Megan Ch. 03

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Megan took a shower when she got home; it was so refreshing. While she was cleaning between her legs, the warm tingling sensations began to return. She started rubbing a little more than she normally would have during a shower. Megan suddenly realized what she was doing to herself and stopped. Somewhat ashamed of herself, she quickly finished and got dressed.

“Clean up a lot of puke today?” her brother George asked as she came into the living room.

Before she could say a word back to him her mother yell “George!! Can’t you be pleasant with your sisters?”

“Ah Mom, you know Megan is my favorite sister that’s over eighteen, and Heather’s my favorite sister under eighteen.” He did like his sisters but could never pass up a chance to give them a hard time.

“How was your first day Megan?” her mother asked. Joan knew she needed a physical, her first real one, and she wanted to be with her for it. John, her husband, and Dr. Walker both said no. Older girls were embarrassed to have their mother there. Also they were not as forthcoming when ‘mom’ was in the room. She knew Megan needed this physical as her body was maturing.

“Dr. Walker is a nice man, and I met a nurse, Judy Sandrock, who helped me a lot. She knows you from card club.”

“She’s nice, and her fiancé Jason is a nice young man, he’ll be a doctor soon,” her mother replied. Card club, what a cover Joan thought, it was actually an exclusive sex club, meeting once a month. Judy and Jason were the youngest members, joining about six months ago. Jason had a big dick and knew how to get a woman hot before he used it. Bob Walker was also in the club but has not been back since his wife left him. No singles could come; anyone he brought would have to be preapproved by everyone else in the club.

“I’m going to Angie’s house; her mom said I could have supper with them,” Megan shouted as she ran out the door. Angie was a true friend. Many of her so called friends liked her because of her family’s wealth. A lot of the girls from wealthy families loved to flaunt it. She was a little embarrassed by the wealth. Megan often bought clothes for Angie saying they didn’t fit her any more.

Joan wanted to talk to Megan, but was also relived when she left. She would talk to Judy and see how her ‘quiet Megan’ did.


“Hello Mrs. Parker, nice day isn’t it?” Megan said to Angie’s mother. Even though she knew Angie’s mom never married, she still addressed her ‘Mrs.’ out of respect.

“Angie said you started to work for Dr. Bob Walker today.”

“Yes, he gave me a job so I could see if I really wanted to be a doctor myself. I had a good day. Do you know him?” Megan asked.

“I think he graduated a year ahead of Tekirdağ Escort me in high school, but I’ve never been to him.” Nancy Parker replied, thinking Megan was a little more energetic than normal. “Angie’s in her room. Pizza is for supper.”

“What’s up? You sounded a little excited on the phone.” Angie said as soon as Megan walked into her bedroom. “How’d work go?”

“I had to have a physical before I could start, so they did right then.” Megan blurted out, a little timid and a little excited.

“You mean a complete physical?” Angie asked, emphasizing the word ‘complete’.

“Uh ha”

“Tell me about it!”

“I met this nice nurse, Judy when I first got there. I had to fill out all kinds of papers; then we went to talk to Dr. Walker. After a short conversation he said ‘we will start with your physical’. Then he just left the room and I was alone with Judy. I told her there was nothing wrong with me. She said I had to have one to work there, and I should have one anyway.” Megan quickly recounted what happened about eight hours before. How much did she want to tell Angie, Megan wondered?

“Mom’s been after me to get one. Did you have to take off all your clothes?” Angie wanted to know.

Megan knew Angie would want all the details, but she wanted to tell her anyways. Being best friends, they told each other almost everything. “I could keep my panties on for a while, but the doctor took them off later.”

“Did he check your boobs?”

“He checked everything!” Megan replied.

“Did he stick his finger up inside you?! Did it hurt?”

“Yes and no it didn’t hurt, but I don’t think I was ever so scared and nervous! With my legs spread apart, he rubbed some oil…,” Megan hesitated before going on, “down there,…on my pussy.” Megan wondered how the vagina came to be known as ‘a pussy’. “It was warm, and it tingled. When he touched my clitoris it felt really weird I never felt anything like it in my whole life. He pulled the lips apart, and touched everything!”

“Did it feel good?” Angie asked excitedly, she could feel her pussy getting a little moist.

“Sort of…, in a strange way, I…umm…I had… an orgasm.” Megan said sheepishly.

“You what?!” Angie exclaimed loudly.

She really wanted to hear everything, but her mom yelled up the steps. “Girls, the pizza is here.”

Both girls were virgins. Angie’s mom was always preaching to them not to make the same mistake she did. When they were at Megan’s house, her mother would preach that they could only give their virginity to one person, and to make sure it was the right one. “If they love you, they will ask you out again, and again, and again. They will wait for you.” She Tekirdağ Escort Bayan kept telling them.

