Megan and My Foot Fetish

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The first time I met Megan was at my friend Jason’s house, or rather his and his roommates’ house. Jason and I got to know each other as college students, and on the weekend he’d frequently have a barbeque and invite people over for little impromptu parties. Jason and his roommates were pretty cool guys, and a lot of attractive girls would come to these parties, so it was no surprise that someone like Megan would show up wearing short shorts and sandals.

One of the perks about going to school in a warm environment is that all the girls wear sandals. For someone with a foot fetish, it’s like they’re partially naked all the time. I’ve always had a foot fetish, but was weary about admitting it to girls because I was afraid they’d find it weird.

Anyways, the first time I met Megan she was wearing sandals, and of course I saw her beautiful feet. They were shaped so lovely, with high arches and pretty toes, with pillow soft soles. She had turquoise painted toenails, and it was obvious she pampered her feet.

Going up from those feet appears a set of gorgeous legs. I’ve always been sort of leg man too, and Megan had those toned sexy legs that only come on women who keep themselves fit. Next came a tight butt looking cute in short shorts, followed by perky B-cup tits in a simple top, and an attractive, fun-loving and curious face.

I’m a pretty shy guy and don’t really know how to have the charm/confidence/whatever to approach girls and be successful. Fortunately this was a small enough party where everyone was just kind of hanging out together drinking beer around the grill, so I could make Megan’s acquaintance without having to take any awkward initiative. I didn’t say much though, because I couldn’t stop concentrating on her feet. I was waging a battle against myself, and I was semi erect and didn’t want it to get worse. But it was like my eyes had a mind of their own and couldn’t stop glancing at her feet at every opportunity. It was a losing battle and I told Jason I had to leave.

“Going so soon? It’s still kinda early.”

“Yeah but I got a lot of work to do this weekend, so I need to get started early tomorrow.”

“Aw man that sucks. See you later dude!”

“It was nice to meet you!” Megan added as I was leaving.

“Uh yeah, nice to meet you too!” I stammered, already mentally cringing hoping I didn’t seem too awkward.

As soon as I got home I jerked off thinking about Megan’s feet. Even afterward I was preoccupied thinking about her feet. I dreamed about sucking on those toes, licking her soles, having those arches wrapped around my cock, and jerked off twice more before I went to sleep.

The following week it was one of Jason’s roommate’s birthdays, and they had a pretty big party and bought a keg of beer. I assumed there was a good chance Megan would be there again. I resolved to not glance at her feet even once, as it was a slippery slope to losing self control. And I jerked off before the party thinking that might help.

At the beginning I was successful. Even though Megan looked beautiful in a simple purple sun dress, I managed to not look at her feet even once. I still noticed her sexy legs, not really muscular but toned in that sexy feminine way. Maybe the few beers loosened me up, but I managed to act pretty cool this time. I even made Megan laugh when she brought up her Zumba and I asked if it was like the Richards Simmons dance videos. She playfully slapped me on the chest, and I thought her hand lingered a bit but I couldn’t be sure. She was a student like me and was studying biology, and she seemed really down to earth.

Later on in Bostancı escort the evening a group of us were sitting down, I was on the edge of a couch and Megan was sitting in a chair perpendicular to me. I really had to steel myself not to directly look at her feet, and I still managed. At some point someone lit a joint, and passed it around. I wasn’t a pothead or anything, but I did enjoy smoking occasionally. As I took a few puffs Megan took her sandals off and placed her feet on the coffee table in front of me. She had slightly angled her legs toward my end of the couch, with her foot crossed over the other toward me at the ankle. After I passed the joint I couldn’t help myself and glanced at her feet.

Her feet looked even more beautiful that night. It looked like she had just gotten a pedicure, and her toenails were painted a light shade of purple with white tips. She even had an ankle bracelet and a toe ring. I think smoking must have put me in a trance or something, because I couldn’t take my eyes off her feet. Every few moments she would scrunch her toes or make some subtle movement with her feet, and it was driving me crazy.

“Tony? You here? It’s your hit.” laughed Megan, bringing me back to reality.

