Mary Ch. 01: Landscaping

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Sweat rolled over his back. Hard earned trickles of moisture, ploughing between muscle shrouded shoulder blades, tracing lines of clean flesh through the dust that had settled on his bronze skin. His muscles knotted every time he straightened causing an involuntary grunt when he bent again at the waist, reaching for another weed. The noises of his labour were barely audible through the second floor bedroom window where she stood watching him. The muffle of the glass made them sound sexual and aroused a longing in her that could only be satisfied in one way.

The bright morning sun stung her eyes as she watched him, and the heat from the window over powered the air conditioning. The longer she watched the hotter she became both from the sun and from her own sexual heat. Perspiration blossomed on her skin; her slender neck becoming a shining slick of moisture. A single drop started to roll down over her breast causing her to shiver. She instinctively raised a hand to her chest halting the drops progress, but the shiver would not be stopped. The tingles radiated out from her chest, spider fingers running across her back and up her neck to the base of her skull. Her head fell back at the sensation sending the prickling joy back down her spine. The cold fire encircled her waist as she clutched her arms under her breasts. Ripples of pleasure ran over her stomach, her hips gave an involuntary wiggle as the tingling chill finally alighted on her clit, as she knew it would.

The shiver moan that escaped her lips was louder than she expected. Shock and fear took over, her head snapped up and her eyes locked on his. He was standing straight looking up at her, a knowing smirk on his face. She could feel his eyes soaking in her every detail. The champagne pink silk negligee that covered her feminine form left little to the imagination, which was of course the purpose of the garment. She knew he could clearly make out the curve of her breast through the material and watched him scan down her curvaceous figure to the flare of her hips. Her face and chest bloomed red under his gaze and she jerked the curtains closed giving him one last scowl before blocking him and the sun from her bedroom.

When she put on the negligee last night she did it to feel special and sexy. Her husband was away she wanted to feel something, anything. She gave a huff in frustration and embarrassment. Looking down she could see how hard and dark her nipples were through the material.

“My God Mary, you might as well have been naked!” she said to herself, “What would Jean think if he knew.” She stomped off toward the shower tossing aside the sleepwear as she walked.

In her mid-thirties, Mary felt just as sexy now as when she started dating a handsome young corporate lawyer. Was that really over 10 years ago? Jean was so fresh faced and eager then, always bragging about his job with a multinational corporation, but the work meant he travelled extensively, leaving her home on their estate alone for most of the year. He made it back for holidays and important events, a month in the summer usually and a few months in the winter, working late at the office even when he was in town. His hard work had paid off financially, they were very comfortable and he was certain he could retire in another 10 or 15 years.

That was little consolation for Mary at the moment. It all seemed so glamourous back at the start. She would even travel with him when the company would allow, but he didn’t have the time to spend with her even then. The endless hotels became even lonelier than staying at home, where at least she had girlfriends who could help her pass the time. They had never had kids, he was against it more than she was, not wanting to be an absentee father. So she agreed. It meant she had more free time, but to do what exactly? She had never worked, there was no need for the money and she never had the desire. She volunteered for fashionable causes when they presented themselves, but even that had stopped in recent years. So she spent most days at the estate; her personal trainer, yoga instructors and aestheticians coming regularly to tend to her body, as well as landscapers, and pool boys coming to tend to grounds.

The exercise and yoga had paid off, her body was a sculpted form of feminine ideal and she had the flexibility of a gymnast. As she stepped into the shower her movements were pure grace. The shower was her favourite part of her morning ritual. She sighed as the water poured through her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair; the embarrassment she felt earlier flowed away with the water. She closed her eyes letting the shower relax her even more, passing her hands over her body to rub away the sweat caused by the window and the landscaper, whatever his name was.

He was quite the sight. She smiled thinking of his toned back and broad shoulders as she picked up the body wash. The lather that erupted on the poof was soon tracing bubble paths up her firm smooth Starzbet legs, across her flat stomach and up over her pert C cup breasts. Her nipples were still hard from the scene at the window and scrubbing them gave Mary a delightful pulse of pleasure. She could still see that arrogant smirk on his face when she moaned, that knowing smile as she confirmed his sex appeal. If she stared longer Mary was certain she would have been able to watch his ego grow alongside the bulge in his pants.

