Marlene’s Mature Fantasies Pt. 03

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Marlene opened her eyes, sunlight streaming through her the gap in her bedroom curtains. Blinking the sleep from her eyes in the bright light, her attention was immediately captured by her view of the angled mirrors on each side of the room, and she smiled broadly; the memory of her incredibly sexy striptease that shockingly culminated in two back-to-back orgasms sent a warm shiver of pleasure through her body.

She rolled onto her back and slipping a hand between her legs, was moderately surprised to find her labia still slick and moist from last night’s second monumental sexual encounter with Jimmy. She grinned and bit her lip, savoring the memory of his deliciously thick cock filling her so completely and very quickly bringing her to her third incredible orgasm of the night.

She thought about their plan to meet once again when Jimmy returned home from work and everyone else had gone to bed and smiled with renewed anticipation. The thought of being naked with him in his bed and his promise to fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her almost made her squirm with delight.

She reached between her legs, pressing her middle finger gently into her vagina, and then brought her finger to her mouth to taste his essence along with her own.

As she so vividly recalled the special events of the previous evening, she masturbated once more. How could she not? She rolled onto her stomach, slipping both hands beneath her, her fingers probing between her legs. She thrust her hips rapidly, grinding herself against her fingers, and cried out aloud as her orgasm overwhelmed her, her cries muffled with her face buried in her pillow.

As the pleasure of her orgasm began to wane, she began to laugh. At first, just a girlish giggle that soon led to full-throated laughter. She rolled over and stared up at the ceiling, marveling once again at the heightened sense of sexuality she had sensed growing within her for the past few days. From what had been a reasonably celibate lifestyle since her split with Gary over a month ago, she had now cum four times in the past twelve hours.

As early as yesterday morning, she seemed to feel completely consumed with sexual thoughts and desires. She wasn’t sure as to how, or why it was, perhaps some sort of sexual biorhythm, all she knew was that she was thoroughly enjoying it. It was absolutely astonishing how that one little dance that Ross had foisted upon her all those months ago had so wonderfully influenced her sense of sensuality, and done so, so profoundly.

Almost reluctantly, she got out of bed and stretched languorously. She moved to the center of the room between the angled mirrors to admire the way she looked in her skimpy babydoll nightie and twirled to flare the gown and bare her body from the waist down.

She laughed softly to herself and slipped into her robe, realizing that if she kept watching herself, she would very likely end up masturbating again. She blew herself a kiss in the mirror and then made her way to the bathroom for her morning ablutions before dressing.

Louise’s two kids shrieked loudly as they raced by her bathroom door on their way downstairs to breakfast, sounding not unlike a herd of cattle on the stairway. How on earth can two young children make that much noise?

She returned to her room and dressed. As it was Saturday, she dressed very casually in a pair of baggy sweatpants and a pullover, because Saturday was traditionally the day she helped Louise with the chores of washing and folding clothes, then stripping the bedding and putting fresh sheets on all the beds. She sat at her dressing table to brush the night’s dishevelment from her hair and give it some semblance of style, and applied a touch of lipstick and mascara to add just a touch of elegance to her eyes.

Breakfast was its usual flurry of activity, Saturdays even more so as the kids were out of school. She helped Louise serve breakfast and then clean up the dining room and kitchen afterward. As Ross had promised the kids to take the kids to the waterpark that day, the three of them were soon bustled out of the house and on their way.

The silence in the wake of their absence was almost deafening. She and Louise sat in the calm serenity to enjoy a final cup of coffee before starting the chores.

“That was nice of Ross to volunteer to take the kids to the waterpark today,” said Marlene, enjoying the lack of bedlam.

Louise grinned and leaned close, “He always likes to make out like it’s some kind of huge sacrifice he’s making, but I know him all too well. I happen to know he’s especially fond of looking at all the young ladies in their skimpy bathing suits at that waterpark.”

“Ah,” nodded Marlene with a smile. “Now I get it.”

“You’ve definitely got a bit of a glow about you this morning,” said Louise with a saucy leer. “If I didn’t know any better, I might begin to think that you and I both got lucky last night.”

