Merry Christmas

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I want to give you a Christmas present. I call you and tell you to meet me downstairs at lunchtime.

I am waiting in the car, as you get in I hand you a cell phone already dialed

“Tell them you will not be back today”, you have a look of shock “DO IT!”

You do as I say then put the phone down handing you a blindfold as I drive.

“Put this on!”

You start to ask why “NOW” again you do as I say, the car makes many twist and turns. As I drive you start to ask questions “SHUT UP” is the only reply I give you.

We reach our stop. I lean over a kiss your cheeks “If you remove the blind fold all fun will stop understand? If you a good boy you will be rewarded!” you don’t reply just smile.

As I help you out of the car and into a room that is cool and smells of vanilla candles, I küçükçekmece escort stand in front of you and begin to take off you clothes. As I softly kiss you till you are naked. I take your hand and lead to you the bed I lay you down, then I start to tie your hands to the bed post again you start to protest “Trust me baby!” you willingly let me tie your hands and then each leg “Oh what a good boy!”

Kiss you deeply as I run my hands over your tight chest. As I pull away you feel the heat of my bare breast, the soft mount pressed to you. As I straddle you pressing my wetness into you. You moan as you feel the gentle touch of a cool hand on your ankle.

You know my hot hands are pinching your nipples. You start to panic “No sweetheart, küçükyalı escort it’s ok I have invited a friend to play with us!” Your hands pull at the ties.

I giggle and move off you a tongue slide deep into your mouth and a set of hands wrap around your cock stroking you.

Your hands are tied but open as you feel a pull at both hands. your fingers are guided. Into the lips of a wet pussy. You moan as we let you play for a few minutes as we each arch to your fingers. Tickling our clits. Then we move. You moan in protest as you suddenly feel two tongues on the head of your cock. Your hips began to move as four hands touch and stroke your cock and balls as one hot wet mouth takes you in deep the other licks and sucks you balls and ass.” maltepe escort OH YESSSSSSS ” you moan we suddenly we Stop you feel yourself getting mounted as a hot wet pussy slides down on your cock

A wet pussy is lower over your face as you feverishly begin to lick.

The pussy rides your face rock on your tongue, as the on riding you clamps down around your cock tighten every muscles the moans of the pussy your licks tells you its cumming as well as the fast jolts and moans of the woman riding you.

As you balls begin to tighten two tongues are lick your head Awaiting for you hot cummmm. “OH YESSSSSSSSS ” you scream as you shoot loads of cum.

As you lay there both women kissing your tongues all running together

As we dress you hear lots of movements and the door open and close.

I untie you and help you dress still blindfolded. I lead you to the car.

Worried you have said a word since you cum Back at your office I drop you at your car and unblindfold you.” Merry Christmas” as I hand you a video tape. “Here to remember the day” taking the tape you whisper, “I love you.” And kiss me deep With a grin “Oh baby I can’t wait to see who was who!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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