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The flirting — double entendre, little touches, smiles — had been going on for weeks. I guess I’d become used to it, and didn’t really notice when it ramped up. I mean, she was a ‘work-friend’ we talked, but it wasn’t like we hung out outside of the job. She had a long-time off & on boyfriend — besides being almost 15 years younger than me. And she was hot. Good lord was she hot. She was 5’7″ and had long, silky brown hair down past her ass, soulful liquid brown eyes (doe eyes may be a cliché, but it’s accurate). She was a former track star, with a cross-fit hardbody.

She had also been finding excuses to brush up against me and touch me all shift, and to hang out at my station. Even I could see something coming. I was almost expecting it when she put her hand on my forearm and with eyes downcast, asked me softly “Will you come up to the helipad and watch the sunrise with me?” Don’t get me wrong, we’d done that before …but there was something in her eyes this time.

But it continued to be a quiet shift, so we went to watch the sunrise. We walked off our unit and took the emergency elevator to the roof, unlocked the big doors and strolled out the walkway in the hazy, gray, semi-light of pre-dawn. The whole time she was literally shoulder to shoulder with me, inside my personal space, eyes down with her hand on my forearm. I was surprised at her closeness — she’s not really a touchy-feely kind of person, and also somewhat surprised that she wasn’t just trying to hold my hand. There was something else there.

Where the walkway meets the helipad, there’s a staircase down, so that the maintenance crews can get underneath the pad to do their work. I decided to take the situation in hand, so I stopped there, took my arm away from her, and ran my hand up her back under her hair to the back of her neck. My thumb rested just below her right ear, my fingers on her pulse point on the other side and squeezed lightly to make sure she was paying attention as I put my lips next to her ear. “Mel” I whispered “I think you’re trying very hard to get my attention. You’ve got it, so now we’re going to walk below, for a little privacy.” I caressed my thumb gently down her neck and nipped on her earlobe. “Be a good girl and walk down the stairs with me.”

She did, surprising me — and herself too, I think. I knew where this was coming from on my part, even though I hated to admit it to myself; the Dom in me was waking and feeding off her sudden clinging. It had been a while, but I was going to take this as far as she wanted. I’m not sure even now that she’s truly submissive, but in that moment she was content to follow directions — and I was more than happy to give them. I walked her forward, releasing her neck to grip her ponytail and my other hand caressing her bare arm, until we were close to one of the sets of the cross-braces under the platform.

“Reach forward, grab the braces at shoulder level” I whispered into her ear. Once she did, I ran my hands down her arms as I stepped in front of her, and wrapped my Sahabet fingers over hers, gripping the cross-braces with her hands “Now you’re locked here, little one” I said, looking into her eyes. “You may not move until I tell you. If you wish to stop, say loudly and clearly ‘Stop Now’, and we will leave. Nod if you understand.”

I was not surprised when she nodded without ever looking away from me. I moved around to her side, reaching underneath to caress a pert, stiff-nippled breast through her scrubs as I leaned in and kissed her neck. She arched into my hand, pushing her breast into my palm and I heard a muffled whimper as I sucked gently on her neck. “You may make some noise, little one — you just may not talk. I enjoy your appreciation of my touch.” The grunt became a low moan, rising in intensity as I pinched and rolled her firm nipple.

I stopped my ministrations and continued around her, then slid my hands up under her top, pushing the material above her breasts and baring a very functional sports bra — which quickly followed the top up, baring her delightful little mounds to my touch. They filled my palms nicely, the nipples prodding me as I caressed. I ran my hands down and across her belly — I’d never found a six-pack to be erotic before, but having the taut musculature of this magnificent woman under my control was incredibly arousing.

I untied her scrubs one handed, and grabbed the material at her hips, easing it over her amazing muscled ass and down her sculpted legs to puddle at her feet. The sight was beyond arousing. “What’s this I see, little one? Were you planning on something, or are you just more comfortable this way?” That gorgeous, round, solid, sprinters ass was naked under my eyes, bisected only by a black microfiber thong. I couldn’t refuse the opportunity it presented to me: *Smack* *Smack*

Two swift open handed spanks on each cheek just to watch that glorious ass bounce. Each strike, I noted, was followed by a moan and a sudden pinking of her flesh. “Well little one, it seems like you enjoyed that. If you tease me, you should expect your bottom will get spanked.” *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

I stepped in close again, the rough material of my own scrubs against her lightly reddened ass as I caressed around her hips and down across the front of her thong “That feels damp. Perhaps we should remove it.”

As I did, she shifted again, moving restlessly. I stepped around to face her, and she locked on to my eyes with a wide, wild-eyed stare. “Little one, are you excited by this? Are you aroused from being nearly naked on the roof of the highest building around? Enflamed by being naked in the morning air, where anyone could see you?” She was breathing heavily, nearly panting as she nodded at me.

“Good” I leaned in and kissed her generous, soft mouth, my tongue entering to play with hers and then withdrawing to lick a bead of sweat from her upper lip before I whispered “Think about how powerful your orgasm will be when I fuck that sweet, wet little Sahabet Giriş pussy of yours right here, where anyone could see.” I swear, her whole body twitched, her eyes rolled back, and she nearly came right there. I reached under and smacked a breast “Ah, ah, ah, little one. You don’t get to cum yet. Not until I say so” I pinched her firm nipple “or else there will have to be punishment.”