Marlene laughed and shook her head, “Honestly, Louise, if I have any kind Şişli escort bayan of glow it’s more than likely because my fingers got lucky this morning. I masturbated my face off before coming down to breakfast.”

Louise guffawed and almost spilled her coffee. “Sorry to hear you had to go solo,” she said. “You and Jimmy were sure up late last night though,” continued Louise curiously as she sipped her coffee. “What was that all about? Anything brewing there between the two of you?”

Marlene shrugged casually as if it had meant nothing at all, “Nothing really. I couldn’t sleep right away, so I came downstairs to make myself a drink. And then Jimmy came home and joined me for a nightcap.”

Louise nodded and smiled, “You guys almost gave me a heart attack when I came into the kitchen and saw the two of you there,” she said.

Marlene laughed, “Yes, well I’m pretty sure that little bit of a nightie you were wearing last night almost gave Jimmy’s eyes a heart attack as well.”

“Why? Did he say anything after I left?” Asked Louise looking suddenly very curious.

Marlene shook her head and laughed again, “He didn’t have to say a word, Louise, his eyes were big as saucers. I’m reasonably sure by the expression on his face that he was rather exceptionally fond of seeing your big boobs.”

Louise flushed noticeably and sipped her coffee. “Men have such a fetish for boobs, don’t they? It’s almost as if they’re trying to relive the experience of being an infant all over again to suckle at mommy’s teats. Not that I mind at all, mind you, I rather enjoy that part of the foreplay sometimes.”

Marlene nodded with a knowing smile of her own, having always loved the way Gary had paid special attention to her breasts as well, and especially when he took her nipples into his mouth. On a few special occasions, he had even masturbated by rubbing the tip of his cock back and forth over one of her erect nipples until he ejaculated over her breast. Something she had always found to be extremely pleasing to watch as well as feel.

“Not to mention our vaginas,” said Marlene. “What’s that old saying again? A man is born from a woman’s vagina and then spends the rest of his life trying to get right back inside.”

Louise laughed aloud again, “So true, but I don’t mind that part either,” she said.

The rest of the morning was spent on the mundane weekly chores. What had usually been an all-day event for Louise was now whittled down to a couple of hours with Marlene’s help.

“Marlene,” said Louise later as they sat down to relax with another pot of coffee. “It is such a blessing having you here living with us. I hate to think of you moving away once your divorce is finalized.”

As late afternoon approached and Ross and the kids were due home before long, Louise sighed, “I suppose I should be getting dinner started, my brood shouldn’t be too much longer.” She laughed softly, “Although, I think I’d rather have a nice nap instead.”

“Why don’t you just go and do that?” Suggested Marlene. “In the meantime, I’ll get a big pot of spaghetti sauce going and put it on to simmer. When everyone gets home later, all that will need doing is boiling the pasta.”

Louise didn’t protest too much and, as she made her way to her bedroom for a much-needed nap, Marlene threw herself into the cooking process. In less than thirty minutes, she had a large pot of homemade spaghetti sauce, complete with ground Italian sausage meat, set to simmer on the stove.

She took the next part of an hour attending to herself. She took a wonderfully hot soak in the bathtub, letting her aching muscles relax in the warmth. She spent a bit of time attending to her legs as well, shaving them to a glassy smoothness and touching up her bikini wax at her pubic area. She had never had a truly full bush; her pubic hair had always been reasonably sparse. She had always kept herself trimmed for Gary, who liked her that way, with her labia smoothly shaved and a tiny patch of pubic hair above her clitoris.

Lying back in the perfumed essence of her tub, her eyes closed, she took a moment to reflect upon her many sexual fantasies. If the masturbation event of last night was any indication, her stripper fantasy had been tremendously enhanced by the accompanying fantasy of being seen and watched. It was one thing to have all those party guests watching her dance, which had been extremely arousing in itself, and quite another to imagine herself masturbating in front of them, or actually having sex while others watched. The mere thought of such a shameless display had her squirming excitedly in the tub.

Gary had once told her about a strip club here in Las Vegas that featured an amateur night once a week, where local women could get up on stage and perform. The thought excited her tremendously as she contemplated the possibility of performing a very real striptease and how intoxicatingly arousing it would be for her. Might she even be able to surreptitiously Escort Sultangazi masturbate while performing, as she had almost been able to do at Louise’s parties? She made a mental note to explore that possibility and look into any such amateur nights in the strip clubs.

