Michele’s Mistake Pt. 05

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Chapter One

When I woke up at Everett’s house, it was to an empty bed. I was kinda stiff and sore, but in the most glorious of ways. I stretched and yawned and got out of bed. The clock said it was 10:30. Wow, I never sleep that late on the weekends. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself. I found his discarded shirt from last night and put on over my naked body. As I got the hallway, I smelled something wonderful. Everett was in his kitchen making breakfast.

“Hello babygirl.”

“Hi Daddy,” I said blushing.

“Make yourself at home, I’m almost done. Are you hungry?”

“I’m famished.”

“You could help by setting the table. The dishes and glasses are in the cupboard there and the silverware is in that drawer.”

I started putting out two plates and silverware for both of us. When I went by him to get some glasses, he grabbed me and pulled me into his arms. He kissed me. His soft lips took mine. I felt the stirrings of passion again in my core. His tongue searched for mine. They fought in a loving way, playfully. When he had to go back to cooking, he playfully slapped my ass.

“Ouch, Daddy,” I said giggling.

“It’s your fault babygirl, you look too naughty in my shirt. I just had to spank you.”

I smiled and put the glasses down on the table. I sat down and watched him finished cooking. He looked so at ease in the kitchen. He worked efficiently, not a wasted move. He was a great multitasker.

He was wearing a pair of scrubs like doctor’s wear. They hung adorably off his hips. He was shirtless and in his bare feet. His hair was tousled but not is a “bed head” sort of way. Yep, he was one fine looking man.

He finally finished and brought the food to the table. I got up and poured us each a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. He liked his black, I had to have cream and sugar with mine. We sat next to each other and had a wonderful breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Because it was made by him, it was better than the expensive meal last night.

While we were eating and having pleasant conversation, I was thinking of what I could do for him today, that would be reciprocal to what he had done for me last night. I mean, he was super romantic, and caring. He made me feel at ease, and loved. I wanted to do something like that for him. Giving him something of myself.

I was still mulling the thought over in my head, when we finished eating. I helped clean up the dishes and put away everything. When we finished, he took me in his arms again and we kissed. His arms encircled me, I felt his hands roaming all over my body. My arms were around his neck, as I leaned up to kiss him. I could feel the hardness of his cock, pressing against my belly.

His hands went down to my behind, and he squeezed them softly. A moan escaped my lips. I reached down between us and grasped his cock, giving it a good squeeze back. His quick intake of air, let me know what was needed, and what I could do to reciprocate to him.

I took his hand and led him back to the bedroom. We turned and stepped into the master bath. Like he had done for me last night, I turned the water on in the tub and adjusted the temperature. I also added the oils, minus the bubbles, to the water. I turned and kneeled at his feet, my hands going up to the waistband of his scrubs. I untied them and pulled them off. His cock was already getting hard. I took it in my hands and stroked it softly. I looked up into his eyes, licking my lips. He grunted, as the side of lip turned up.

“Daddy, I want to give back what you did for me last night. I didn’t have time to plan like you, but let me try.”

“I’m in your hands, literally.”

I giggled, as I stroked his hard cock. “Very funny Sir.”

With that, I took him in my mouth. I kept my eyes on his, as I took him down my throat. At first, I just moved my lips up and down, while my hands gently stroked him. I swirled my tongue around the shaft, and teased him. But I don’t want to play my hand just yet, so I get him all riled up and stop.

“That’s enough for now Sir, let’s get you in the tub.”

“You’re the boss today girl.”

I let him get in first, and I slip his shirt off of me. I’m standing there with just his choker on. He smiles up at me, and I blush. I slip down beside the tub and I wash his feet and legs. I take my time, as I want this to be a tease for later. I move up his thighs and skip over the “good” parts like he did.

Then I have him slip forward, and I get in the tub behind him. I wrap my legs around him and take the sponge and begin to rub his back and shoulders. The soap and water running off the muscles of his back is almost more than I can stand. I will have to control my impulses, if I’m to make this a special day.

When I’m finished with his back, I move closer and wrap my arms around him and begin to wash his chest. My soft breasts press into his back. I hear him groan with lust. I kiss his strong back, as I gently wash his body. The softness Sahabet of the soap against his rippled muscles feels so sensual.

