Melanie , Maureen Ch. 1

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What guy doesn’t dream about banging college girls? What guy doesn’t dream about banging two of them–twin sisters–at the same time? What guy doesn’t dream about banging two twin college girls who are his own daughters?

OK, I might not get a high response to that one, and while that wasn’t a dream of mine, it’s become a reality for me.

My wife and I have had five children–all girls. You’re completely wrong if you think that my incestuous eyes lit up every time we found out my wife would have baby girls. I thought about incest every now and then when I was a youngster, but every time disgusted me enough to not think about it again for a long time. I guess I just never thought about sleeping with the two most beautiful women on earth, even if they were my daughters.

Their names are Melannie and Maureen. They’re both about 5’8″ with long blond hair, the most perfect angelic faces, athletic, long legs resulting from years of playing soccer, and perfectly tan skin. Their breasts were not especially large because of all the exercise they’ve done over the years, but they’re big enough when you factor in everything else.

God was so good to men for giving us one of them, but to give us identical twins that look this good? It was too much for even their own father to handle. And I understand that every father thinks his kids are the most beautiful or the most handsome ever alive, but I’m not just fucking my daughters for no reason.

So how did I become the lucky man who got to fuck these two beautiful beings first and has done so every day since? It all started because of soccer camp. The girls wanted to go to a week-long soccer camp in Pennsylvania one summer. My wife and I are in good financial condition, so it was no big deal for me to take a week of vacation and go with them. My three other daughters were also atheletic but didn’t like soccer, so they chose not to go to this camp.

Melanie and Maureen did everything together, so there was no way one would go without the other. And while we weren’t especially close as father/daughters, we were close enough that they didn’t mind me tagging along. They assumed (or pretended to) that I’d occupy myself with seeing all things in Pennsylvania other than their soccer camp.

We lived close enough that we were able to drive to Pennsylvania for camp. It was held at a university campus so the girls got to stay in dorms. It was quite exciting to see all these young girls with atheletic bodies prancing around when we arrived; being a daddy and helping your daughters unpack has its advantages. After the twins got settled Escort bayan in, I gave them the number of the hotel where I was staying and got their number from them. They needed to get to know the girls they’d be playing with and against on the field, so I went off on my own.

Not even ten minutes after I checked in to the hotel, my phone rang–it was Melanie. This didn’t even give me enough time to even start jacking off to the thoughts of all those girls I had seen in the dorm. Mel wanted to know if I would take them and their two new friends out for dinner that night. I didn’t think twice about it–me and four beautiful young women? Who wouldn’t want a night like that?

So we agreed on the time I’d pick them up. The hours could not have passed soon enough. Instead of beating my meat to the thoughts I had seen earlier in the day (I eventually felt guilty about having those thoughts), I went out shopping for a couple gifts. I hadn’t bought anything for the twins in a while, and this seemed like a nice time to do so. So I found a jewerly store in a mall and got them nice little necklaces. They always ate those little presents up. It was good being their daddy.

So finally the time arrived. I picked up the girls and felt disappointed and shocked. I was disappointed because the two friends of my daughters were very bland-looking. Their bodies weren’t as toned as any other girls I had seen. I was shocked because I felt a stir in my groin when I saw my daughters–they were each wearing their fairly short summer dresses that rode well above their knees. They were also fairly low-cut on both the fronts and backs. Maureen had a dark blue dress with flowers; Melanie had a yellow one with the same flowers. Their high heels accentuated their long, perfect legs. And I had a wonderful view of their bare necks and shoulders, a result of the thin straps of their dresses.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw them. I instantly wanted to fuck them then and there, whether in front of other people who knew or didn’t know that I was their father.

It didn’t my help my cause when they ran up like prissy little schoolgirls and hugged me, one at a time. I swear I felt Maureen’s hand grab my ass a little as she released her grip on me. And they didn’t hug me like you hug someone whom you really don’t want to hug; the hugs were body-to-body hugs, with pelvises joining. There’s no doubt that they felt my erection. I even noticed Mel give a knowing look to Maureen when we were done embracing.

