Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 04

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I woke up in my bed. My mind had immediately gone into panic mode, thinking I was late for work. The sun was bright and it was later morning. Realizing it was Saturday and I did not have to work, I relaxed back on the bed. I laid just like that, in my tight, light grey boxer-briefs, and soaked in the morning light, which crept through the curtains.

Sliding out of bed I walked in front of the mirror and stared at myself. It was hard to tell, but it had that seemed my body was definitely much stronger looking. A year ago I had taken on the habit of working out four days a week. Not this morning, however. I had to hop in the shower so I could visit Jennifer. She was to expect me at eleven and it was already ten-thirty.. I knew I was going to be a little late. I decided to text her.

“Hi, Sweetie, running about 30 minutes late.”

While taking a shower, my mind had drifted to thoughts of Jennifer. I thought of the night we had together in the park. It had been almost a week. The thought had made me hard. I resisted the urge to stroke my dick, right in the shower. She had stayed that night at my place. She had fallen asleep, in my arms, in bed. The next morning had brought conflict in her mind. She felt some regret. I had felt a little remorse myself. We ended up having sex that morning before she left; slow, passionate sex. That seemed to have washed away any regret.

I had not seen her since that morning. She was a freshman in college and I had a busy work schedule. I was excited to see her again.

I quickly finished my shower, escaping the almost irresistible urge to stroke my cock and let myself cum.

I looked at my phone. “Ok, get here when you can =)”

We had simple plans in place. She had asked if I wanted to come over and hang out with her. I quickly got dressed and put on my Burberry cologne. I grabbed my satchel and walked to the bedroom. In the back of the closet I had a stash of toys, as a Dom they could come quite in handy when I had a submissive visiting. I grabbed a vibrating egg. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself; the box was labeled “The Love Egg”. I then grabbed a handful of rolls of thin yellow rope, a twelve inch vibrating dildo, a pair of handcuffs, and a roll of duct tape. I normally would not have packed these items while going to visit a girl, but I had a hunch. I grabbed my wallet and keys, with the satchel strapped over my shoulder, and headed out to my car.

She lived farther away then I realized. After a twenty minute drive I arrived at her apartment complex. It was only a few blocks from the University she attended and it was crawling with college kids, to and fro. I walked up a few flights of stairs and found her apartment number, 3C. I knocked on the door and was greeted by a red headed girl. She was a short girl, five foot one in height, and while not skinny, she was definitely not overweight. I forcefully averted my gaze from her breasts, which were begging to pop out of her tight t-shirt.

“Oh, hi. I’m looking for Jennifer?” I had not thought of the possibility of being greeted by her roommate. I immediately thought of the chances of two red heads living together as roommates. It seemed an unlikely coincidence.

“Jennifer!” she yelled.

“I’ll be out in a moment,” I could hear from somewhere down the hallway.

I stood there for a moment, unsure of what was to happen next. The roommate looked me up and down for a moment and then walked away, leaving the door open. I awkwardly stepped into the hallway. I did not want to intrude.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry. My name is Katie. Come in, come in!” she exclaimed.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” I smiled and walked farther into the living room. I noticed the smell of perfume and a finished breakfast. Eggs and toast it might have been?

“Don’t worry, I’m leaving for a bit. I have to go to the University library and study.” She winks at me and walked down the hallway, away from the living room. She had a very nice ass and she knew it, I could tell by the ease and confidence of her walk.

Jennifer walked down the hallway. She was also dressed in a nice, tight pair of faded jeans, tennis shoes and a tight t-shirt. Her t-shirt had a big heart on the front, accentuating the lines of her breasts, which were very perky, not too big and not too small. My mind pictured her in the park, naked and cold, straight away.

She let out a big breath and looked at me for a moment. “Hi.” She said with a big smile.

“Hi there. How are you?”

“I’m good. It’s just been a busy morning.”

I walked up to Jennifer and slowly pushed my body up against her’s, letting my satchel fall off my shoulder to the floor, until she was against the wall. I looked down and kissed her. She began to breath really heavy as I kissed her, letting my tongue slide into her mouth.

“Not yet. Stop, not yet.” She whispered quietly. “My roommate is still here.” She put a hand on my chest and gave me a gentle push.

Katie walked by right at that moment and let out a little laugh. Maltepe Escort I looked at Jennifer and noticed she was extremely red and flushed.