I wash his arms, lingering on his biceps and shoulders. I pull him tight when I finish. His grunts entice me to explore his body. I take my hands and reach down between his legs. I made sure that I washed around his turgid shaft. I could feel his arousal, as I washed him. I sense his impatience but to his credit, he never forced the issues. When I finished, I slipped out of the tub and left him to soak, just as he did the night before.

“Sir, do you have a Red Room, like in 50 Shades of Grey?”

“I do. It’s downstairs in the basement. Why do you ask?”

“I’d like to go down there and see if I can come up with something to do with you there.”

“There are an infinite amount of things I’d like to do with you down there babygirl.”

Blushing, “Sir, I mean that I can do to you.”

“Yes, there are oils, toys, as well as, a bed down there. You’re welcome to explore and come up with something.”

“Thank you Sir, you just relax and I will be back soon.”

I dry off and head downstairs. My heart is beating out of my chest. When I first get down there, I am impressed with the sheer size of the room. There are several, what I would call, apparatuses. Some that I’ve seen in my online research, but many that I’ve never seen before. There are drawers full of all kinds of toys and playthings. I try to rummage through as much as I can find. Despite my propensity to get distracted, I quickly find what I’m looking for and place it in an area where I can access it.

I light some of the candles that are already placed around the room. I adjust the sconces that are on the walls, to a lower light setting. I find his stereo system. It’s run by computer and has so much music on there, I can’t decide what to play. I finally chose the soundtrack to 50 Shades of Grey. I thought it was a bit ironic. Once it starts, I head back up to retrieve my Sir.

When I get back to the bathroom, he appears to be getting out already. I quickly grab a towel and offer to dry him off. His slick body is almost more than I can stand. I towel his back and shoulders, then down to his legs. I turn him around and while I’m on my knees, I dry his legs, up his thighs, and his still erect cock. I give him a quick kiss on the bulbous head before moving back up and dry his stomach and chest. When I’m done, I look up into his eyes. I find myself fiddling with my choker, as I stare into his darkening hazel eyes.

“Sir, if you’d follow me. I’d like to go to your Red Room now.”

“I’m all yours.”

I lead him down the stairs. When we arrive, he comments on the ambiance I have prepared. I lead him over to the bed and pull back the sheets.

“Sir, if you would please lay down on your stomach for me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he says.

I blush, knowing I could never be a Mistress to him, but I enjoy his playfulness. I have massage oils warming by the bed. I crawl onto the bed, and straddle him. The feel of our flesh on flesh is intoxicating. I start with running my fingers through his hair. I massage the sides of his head, and behind his ears. He moans with my touch. When I get to the base of his neck, I dip my hand into the warm coconut oil and rub it onto my hands.

I rub his neck and out to his shoulders. He tells me that it feels good. I can’t feel the heat stirring between my legs, as I rub his taut muscles. Annie Lennox’s, I Put A Spell On You, is playing on the speakers. I giggle at the irony. I move down his back, working his spine, pressing hard into his tight muscles. I work the oil out away from his center. I take my time and enjoy touching him. His grunts and groans only encourage me.

I slip down further, and work his tight fanny. Kneading them with the backs of fists, but with the occasional squeeze for my benefit. I turn around and sit on his back, facing his feet now. I re-oil my hands and work down his thighs. I work down to his feet. I bend them back and rub them gently. Taking each toe, and then the bottom of his soles. I move back up his thighs, getting close to his private area, but not quite. I slip off him and give him a slap on the butt, like in the movies.

“Hey,” he says.

“Turn over Sir,” I giggle.

Chapter Two

He complies. I straddle him again, facing his feet. My sex is right on top of his erect cock. His lustful grunt is felt in my core. I try to sit still, not wanting to let things get out of control yet. I start back at his feet and work my way back up his thighs. I slip my weight back on his chest, as I work his upper thighs. I feel his hands on my ass.

“Sir, no touching. Behave or I will have to tie you down.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he says playfully again.

Beyonce’s, Haunted, is playing. I work all round his cock. I rub some oil onto his shaft and balls. I spread the oil around his scrotum. His hands are touching me again.

“I warned you,” acting as if I am Sahabet Giriş mad.