All this excitement made me forget that I had gifts waiting for them in the van. I openned Bayan escort the doors for all the girls, and when the twins saw their gifts waiting for them on their seats, they squeeled such joy in their high-pitched voices. Now there was no mistaking that I had a hardon. Nevertheless, after they openned the gifts, they each kissed me on the cheek. It had been a long time since I had turned as red as I was at that moment.

The two other girls knew the area well and recommended a nice little restuarant. It was a nice little dig, not too classy where you’d have to wear ties but not McDonald’s, either. Nothing too eventful happened during dinner…until I started drinking.

We sat at a round table with the twins on either side of me. I was having more than my share of wine (thank goodness the girls are old enough to drive), and I couldn’t keep my eyes off my daughters. They were both being more playful than usual, as one of them always had her hands on some part of me. By the time we were getting ready to leave, they both had a hand on my inner thighs.

I may have been too drunk, but I don’t think the two other girls noticed the lust in my eyes too much. The hotel was close by the dorm, so after dropping off the other girls, the twins took me back to my room.

That’s where the fun began.

They said they didn’t have TVs in their room so they wanted to watch a little with me in bed before they went to the dorm. Was I going to say “no?” They took off their heels and joined me after placing me softly in the middle of the bed. When they sat down and leaned against the headboard, I put my arms around each of them. I started stroking their hair as they both leaned into me. I began kissing them alternately as they started rubbing my legs.

They both moaned out cute little moans:

“Ooohhhh, Daddy…”

“Hhhmmm, Daddy…”

After that, there was no turning back. I sat up a little in bed, causing them to face me. I grabbed Melanie and kissed her full on the lips. She openned her mouth and our tongues were firing back and forth at each other. I had my hands all over her, groping her everwhere. Maureen spoke up at that point: “Ooooh, let me try!”

So then I let Mel go and did the same with Maureen. But with Maureen, I helped her out of her dress, leaving her only in her panties. And her panties were such a turn-on: white cotton panties with pink roses. Mel undressed herself to reveal the same thing.

“Daddy, we have loved you forever. You are so handsome and sexy and we want you. We planned this soccer camp as the time we would show our Escort love. We have never even kissed anyone before because we wanted to be as virgin as possible for you.” I’m not sure which one said that, b/c without their clothes on, I couldn’t tell them apart. But did it matter?

So the three of us fucked like animals. We fucked on the bed; I took each of their cherries. Their screams of ecstacy were incredible! I couldn’t believe girls so young could express so much pleasure so loud. While I was fucking one of them, the other would be pleasuring herself; the way their orgasms came in unison made everything more exciting.

So while we recovered from fucking on the bed, we had a little talk. All the while I was kissing every inch of their bodies.

“You know girls, this changes everything. Do we want to go back and face our family after this?”

“Daddy, we were hoping you would run away with us. You are the only man we’ll ever love. We both want to fuck you silly each night for as long as we live. You’ll get to fuck us anywhere and any time you want. Because you’re our daddy…mmmmmm, daddy…”

I had sobered up enough to know that that was Maureen. She started kissing me all over while I was kissing Melanie. I sat up on the bed and pulled Melanie on top of me. Mel was so lost in ecstacy that she was not coherent enough to know what I was doing with her. I sat her so that she was facing away from me, though I could see her in the mirror. I grabbed her about her waist and rocked up and down on the bed. All Maureen could do was finger herself to orgasm at this site.

Poor Mel needed an hour to recover after she came during that act. So Maureen and I went to the shower. She got in first and I grabbed her from behind and inserted myself into her. The best part was that we never turned the water on. This allowed our shouts of joy to vibrate even better in the walls.

“OOOOAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH, DDDDDDAAAADYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!” Maureen was able to grunt out her pleasure in this way. I kept myself in her as long as I was hard, even after I sprayed my semen into her. I had never felt so fulfilled as then.

I kissed Maureen ever so gently on the cheek when we were done. They were both so lost in pleasure that I don’t think they knew where they were. I carried Maureen to our bed. Fortunately it was only a queen, so I got to fondle both of them until I was asleep.

When I woke up, my two angels were still passed out. I had never seen them so happy before. I called their soccer coach to let them know they had food poisoning and that I’d take them back home. I called my wife to let her know that the camp had been cancelled, but we had decided to stay for the week for a vacation, anyways.

And thank goodness it was only Monday morning. There is way too much to this story not to share the rest.

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