“I’m getting out of here right now, don’t worry. I’m out the door. See!” She walked by and slid her hand across my back as she did so. Jennifer was silent as we both watched her go out the door, shutting it behind her.

I pressed my body up against her’s, even harder than before, and began kissing her. I let my hands slide down over her ass and gave a good hard squeeze.

“Mm” she let out. “All I thought about was you.” More kissing. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I’m obsessed with you, always turned on.” Even more kissing. “You broke me, I think. I hear your voice and I just want to start shaking, I can’t explain it!”

I put my hand behind her head, up in her hair, and pulled forward, motioning for her to move away from the wall. I looked down at her and saw that her eyes were big and looking up at me, her lips part way open and her chest heaving up and down from breathing so hard.

I looked over and saw a room with the door open. I could see an unmade bed, with clothes scattered about.

“C’mon, this way, now.” I told her.

“Yes, Sir.”

Oh my, I thought. I led her into the room.

“No, this way.” She tried to move to the room to the left, which had just become visible from around the corner.

I grabbed her hair and used my strength to lead her to the other room.

“This is my roommate’s room.”

This turned me on even more. I felt encouraged and a wave of perversion washed over my brain. I wanted to fuck Jennifer, right on her roommate’s sheets. I threw her down on the bed and crawled on top of her. I began kissing her and slid my hands up her shirt, revealing a white bra. My cock was bulging in my jeans. I could feel it.

I removed her bra and threw it on the floor; her nipples were so very erect. I grabbed both nipples with each hand and pinched, harder and harder. I slid my leg between hers and let my knee push up against her pussy. Jennifer let out a quick moan that sounded like a hiss, as she dealt with the pain of my fingers around her nipples.

“Mm, you like being a good girl for your Master?”

“Yes, Master, I’m a very good girl for you.”

This question was my test, a test to examine her current state of mind. She has quickly submitted to her Master.

“Stay right here. Don’t move. Am I understood?”

Jennifer laid there, with her jeans on and no shirt, breathing heavily. “Yes, Master, I won’t move.”

I walked back to the hallway and grabbed my satchel, coming back in to the room where Jennifer was obediently laying, waiting for me. I pulled out the rope and casually tossed a roll of it onto her chest. I reached back in to find the pink, twelve inch, vibrating dildo, setting that next to her.

“Oh, Master! Can we go in my room?”

“No, if you ask again you will upset me and I will punish you. Understood?”

Jennifer hesitated for a moment. “Yes, Master” she said, giving in. I could see her dart a look every so often out the door and hallway to the front door, which was visible from her roommate’s room.

I pulled out the vibrator and sat it on the bed next to her. Without saying a word, I grabbed her arm and yanked it, quite hard, towards one side of the bed frame. I grabbed the rope, beginning to wrap it around her wrist and the bed frame. The rope was made out of hemp, my favorite kind of rope. It’s very strong and can be abrasive against the skin. I used a French Bowline knot and cinched down around her wrist, very tight. I then grabbed her other arm and realized Jennifer was looking at me with excitement in her eyes. Pulling her other arm to the other side of the bed frame, I used the same technique with the hemp rope to firmly tie her wrist in place. The knot was perfect for me to easily undo, but yet was impossible for her to loosen with any movement.

Her arms were barely long enough to span the width of the bed, but they did. She was helpless, once again. I looked at her and my mind started intensely envisioning the act of fucking her so hard, enough to make her hurt. I had visions of making her cum with her arms unable to move.

I took off my shirt and tossed it to the floor, before I slid off my belt. Tossing the belt on top of her, I slid off my shoes and then took off my jeans.

“How long will your roommate be gone?”

“I don’t know! Maybe an hour? Maybe all day? She never said.” She said, in a half fearful voice. She was evidently very worried about her roommate walking through the front door.

I was driven by this excitement. Reaching my hand down her tummy, I grabbed her jeans and unzipped them. I stripped her of her jeans and shoes, leaving her naked on her roommate’s bed. She was stretched out there. Her entire body moved with every deep breath.

I grabbed the dildo, turned it on low and positioned it slowly up the inside of her thigh. I could tell her weak spot was the Cevizli Escort inside of her thighs. The sensation began to make her squirm. After a moment, I let it slide over her pussy lips and then over her clit. Jennifer lifted up her hips to let her, now wet, pussy push up against it. After a moment she suddenly lowered her hips.

