Mary Paddles Her Man

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Mary and Kevin were rather edgy that Friday night, looking forward to what they would do after going upstairs to their bedroom. Like most young couples, they had sex regularly, but Friday night was special to them. Sometimes they went out visiting or to dinner or to some kind of entertainment. Sometimes they had company and sometimes they just spent a quiet evening at home by themselves, which is what they were doing that night. Whatever they did early in the evening, there always came a time when Kevin confessed some kind of wrongdoing, usually imaginary. Mary, outraged, responded by marching him upstairs to their bedroom and paddling his ass until he begged for mercy, which she didn’t give him for a long time. When his punishment finally ended, they followed it with their best sex of the week.

What they used was basically a table tennis paddle from which they had removed the handle and replaced it with a longer one. The new handle included a rubber grip, so Mary could hold it securely while swinging it as hard as she could. That was extremely hard, because she used to be a varsity tennis player in college, and still played regularly. Both sides of the flat part of the paddle were covered with smooth rubber, securely glued in place. To cut down on wind resistance, a few small holes had been cut through the paddle. Mary could swing it as hard as she wanted, and it was very painful when it landed, but no actual injury would ever result. What they wanted was pain, not injury or disfigurement, and pain is what Kevin got an abundance of every Friday night.

It was ten o’clock; the local news program had just ended, and he composed his face into a look of repentance and turned to his wife. “My Dear, I have a confession to make,” he told her.

Mary looked at him sternly and Kevin continued. “You know your little dog that died a few months ago? Well, he wasn’t really sick. I poisoned him.”

“You killed little Fido? Why, you no-good son of a bitch! I loved that little dog.” Actually Mary had never owned a dog and didn’t even particularly like them.

Like a one woman lynch mob, Starzbet Mary sprang from her chair and grabbed her erring spouse by his ear. “You’re gonna get it for that.”

“Ow!” Kevin cried as he was yanked abruptly from his easy chair and, bent almost double, dragged by his outraged wife across the room, up the stairs and into their bedroom. Once there, she pushed him across the room toward the foot of their four-poster bed. Her aim wasn’t really very good, but he stumbled over until he was holding one of the posts, his eyes fixed on the rope that he had placed there earlier in anticipation of this moment. The other post had a similar restraint attached, and an unwrapped condom was waiting for them near the foot of the bed. .

“I’ll teach you!” Mary snarled, fastening his left wrist to the rope and pulling it tighter. Holding his right hand, she marched over to the other post, where a similar rope was waiting, and tied it to his wrist the same way.

“What are you going to do?” he asked her.

“You’ll see. And feel.”

Mary unbuckled and unzipped her husband’s pants and pulled them down to his ankles, followed by his boxer shorts, while he resisted, futilely and passively. Kevin had already been barefoot, and she yanked one pants leg off at a time, leaving him naked below the waist. From the treatment he had received so far, his cock was starting to stiffen. When he saw Mary pull the special paddle out from under the bed and brandish it in front of his face, it became almost fully erect.

I’m gonna give it to you good, you son-of-a-bitch. How could you do that to my little doggie? Well, you’re really gonna get it now.”

Holding the paddle in her right hand, Mary swung it as hard as she could. “Whap!” it struck Kevin on his right ass cheek, making him jump and yelp in pain and leaving a big, round red mark on his white skin. Her backhand was just as good as her forehand, and Mary’s next swing put a matching blotch on his other side. Taking her time, and making sure both cheeks were thoroughly punished, Mary landed swat after painful swat on her husband’s Starzbet Giriş helpless ass.

“Ow! Ow! Ow, that hurts! Stop! Please stop! You’re hurting me, Kevin begged his vengeful wife, to no avail. From the excruciating pain emanating from his ass, which became redder and brighter as Mary continued, he danced on the floor, his cock fully hard and bouncing and swinging back and forth. His tormenter smiled in delight, really loving the sight and knowing Kevin was enjoying himself also, probably even more than she was.

Mary continued smacking his ass with the paddle. Sometimes she hit one cheek with her forehand and sometimes she hit the other with her backhand. Sometimes she shifted her feet and whacked him squarely in the middle, covering parts of both cheeks with flaming red. Not wanting to miss any part of Kevin’s ass, sometimes she brought the paddle up as hard as she could from near the floor, as if she were hitting a very high lob, and whacked her husband’s ass where it curved around to meet his legs. She was determined that, by the time she finished, his entire ass would be one mass of pain, and so red it would almost glow in the dark.

Kevin moaned and whimpered, partly in pain and partly in sexual pleasure, and begged Mary to stop the abuse. She knew he didn’t really mean it. When he had gotten enough, he would let her know, and they would get on with the fucking.

Mary was not in any pain, of course, except that she was sweating heavily and her arm was getting tired from swatting Kevin. Briefly, she paused, and stripped off her own clothing, leaving it lay where it landed on the floor. She was also deriving great sexual pleasure from the beating she was giving to the ass of the man who had confessed to murdering her beloved little dog. Besides perspiration, the panties she peeled off were soaked with juices from her pussy, while more trickled down her legs. Completely naked, she resumed his punishment,

Finally, with his ass and his upper thighs painted a solid red from Mary’s many vigorous blows with her paddle, Kevin interrupted his moans and yelps Starzbet Güncel Giriş and whimpers, and said “Let’s go downtown”.

That was the signal, and Mary slid the paddle back to its place of concealment, climbed onto the bed and lay on her back with her legs spread wide and a pillow under her head. She didn’t bother to untie Kevin, because the ropes were so loose that he was able to pull his hands free. Even taking the time to roll the condom onto his rigid cock, he still had to wait a few seconds for her to get herself positioned. With his cock hard and bouncing and completely ready, he climbed over the foot of the bed and almost threw himself onto Mary’s eager body. Her pussy was so wet, and they were already so accustomed to each other’s bodies, that his cock glided all the way into her with one strong thrust.

They had no worry about AIDS or STD, and Mary was on the pill, so pregnancy was also not a concern. They used a condom because, after the initial fucking, Kevin would want to eat her pussy, and he didn’t like the thought of licking up his own semen. Mary rather enjoys the taste of the juices her pussy would be producing, and she would be able to lick them off her husband’s face while they were fucking for the second time. After that climax, she would take his cock into her mouth and get it hard again, followed by either sucking him off or fucking some more. Depending on how tired they would be after those climaxes, they would either go to sleep or continue with their love-making.

Kevin and Mary really enjoy themselves on Friday nights, and their pleasure continues on Saturday morning, when he wakes up with his ass still throbbing with pain and his cock hard again. They wouldn’t change anything, even though it means that he will need a pillow to sit on for the rest of the weekend.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Kevin and Mary did, and will be having. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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