Her lather slick hands moved down between her legs, initially to clean, but lingered at the pleasure found there. Her eyes closed imagining a different end to the scene at the window. In her mind she beacons the landscaper into the house and waits near the bed, listening to his work boots climb the hard wood stairs. In the shower she can imagine every foot fall and rubs harder at her clit in time with his step. The door in her mind opens and he strides in, all swagger and bravado. He reeks of masculinity and power. “So miss,” he smirks “did you have something else that needs tending?” She glances down and strolls casually over to him with a shy smile on her face. She bites her lower lip and runs her left index finger slowly up his sweaty athletic chest, following it with her eyes. When their eyes meet hers grow cold and her right hand comes up hard to slap him full across the face.

The shock sends him staggering back. Mary’s face softens. “Oooh, did that sting? Let me kiss it better for you.” She cradles his chin with her right hand, still tingling from the blow, and gives him light peck on his reddening cheek. Moving back she then slaps his other cheek with her left hand. The second unexpected blow drops him to his knee. This was not what he had pictured happening. He can barely breathe. “Maybe you are sexy, and maybe lonely women fall on their backs eagerly for you, but maybe what you really need is a woman who can teach you some respect.”

The shower water pours over Mary as she bites her lip and rubs furiously at her clit while, in her mind, she pulls the landscaper upright by his hair. She leans into him and whispers in his ear “Maybe some discipline will help you learn.” He gasps though an expression reflecting the pain he was in and his fear of what was to come. She pushed him on his stomach on the bed, perfectly aimed so his hips caught the edge leaving his ass perfectly exposed.

“Drop ’em!” Mary commanded.

“Please miss, I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m sorry miss, please don’t miss.” His pleading was a continuous stream as he loosened his pants and slid them down over his firm ass. The bright white cheeks standing in stark contrast with his copper toned lower back. Mary knew they wouldn’t be white for long.

She took one step towards him and placed her cool hand on his warm flesh. He jumped and whimpered in response. “Come now” She cooed “A big strong thing like you isn’t scared of little old me?”

“Just nervous miss.” He stammered. “I’m not sure what you plan to do.”

“Hmph” Mary grunted indignantly lifting her hand off his left cheek. “If you knew that, then you certainly would be afraid.” She brought her hand down hard producing an ear splitting SLAP creating a perfectly formed red hand print on his cheek.

The landscaper howled in pain “Gaaahhh!! Holy fucking hell!” She brought her other hand down on his right cheek repeating the sound of one hand clapping. A second red hand print formed on his firm ass, a mirror image to the first. “Fuck! That hurt! God damn it I was only looking for a little fun!!” His voice cracked with the pain radiating from his ass.

“This is fun!” Mary said smiling “Those hand prints almost look too good to cover up but… I don’t think you have learned your lesson yet.” She started a series of continuous blows: left, right, back hand, palm; alternating cheeks each time. He grunted and cried out with each impact, his ass glowing redder and redder. The lashes fell harder and faster, until the pace of the spanking in her mind matched the pace of her hand at clit. Pleasure rose from her abused nub, blood flooded her face as her ecstasy exploded from the top of her head. Panting and light headed she steadied herself against the shower wall. Images of his tear streaked face filled her mind, his pleas for her to stop still imagined from every sound bouncing off the wall.

Mary rinsed the remaining lather from her body and shut down the shower. Blood still pounded in her ears as she reached for a towel. She dried herself with a smile trying to decide how to spend the day. She was feeling so relaxed she decided that today was a do nothing kind of day. Her volunteer activities could wait for another day. Yes, a day by the pool, sun bathing and maybe some real fun with that landscaper. She towelled off and ruffled the drips from her hair. Putting it up in a loose pony tail, she hunted for some appropriate sunbathing attire.