I get off of him and get the restraints that are already attached to the bed. I attach them to his feet, spreading them. Then I move up and take his arms above his head. When I am strapping them down, He nips at my breasts that are hanging near his face.

“Sir, do I need to get a muzzle?”

“How am I supposed to resist your lovely breasts when you have them so near?”

“You just behave, or else.”

“Or else what baby girl.”

“Just or else…” I giggle. “I may have to punish you Sir.”

Once he is secure, I climb back onto him. This time facing him. Again, my now wet pussy, his pussy, is rubbing against his erect cock. Because he is restrained now, I rub my clit against his cock. My hands on his chest, I move back and forth, riding him. The Weeknd’s song, Where You Belong, is now playing. I re-oil my hands and begin to work his abs and chest. I’m still grinding on him as I do. The lust in his hazel eyes, tempts me to end this and take him inside me. It takes everything I have not to.

While I’m doing his shoulders and arms, my breasts are dangling near his face. It gives me an idea. I reach for the oil again, this time I rub it onto my breasts. I cup them and squeeze them, as a show for him. All the while, still grinding on his hard shaft. I scoot down on his legs, and lower my oily breasts onto his erect cock. I rub them against him. He groans and pushes his hips up to meet me. I let his swollen cock, slide between my breasts, as I squeeze them together.

I slowly move up his taut body, rubbing my breasts on him. I don’t know if he feels the same way about this as I do, but if his sounds are any indication, they seem to. When I get to his face, I let them hang over him, tempting him. I let one nipple touch his face.

“You may suckle Sir.”

With that he takes my erect nipple into his mouth. His tongue feels so good, laving my tight bud. I let him take in the other nipple. Oh god, that feel so good. I am not going to last long this way. I have so much more I want to do, while I have a captive audience. So I reluctantly move back. I’m sitting on his chest. I spread my legs and show him what this has done to me. My labia has flowered and my lips are swollen with lust. My clit is peeking out from under it’s protective hood, starving for attention.

I can see him lick his lips in anticipation of using his tongue on me, and as tempting as this is right now, I have something better in mind. I reach down with my oil slicked hands, and rub myself. I am looking into his eyes, but they are staring at where my fingers are playing. I circle them around my hard clit. I’m biting my lower lip, as I swirl my fingers around. Then I bring them to my mouth and wet them. His eyes meet mine and they are dark with need.

I tease him by working my fingers in and out of my mouth, like I would his cock. He grunts with desire. I’m sure if the roles were reversed, his cock would be buried in my throat right now. But I lower my fingers back to my sex and remind him who’s running the show. I slip two fingers inside me. They slide in with ease, as the oil and my juices mix. I work my fingers in and out. The sounds of my arousal are quite evident.

The Weeknd’s, Earned It, is now playing on the stereo. My fingers move out and rub against my sensitive clitty. I can feel myself getting close to an orgasm. I know that I am, supposedly, in control today, but I don’t think I can cum without his permission. I don’t have the nerve to ask him, so I stop and get off of him. I stroke his cock a few times, then tell him I have to go prepare the last part of my “treatment.”

I leave to the next room for just a minute. I listen, just in case he gets into trouble. When I return, he is resting comfortably. I move beside him. I hold up a silicone cock ring. I think I am passively asking permission to put it on him.

“I’m in your hands Michele, do with me what you will. You will respect my safe word right?”

I squeal with joy, “Oh yes Sir.”

I gently grab his cock. I place the ring around it, at the base. It’s tight, I ask him if he’s ok, and he nods. Once I’m sure it’s in place correctly, I stroke his cock. I cup his balls, stroking them softly. I’m watching his eyes, as my hands manipulate him. His breathing is ragged. I know he is near coming. I squeeze his cock, taking him nearer to the edge. When I feel he’s there. I stop, releasing him and look into his eyes.

I was expecting some sort of angry response, but all I see is lust filled eyes. I let him regain his control and start again. This time, I lean down and take the head of his cock into my mouth. I can feel the pulse of his heartbeat. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. My hands continue to stroke his shaft and balls. I do this very slowly, much less than if I were trying to satisfy him. I want to tease him sensually. When I feel his cock begin to swell, I release him again. That Sahabet Güncel Giriş was very close, his cock is pulsing, as if it were ejaculating. But nothing comes out. I let him regain control again. When I reach and squeeze his cock, some pre-cum oozes out.