Megan didn’t tell Angie about the little kiss that Judy gave her while she was cleaning her up.


About the same time Megan was eating pizza, Jason and Judy were getting home. “Go take your shower; I’ll start getting something for supper.” Judy said to Jason. “I’m going to keep it simple.” She opted to make some stir fry out of left over roast beef.

“Umm smells good. Boy did that shower feel good.” Jason remarked as he came in the room. He was dressed in kaki shorts, a loose fitting shirt, and no shoes.

“It was all that work you did, helping me at the office,” Judy said with a grin

“That was anything but work, and if it was, it’s the most pleasurable work I’ve done.” Jason said, giving Judy a hug and a long lingering kiss.

“Don’t light the fire now, or supper will get cold.” Judy gave his firm butt a squeeze and sat down at the table. About halfway through the meal, the conversation turned to Megan.

“Megan’s a pretty girl, with that big light brown ponytail; pretty, not glamorous like some girls try to be. Think she’ll become a doctor like her dad?” Jason asked.

“She’s smart and interested, I think she will. I hope she can hold off giving her cherry away too soon. It’s going to be tough; Bob woke up a whole new aspect of her life. She was trying to suck his finger in as he was finishing his exam. How about cleaning up while I take my shower; then we can relax for the evening.”

Judy enjoyed the warm water from the shower. It was running down the length her body, through her blond neatly trimmed pussy hair. The shower jell with aloe had a light fragrance of peach; it made her skin soft and desirable. After the relaxing shower, Judy pulled on soft lacy panties and a long tee shirt.

Jason was sitting on the sofa with a glass of white wine watching a movie. “Here’s a glass of wine, anything you want to watch?” Jason said watching her sit down beside him, thinking back to their afternoon fling.

When a commercial came on, Judy turned the TV off, and leaned into him, giving him a kiss just behind his ear. “That was fun earlier, but it was just hot sex. I needed that though. Now I want to make love with you.” Emphasizing the words, with you.

Judy’s fingers unbuttoned his shirt and started caressing his taunt stomach. Her moist lips were lightly kissing the man she loved; her tongue was slowly dancing with his. Judy’s hand slipped down and unsnapped his shorts while sliding off the couch. Kneeling on the floor, Jason’s body stretched out before her. Her lips left his and trailed down his chest while she pulled Escort Tekirdağ his zipper down.

“What’s this?! Didn’t put any undies on after your shower?” She was surprised and delighted when his hard dick popped into view. Not letting him answer, she enveloped the head inside her mouth, letting her tongue twirl in the tiny hole at the end. Her mouth slid down the thick shaft a few inches; locking her lips around it she slowly pulled her mouth back. Judy did this several more times with Jason’s hands playing with her hair. He never pushed her to do more than she wanted to do.

Jason knew he was close when he lifted her head off his lap. “Better stop that and let me do a little bit of playing with you.” He like being played with but he enjoyed toying with her more. Jason gently laid Judy down on the floor with a pillow under her head. Jason took a large pillow used for lounging on the floor and placed it under her butt; raising her hips high for what he was about to do.

Jason kneeled between her legs; with his hands he slid the tee shirt up uncovering her firm breasts. Her nipples were begging to be kissed and softly sucked. Judy moaned when his lips squeezed a nipple between them. After sucking one breast for several moments Judy whispered, “The other one is going to get jealous.” Jason was happy to make sure that didn’t happen, moving to the neglected twin.

What Jason’s wanted most was lower on her body. With Judy chest moving from deep breaths and her hips shifting, he knew it was time for him to journey down her belly. His hands made a slow retreat gently touching her soft skin. When his fingers reached into the elastic of her panties, he gave her belly button and the skin below it light kisses. His tongue was doing its magic.

Jason got the reaction he wanted when Judy’s butt lifted up silently begging him to take her panties off. He was glad to oblige but did it slowly kissing skin as it was exposed to him. When the golden blond hair came into view, he finished removing them much faster. The beautiful woman he loved was naked before him.

His head dipped down and slowly licked up the crack of her pussy to her clit. With the big pillow under her butt Jason had unfettered access to Judy’s spread legs. His lips sucked on the aroused clit while Judy’s hips lifted for more. He move down two inches and drove his tongue deep into her love tunnel. Moans of contentment were coming from Judy, but two words escaped her mouth quite loudly, “Now,…now!”

Jason didn’t need to be asked twice. Moving up; he slowly slipped into her waiting pussy. A few strokes were all it took for her to cum; she locked her arms around his butt and pulled tight. Judy’s hips jerked up for every inch he could give. Another stroke and he joined her, shooting a load of hot semen deep inside her.

Several minutes later both had calmed down into a near sleep. Judy opened her eyes; looking at him, she contently said, “I love you. Let’s go to bed. I want to cuddle with you all night.”

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