“Oh God, Master! It’s very sensitive. Too sensitive!” She said, as she writhed uncontrollably. I pushed the dildo down against her clit as she tried to squirm herself away from the sensation.

“Look at me, right now.” I said, in my controlling voice.

Jennifer looked at me, and then her eyes darted around me towards the front door of her apartment, they were wild with the sensation of the vibrator against her clit. Her hips were moving left and right, trying to find some relief.

“Hold still. Hold still, right now.” I demanded.

“I’ll try.”

I waited a moment for her to address me as Master. I didn’t get it. I set the dildo against her pussy, between her legs and grabbed the rope.

“Hold still. Don’t move.”

She looked at me as I uncoiled the second role of hemp rope. I pushed her legs to make them bend in towards herself and began to wrap the rope around her thighs and shins, forcing them to be tightly held in place with her legs spread. After a few moments I had both of her legs bound up.

“Did you forget something?” I looked at her.

“Master, what did I forget? Master?”

I positioned myself facing towards her; sitting on my ass, with my legs between her legs, tied up and bent. I let mine rest against each side of her tummy and easily held her legs spread, with my own legs like this. Using the dildo again, I ran it up over her clit. She started to moan even louder, trying her hardest to squirm. This was useless, as I had put more weight between her legs with my body, rendering her unable to move her hips.

“You did not address me as Master. Have you forgotten that you are always to address me as Master?” I allowed myself to become angry.

“I’m sorry, Master! Oh God. Sorry, Master! Sorry!”

Jennifer was desperately trying to move her hips. My cock was still fully erect. I turned the dildo on high. I could feel and hear the vibration intensity. Right at that moment she screamed, a scream which subsided with each and every intake of breath. She was breathing so very hard. I recognized that she was beginning to cum. I kept the vibrator on high as I pressed it up against her clit, a little harder, and used my full body weight to hold her hips still. I was much too big for her; even in the excitement of her orgasm she was completely unable to move her hips. Her only choice was feeling that orgasm; completely unable to stretch out her legs, move her hips or move her arms, which were still stretched out completely left and right and tied to the bed frame.

I remember I had been very genuinely surprised at how quickly she was ready to cum. The excitement of her suddenly being tied up, in bondage to her roommate’s bed must have excited her more than she was letting on.

“Oh, Master. I came. Oh, Master. Oh God, Master! Please, take it off!”

She had finished her orgasm, but I was not yet ready to remove the vibrating dildo from her clit. I held it firmly in place and moved it teasingly, up and down her clit.

Jennifer began to try and move her arms with no luck. She leaned her head back as she continued to moan. The moans could not stop. She was breathing even heavier. She had lost complete control of the situation, very quickly. I had put her in a spot where the feeling of the vibrator on her clit consumed her mind. She had no alternative to make it stop. She had no choice to escape the sensation, which would make her cum again.

“Oh, God! Oooohhhh. Oh shit. Oh shit! I’m cumming!” she half yelled and half squealed in a barely audible high-pitched voice. Using my full body weight, I did not allow her to move her hips at all. As she began to cum a second time, she tried desperately to move her arms, to stretch out her legs, to move her hips. It was useless. All she could do was move her head and moan, like a dirty slut.

After she came, she let out a half whisper, half moan “Master”. Her voice was shaking. I doubt she had ever had a double orgasm like that in her life. I released the dildo from her clit down to her pussy lips and let it rest there, giving her some relief.

“Good girl,” I told her calmly. “You are such a good girl for your Master. Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Master. Yes.” Her voice was still shaking. “All I thought of was you, for the past week. Oh, God. Master, please fuck me. Please? Please?” she begged.

“You are going to be a good girl and cum for me on more time, am I understood?”

“Master, oh God. It’s hard, I don’t-“

I slid the vibrator suddenly over her clit again and pressed down firmly. I began to let it roll around a little bit.

“Oh, God! Oooh! Master! Master! It’s a lot!”

I wasn’t sure what she was trying Atalar Escort to say, exactly. No matter. I kept playing with her pussy. My cock was throbbing so hard. She could have stroked my dick for twenty seconds and I was sure I would have spilled my cum. I continued with the forced orgasms.