Semen also came to mind as a strong fantasy. Gary had been the first man to ever allow her to watch as he ejaculated, and from the very first time he ejaculated in front of her, she loved everything about it. From the way a tiny drop of pre-cum always formed on the tip of his penis as a prelude to his first eruption of semen, to the actual ejaculations, where those beautiful milky streams erupted ever so sensually, and often very forcefully. She loved the way it felt when it happened inside her, feeling the pulse of his penis with each ejaculation and the wet viscous sensation in her vagina. She also loved the sensation of warm semen on her skin, and the slick viscosity of it as she smeared it over her body like lotion. She also adored the taste and the way it permeated her mouth and the back of her throat as she swallowed it.

Marlene smiled, yes, indeed, she thought, semen was a very powerful fantasy. She couldn’t help but wonder how Jimmy’s semen might taste. Her smile widened as she recalled his mention of having more ejaculate than most other men and made up her mind to find out more about that as soon as she could.

Suddenly her eyes opened wide with a sudden inspiration. Instead of vicariously watching herself in the mirrors up in her room, why not do her little striptease in front of Jimmy? She smiled broadly as she envisioned dancing for Jimmy and teasingly removing her clothing, watching him as he became erect. She felt her face flush at the thought and with excited anticipation.

After her bath, she returned to her room and dressed carefully, with special attention as to the look she wanted to present for Jimmy. Knowing it was her sexiest lingerie ensemble, she selected her red set: a red lace bra with soft nylon cups, a tiny red garter belt with delicate lace on the front and the sides, and a matching red thong that barely covered her pubic mound. She slipped into an expensive pair of nude nylon stockings and attached them to her garters. She completed the ensemble with her red, patent leather pumps and smiled at her ultra-sexy reflection in the mirror.

She selected a loose-fitting pleated navy skirt, loving the way it fluttered about her thighs as she walked, and a red sleeveless blouse to complete the casual red and navy look.

Returning to the kitchen, she found Jimmy sitting at the dining room table, a mug of coffee in his hand. He was dressed for work, having just showered and washed his long hair.

His eyes widened and he whistled softly as she entered the room, “Holy shit, Marlene, you look amazing,” he said, keeping his voice low in case anyone was within listening distance.

“Why thank you,” she purred seductively, giving her skirt a flirty little flip. She moved to the stove and gave the spaghetti sauce a quick stir before taking a taste from the wooden spoon. “Mmm,” she murmured, thinking it was perfect.

Jimmy joined her at the stove, reaching out to casually place the palm of his hand over her buttocks. “Are you wearing panties under that skirt tonight?” He whispered; his lips close to her ear.

Marlene smiled enigmatically and shrugged, “You’ll just have to find that out for yourself later,” she said with a teasing wink.

Jimmy laughed, and together they put a pot of water on to boil and set the table just as Ross and the two kids exploded into the room to quickly dispel the quiet atmosphere of the house.

Louise rose from her nap, looking sleepy-eyed but fresh and rejuvenated. And, as the kids rushed upstairs to quickly shower and change clothes, she opened a large gallon bottle of Carlo Rossi wine and poured some for each of us.

Ross regaled them with stories of his afternoon with the kids, as they sipped their wine and Louise attended to the pasta. Jimmy quickly finished his wine and jumped up, “Gotta go,” he said, waving to everyone. “See you all tomorrow. Have a great night everybody.”

Dinner was its usual affair, a rowdy family gathering with everyone talking at once. Marlene basked in the praise from both Ross and Louise as to her tomato sauce with Italian sausage, and then helped Louise clear the table and put the dishes into the dishwasher.

Once the kids were settled and firmly ensconced in front of the television set for a Disney animated feature, their neighbor, Bob Warner, arrived and was welcomed with a glass of wine. He had been invited to be a fourth player in a game of canasta. A game Ross and Louise loved and had even gotten her addicted as well. Everyone sat at the dining room table and a rousing game soon ensued, men against the women. Louise and Marlene totally rocked the game which was paused only once while Louise put the kids to bed for the Taksim escort night.

