Mid Day Surprise

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Every Friday Bruce has a long break between his split shift. Typically he comes home and he and his wife, Diana, go to the bedroom, they kiss, they touch, they talk about their fantasies. A little bit of talk and some role play never hurt anyone they usually say to each other. Sometimes it’s bad teacher, sometimes it’s the delivery man coming to the door. For both of them though the idea of another woman is hot. Diana is turned on my the idea of getting to play with another woman and Bruce loves the idea of willingly being told to do whatever Diana wants him to do in the situation, watch, stroke, join in, be a prop for their play.

This Friday was just like any other. Bruce was at work and toward the end of the shift texting Diana about how he couldn’t wait to get home to see her. They mused about who might be waiting for him when Bruce got home. The bad teacher? Diana in the tub with a dildo that suctions to the side, fucking away with the door locked? Or her waiting on the bed already playing and wet.

The drive is about half an hour and while Bruce does not try to text and drive, Diana will commonly send messages stating her eagerness for his arrival. This particular morning Diana was oddly quiet, maybe there was something going on at the house that needed her attention, or an errand or two to run before Bruce got home. With the communication silence Bruce listened to his iPod and took the drive to think about what might await him.

When Bruce pulled into the driveway he noticed another car parked there as well, a little crestfallen that he likely was not getting to play with his wife, he knew that it wasn’t that uncommon to have a visitor and while there might not be any sex to be had a visit with friends was always nice too. Getting out of the car, and coming to the front door, he walked in. “Babe, I’m home!” He said. There was no response. That was strange. He passed through the living room and dining room setting his bag down that he takes to work, looking for any sign of Diana and whoever was visiting. “Babe? Diana, are you here?”

Still no response came but Bruce did notice that the door down the hall to their bedroom was shut. Interesting. He went down the short hall and heard some muffled voices. What was going on? Immediately Bruce tried the handle on the bedroom door, only to find that it was locked. “Babe?” he said a bit more assertively. Was she really in there with the door locked? Was everything ok?

A few giggles emerged from behind the locked door. “Hey baby,” came Diana’s voice, “you’re Esenyurt Escort Bayan home!”

“Yeah I am. Why is the door locked?”

“Hhhmmm, I thought I would have some fun with you, and I thought a friend of mine could too. Say ‘Hi’ Harley.” Diana called from the bedroom.

“Hi Bruce.” Said an unfamiliar voice.

“Um, hi” Bruce said back, “If you are having fun with me why is the door locked?”

There was some shuffling inside the room, and Diana called back, “Because you have to prove you can be a good boy first and then we’ll all have fun. For now you just get to listen.”

“What do you mean?” Bruce asked. No words answered him, but some whispers and giggles wafted out from the room where the bed was. A gasp and a moan could be heard, as inside the room Diana spread Harley’s legs and gently began to lick her pussy. Diana’s tongue flicked across the lips and she sucked on Harley’s clit making her moan and writhe on the bed. She gripped Diana’s head and held her there for a moment before releasing her. Harley moaned and swooned as Diana inserted a couple fingers inside her. “Did you hear that Baby?” Diana called out, “That was the sound of me eating pussy! Does it make you hard? Do you love it?”

Hardly believing what he was hearing Bruce took a moment to process that he was being asked a question, to be honest most of the blood had rushed to his, as Diana described it, “massive cock”.

“I do love it, Babe. I wish I could see!”

“You’ll get to”, Diana replied, “just keep it in your pants for now, no touching.

With that the moans on the bedroom side of the door returned, and sounds of wet kisses and sucking. Then the moans switched from Harley’s voice to Diana’s. “Mmmmmmm, yeah right there! Do you hear that baby? She’s licking me now! Do you want to see?” Clearly Diana knew that Bruce did want to see, he often mentioned how hot it would be to watch her and another woman.

“I do want to watch. Please, please let me watch.” Bruce practically begged.

“Mmmm,” more moans escaped the room as the two women played, fingering and licking each other

“Get the door open and watch then.” Came the reply. Diana was enjoying herself far too much to stop to unlock the door. Luckily the lock was a simple one to jimmy, like most interior door locks all that was required was a pen out of it’s case and wiggled in the doorknob. Bruce quickly found one and got the door open.