“Oh! Sorry I kinda spaced out there, they sure make weed really strong nowadays ha ha,” I said hoping no one noticed I was ogling Megan’s feet or looking at my crotch. As I passed the joint Megan took her feet off the table, and I thought I saw a little smirk on her face.

I was a little embarrassed and avoided Megan the rest of the party. I played some drinking games and ended up getting a little drunk, and I don’t remember if I even interacted with Megan the rest of the party.

I slept in and woke up a little hungover the next day, and was glad that I had bought bacon and eggs the day before. I checked my phone and noticed I had a text message.

‘Hi Tony it’s Megan! Jason gave me your number, and I was wondering if you could come over to my place tonight and check my math homework? It’s not my strongest subject, and I need a math credit to graduate.’

Even though it was a little strange for her to choose me, I figured it was because I had taken a bunch of math classes so she knew it would be easy. I replied, ‘Yeah I’m available tonight. What time do you want me to come by?’

In a few minutes she replied back, ‘Great!!! Come by around 7 I live at xxx’

I was both excited and nervous at the prospect of seeing Megan again. I thought Megan was a really cool girl, and I didn’t want to scare her off by creepily staring at her feet all night. Maybe checking math problems would keep my mind at bay, I reasoned.

Feeling better after eating, I went surfing that afternoon to detoxify myself and clear my head. I came home and ate dinner and showered. Before heading over to Megan’s, I was determined to act like a normal human being.

When I showed up Megan was dressed in a T-shirt and short soft cotton shorts, like what she might wear to bed or something. She still looked sexy though, and I both thanked and cursed God when I noticed her feet were covered by slippers.

Megan explained she wanted someone to look over her first assignment to make sure she had a good start in her math class. Reassuring her that it was no problem, we sat down on her couch and I started looking at her work.

After I confirmed that her first few problems were solved correctly, Megan groaned and said that her foot was cramping. She said that the only thing that made it go away was to massage her foot for a few minutes.

I immediately blurted out, “I’ll Anadolu Yakası Escort do it!” I think involuntarily.

“Really? First you check my math homework, and now a foot massage, you are a saint!”

“It’s really no big deal,” I responded trying to cover up my overenthusiastic response.

We moved to opposite ends of the couch, and Megan took her slippers off. Seeing her feet and knowing I was going touch them quickly started making me hard. There were the same purple toenails with white tips as last night, and her feet were completely bare. As I took her foot into my hands, I marveled at how soft and warm it was. I glanced at Megan and she seemed to be studying my face trying to gauge my reaction.

I held her foot in both hands, with my thumbs on her pillowy sole. I began massaging slowly and delicately, and then as I got more confident I started deeply massaging her beautiful sole. Megan exhaled and closed her eyes, and I knew she was enjoying it.

“My toes… they get cramps too,” Megan uttered in almost a whisper.

I moved my hands up to her toes, and started randomly deeply massaging them. I wasn’t sure who was enjoying this massage more, me or Megan as she just lay there smiling with her eyes closed.

Eventually Megan opened her eyes and said softly, “My other foot gets cramps too.” I took her other foot into my hands while the first rested on my lap.

I massaged her toes with one hand, and rubbed her sole with my other, and was switching back and forth with both hands. I was trying to be smooth and give a good massage, and even though I was inexperienced Megan’s slow deep breathing was a good sign.

By now I had a raging hard on, and I knew resistance was futile. When Megan’s foot strayed further up lap and brushed against my cock I was a little worried about what her reaction would be, but she gave me a devilish grin and said, “I guess I’m not the only one enjoying this.”

“Yeah, Megan, I, uhhhh”

“Ha ha ha it’s cute. Besides, I do owe you for coming over tonight,” she said, sliding her foot the length of my cock through my pants, “Take off your shorts.”

I instantly got up and took them off, and I was afraid I was going to wake up and find out this was all a dream. I sat down and Megan wrapped her feet around my cock.

“Ooohhh… it’s really hard,” Megan cooed.

