Mary Christmas , Father Christmas

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I walked out into the frosty air and made my way home through the early evening shoppers. Their faces looked tired and weary, some even looked angry and frustrated. They all looked like they had been on their feet all day, searching for presents that are on every child’s wish list and the toy you need to buy eight weeks before Christmas and not seven days beforehand. I smiled as I passed them, thinking thank god I don’t have this hassle every year. No children to buy for, neither my own or any sibling children. Sometimes it’s good to be the only child. I like it that I only buy for a few friends that enjoy the bottle of Moet that I give them.

I glanced over at two women who were standing outside a shop window, pointing and laughing at what they had found. I stepped closer and overheard one saying to the other, “God you would look damn sexy in that!” I leant forward and saw a pair of red satin knickers and a red satin bra, both with a fringing of white fluffy faux fur. I moved closer to the sexy dark haired woman.

“I agree, yes you would!” The three of us stood and laughed, eyeing up the other garments in the window. “Oh god, I love those boots…” They were red thigh highs with a high silver heel. “They will be perfect for tonight, better than the black ones I was going to wear. Excuse me girls, but those boots have my name on them. See ya!” They both giggled and said their goodbyes as I opened the door to the shop. After purchasing my sexy new boots I went home to prepare for my evening.

Tonight was the Christmas party, a fancy dress one. A time to totally let go and I knew exactly what I was going to do. I’ve had it planned for weeks, especially after finding out what Joseph, the office hunk, was going to be wearing. Yes tonight, I will get him and make him mine. Well, for one night that is! Joseph is in his twenties and is fairly new to the company. Nearly every time I look up from my desk I catch him looking at me. There are younger women aplenty in the building but he’s always eyeing me up. I’m flattered that he gives me his attention. After all, I am a lot older than him. So what do I have that he so loves to ogle. A body to die for that’s what, large breasts that, of course, get put on show at any opportunity. Shapely legs that look great in a pair of stockings that the tops just happen to edge out when he is near. A flat stomach and firm arse that any skirt or trousers cling to like I was born into them. I have long dark hair with slightly twisted curls that fall beneath my shoulders.

I tease him at times. I fondle the ‘v’ on my blouse as it plunges towards my cleavage. I cross and uncross my legs when he’s passing. Just a simple glance at him at times can make him go running for the toilets. One day I must follow him there. I love to see him squirm when he doesn’t expect me to talk to him. When I seen him with the other guys in the corridor, I lean into the group and whisper, “morning Joseph!” His face flushes and he is rendered speechless. I love it. Yes Joseph, tonight, you will get your Christmas wish.

I ate a light snack after I showered then made my way upstairs to get ready. My outfit spread neatly on my king size bed. I moaned and smiled as I took in the delights in front of me. I picked up my delicate lace French knickers, red of course, with a little extra detail on the front. I eased them up my smooth long legs and over my arse cheeks. They fitted snugly over my hips and waist. I ran my fingers over the front of them. I could feel the heat building already. The red bra was next. As I lifted it from the bed it made a jingling sound. “Mmm, how cute!” I said as I placed my arms through the straps. It cupped my curvaceous mounds and lifted them, creating a deep valley in my cleavage. On the tip where my nipples stood protruding, I flicked the little jingle bells. I giggled. “Merry Christmas Joseph…”

I reached over to my red suspender belt and edged it over my feet, up my legs and over my hips. I then picked up my red stockings. I lifted the first one to my nose and inhaled the familiar smell. I love my stockings. Before I put them on I always have to glide them across my lips. Their soft touch against me always stirs my arousal. I ease them over my toes and gently slip them upwards towards my firm thighs. I stand and attach them with care to the clips on my suspenders and then the final touch, a slow teasing stroke down each leg.

I smiled as I glanced to the end of my bed. My boots. My sexy, red, thigh high boots. I pulled the zip all the way down and placed my foot inside then lovingly zipped it back up. It fitted like a second skin. I ran my fingers from the ankle to the thigh and all the way back down again. When I zipped the other boot I repeated the caress that I had given the other one. I stood up and walked towards the mirror, jingling as I stepped. I admired myself, feeling the power and dominance sweep over my being as I stood high in the heels and in the bold, passionate colour that partially covered me. A wicked grin welcomed Şanlıurfa Escort me as my eyes rose up my reflection.