“You are my cum slut. You fucking cum slut! Look at you. All you can do is cum.”

“Master!” she screamed with a desperate plea, as she began to breath heavier and heavier again.

“Look at me. Look at me right now.”

Jennifer looked at me

“Get some control of yourself. Now tell me, are you my little cum slut?”

She hesitated for a moment, fighting her heavy breaths. In an extremely shaken voice, that was more of a whimper, she said “Yes, Master, I’m your little cum slut.”

I kept the dildo against her clit, vibrating on high. “Who is in charge here? Tell me. Who is in charge?”

“You are, Master. You are in charge,” she whimpered.

“Good girl. Now, are you ready to cum again for your Master?”

“Yes, Master, I want to make you happy, Master. I want to please you.” Her voice had begun to give way to moans.

I started to rub the dildo a bit harder against her clit and she leaned her head back and began a furious moan, which did not subside. I could see her body had given in. She had come to the realization that she was to please her Master. She had begun to have yet another orgasm as she moaned from the back of her throat, giving way to multiple orgasms. I let her experience a sudden surge of multiple orgasms, one after another, until her voice was nearly gone. Her entire world had been taken over by those orgasms. Experiencing the sensation of her arms tightly bound, legs bent up and tied to hold them in place, her Master holding her hips down, and the vibrating dildo on her clit.

My mind exploded with excitement with watching her have multiple orgasms. My biggest turn on in life is watching and hearing a girl orgasm. I was so ready to fuck this cum slut. I liked the thought of knowing she had cum so many times, before finally feeling my dick in her pussy.

I released the dildo from her clit. That seemed to bring her back to reality.

“That was fucking amazing! Oh my God. How did you know? I’ve never felt that before in my life!”

She was desperately trying to catch her breath. I wanted to start fucking her before she could do that. I wanted to catch her off guard.

“Baby, we have to get out of my roommates room. We have to, right now. I’m serious.”

I thought about that. She was right. I knew this would create a lot of unease if her roommate walked in the door at that moment.

“Ok, we are going to your room.”

I quickly untied the knots from her wrists and unbound her legs. She stretched them out and I put everything back in my satchel. We grabbed our clothes and quickly went to her room. I noticed her room was much cleaner; everything was in order and had its place. The room smelled strongly of vanilla. She knew my passion for that smell. I wondered if she had done it on purpose, knowing I was coming down to visit.

We dropped our clothes on the floor and she shut her door. We had just begun to start kissing again.

“I need to lie down,” Jennifer said. “I can’t even stand, I’m so weak. I don’t even know how many times I came.”

I let her lay down on the bed and she looked at me. “You are fucking crazy, you know that, Master?”

I laughed as I jumped on the bed next to her, both of us naked. “Why do you say that?”

“You and your crazy ideas. You have no idea. You drive me crazy. You force me to do things. I want you to stop, but at the same time I don’t want you to stop. I’m scared of disappointing you. I… enjoy that feeling. I like calling you Master. And when you tell me I’m a good girl, it sends shivers throughout my entire body. It makes me feel so happy. I can’t describe it.” A quick moment later, “Master.”

“Jennifer, you are learning to be a good girl. I love having you as my submissive. You are such an amazing girl. Now be a good girl for your Master and stroke my cock.”

“Yes, Master” she giggled.

Jennifer reached her hand over and let it slide over my cock. It felt so amazing. I had quickly grown fully erect again and noticed that her small hand was barely able to wrap around the girth of it. She had begun to stroke me. I could feel myself quickly ready to cum. She lowered her body and let her mouth slide over the head of my dick. At that moment we both froze as we heard the front door open and shut, followed by a series of noises.

“Shit, she’s home already. See, I’m glad we left her room.” She said, as she moved her mouth from my dick.

“Yes, yes. You are right on that one.” I had lost a bit of my erection at the surprise.

I rolled over on top of her and started to kiss her lips. They were so soft and big. She kissed me back. As we were quietly kissing I had drawn up a crazy plan in my head. I had lost control once again of myself.

“Jennifer, are you my naughty slut?”

“Yes, I am, Master. I am” she whispered.

I pulled away from her and reached for my satchel. I pulled out the vibrating egg.

“What are you doing, Master?” she inquired, a true look of curiosity on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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