She had her toes wrapped around my cock, and slowly started moving them up and down. I was in a daze, enjoying every stroke of her soft, warm feet. I couldn’t believe these sexy feet, with their beautiful toes, arches, everything were around my cock. Even though Megan was going slow, I was already close to cumming. When she increased the pace slightly I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Megan… I…”

Megan giggled, and stroked my cock a little faster. I came immediately, shooting spurts of semen all over (and mostly beyond) her feet.

Megan gasped, and then laughed and said, “Wow, that was fast. And you made a huge mess.”

“Oh Megan… I guess I owe you now,” I said, surprised that I had some wit.

“Ha ha ha I thought you were into my feet when we first met; your eyes were all over them. And yesterday…”

“Yeah… I avoided you because I thought you’d think I was a creep or something.”

“No no no it turns me on that you like my feet! My old boyfriend had a foot fetish, and now I don’t think I could be with a man who wasn’t into my feet.”

Suddenly it all made sense. I realized that Megan was teasing me the whole time, and maybe I should have picked up on it sooner.

Megan smiled Kadıköy Escort at me and lifted her foot to her mouth and licked off my cum. She made a slurping sound at the end, and even though I just came I was starting to get turned on again. She did the same with the other foot, then said matter-of-factly, “I believe you mentioned that you owe me now, how about picking up where you left off?”

As Megan leaned back I took her foot into my hands. I decided to take a chance and started sucking on Megan’s big toe. She moaned and closed her eyes, and each time I moved to a different toe she tensed up and clutched her breasts. When I licked her sole slowly starting from her heel she made this shiver-moan sound, and stuck her hand down her pants and started rubbing her clit.

Knowing that Megan was getting turned on by getting her feet worshiped made her even sexier. Not only was she indulging my fetish, she was indulging herself!

I took her other foot and just started going to town on it with my mouth. I alternated between sucking on her toes, heels, everywhere on her feet with licking everywhere too. Her feet were so soft and warm, it was like my dream come true. Megan was clutching her breast and slowly writhing on the couch and began rubbing her clit a little faster now. I was rock hard again at this point.

When I took both her feet and rubbed them all over my face, my tongue out and licking everything I could, Megan started rubbing herself even faster. I was trying to get as much of Megan’s feet as possible, jamming all her toes into mouth and squeezing her feet in my hands. Eventually Megan started rubbing her clit really fast, and her body tensed up and let out a soft moan as she came.

I kept licking and sucking on her feet, much slower now though. Megan let out a cute sigh and just lay there for about a minute, then opened her eyes and said, “My, hard again? You just can’t get enough of my feet can you?”

She leaned forward and spit on her hands and wrapped them around my cock. Despite the foot job earlier, I wasn’t too far away from cumming again. While I kept worshiping her feet Megan slowly stroked my cock, almost playfully like it was her toy or something. Her hands were almost as soft and warm as her feet, and she had a happy smirk on her face as she moved her hands up and down my cock.

As I started licking and sucking Megan’s feet a little faster, Megan started stroking a little faster. After a minute I was about to cum, and I started frantically sucking and licking Megan’s feet. She stroked my cock even faster as well, and I my entire body tensed and I let out another huge orgasm, although this time there was much less of a load.

I collapsed against the couch letting Megan’s feet rest on my lap. I was in a daze, and just sort of sat there light-headed. Megan looked at me and giggled, then got up and said, “Tonight was a fun night! But I have class in the morning, so unfortunately I’m going to kick you out now.”

Although I was disappointed that this night had to come to end, I was still elated at what transpired and I stood up and put my pants back on. I wanted to somehow communicate to Megan that what just happened had been the only thing I could think about since I saw her, but I didn’t know how to say it.

We walked to the door silently. When we got to the door, I turned around and wrapped my hands tightly around Megan and passionately kissed her. She seemed surprised initially, but quickly recovered and returned my embrace. Our tongues were almost fighting each other, but then Megan gently pushed me away and opened the door.

“Sorry, I really need to get some sleep now,” Megan said. She was trying to laugh and sound cheerful, but instead she sounded almost sad and afraid. I was a little perplexed as she closed the door. Still, my head was in the clouds the entire walk home, and I couldn’t wait to see Megan again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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