Man in the Opposite Apartment Ch. 01

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My 1st venture in writing erotica. Your comments and ratings are appreciated.


The Awakening

Cinta was energetic, passionate and too extroverted. She is a feminist. She is the most independent women you will ever meet. She has her own apartment and a high paying MNC job as Director of Regional Sales at the tender age of 28. She is a leader. She is one of the best examples of Empowered women.

She loves her apartment. It was a one-bedroom apartment in a moderately good neighborhood. Her apartment building was built in the shape of the alphabet C. Only 2 apartments separate hers from the opposite apartment. She took it because the sun directly falls on her bedroom during sunrise. She liked waking up to the sun every day.

She had two proud parents. Her parents are too modern to even pressure for her marriage. She decided for herself most of her life. She took business administration not because she thought it was safe. She took it because she knows she will be the best at it. She could negotiate and make anything come her way. Her bosses couldn’t get enough of her. She had quadrupled her company’s sales within months of being the assistant director of sales. In a short 2 years, she was the Director of Sales.

Her love life was problematic. Being the independent, strong women she is, it was hard for her to be in a relationship with men who either are too proud to be Starzbet her boyfriend or too dependent on her as a boyfriend. She dislikes either type. She had 5 reluctant relationships all through high school and college. She gave up after joining the company and focused on her job for the last 4 years, but this was not the only reason for her not dating anyone else.

There was him. The Mysterious Man in the opposite apartment. She knows his name is David and he is quiet & reserved. Nobody else knew anything about him other than the fact he is a writer, but Whenever she sees him, her knees become weak. She can’t help it. Every time he looks at her, it’s like staring into her soul. She has recurring dreams about sucking his toes, then kissing his thighs and finally engulfing his thick black cock. She wakes up with her pussy dripping wet every time. He has dark skin that makes her want to lick every inch of his body. She is only 5’4″ which makes her feel very small around him. The most astounding thing is she gets excited with that feeling, but it’s his eyes that catch her cold and makes her drool. It’s like he knows what she is thinking. His eyes make her feel that any second, he will lunge at her and take her by force. For some reason, she feels she wouldn’t do a damn thing about it. This makes her more wet, but also guilty. She feels like she has this responsibility to all women to not feel like Starzbet Giriş that. She knows she is failing every time she sees him.

She is happy and sad that she can see him anytime she wants when she is at home. He is always out in his balcony opposite her apartment. She sees him with different women sitting on his lap both of them covered with a bed sheet and smoking weed. She feels jealous seeing that, but also incredibly horny. She masturbates like crazy every time she sees him with a woman. She couldn’t help it. She tried dating other men, but she couldn’t commit to anyone nor could be physical with anyone. She even tried dating a woman, which also proved not fruitful. She could never get the image of him pounding her hard like a whore.

One evening, like always she eavesdrops to his apartment through the perfectly arranged open window that not only hides her from him but also makes her view of him perfectly clear. She was dressed in her lingerie and laid back on her chair. To her surprise, this time he didn’t close his bedroom window, he was not at the balcony either. Disappointed, she was about to get up when she saw the most unbelievable thing she has seen in her life.

It was another woman, her hands and legs are tied up to his bedpost. She is lying on her back and blindfolded. He was near her with a rubber stick with a broad end. He was moving the stick on her Starzbet Güncel Giriş body very slowly and teasing her. She was struggling like crazy and her body rises up according to where he moves the stick. He then hit her hard with it just on top of her pussy.

Cinta couldn’t help it. As soon as she saw him hit her, she came. It felt like he had hit her. She didn’t even touch her pussy. Her underwear got wet and her juices dripped from it. She made a loud sound during her orgasm. It seems like the most powerful one she ever had. After all that settled, she noticed that the window has opened much more than it was before making her visible to the whole world outside.

She frantically stood up to close the window and that’s when she saw something that made her dizzy. It was him. He was watching her. He was directly looking at her. He can see her with her wet panties and see through lingerie. He had a sly smile that made her quiver. She couldn’t believe it. She just stood there for a minute dropping her eyes and made him look at her. That’s when she realized what she was doing. She was half naked in an open window letting a man look at her while he has another woman tied to his bed.

She frantically hid behind the curtains, but all this had made her more wet than before. She holds onto the curtains and laid back to the window and masturbated. Within a few minutes she came again and screamed out loud. Tired, she fell on the floor to take some breath. After a few minutes, she lifted her head to look through the window to see if he was still there. He was not and the window was closed.

She then lay on the floor and slowly dozed off to sleep.

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