To his amazement and delight the vision that greeted him was more than he could have hoped for. Avcılar Escort Bayan Diana was laying on the bed on her back, Harley on her hands and knees was lower down, her face buried into Diana pussy, licking and sucking, fingers inside too. Diana moaned as Bruce stepped in and they locked eyes as Harley’s tongue flicked across Diana’s wet pussy. Bruce immediately began rubbing the outside of his pants crotch, his bulge growing visibly inside. “Oh. My. God.” He said “This is so hot!”

“Sit in the chair.” Diana ordered between gasps. She had set up the writing desk chair closer to the bed in anticipation of the whole spectacle. “And take your pants off.”

Bruce had always promised to do exactly as instructed when they role-played this scene, and so he followed through. Removing his pants and sitting. His boxer-briefs tented with his massive 8.5 inch dick straining to get out.

The two women continued to pleasure each other, Harley licking and sucking on Diana’s pussy as Diana held her head down in between her legs. Diana moaned and squirmed on the bed as a wave of pleasure crossed over her. Her husband watching as this other woman made her cum hard right on her tongue.

Once Diana had recovered from her latest orgasm, she got Harley to lay on the bed and then got down between her legs, returning the favour. She licked and sucked, and knew Bruce was enjoying the show. Between licks she looked over her shoulder and said “Take out your cock and come get a closer look.” Bruce did as he was told and dropped his boxers, his cock as hard as could be, and came over to get a really good view of his wife licking another woman’s pussy. He could help but stroke, and made sure he did it right in Diana’s peripheral vision. She moaned and took a second to suck on it, making sure to get it all wet.

“Put it in me baby.” She demanded and Bruce came around behind her and got up on the bed in a doggie style position. He slowly slipped his cock into her dripping wet snatch. Diana moaned and licked deep into Harley pussy making her squeal with delight. The three of them all getting pleasure at once. Bruce thrust his cock in deep, and Diana caught her breath as he pushed deeper inside of her. She came on his hard cock and Bruce pulled it out, bringing it around to Diana’s face. She looks at it glistening with her cum and took a long slow slurp on it. She nodded toward Harley, and Bruce got the message. It was ok for her to suck it too. Bruce moved up the bed further and Harley greedily wrapped her lips around Bruce’s cock. Diana watched while another woman sucked off her husband, grinning and then diving back into her pussy.

When Bruce pulled out of Harley’s mouth to come back down and fuck Diana from behind, Diana asked Harley “Do you love his big cock?” “Mmmmmm,” Harley moaned, “I fucking love it!” The response was exactly what Diana wanted to hear. “Lay down baby.” She said to Bruce.

He layed down on the bed, and Diana grabbed Harley’s hand and placed it on Bruce’s cock. “Stroke it!” Harley did and Diana watched, fingering herself. Bruce dared not to move, he loved the attention from the two woman and didn’t want to do anything that would break the spell. Harley on the other hand couldn’t take it anymore and dove down to suck on Bruce’s massive dick. Diana watched with delight, knowing that his cock would taste like her own wetness. She moaned and then got up to straddle Bruce’s face so he could eat her.

Bruce delighted in his wife’s pussy in his face and another woman sucking his cock, when suddenly the sucking stopped and he could hear the two of them kissing, followed by a very warm, tight sensation around his cock. Diana was guiding his cock into another woman’s slit. He loved it and bucked hard up into her. His tongue reaching deep into his wife’s pussy as he fucked this other woman.

Diana cheered him on, “Yeah baby, fuck her!” and he did. She came on his cock, and Diana came on his tongue as the two women kissed. Bruce could feel his balls aching to cum, he slowed his thrusts and Diana knew he was close. She told Harley to knee on the floor, and she did the same beside her. Bruce took the hint and stood in front of them and they both sucked his cock. First Diana, took a few long slow slurps of it before passing it over to Harley. “Mmmmm she tastes so good on your cock baby!”

The two women sucked Bruce’s dick, together and taking turns, until Bruce couldn’t take it anymore. He could feel it building up inside him and pushed deeper into their throats as they took their turns again. “Oh Babe, I’m gonna cum so hard!” He exclaimed. “Do it! Cum all over us!” Diana replied. And Bruce started to stroke it himself as both women began to kiss and play with their tits. A few strokes later and Bruce started to shoot his hot creamy load onto their faces and tits. They both moaned and continued kissing as the cum covered them.

Once Bruce was done he sat on the edge of the bed as the women continued kissing and then fingering each other until they came together in a cum covered moaning climax. They kissed softly and then all layed on the bed for a moment. “Mmm, thanks for coming over Harley.” Diana said. “I think we might have you around more often.”

“My pleasure.” Harley replied. “I hope so!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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