The clock on the wall beeped, indicating that it was eight o’clock. I skipped over to the chair in the window and unhooked my red velour jacket from it. I wrapped it around myself and secured it with a thick silver belt consisting of circles linked together. The fluffy white outline of the jacket whispered against my neck, cleavage and wrists. The muffled sounds of jingles could be heard when my tits bounced as I skipped down the stairs. “Jingle bells, jingle bells….” I sang as I grabbed my small red bag from the coat hook and headed out to the party.

I laughed as I entered the festively decorated hall, welcomed in by the voice of Noddy Holder belting out “IT’S CHRIISSSTMASSS…” I made my way to the bar and met up with two colleagues. We stood chatting for a while, exchanging opinions on our chosen outfits. Claire wore an angel outfit, including a halo, which I’m sure will slip as the evening progresses. Danielle was Snow White, a name that should not be associated with the woman inside the costume. Another festive song bellowed from the speakers on the stage. Claire moved between Danielle and I then grabbed our arms and pulled us on the dance floor. All three of us danced continuously through six songs until I started to back up towards the edge of the dance floor and headed back to the bar for another seasonal cocktail.

As I raised my glass to my lips I scoured the room looking for my Father Christmas. As you can imagine it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I scanned every pot- bellied guy dressed in a red suit. Then, by chance ‘cat woman’ passed by a Father Christmas and grabbed his beard and lowered it, showing off his face. “Got you!” I muttered as the woman pinged the beard back up.

I placed my glass on the bar and slowly prowled towards him, my eyes never leaving him. I soon got his attention and his gaze fell upon my boots. He eyes were still fixated on them as I stood before him. I placed my finger under his chin and lifted his head. His eyes met mine and he tried to speak. The movement of his mouth was causing the beard to move slightly but the music was too loud for me to hear anything that was passing through his lips.

A slow song started and I took his hand in mine and he followed close behind me as I led him to the dance floor. My hands came to rest on his chest and as the song continued we moved closer together. His hands remaining at his side telling me he is a little inexperienced and him not knowing where to put them was so adorable. I took the initiative and placed his hands on my hips, bringing us closer together. I ran my finger down the front of his red velour jacket, following the fluffy white fringe to the hem. My hand slipped underneath and pressed into his cushioned belly. My fingers moved lower to the waist of his trousers and I slipped them just inside. I felt soft material grace my fingers. Satin I believe.

His hand had now moved underneath my jacket and he was caressing my skin just above the top of my French knickers. His touch felt good on my warm skin. My fingers descended into his satin boxers. My fingers brushed against his hard cock and he jumped back, startled at the contact. I pulled my hand away from him and smiled as my eyebrow lifted. I leant forward and spoke into his ear. “I know it’s early, but I want you…” I licked his ear and breathed into it. “Now!” His body was swaying along to the music, but his stare was locked into my eyes. I pulled the fluffy white beard down and kissed him gently on his parted lips. I stroked his upper lip with my tongue then sucked it into my mouth and dug my teeth into it. He quickly pulled away, licking his lips. “Are you ready to go?” I knew what his answer would be. He’s wanted me for months. I stared deep into his eyes then looked at the white furry tip on his hat, bobbing up and down as he nodded his head.

I took his hand from my hip and dragged him through the crowded dance floor. He followed behind, never attempting to fully catch up with me. I swayed my arse a little more than usual and felt his eyes heating me up from my heels to my pussy. We finally made it out of the building and into the cold winter air. I turned to face him, his beard swishing side to side in the brisk northerly wind. “We’ll go to my place, yes?” He nodded and I vaguely heard a muffled ‘yes’ passing through his beard.

Out of the loud music we could now hear a jingling sound. Joseph began to laugh at me as he lifted his beard. “Where the hell have you got them hidden?” Without a word I peeled open my red jacket and shimmied my tits. “Very nice… can I play with them?”

I put my arm through his and started to walk a little faster. “Maybe… have you been a good little boy this year?” We both giggled when he shrugged his shoulders and we hurried to my house. The coloured lights on the porch welcomed us up the path and I fumbled with Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the keys in my cold fingers as I tried to put the key in the keyhole.