I walked behind her, and delivered a few more stinging swats to her gorgeous ass as I dropped my own pants, then stepped in to let my hardness lie in the crack of her ass. I reached around her, almost hugging her with both arms around her hips. The left hand spread her open, while the fingers of my right gathered her lubricant and began caressing her clit. The moans increased in volume, interspersed with whimpers. I rocked my hips back when she arched forward, and used my left hand to push my cock down between us.

Her little gasp of breath as my cock sprang back up, slapping her wet lips brought a smile to my face. I reached my left hand back around, and pushed up, guiding the head of my cock into her opening. I paused there, rocking back and forth without actually moving forward, and savoured her whimpers of need as her back arched, attempting to get me further in. I caressed her clit again as I pushed fully in with one stroke, and the moan that rose from her lips as I entered her slick, hot, tight channel was nearly heaven.

I reached forward with my left hand, grasping and rolling a stiff nipple between thumb and forefinger as my right hand rested on her mound, fingers spread around my cock and dragging back and forth across her clit. “You feel lovely, little one. I’m going to savour this, and when I cum, I want you to cum with me. You may cum while we fuck, too — in fact, I’ll be disappointed if you don’t – but you’re going to cum with me” I said as I pinched nipple and clit, drawing another high pitched gasp and a sensation of clenching on my cock. “Hmmm, somebody practices their Kegels, too. I’ll remember that for later, sweetness.”

As I stroked into her, I began caressing her clit, bringing her to the edge again. And I stopped. I started again, fast & hard, driving into her and listening to her breaths shudder as I switched from caressing back to rolling her nipples between my fingers, and added a little pull as well. I was just about to stop when she clenched and let out a keening moan — so I kept driving into her, helping her extend her orgasm and watching the musculature of her back twitch and clench as she rode through it. As she came down from her crest I slowed down, giving her longer strokes, released her nipples to a soft gasp, and stood back up.

I looked down, savouring the view of her opened around me (it’s a beautiful sight, trust me) when I noticed her cute little brown pucker winking at me. Without another thought, I wet a finger in my mouth and began caressing her tight little anus. She moaned at that, then stiffened as I pushed a bit. “Do you like that, little one? Does Sahabet Güncel Giriş it feel nasty and dirty when I finger your little ass?”

She nodded as I continued to run my finger in circles around her back door. I stopped in the center of her pucker and pushed in as I said “Maybe I should put a finger in there, or maybe two to get you ready for something a bit bigger.”

She shook her head frantically at that. “No, little one? Are you not interested in anal sex, or are you afraid it will hurt? Or are you afraid you’ll enjoy such a dirty thing?”

As I spoke, my finger breached her ring and sank in a bit, and I stroked in both her holes as she moaned. “Maybe next time I’ll bring lube and we’ll break in that dark little hole as the sun rises.”

I noticed that she was pushing back to meet me, and the sun was coming up …time for us to cum to. I started moving faster, with both my cock and my fingers, and I began caressing her clit too. “Come on little on, cum with me. One more cum for you while I explode in you and finger your tight little ass. Cum for me sweetness, cum NOW.” I felt my balls tighten as I unloaded in her, and felt her shudder through her own climax as her moan became a sharp cry.

I held her up through the aftershocks, and waited until our legs stopped shaking. I slipped out of her as I softened, then grabbed the pack of wet wipes and the towel I’d left here earlier. I wiped her down — drawing a sharp gasp as the cool cloth passed over her sex — and dried us both off, handing her a pad to place before she pulled her thong and pants back up.

“You may release the bar now, and stand.” Once she did we rearranged her bra and shirt. Then I sat, and pulled her onto my lap. I had her take the band from her ponytail and ran my fingers through her silky hair. “So little sweetness, did you enjoy yourself?”

She looked at me a moment then looked down again, nuzzling into my shoulder as I finger combed her hair. “I did. It was nothing like anything I’ve experienced. I can’t believe that I just did whatever you told me to, and followed along. I don’t like being smacked or having my, umm, my butt, played with. But now I think I might want it again …and maybe more. I don’t …” and tears welled up in her eyes.

“Shhhh. Little one, its fine.” I continued to run my fingers through her hair, and held her close. “You wanted a new experience, and Jake cheating on you — again – gave you an excuse. If you go back to him, you now have a few new things you can do. If you don’t, we can get together again. I’m pretty sure that I can show you a few things about yourself, if you want. What I truly want is for you to enjoy this moment we had, and to remember it, savour it.”

“What about you, Mike? What do you want?” she asked softly. “What do you think I should do?”

“Oh, no, little one. Friends give relationship advice. A Dom — particularly after a first encounter — shouldn’t. I want you to choose freely and to make an informed choice knowing what some of the possibilities are.”

I looked around then, and stood with her in my arms before setting her on her feet. I leaned in for one more kiss of those sweet lips, then took her hand “Come on, sun’s up and we’ve got last rounds to complete before day shift gets here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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