haley ventured to hope that this fellow would ‘break the ice’ with some conversation, the spell was broken as another woman approached from the opposite direction. She was blond and immediately overbearing.

“Did you find the blue cheese dressing dear?”

It was clear that this guy was already spoken for. The moment passed, and Haley and the unknown fellow headed in their respective directions, never to meet again.

Another day in Germanton, thought Haley. She completed her shopping and exited the store to walk the last two blocks to her apartment.

Heading up the steps, Haley’s mind drifted back to the image of the guy in the grocery store. She felt a familiar warmth deep within her that radiated up her thighs and deep within her womb. She paused a moment, wondering if these thoughts would lead her along the usual path.

Haley knew that she was different from most women, and that what she felt was, at the very least, unnatural. Was it psychological or biological? Perhaps she would never know. While being blessed with a striking physical appearance, Haley knew that she had also had been cursed with an overwhelming thirst for sexual stimulation. The yearning was so strong at times that she found it difficult to concentrate on her studies. The heat of the summer and laid back pace of life in Germanton seemed to inexplicably magnify this distraction.

Haley entered her apartment, placed the few grocery items in the refrigerator, and threw down her bag and keys on the kitchen table. Standing at the table with both hands on the table, she couldn’t ignore the warmth that continued to radiate between her legs. Soon, she couldn’t resist the yearning any longer. She placed her fingers on her belly and slide them down over her jeans and across her crouch, first slowly and gently, and then with more vigor.

Haley knew that her masturbation rituals were far beyond any such rituals that were normally carried out by gals of her age. Through extensive reading of erotic fiction, and illuminating conversations with a few close girl friends, Haley had gained a fair grasp of what fell within the realm of female masturbation. Simple rubbing, shower massage stimulation, vibrators, and even dildos with lubricant were all considered tame from Haley’s perspective. These felt great, of course. But Haley’s obsession went well beyond these.

Haley’s sexual desires seemed to center on anal stimulation. So sensitive was her anus to the gentle caress that even the thought of this pleasure was, at times, enough to make her climax. Haley wondered if she had been cursed (or perhaps blessed) with an unnatural concentration of nerve endings that centered around the opening of her ass. Or, again, maybe it was all in her head. In the end, it didn’t really matter. She couldn’t cook dinner until she felt some sexual release, and headed back toward her bedroom.

Haley slid the tight jeans over her slim hips and dropped them to the floor, continuing to rub her pussy through her thin white cotton panties that were already soaked through with excitement. She Samsun Escort quickly discarded her tank-top and bra, and the panties soon followed. Her skin felt incredibly smooth as she continued to stoke her pussy, reaching a little further between her legs each time. Sliding her other hand down the small of her back, she ran an opposing set of fingers down the smooth crack of her ass until they met with the fingers of her other hand, pausing to massage her vagina from both above and below. The smooth sensation was promoted by the fact that Haley kept herself cleanly shaved front-to-back; her most intimate sexual partners had always hinted that they loved her clean shaven.

Opening her dresser drawer, she pulled out a tube of KY that she always kept handy. Dropping onto her belly and lying across the bed, she arched her back, spread her legs slightly, and pointed her tight little ass up in the air. Squirting a little of the cool jelly along the crack of her ass, she then threw aside the tube and began to gently rub a few fingers through the jelly, enjoying the sensation of her fingers sliding down her ass toward her most sensitive area. Haley ran her other hand down her belly until her fingers came in contact with her soaking wet pussy. She stroked her pussy first lightly, and then probed deeper, rocking her hips in rhythm to the pressure.

While continuing to stroke her pussy with one hand, Haley returned her attention to her other hand, where her middle fingertip was lightly resting between the crack of her arched ass with plenty of lubrication in wait. Taking a deep breath, she slid her fingers down across the pucker of her anus. The pleasure radiated throughout her body. She continued sliding her finger up and down across her anus, and let out a pleasurable moan into the sheets. She then focused her stimulation upon the pucker of her anus, circling the tip of her lubricated middle finger around her tight little pink rosebud.

But the ultimate pleasure was still to come. Increasing the pressure of her middle finger against her anus, it broke through and Haley slowly inserted it into her ass. Continuing to rock her hips, she pushed her finger deeper and deeper up her ass. Her moans became gulps of pleasure, intermixed with high pitched gasps, wanting more. It wasn’t enough. Haley began circling her middle finger around the inside of her ass, increasing the stimulation, humping her hips harder against her hand. Gathering more lube with her fore-finger and ring-finger, she suddenly thrust them together with her middle finger through her tight rosebud, curling her fingers and twisting them in a screwing motion, beginning to moan uncontrollably.

Rapidly working her soaking wet clit with one hand, she shoved the rest of her fingers from her other hand as far into her ass as was physically possible, wiggling her fingers and continuing the screwing motion. The pain from the stretching of her tight rosebud combined with the deep anal stimulation created a moment of ecstasy that was Haley’s obsession. If felt like a warm, burning sensation that radiated from her ass and out every sexual ending of her body. “Make me burn” Haley gasped to herself. “Yes. Please make me burn. Yes. Yes.”