She settled on a white micro bikini Starzbet Giriş she picked up in Rio two years ago. The suit was mainly clear nylon string with strategically placed triangles of fabric on the bra and g-string. She tugged and pulled the mini patches of material around on her breasts and between her legs until her nipples and labia were concealed, though barely. The top knot of the suit kept slipping more and more with each adjustment, forcing her to retie it several times before the bra finally stayed in place.

Once she was content with the fit, she looked herself over in the full length mirror of her changing room. Jean would smile at the sight. With only the bare minimum covered, it was how he liked her best. There was nothing left to the imagination, she was completely on display though legally still covered. She bit her lip with the thought of brazenly showing off in front of the hired hand, taking back the shame she felt this morning when he saw her in the negligee. This time the viewing is on her terms. The excited smile turned into a confident smile as she rubbed her hands over her toned body making sure one final time that she was as covered as the suit allowed.

Then to add to the mystery she tossed on a modest beach wrap. The cover was a light floral print but not sheer at all, and it hung to her mid-thigh. Tying the cloth belt around her waist she decided a little food was in order before hitting the pool. Mary wandered down to the kitchen, gathered some fresh fruit and yoghurt into a bowl, and brewed a cup of coffee from her Tassimo. Her mind wandered back to her fantasy of the landscaper, with his ass bright red, her hand tingling from the blows.

She had always been a sexual dominant. The look of fear and anguish on a man’s, or anyone’s, face got her juices flowing. She first got the feelings in high school, but found the boys there were disapproving of a dominant female. So she supressed her feelings, getting her itches scratched though porn or the occasional underground kinky party. She had hid her desires so well before she was married that Jean had no idea she had a dominant side. In fact, it was Jean that expressed an interest in being dominated by her. His high pressure and competitive job took its toll and he needed to completely let go in the bedroom to get aroused. He surrendered everything to her when they were alone, his body, his pleasure, his shame, everything. She loved him for it too. The only hard and fast rule he had was no bruises that could be seen, that were difficult to explain. She had leapt at the chance, and they spent his vacation that year learning how to play with each other and becoming comfortable in their roles.

Now they have a full wardrobe, in their walk in closet, dedicated to fetish wear, leather corsets and boots for her, collars cuffs, and mini leather shorts for him. Certain drawers were designated for their toys, with floggers, canes, rope, and violet wands for the physical beatings; strap on dildos, butt plugs, ball gags, and chastity belts for the sexual and mental ones. Everything neatly arranged and easily accessible for when they needed it. No kids meant their play things could be kept clean and tidy without having to lock them away.

The phone woke Mary from her day dreaming. “Hello?” she said picking up the receiver.

“Hey Mare.” It was Mary’s friend and fellow trophy wife, Betty. “What are you doing today? I am soooo fucking bored. God! How do you fill your time?” she said sounding exasperated.

Betty was a few years younger than Mary and only recently married to a wealthy man. It was a marriage based on money, his to be precise. He had it. She wanted it. He wanted her. So they got married. Betty had yet to find any volunteer work that interested her, not that Mary expected her to. A recent fight with her husband about her over spending meant a temporary loss of her credit cards. It was not the first time she had lost her spending freedom. The loss usually coincided with a dip in the market. Phil, Betty’s husband, had gotten very rich very quickly a few years ago when his dotcom was bought up and he was convinced it could all go away just as fast. He had hired the best accountants to protect his money and he watched the market like a hawk. As a result, he had only gotten richer. Even when everyone seemed to be hemorrhaging money, his bank accounts kept swelling. But even a slight dip in the markets usually meant Betty was going to be banned from the shops. Mary thought their relationship was a little juvenile and every time Betty was without plastic and bored, she would call in search of entertainment.

“Hey Bets. Still no plastic huh?”

“No. That fucker has more money than God, but freaks out when I buy one pair of shoes.”

“They were $5000 pumps Bets. And you spilled coffee on them… in the car… before you wore them once!”

“I know” Betty said despondently “But they looked good in the store, and it isn’t Starzbet Güncel Giriş my fault the cup holder in that stupid hot rod of his can’t hold a Venti Latte!”

“How many times did he have it detailed this time?”

Betty sighed “Who knows… So what are you doing today?”

“I was just taking my breakfast out on the veranda.”

