Meeting Marc

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An urgent work trip to Taipei was the last thing I needed.

Already swamped with work, I literally dashed home to pack a few things and rushed to the airport.

With bad weather predicted throughout the coming weekend, there wouldn’t be many opportunities to explore a new city as well.

One bright spot was the fact that my former colleague, Marc was living there.

Dropping him a WhatsApp as I boarded the early evening flight, I let him know I would be in town, and if he was free we could meet for a drink.

There was always something about Marc. An older Frenchman in his mid 40’s, his dark features and stocky gym build made him look younger than his age.

Switching my phone off, I settled into what was a bumpy turbulent flight.

Landing in Taipei proved to be an unforgettable experience as a typhoon rapidly approached the island, and my flight would be the last one in for a few days.

Settling into the cab for the drive in to the hotel, I switched my phone on and replied to some pressing work issues.

Noticing a WhatsApp from Marc, I opened it, reading the message as the rain lashed the taxi driving into the city.

Marc had highlighted how the approaching typhoon would all but close most places, and offered to host me at his place for a drink, that evening.

Looking at my watch and realising it was close to 10pm I replied thanking him for the offer, but it would probably be quite late before I could get there, so maybe another time would work best.

His response was near instant. He insisted I head over, as the weekend would be a write off due to the weather, so a late night wasn’t an issue.

Agreeing, I asked for his address, and was pleasantly surprised to find it was less than ten minutes from my hotel.

After a quick shower at the hotel, I was back out the door and arriving at Marc’s place soon after.

He buzzed me in and welcomed me to his compact but cozy apartment.

A couple of lamps provided some lighting, and a low couch and table, with some cushions on the floor, made for a comfortable and inviting place to relax.

The drinks were flowing freely and the conversation was great, though after Bostancı Escort such a long week I was starting to feel the tiredness creeping in.

I stretched out and caught myself yawning, and Marc also noticed it.

Ever the gracious host, Marc asked me if I would like a neck and shoulder massage, to relieve some tension.

It sounded perfect and I readily agreed.

I moved over towards Marc, who had shifted off the couch and was sitting on the floor.

Sitting in front of him, I moved back slightly until his legs were on either side of me, his strong hands slowly starting to work my shoulders.

After such a long week, and a few drinks, the contact and firm but slow massage, felt great.

Letting Marc know how good it felt, I closed my eyes and let him work his magic.

After about ten minutes, I felt Marc pulling on my t shirt, and leaning forward, I helped him remove it. Giving him better access to my shoulders and upper back.

As Marc was working my neck with his left hand, I felt his right hand move around my side, and he started lightly massaging my chest, before tweaking my nipple, the extended time while holding on to my nipple I found instantly arousing.

I let out a light moan, letting Marc know I was enjoying it. This was the green light he was looking for and within moments his left hand was working over my other nipple.

I reached my hand back behind me, and started rubbing the front of Marc’s crotch, his hardening cock easily felt through his loose workout pants.

We continued in near silence. The sexual tension in the room building with each passing minute.

Marc broke the silence asking me if I would like him to massage the rest of my body.

I replied saying that sounded great, and we moved from the living room to Marc’s bedroom, the dim bedside lamp providing just enough light to make out the bed.

Marc asked me to strip, and lie face down, as he also removed his shirt and pants, and I climbed onto the bed.

Shortly after Marc moved my legs apart, as he knelt between my legs, his thighs pressing into my upper thighs as he started massaging my lower back.

Long, Ümraniye Escort slow strokes up toward my neck were incredibly pleasurable, and as he massaged further up my body, leaning forward over me, the distinct feeling of his hard cock rubbing over my ass made me smile and let out a soft moan of encouragement.

The splash of some warm liquid on my ass, followed by Marc’s cock pressing against my hole meant all pretence of a massage had passed.

Marc was probing my hole with his cock, pushing more and more lube into me and coating his cock each time he rubbed his cock along the length of my ass crack.

Tilting my hips back towards him, I grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling them apart slightly, letting Marc know that I was ready for him to fuck me.

He needed no second invitation.

Pushing his thick cock head slowly into me, it didn’t take long till my ass stopped resisting and he worked his raw cock deep into me.

His strong cock felt great, stretching me as he slowly inched inside. Pulling back, yet keeping his cock head in me, before pushing deeper and deeper until I could feel his full length filling me.

Marc let me adjust to his size before he started pounding me hard.

The vigorous fucking was an absolute delight, my prostate sending intense waves of pleasure throughout my body, each time Marc pushed his hard cock past it.

Our communication had been minimal, but I let Marc know how good it felt and asked him if he wanted to change positions.

He replied he was close to cumming, so I pushed back against him, letting him know I was ready for his load.

This pushed him over the edge and he started to cum, just as he pushed in as deep as he could go.

The hot cum started flowing, hitting inside my ass as Marc kept his still.

Emptying his balls completely before gradually pulling his cock out of my well used ass.

Lying there on my stomach, I could feel some of his cum beginning to leak from me, so I headed to clean up, leaving Marc on the bed, catching his breath after such a passionate fuck.

After cleaning up I joined Marc on the bed. It wasn’t long before Anadolu Yakası Escort I was sound asleep, exhausted from the long week and the absolute fucking I had just received.

The loud crack of thunder, followed by lightning that lit the room up like a summers day woke us both around 5am.

Walking over to the window, it was an impressive sight that greeted us.

The rain was torrential and the wind so strong that trees were nearly bent over, with some broken branches scattered on the road. The rattling windows added to the atmosphere.

Marc was standing directly behind me, and turning around I noted he was stroking his now hard cock.

Dropping to my knees I pushed his hand away and took a firm grip on his shaft, as my lips parted, welcoming his velvety soft cock head on to my tongue.

I worked my tongue over Marc’s cock head as I my mouth moved further down his shaft, firm slow strokes working the base of his cock, with my hand, while sucking hard on his tip.

Marc was loving the attention from my tongue, clearly turned on he placed his hands on my head and started guiding me, to take more and more of his cock down my throat.

Without much resistance, I was able to take most of his cock down my throat.

Finding a comfortable position which made it easy to breathe, yet keep Marc’s cock deep in my throat, we soon found a nice rhythm that let Marc fuck my mouth, and let me keep a nice strong suction on his cock as he did so.

The constant, repetitive push of his cock against my throat was turning me on, and I started to stroke my hard cock, conscious that I was close to blowing my load already.

Unable to hold it any longer, I started to cum, shooting my load on to the floor in front of me, as Marc continued to fuck my open mouth and throat.

Another burst of lightning lit up the room as Marc tensed up, pausing momentarily as his cock head swelled and his hot cum started flowing down my tongue and wide open throat.

I made sure to take every last drop before slowly pulling Marc’s cock from my mouth, his heavy breathing and huge smile ample evidence that he had enjoyed me sucking him off.

As I stood up Marc leaned in and started kissing me passionately. His tongue dancing in my mouth as he pulled me into his body, and guided me back to the bed.

As we settled back into bed, the storm still raging outside, I knew that there would be more to come from Marc, and as we drifted off to sleep, I was looking forward to indulging in it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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