“Do you have a little gift for me Sir?”

He only grunts, I lean in and lick the sweet and tangy juice from his cock. I swirl my tongue around the head. My hand squeezes his cock and some more leaks from the head. I lick it up, and run my tongue on the slit of his penis. He moans loudly. I begin to stroke him. A slow and sensual pace again. His eyes are darker now. He is filled with lust. I know I can’t keep him like this forever, but I bring him to the precipice once more. I let go and watch in awe as the thick shaft pulses, bouncing up and down.

Chapter Three

I finally reach down and begin to remove the restraints on his feet. Like he did mine, I rub them, to help with the return of circulation. I then move to remove the restraints on his wrists. When I’m finished, he starts to get up. I hold him in place.

“Sir, give me a second to get in my position. You are now back in control.”

I quickly get down on the floor beside the bed. I get in the “Ass up” position, as he has taught me. I’m on all fours, with my legs spread, my head is on the floor, my back is arched. This presents my pussy and ass, all his of course. My weight is resting on my elbows, with my hands even with my shoulders, pointing forward.

When he does get off the bed, he lustfully groans, when he sees that I have lubed my rectum and placed a medium butt plug in. I wait patiently for his touch. He moves around me and goes to one of the walls. He is fiddling with something, I hear chains rattle. I dare not look. I am antsy with what he plans to do to me. I am ready for anything. I want to end my day of exploration with him, by offering my virgin ass.

He returns and lifts me to my knees. I see that he has a leash. He clips it into the O-ring of my choker. He places padded leather cuffs to my wrist and ankles. His hands touch me softly, teasing me now. He then leads me over to a bench.

I am crawling behind him on my hands and knees. I can feel my sex leaking down my thighs. I would have never guessed how sexy it would feel to crawl at his feet. I wiggle my plug filled ass, as he sets me on the bench. He secures me there, with my wrist cuffs to the front O-rings of the bench.

His hands touch me, as they move down my body. When he is behind me, he takes my legs and spreads them wide. He then attaches my ankles cuffs to O-rings that are placed in the floor. I am left spread and open for him. His hands first go to my splayed folds. His fingers run through my slick trough. I whimper with need already. I can expect some repercussions from my earlier liberties with him.

I wiggle my ass, in my way of trying to tempt him. I receive a firm slap on my ass, as a result. I regain my composure, and he softly strokes my upturned ass. His hand touches the plug, pressing it further inside. I hold still, but feel the fullness of it inside me. He twists it, turning it around. The feeling is so great. I’ve never really done much play back there. I’ve had the plug in several times at his request to train me.

When I finally feel him pulling, I know that he is ready. I know I am. I want to give this to him. To show him that I am truly his, all of me. I feel the thick part of the plug, pull through my tight ring. It comes out with a plop. It feels like I am gaping open. I feel his fingers move inside. He starts with two fingers. He works them in and out with ease. When he spreads them, I fill my body loosen up and take the intrusion.

He finally removes his fingers, I can feel his hands on my ass cheeks. He spreads them with one of his hands. The next feeling I have is the thick head of his cock at the entrance. All at once, I tense, thinking his huge cock will never fit inside me. He must sense this.

“Easy Michele, we will go slow. Trust me.”

“Yes Sir. I’m ready.”

With that he presses his cock against my opening. I take a calming breath, and push back against him. I have at least learned that from my practice with the plug. Just when I feel that it’s not going to work, his head slips beyond the tight ring. He waits there, letting me adjust to his size. After a few minutes, he starts to slowly move in and out very shallow. There is some burning, but I feel my body relax and let the pleasure override the pain.

His cock is moving in and out more deeply. He gets into a rhythm. The fullness I feel is sending me close to edge. I never had any idea this could be so pleasurable. When I am close, he stops, deep inside me. I feel the pulse of his throbbing cock. I try to move back against him, but I have limited movement.

He leans down and wraps a leather strap around my hips. He pulls back on it, and starts to move again. The strap holds me exactly where he wants me. His tempo is more needy. My body and shaking with every thrust. My breasts are wobbling, as they hang on either side of the bench. The combination of restraints and his strap have me flirting with the ledge again. He is taking his pleasure from me. I am lost in his ministrations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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