“Sounds nice, want some company?” she asked hopefully.

Mary sighed imagining how the rest of her day was going play out. Betty would be complaining while they sip drinks by the pool. The coffee would turn to iced tea, then add the long island, and then who knew what… just another boring day in paradise.

“I don’t know Bets.” She said casually wandering out of the kitchen onto the covered Veranda, her breakfast forgotten on the counter. Really I was planning on my clearing schedule for the day, well ignoring my schedule… But do I want company just to screw away the day drinking by the pool?

The sound of clipping brought her attention back to the landscaper working in the yard. He must have switched from weeding to trimming the established plants on the side of the house. She could see his arms and chest flexing with each movement of the shears. His muscles rippled as he lined up each cut and with surgeon like precision quickly sliced off the offending branch. The vision brought back the flood of desire and reminded her of what was hiding under the modest beach cover she was wearing. She started looking for the best angle to set up her chair for maximum exposure. To the sun! Yes I want to get a tan. Her brazenness was turning her on even more as she started to scout the veranda biting her lip with anticipation.

“Mare! Are you there? Stupid phone… Hello! Are you ok?” Betty was all but yelling in her ear.

“Oh right! Hi, sorry got lost in thought for a second.” Her lip biting turned to a devilish grin, “Ummm Bets, do you still have the mini-kini you showed me last year?”

“Sure, it’s stuffed in the back of my underwear drawer. Why? You want to borrow it? It is pretty revealing.”

“No, not borrow it. I just have an idea on how we can have some fun today.”

“Ohhh I’m intrigued!”

Mary explained her plan to her friend, getting more excited as she gave voice to the thoughts running in her head.

“You nasty girl!” Betty exclaimed after hearing the plan. “I love it! Let me freshen up and I’ll be right over. See you in 20!” she said ending the call.

Mary flashed a side long look at her landscaper, watching him clip a few more small branches. The shrubs stretched around the length of the yard so she knew he would be busy all day. He seemed intent on the shrubs and she was certain he never knew she was there. Smiling, Mary returned to the kitchen, to eat her hurried meal and wait for her friend to arrive.

When the doorbell rang, Mary skipped through the foyer and opened it up with a smile. The heat was starting to build outside and she could feel it pour in through the door way in a flood. Betty stood in a pullover floral beach cover. The garments deep neck line flattered her full cleavage, clinging to her breasts while flowing over the rest of her, hiding her hourglass figure in undulating waves of material. Her dirty blonde hair was tied up in a playful looped pony tail with a fringe of hair poking out at the top. Betty’s mouth mirrored the playful smile Mary could see in her reflection framed by the large designer sunglasses hiding Betty’s eyes.

“Do you like it?” Betty asked tugging at the hem of the beach cover. “I got it online from some design house in Paris. I shop at so many now I can’t keep them all straight.”

Mary rolled her eyes at her friend as Betty stepped into the house. “Well I hope you aren’t determined to show it off, because my plans have you losing it before we hit the pool.”

“I am not getting this swim suit wet Mare! You know what pool water does to fabric!”

“No no, calm down, I explained the situation. I thought if he enjoyed looking so much we could tease him and make his work day, or at least his shorts, uncomfortable.”

“We aren’t going to fuck him are we?” Betty said in a shocked voice. She then bit her lip thinking of the infidelity, and revealing her desire to do exactly what she was shocked about. “I don’t think Phil would approve.”

“No! No… no fucking, just follow my lead. Okay?” She lead Betty through the kitchen and out onto the veranda. She gathered two pool chairs together, and set them to face where her landscaper was working. Mary loudly scraped the chairs across the patio bricks in the hopes of getting the landscaper’s attention. Betty picked up the cue and walked to the pool side cupboard, collecting two beach towels to keep their bare skin from sticking to the chairs, and slammed the doors shut.

Mary watched the landscaper from the corner of her eye. Their attempts to get his attention had registered at least a glance, but he did not turn towards the noisy women. His focus remained on the topiary shrub situated at the far side of the pool. He fussed and trimmed and tweaked the living art deliberately not looking at the women. Time to step it up. Betty handed her a towel for her chair.

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