Meeting the New Neighbor

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Julia Jenkins was a divorced mother who lived alone. But for thirty-eight years old, she looked like she was twenty-eight, with long Blonde hair, perfect tanned skin, beautiful blue eyes, and a 36 C size chest. Unfortunately, she had no luck when it came to love. Nearly every guy she met, was an asshole. Since the divorce from her husband, she lived in this spacious apartment complex. Only one other person lived on her floor, and he moved out months ago. When she wasn’t running her fitness center, Julia was always on the phone with her twenty-one year old daughter Sally. But most of the time when she wasn’t at work, she was bored, very bored.

Julia was sitting at home on Saturday night, alone, as usual, when she was startled by a knock on her door. She walked to the door and opened it. When she did, she was greeted by this perky red headed girl.

“Hi! I’m Tracy your new neighbor!”

“Oh hi, my name’s Julia. How long have you been moved in?”

“A day or so. Since we are going to be neighbors, I thought we might go out and have a little fun tonight, you know and hit the club scene.”

“Okay with me, I get bored here anyway.”

“Okay, I’ll come by in an hour to pick you up.”


Julia was very excited. She had not had a night on the town in years. But there was another reason she was excited. She couldn’t understand it. She was going out to have fun with a very attractive young girl. She hopped in the shower, and noticed something: she was aroused! Once again, she figured it was just the excitement of actually getting out of the house for a night. Plus she was going out with an attractive new friend. “Maybe, people will think we are sisters.” She thought to herself. She got out of the shower, and dried off. She went to put on her underwear, when a devilish thought entered her mind: “Lets wear no bra or panties.” She replied out loud: “Okay, it will be less hassle if I end up having sex tonight anyway.” She put on a tight, short red dress, with a pair of red pumps. She looked in the mirror, and said out loud: “Damn, I’m hot!” She finished getting ready, and waited for Tracy, nice attractive sexy Tracy. Julia didn’t have time to think about her last thought, because she heard Tracy knocking on the door.


“Hey Jules! Wow you look so hot! You ready?”

Julia thought: No one’s called me “Jules” since my boyfriends in college. She looked Tracy over. She was wearing the same sexy red dress that she was. Julia was almost in a trance, until Tracy woke her up.

“I said, are you ready to go?”

“ What? Yeah, ready to go.”

The girls walked out to Tracy’s car. Julia was shocked when she saw her car. It was a candy apple red corvette. “Wow! Nice car!”

“Thanks. It was a gift from my parents.”

“Cool! So where are we going?”

“The Club.”


Julia beşiktaş escort stayed quiet during most of the ride, she was just so nervous. It took about fifteen minutes, but they finally got to The Club. They showed their I.D.s, and went inside. They ordered their drinks and went to a table.

“So Jules, tell me about yourself.”

“Well, I’m thirty-eight. I’m divorced. I own a fitness center downtown. I have a twenty-one year old daughter, who is in college. That’s about it, what about you?”

“Well, I’m eighteen. My parents are filthy rich, they buy me whatever you want, and I’m going to college in a year or so.”

“You are eighteen?”

“Yup. Sneaky ain’t I?”

“I guess.”

Just then a couple of drunk bikers came up and started propositioning the girls like they were a couple of prostitutes.

“Hey! How much do a couple of whores like you cost?”

“Yeah do you both do a double show or what?”

The dimwitted duo kept on making their asinine comments, until Tracy did something that surprised Julia. She kissed her. It was a long passionate kiss, that lasted long after the two drunks left disgusted with what they saw. When the kiss ended, Julia tried to talk.

“Tracy I……”

“Come on lets go.”

Tracy dragged Julia out to the dance floor and started dancing seductively all over her. All the while, Julia was protesting, but everytime she did, Tracy danced closer to her. Then a slow song came on. Tracy danced as close as she could to Julia. There was no way for Julia to get away from her. Tracy began kissing Julia. The more Tracy kissed Julia, the less inhibited she became. Before the slow song was over, Julia was literally putty in Tracy’s hands. The girls left the club soon after. As they walked to Tracy’s corvette, Julia was trying to rationalize things.

“Tracy, I….”

Tracy interrupted Julia with a moist kiss.

“The night ain’t over just yet.”

With that, the girls got in the corvette, and left to a new destination.

“Where are we going Tracy?”

“You’ll see, some place special.”

After that, Julia didn’t say much during the ride to “someplace special.” She was too busy thinking things out. Here she was out and about, with this very young girl, who she hardly new. Add on to the fact that this young girl was trying to seduce her, and she was succeeding! The last few minutes of the ride, Tracy asked Julia to keep her eyes closed. Julia complied. She was lead out of the car, when they got there, and inside another club. Tracy tool the blindfold off of Julia. Julia was shocked at what she saw. She was in a lesbian strip club. She heard an announcer announce that it was “Amateur Night.”

“Come on Julia, we’re in the contest.”

“What contest?”

“We’re going to strip!”


Before şişli escort Julia could protest, they were behind the curtain getting signed up.

“Okay Jules, we are going to be a group act!”