They played a second round and, once again, the women prevailed. Another jug of wine was opened, and everyone was laughing and having a very nice time. They played one more hand and the game was very close. Toward the end, as Louise was about to discard, she caught Marlene’s eye and winked, discarding a card that Marlene knew Ross had been salivating over for the entire hand. He cried out gleefully and took up the pile of discards, he and Bob winning the game. Marlene smiled at Louise and nodded, knowing she had thrown the game and was pleased it had happened that way.

Bob said good night a while later and the women put things to right in the dining room and cleaned up. Ross appeared in the kitchen just as they were finishing up, wearing a knee-length satin robe. “I’ll be waiting for you in the bedroom,” he said with a knowing wink to his wife.

Louise blushed brightly and smiled, “He always gets that way after a few drinks. Not that I mind all that much,” she added with an embarrassed laugh.

“Go,” said Marlene, pointing to the door. “Don’t make him come back in here wearing that ridiculous robe,” she laughed.

Louise giggled and left the room. Marlene smiled, envying her happy marriage and knowing that very soon they would be conjugally engaged. She policed up the kitchen, putting everything away, and then made her way around the house to turn off the lights.

As on the previous evening, when she neared the master bedroom, she could distinctly hear Ross and Louise making love in their room that shared a common wall with the living room. She pressed her ear to the wall as she had also done the previous evening and could hear every breathless word spoken.

“Oh, God,” she heard Louise sigh breathlessly. “Yes, my darling…just like that. Oh, God…yes!”

Marlene felt the heat of arousal flush over her. She quickly raised the front of her skirt and slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her thong.

“Oh, baby…Oh, baby…” Ross sighed, and Marlene could hear their bodies slapping together.

Louise gasped aloud, a sound that could only mean Louise was having an orgasm. Marlene closed her eyes, her hand moving rapidly beneath her thong as her own orgasm swelled within her. She came, listening to the blissful sounds of Ross and Louise making love and bringing one another to orgasm.

She shook her head and smiled, feeling more than a little guilty for invading their privacy for her own personal selfish pleasure. God, sometimes she could be such a slut. She quickly adjusted her thong and lowered her skirt, switching off the living room light and making her way back to the kitchen.

It was only just after eleven o’clock, and she still had a few hours before Jimmy finished work. She sat at the dining room table and opened her laptop, thinking to follow through with her earlier thoughts of investigating strip clubs to determine if any of them offered an amateur night format.

Not only did she find several venues with amateur nights, the main one to capture her imagination was a place called Little Darlings, which hosted weekly Tuesday nights for amateurs and also advertised completely nude dancing. Marlene smiled at the mere thought of dancing completely nude in front of a crowd of men.

A quick search led to the discovery of several ‘how-to’ articles for aspiring amateur strippers, and she learned a great deal. Apparently, there was a great deal of money that could be made as many venues offered cash prizes for the best performance, as well as tips from the customers.

For the best results, the articles revealed, dancers should have a specific costume and a worked-out routine to specific music they have chosen, and not just walk on stage and remove their clothing. That made complete sense to her as her little stripper dance always relied purely on intuition and what felt good to her. The articles went on, specifying several tried-and-true methods of attracting attention, from teasing methods, how to walk, and specific pole dancing positions for the inexperienced pole dancer. There were a great many suggestions and Marlene took copious notes.

Yet another article described the best methods to give a lap dance. Something she had never considered and actually took her breath away to contemplate grinding her body against a strange man’s erection. My God, she could almost have an orgasm just imagining it.

Filled with inspiration, she closed her laptop and went upstairs to her room. She went through her clothing, setting aside those articles that she thought might be interesting choices for a real striptease. She removed her skirt and her blouse, very much liking her look in her red lingerie. She selected a black satin robe from her closet and slipped it on, tying the belt loosely about her waist, and checked her look in the mirror.

She smiled at her reflection, liking this look very much. The robe’s length came to mid-thigh, almost to the dark band at the top of her stockings. She walked around the room, watching her reflection as she strutted sensually as a real stripper would. She loved the way the robe moved, fluttering about her thighs and even parting in the middle occasionally to reveal her entire leg.

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