Meeting Mallory Pt. 04

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Big Tits

“He’s like a cum machine, I swear,” Mallory said, leaning off the couch for a kiss that turned into three post-orgasmic people swapping spit.

“Looks like I just bought two more bikinis,” I chuckled.

“I can feel your cum on my skin,” Katey said. “Do you always fuck that way?”

“No, I fucked Malloy naked before we went shopping. Of course, the time before that was why we were bikini shopping. Do you always have such personalized service?”

“Mallory can be very persuasive. I was soo wet by the time you guys left.”

“Do you have to go back soon? By now, I’m betting Mallory’s friends think she got kidnapped.”

“Let’s just say my friends know I’m having some fun.” Mallory said.

“My shift ended. I brought the bikinis on my own time.”

I got up and finally poured the champagne.

“To freedom in paradise,” I toasted, my first time ever making a toast completely naked.

“To hard cock and wet pussy,” Mallory answered, then dunked the head of my dick into her glass. The champagne was cold and tingly on my raw cock, but it perked up as she licked the sparkly wine from it. She then spilled some over Katey’s exposed nipples and flicked her tongue over them.

“Oh my God that tickles,” Katey said with a giggle. With her right hand, she turned Mallory’s head to her lips. “See what you did to my face?” she asked as they kissed.

“Wow, I taste pretty good,” Mallory responded, licking her way around Katey’s cheeks.

“I want to see how those bikinis look wet with something besides your juices,” I said.

Setting my glass on the table, I stood and extended a hand to each of them.

“My juices and your cum,” Katey responded as she rose to my side.

“The way he cums that seems about even,” said Mallory, springing to her feet.

Arms around each other, we moved to the tub, sweaty, relaxed, eager for more. At least I knew I was. I helped them in, and they in turn began splashing me and each other as I followed them.

“Go easy, I’m not as young as I used to be,” I said, settling back into a seat big enough for three.

“We working you over, old man?” Sivas Escort Mallory teased as she snuggled in on my left.

“You best be ready for more, I didn’t punch out early for a one and done,” Katey said as she pulled off her bandeau top. She was about to toss it to the side when Mallory brushed her wrist.

“Leave that here, it might come in handy,” Mallory said with a horny little smirk I had enjoyed all day.

“How ’bout you girl? Isn’t time to let these babies out? Katey asked while pulling the knot behind Mallory’s neck. The top slipped from her breasts into the water and Katey and I began toying with Mallory’s nipples. Our fingers met around her back as we unfastened the clasp while our lips, tongues and teeth worked her stiff nipples. I shifted my kisses to Mallory’s mouth as Katey scooped her top from the water and dropped it next to hers beside the tub.

Then she stood up, turning away from us and swaying her hips around. With an about face, she took Mallory by the hand, pulled her to her feet and drew her close. The kiss they shared was long and wet as they pressed their tits together. I pressed forward a bit off the bench for a little more pussy play.

They turned away again, looking down at me as they wiggled and giggled.

“Do you like the bikinis you bought us?” Katey asked.

They made it so easy to slide my fingers over their pussies, penetrating lightly through the bottoms as they leaned out to hold the edge of the tub. My middle fingers found their ways past the fabric and into their honey holes. In they plunged, turning just a tad. Both pussies were swollen and puffy by now, and because the jets were puling over my cock, I knew they needed to rejoin me on the seat for the best effects.

Seating them both on my lap as best I could, I let their make-out show go on as I caressed their pussies while aiming them at the bubbles. They began moaning into each other’s mouths, Katey with a rocking motion on my right leg. Again, I got my fingers inside their bottoms, this time pushing down over their clits. My fingers curled slightly and moved with the contours Sivas Escort Bayan of their pussies and in time with their movements.

Mallory shifted to get the full bubbly fingery blast on her pussy, wrapping her right arm around my shoulder while she played with Katey’s titties. My head stayed back, I was watching orgasms develop and wanted to see who I could make cum harder…and first.

This time it was Mallory, swiveling her hips over my left leg and hand, then thrusting forward, just as she had cum into Katey’s mouth a few minutes before. Then with a start, Katey actually pulled back on my leg, gabbing my hand and holding it in place as her quivering overtook her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhohhhhhyeahhhh,” Mallory yelled while Katey’s voice dissolved into grunts that then flowed into a wail of delight.

I kept my fingers inside them as their thrashing slowed. Mallory was the first to kiss me afterwards, and when Katey leaned we all enjoyed a triple French kiss.

“Fuck her, I dare ya,” Katey said while tugging on my stiffening cock. “She needs to be fucked silly and I want to see it.”

“It doesn’t feel like we wore him out,” Mallory added as she stroked my cock with Katey. She stood, then reclined on the cushions on the tub’s platform, dangling her legs in the water. “Want some?” she asked with a flick of a finger.

Not being the type to say no when there’s a lady in distress, I stepped to Mallory, but was one step behind Katey.

“Let me help you with that,” she purred, taking my now very hard cock in her hand. Her skilled slim fingers gave my cockhead a tour of Mallory’s eager pussy. “Let’s see what happens when I do this,” she laughed as she rubbed my cock on Mallory’s clit.

Palming my dick, she pushed me along Mallory’s pussy as we both almost begged to fuck, then Katey pulled her hand off like it was a pace car letting me gun my engines. In my dick went, her pussy bare and so inviting. She was silky, and so, so warm and I almost purred along with her as we began yet another fuck. She was a bit more passive this time, but so wet and willing.

“C’mere Escort Sivas you slut,” she said, waggling the same come hither finger at Katey. The result was the same, too, only Katey climbed out of the tub, and as she kissed Mallory, she reached back to rub her clit.

Together we pushed Mallory down into the cushions as she tried to squirm. And I hammered her. The way this day was going, I was beginning to believe every fuck would be my last, if only because they couldn’t keep getting better. So I hammered her.

I mean, I did pace myself for a bit, lost in the texture of her pussy yet again, but as Mallory let herself go to our hands, tongues and cock I knew it was impossible to fuck her slowly.

Katey licked from the side of Mallory’s neck, over her shoulder and then slurping on her right nipple. Trailing farther, the tip of her tongue crossed over her navel and dabbed in for a second. Then ever so deliberately she traced a path to Mallory’s pussy.

“You didn’t think I was going to sit this one out, did you?” winking and then licking Mallory’s exposed clit. “There’s too much cum to be shared. So fuck her.”

I pulled out completely and smiled. “Try tasting her on this.”

“Don’t stop fucking me,” Mallory wailed, but it was too late—Katey took a long suck on my cock, then kissed her pussy before helping me back inside.

“You heard the lady, fuck her.” Katey and I kissed as we worked Mallory’s pussy hard, ramrodding it as she went into overdrive. Her eyes close and mouth opened, but her vocal chords seemed to freeze as her orgasm hit. She came with little gasping sounds, her hands flailing behind her.

Then I felt a bolt shooting from me as I was in mid-stroke inside her. The first shot stayed inside her, before the second I pulled out and sprayed her bikini, and suddenly, Katey’s mouth as she moved down for a taste. They weren’t my longest shots of the day but they puddled nicely on Mallory’s pelvic crest before Katey began licking it up.

“Oh damn, ladies,” I said. “This one may have drained me.”

“In that case, I better share,” Katey said, slurping some cum and then letting Mallory draw it from her mouth.

By now we were all shriveling a bit, too, and I admit I was ready to stretch out again. My cock plopped a bit as I pulled out.

Taking their hands, I stepped out of the tub.

“Time to see is the bed is made for three,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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