Before Julia knew it, they were ready to get on stage. Tracy had to drag Julia out to the stage. She stared deeply into Julia’s eyes, as she said:

“Let me lead, you enjoy the show.”


Tracy positioned herself and Julia in the middle of the stage. As the music started, Tracy kissed Julia. Julia melted in to the kiss. Tracy took the straps down off Julia’s dress, and then pulled the dress off all the way. She then proceeded to kiss Julia’s neck, then went lower to her breasts. She ravished Julia’s lovely tits ad nipples. Julia’s moans got louder, as did the women’s in the audience. Tracy then rapped her legs around the nude body of Julia’s, and started gyrating herself on her. She was using Julia as a human dance pole. As Tracy was sucking on the back of Julia’s neck, Tracy whispered:

“I’m going to walk over there, crawl seductively to me and tear off my dress and have your way to me.”

As Julia admired Tracy’s tight ass as she walked away from her, she thought to herself:

“Damn her! She’s turned me into a lesbian! She makes me feel so alive, so young. No one has ever made me feel like this. She is so demanding. God I want her!”

Julia got on her knees, and crawled over to Julia who was motioning her to come to her. Julia stood up and started ripping Tracy’s dress to shreds, to the applause of all the women in the audience. Once Tracy was nude, the two started making out like teenagers on prom night. Just a Julia was ready to dig herself deeper into this new lesbian lust, a buzzer sounded signaling the end of the time limit. The judge came out after the girls left the stage and announced them as the unanimous winners. As they accepted their prizes, (500 dollars and an assortment of sex toys) Tracy asked something of Julia.

“Jules? Lets both leave her naked.”

“How do I let you talk me into these things? Okay but I get to drive home. I want you to play with me on the way home.”

“Deal! You’re turning into quite the lesbian.”

“It feels weird.”

“Just let me lead baby.”

On the ride back to the apartment, Tracy had the seat, and the steering wheel adjusted enough, to where she could lower her head on to Julia’s waiting pussy.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make you cum baby!”

Tracy rammed her tongue up Julia’s cunt. Soon she had Julia moaning in ecstasy. She could barely stay on the road. She started cumming a flood. Soon, the two girls returned to the apartments. As she parked the car, Julia started to worry.

“Oh my God! What if someone sees us, you threw our clothes out the window!”

“I know! bahçeşehir escort Isn’t this cool?”

Tracy pulled Julia out of the car, and lead her to her apartment. Once they got in the apartment, Julia tried once again unsuccessfully to rationalize the subject.

“Tracy, we need to…..”

“Fuck each other’s brains out?”

“Well not really I….”

“Jules, I know that all that I have done and showed you tonight has been shocking, but you needed this. I have observed you for longer than a day or so, and I can tell, you want more from life don’t you? You want love? You want someone like me in your life?”


Julia dove towards Tracy and met a loving embrace and a long sensual kiss. Soon the two of them were in the bedroom making passionate love. After making each other cum several times, Tracy left the room, but she returned with the bag of toys they won at the contest.

“Lover? How long has it been since you got fucked by a man’s dick?”

“A long time.”

Tracy moaned in delight and pulled a ten inch strapon dildo out of the bag. She stuck it in her mouth and began sucking on it. She was turning Julia on so much, that Julia started fingering herself. Son, Tracy had the dildo wet enough for her on delight, and strapped it around her waist. She reached into a bowl of fruit by the bed, and pulled out a cherry.

“Spread your legs baby. This cherry signifies your virginity. Your lesbian virginity. I’m going to stick it deep in your love nest.”

“Julia moaned as the cherry was shoved up her pussy.”

“Now is my little sex kitten ready for my big dick to take her virginity?”

“Ooooooooooo Yes!”

Tracy slowly inserted the phallus in Julia’s pussy. It only went in half-way.

“Jules, it won’t go in any further! I’m going to have to force it in. You may feel so discomfort okay?”

“As long as when it’s in you fuck my brains out, I’m okay.”

“Wow! It’s really tight, how big was your biggest guy?”

“Six inches.”

“No wonder!”

Tracy started ramming the cock inside her lover. At first, Julia’s cries of pain became moans of lust. Tracy thought to herself: Pain must turn her on. Soon the phallus was all the way in, and Julia was do ready to be fucked silly.

“Okay baby! Fuck me now!”

“Mmmmmm so demanding!”

Julia started rhythmically fucking her new lover. Slow at first, but as Julia’s moans increased, Tracy went faster and faster, harder and harder.

“Oh God! Yes! Yes! Oh shit, Oh shit! Fuck! Fuck!!!!!! Yesssssssssssss!”

Tracy fucked Julia’s pussy for over an hour, and Julia was loving every second. No one had ever loved her in this way. Tracy then fucked Julia in her ass, a place no one had ever been before. Soon, the two girls were spent. They collapsed on top of each other.

“So Jules, how does it feel to be a lesbian?”

“If I would have known it was this good, I would have become one a long time ago. I love you Tracy.”

“I love you too!”

Julia silently thought to herself:: Oh my God what if Sally (her daughter) found out her mother was a lesbian.

To be continued

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