Once inside I pushed Joseph against the wall and placed my leg between his thighs. I pulled the elastic down from his beard and hung it around his neck and put my lips to his. I moaned as he parted them and my tongue licked the insides of his soft lips. His hand came up and gently bunched my hair in his palm, caressing my curls around his fingers. My hand lay flat against his chest and occasionally I padded my way across the other side and then back again. Our mouths were one and our tongues danced, mixing our saliva. I pulled away slightly and grabbed both his hands. I placed them above his head and held them against the wall. I kissed him again, a little forceful this time as I pressed my body into him. My kisses left his mouth and followed his jaw line and up to his ear. “So tell me, have you been a good little boy?”

“Do I have to answer that?”

“Well yes you do… it determines what presents you get doesn’t it?” I left one hand holding his wrists on the wall, and with my other hand I ran my fingers slowly down his jacket, over his bulging belly and down to the front of his trousers. He swallowed hard as he felt my touch on his cock. “Have you been a good boy… or not?”

“Yes I have been a good boy!”

I smiled, “See that wasn’t hard to do was it? And as you have been good, what would you like to do to me now?” Without warning, he broke through my hand and pushed me back against the other wall. With every movement my tits jingled. My back hit the wall hard and he roughly grabbed the shoulders of my jacket and lifted them a little, pulling my arms back into the wall causing the jacket to fall open slightly. I moaned at his boldness, impressed and thankful that he wasn’t as inexperienced as I thought.

His mouth pressed onto mine as his chest pushed into my tits causing the jingle bells to momentarily stop. His lips crept to my neck and down my cleavage and his fingers toyed with the bells on my bra. He flicked them as he gently bit into my heaving mounds. “Ohh god, a little harder…” His teeth dug into me more and he sucked at my skin. “Mmm, yes…” I looked down at my devoured tit as he kissed along the red lace to my other heaving mound. Purple bruises had formed along the top of the red lace. “Bite me again…” I cried out and his teeth sunk in and sucked at my flesh. Again and again he bit and sucked me.

He relaxed my shoulders a little and I was able to hold his head in my hands. The feel of the red velour hat was soft and warm as I ran my fingers over it and the white fluffy fringe swept between my fingers. I pulled him in harder to me, his nose nuzzling against my heaving tits. I placed my hands on his shoulders and gently lowered him to his knees. He unclipped my silver belt and his soft kisses brushed against my belly. He teasingly licked along the top of my French knickers and I felt his fingers slip inside them at my hips. “Mmm, not yet little boy… you have to kiss me under the mistletoe first!” As I said the last word I spread my legs further and smiled. He looked at my knickers and grinned.

“You are a very naughty girl aren’t you?” At the front of my knickers I had previously attached a sprig of mistletoe.

“Yes Father Christmas I am, kiss me under the mistletoe!”

His fingers followed the lace edging. I felt his warm lips on my inner thigh. I groaned as his nose snuggled into my knickers. My shoulders were still against the wall, but I took my arse off it and spread my legs further. I felt his mouth opening and closing on my pussy and his moist tongue was prodding into me, taking the lace knickers with it. His hands were roaming all over my boots and when they reached the top, his fingers slipped inside to brush against my stockings. “Ohh god, that feels good!” I could smell my arousal in the air as he rubbed his face in my knickers. My tits were jingling as I began to rock back and forth on his mouth. “Father Christmas, make me cum…”

He pressed his mouth deeper into me, his nose rubbing my clit, hard and fast, my legs began to buckle and I was lowering myself onto him more. My thighs went numb and I tingled all over. I grabbed at my jingling tits, pulling my nipples. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming… ohhh goddd… yeahhh… fuckkkk…” He continued to rub my pussy until I recovered a little. “Kiss me…” He stood up and kissed me, hard. I inhaled my fragrance on him and tasted myself on his mouth and tongue as he completely ravished me. I fought for breath as his tongue licked the roof of my mouth and slid along my teeth. I groaned as he lifted my thigh and curled my leg around the back of him. I felt his hard cock against me and he began to grind into me. I lowered my hands and tugged at his trousers. His mouth left mine and I was left breathless but managed to whisper. “Does Father Christmas want his candy cane sucked?”

I lowered Escort Şanlıurfa my leg as he answered. “Fuck yeah…”

I placed my hands on his upper arms and pushed him back against the wall. I knelt before him and pulled down his trousers and kissed over his tented boxer shorts. “Very festive,” I moaned as I kissed the snowflake pattern on his red satin shorts. I licked the outline of his cock through the shorts, rising higher to the tip and back down again. I pressed down the material either side of his thick cock and repeatedly licked it, up and down. I could hear Joseph moaning as my mouth reached the tip and covered it over the soft material. I slowly edged the shorts down his thighs uncovering his huge member. I looked up at him and his eyes said it all. Pleading for me to take him in my mouth.