Haley exploded in a long wail of climatic pleasure, legs wreathing and her back arching into a seemingly impossible curve. She finally went limp on the sheets.

Still belly down, Haley’s pulled her hand free of her ass. As wonderful as this ritual had felt, she wished that it could have been more. She needed more. The feel of her fingers deep in her ass was so wonderful. But it was not enough. She wanted to burn deeper, hotter. She wanted to burn forever.

Haley was a slave to this yearning. She knew it was bizarre, unnatural. Was she some kind of freak, or were other women dominated by the same desire? She had felt shame as the obsession first laid claim to her a few years earlier, but she was passed that point now. She simply needed to feed it. Find the ultimate ‘burn.’ Only she didn’t know exactly how this ultimate satisfaction could be obtained, or even if it ever would.


Haley slept in late the following morning; it was Saturday, and she hadn’t decided what she might do with the weekend. Finally crawling out of bed around ten thirty, she donned her roller blade gear and headed out to the path around the campus lake for her favorite form of exercise. There was little traffic along the winding path, and she was able to move at a considerable pace, working up a quick sweat in the late morning sun. Thirty to forty-five minutes at this pace, and her leg and hip muscles would be aching tonight.

Racing along the path, her mind drifted to thoughts of the upcoming evening. What would she do? Another mindless trip to the video store? Another evening spent alone, alone with her obsession.

It had been several months since Haley had been on what would be considered a ‘real date.’ It had been during the previous spring Samsun Escort Bayan semester, when she had gone out with that cute soccer player named Mike for a few weeks, one of the many jocks that were endlessly pestering Haley for a date. But her relationship with Mike had ended like all her dating experiences. And her obsession was partially to blame.

No only was Mike, and what seemed like the rest of the college age male species, moronic on an intellectual level, but their sexual behavior was completely out of sync with Haley’s needs. The typical male routine seemed analogous to a ‘pressure offence,’ designed to get Haley in the sack as quickly as possible. This was followed by ‘the score.’ There was little intimacy or exploration. Let me squirt my load and then let’s order out for pizza.

Haley had entered a few of these relationships over the years, always hoping that she might develop a true bond of intimacy with her mate and that their sexual explorations might finally lead along paths that would quench her secret obsession. After several failed attempts, she had essentially given up hope.

While her mind dwelled upon this depressing thought, Haley raced a little out of control around the sharp corner of the path near the back of the lake, only to find herself face-to-face with a jogger heading in the opposite direction. There was little time for either of them to correct their trajectory. Haley jumped to the side at the last moment, missing the runner, but throwing herself completely out of balance in the process. As a result, her body launched sidewise off the side of the path, her right foot caught in the thick undergrowth, and she came crashing to the ground.

The pain was almost instantaneous, and she found that she couldn’t breath. Looking down, she saw that her body had fallen on a tree stump. The stump had caught her in the ribs, knocking the breath out of her.

Suddenly, the jogger was beside her, his hand on her shoulder. “Are you ok.” His face showing grave concern.

Haley could hardly pay attention to him, panic dominating her mind from the loss of breath.

Looking to the ground, the jogger noted the tree stump and the fact that Haley was holding her right side. Realization sunk in.

“Try to relax. You’ve had the wind knocked from you. It normally passes in a few seconds.” the jogger said reassuringly. “I’m a doctor and you are going to be just fine.”

While it seemed like an eternity, Haley’s panic finally began to subside as she was able to take a few shallow breaths.

After a few more moments, her breathing felt less restricted and she took several deep breaths to replenish the lack of oxygen to her body. But these deep breaths brought a second stab of pain in her ribs. Haley held her arm to her side, wincing in pain.

But the pain was not too bad, and Haley looked up to inspect the guy standing before her. He was a good looking guy, tall, blond wavy hair, blue eyes, and a strong chin. He looked fairly young, perhaps in his early to mid thirties. If he was a doctor, he must be fresh out of med school.

“Perhaps I should take a look at your side. You may have broken some ribs” the guy suggested. “By the way, my name is Robert.”

“I’m Haley” she replied, wondering if she should let this stranger check her out in this secluded area of the park.

Robert knelt down next to her pained side. With some reluctance, Haley pulled her arm away. The skin immediately below her black sports bra showed only a slight scrape over the ribs with some redness developing in the surrounding tissue.

“It doesn’t look too bad. Perhaps you should remove your roller blades and see if you can you stand up?” suggested Robert.

Haley slowly popped the buckles loose on her blades, and Robert helped her pull them from her feet. Haley then cautiously collected herself up from the ground, brushing the debris from her sweaty body as best she could. Perhaps the injury was not that bad after all.

“Looks like you are breathing well. But you should let me check your side for broken ribs.” Robert recommended.

With some remaining reluctance, Haley finally pulled her arms away to each side, offering her side to Robert for examination. He gently applied a little pressure with his fingers to the front and back of each of the ribs in question, while watching Haley for any signs of discomfort. While her entire side still ached from the impact, there were no sharp pains from his probing beyond the normal pain that would accompany a bruise.

“Your ribs are probably fine, but we should still get you over to the hospital for a quick X-ray to check for fractures.” suggested Robert. “My car is parked back at the entrance to the park, and I know the staff in the emergency room.”


A couple hours later, Haley was given the official ok to leave the emergency room. Everything had checked out fine. She now felt a little embarrassed about the whole incident. Escort Samsun After all, it was because of her carelessness that she had landed here on a Saturday afternoon, she thought to herself. And she was especially self conscious of all the attention that had been paid to her by Robert and the hospital staff.

Any lingering concerns she had about the legitimacy of the so called Dr. Robert had quickly been dispelled during the ride to the hospital and her treatment thereafter. After making their way back to his car near the park entrance, a classic, yellow 1969 Corvette, Robert had called ahead on his cell phone to make arrangements for Haley’s X-rays. Coincidentally, Robert was a doctor on the emergency room staff and had just gotten off duty. As he often did, he had dropped by the park to get a little exercise prior to heading home.

Robert ushered Haley through a side employee entrance and handed her directly over into the care of a couple of nurses on the radiology staff.

It was almost amusing watching these nurses fawn over Robert. After all, he was tall, attractive, young, and Haley couldn’t help but notice how piercingly blue his eyes appeared. She also liked his healthy grin, which he frequently flashed as he charmed the nurses through Haley’s paperwork. And so far, Haley had seen no evidence of a wedding band. Was he single?

Robert had come back into the X-ray room once the nurses had finished their work. This in itself was another source of embarrassment; Haley had had to strip down completely and was sporting one of those thin hospital gowns that seemed to cover nothing. Haley was not sure she would ever be able to make eye contact with him again after he walked in on her with her hair in disarray and her bare ass visible through the back flap.

When all was finished, Haley headed out the emergency room entrance and saw Robert standing at a nurse’s station, apparently waiting for her.

“Looks like you’ve been give a green light. Are you ready to get out of her?” Robert asked, that grin flashing again.

“Yes. This was not exactly what I had in mind for a Saturday afternoon” replied Haley, still embarrassed by the whole situation.

“I can run you home” offered Robert, motioning toward a side exit toward the parking lot.

“I’ve already ruined your day, and I don’t want to be any more trouble” Haley replied, even though the idea of hitching a ride really made sense seeing as the hospital was several miles from her apartment.

“You are no trouble at all” Robert insisted. “My car is right outside and I still have your rollerblades. Come on.”

Haley agreed and they exited the hospital. She was dressed again in her rollerblading gear, consisting of a sports bra and spandex shorts. Unfortunately, she had to pad along the parking lot in her socks since she had no shoes.

During the ride back to her apartment, they finally got to exchange a little conversation. Haley learned that Robert was relatively new to the area, had just finished his medical internship about a year ago at Boston Memorial Hospital, and had been hired on immediately thereafter to work in the emergency room of Germanton Hospital. Robert, in turn, learned about Haley and that she was ready to finish up her last year of college and hopefully begin her journalism career.


Too soon, they arrived at her apartment and Haley was suddenly struck by the fact that their time was over.

“I don’t want to sound forward Haley, but I’d like to see you again” ventured Robert, just as she was about to step out the car door.

“I’d like that” Haley replied, her face brightening up.

Robert thought for a moment, and then suggested “You know, my plans this evening were to swing by the grocery, pick up a few things for a light meal, and relax by the pool. Maybe you would like to join me.”

Haley contemplated the idea. It was a bit forward. After all, she hardly knew the guy. But she liked everything she had seen so far. Lord knows she needed some excitement in her life.

With a little hesitation, Haley replied “Ok. Sounds like fun. Although I would like to get cleaned up and find something a little more appropriate to wear” jokingly gesturing toward the rollerblade outfit. “Would you mind hanging out for a while as I get cleaned up? You could come up.”


And so it was settled. Robert hung out in Haley’s living room, politely perusing through a few of her music CDs and her book shelves while Haley showered up and found something to wear. When she finally exited the bedroom, Robert couldn’t help but do a double take. Haley had selecting a pair of tight fitting blue jean shorts that showed off her slim legs. A thin, button-up, sleeveless top with an exposed mid drift completed the outfit, showing off her flat belly and tiny waist.

“Wow. You look great” Robert stammered, snapping his eyes back up to Haley eyes and hoping that his admiration of her figure was not too obvious.

“Thanks” she replied. Haley had noticed, and flashed him a quick smile with a little tilt of her head. Haley knew she had an excellent figure, and was glad to know that Robert agreed. “I guess this looks a little more stylish than the hospital robe.”

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