My teeth began to nip at his balls as my fingers stroked the length of his cock. In between tender bites I kissed his chestnuts softly then moved my lips to the shaft. I licked from top to bottom and side to side. I heard and felt him gasp as my teeth occasionally grazed over him, nibbling his cock. My mouth again kissed its way to the top and I flicked the head repeatedly, over the top and around it, swirling my tongue over it. My lips covered the top and I slowly sucked him into my mouth. Inch by inch then retracting followed by lowering my mouth further down and again retracting. My fingers gripped around him and firmly stroked, following my mouth as it sucked more of his cock into it. Faster I sucked until I felt him tighten then groan. “Oh fuck… ” Seconds later I felt his cock pulse and flood my mouth with his cum. I moaned as I swallowed and felt it ooze down the back of my throat. I kissed his thighs as I pulled his boxers back up as well as his red trousers.

I stood up, smiling at him. “Does Father Christmas want to fuck Mary Christmas now? I’ll leave the boots on and the jingle bells…”

“How can I refuse… lead the way!”

“On one condition.”

He laughed. “What’s the condition?”

“You keep the hat, jacket and the beard on.”

“It’s a deal. Now where’s the bedroom?”

“Not the bedroom, the kitchen… I want Father Christmas to fuck me on my kitchen table!”

“You really are a naughty girl aren’t you?”

“Oh yes, you only just noticed?”

We giggled as I led him down the hallway and into the kitchen. I sat on the table and spread my legs. I teasingly peeled off my red jacket and tossed it on to the floor. Joseph then stepped out of his heavy black boots and pulled his trousers and boxers down and kicked them off his feet. He walked in between my thighs and gently ran his fingers from the top of my boots, over my stockings and fondled the straps on my suspender belt, all the while kissing me tenderly. I moaned into his mouth as his fingers caressed the insides of my thighs. I felt his lips part from mine then his breath fell on my ear and whispered down my neck. He nibbled on my shoulder as his hands came to rest on my hips. He shuffled me to the edge of the table then laid me flat. My arse was on the edge and he lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He leant forward and edged my knickers off me as I held on to his shoulders with my legs. I lifted my arse off the table so he could pull my knickers from me. He crept them over my boots and lifted them over my toes and dropped them to the floor.

I spread my legs wide and gave a cheeky grin as I did so. “You want to slide into my chimney Father Christmas?”

“I think you’ve been bad enough to deserve it don’t you?”

“Mmm, yes I think so… Fuck me Father Christmas!” I felt the tip of his cock on my pussy. God, his cock was thick. I felt him inside, stroking my inner walls, filling my pussy completely as he entered me more. “Oh god yes…” My tits began to jingle as he built up a steady rhythm. He grabbed my legs and pulled them together, placing them back on his shoulders. He kissed my sexy red boots as he fucked me. I saw his long tongue edge out of the mouth hole in his beard and it twirled over my heel. “Mmm, uhhh, fuck me… harder… ” He rocked his hips back and forth, faster and faster. His long white fluffy beard was moving to and fro and side to side as he fucked me. The jingles from the bells on my tits were now ringing out continuously as my tits bounced in rhythm. His hat was bobbing from left to right and occasionally the white fluffy ball on the end would smack him in the face. “Ohh god… god…” He gripped onto my boots as he neared his release. He was groaning loudly, impaling me harder and harder. “Ohhhhh, say it…. Go on say it as you cum!”

He arched his back, pushing all of himself into me. His head fell back causing the hat to fall to the floor…”HO HO HHHOOOO!!” I felt his cock pulse deep inside me and he fucked me, shooting his cum deeper and deeper.

I felt my pussy tingle, my legs began to shake. I groped my tits as the eruptions inside made my pussy throb and convulse. “OHH GODDDD… YESSSSSSSSS!” He spread my legs again and his beard tickled me as he kissed my thighs while I breathed heavily, catching my breath, trying to recover. He pulled out of me and I pulled on his beard making him lean forward apprehensively. I carefully detached the beard and pulled him closer to me. “Kiss me…” I whispered.

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