Milk Duds Ch. 04

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Preface: This is dedicated to the reader suggesting it. I hope she likes it.


The afternoon sun caused Sandy to close the blinds, not because she was making sure nobody could see her nursing her baby but because it shown directly into his eyes. After four months she quickly learned any distraction would cause him to clamp down tight on her nipple with his toothless gums. She didn’t mind his actions but it always brought about a tremendous sexual arousal in her and Tom, her husband, wasn’t due home for another four hours.

Just as Sandy was about to open her blouse and nursing bra the doorbell rang. She knew it was Judy coming to chat and feed her child. Often they would do most of their talking while nursing. Judy was about the same age, their newborn children only weeks apart in age and it helped she lived in house next door.

“Going to start without me?” Judy lightly quipped as she sat in the overstuffed chair across from her neighbor and dearest friend.

Upload: If you choose to upload your stor“What makes you think I would do something like that,” Sandy retorted lightly as she finished opening her blouse. The nursing flap quickly followed exposing almost half of her large milk filled breast. The nipple was already extended, something she noted seemed to be the norm, and dripping semi?clear white fluid. Her first and middle fingers grasped the swollen globe as she lifted the babies mouth to her nipple. “Ah, now that feels so much better,” she sighed. The baby took immediately to the wet object being placed in it’s mouth and began to suckle slowly reducing the pressure.

“Yeah, know just what you mean,” replied Judy doing the same. Both babies easily settled into contentment as they greedily fed from their mothers. “Keep on sucking,” she cooed to her child, “and make mommy feel better.”

“Judy, I know this is a very off the wall question, but have you ever tasted your own milk?”

“Well, no now that you mention it. I’ve never given any thought to it. Why, have you?”

“I did once last week. The baby had fallen asleep and as I put him in his crib there was a single drop still on my nipple. I wiped it off with my finger and for some unknown reason tasted it.”

“So, how was it?” Judy asked.

“Sweet, very sweet like it was full of sugar and I really liked it. Tom just loves my milk and always makes sure I’m empty in the evenings taking whatever the baby doesn’t need.”

“Sure wish I could get Sam to do that for me. Since I’ve been breast feeding he barely touches my breasts anymore. He says it icky and messy and doesn’t want anything to do with them until I dry up.”

“Gee, I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t know what I would do if Tom were to ever stop playing with my breasts. It’s like the biggest thing in his sexual life feeling, touching and sucking them and now that I’m full of milk he loves them even more. I hate to think what it’ll be like when I don’t have anymore.”

Time passed quickly and soon both babies were filled and content, both falling asleep. Judy pulled herself back together and said good?bye leaving Susan alone with her thoughts.

‘I know what I have for breasts is nothing to sneeze at,’ she thought, ‘but Judy certain does have me beat.’

Susan had always been very proud of her figure especially her 38D sized breasts, but with the baby and her milk she had quickly grown into wearing a very snug fitting 40DD sized cup. In her estimation Judy was larger, but not by much. She figured around a 42DD bra. Suddenly Susan found herself wondering just how it would feel to touch her best friends breasts and suckle her milk. The wetness between her legs belied her feelings.

Two days later, Escort Bayan Friday night after supper, Judy came over in tears. Her husband Sam had left that morning for a week long business trip and that afternoon she had taken her baby to the hospital.

“What’s wrong with him,” Susan asked hurriedly fearing the worst.

“Congestion,” she finally whimpered. “Nothing serious the doctor said, but he would have to spend three or four days in the hospital. I just don’t know what to do without Sam around.” This last revelation brought about another flood of tears.

“Now, now,” Susan soothed taking her friend into her arms. “You can just stay with us until the baby is feeling better.”

“Yeah and just to make sure call the hospital and give them our number if they need to talk with you. Also make sure your doctor knows how to reach you. Come in, Judy, we’ve been friends much to long to let a little thing like this bother you. Sandy, you go next door with her and make sure she has all she’ll need to stay a few days. We’ll have you stay in the spare room and while you two are gone I’ll get it ready.”

“Are you sure I’m not putting you two out?” Judy asked as Sandy helped her gather a few clothes.

“Not in the least. Hey, we both know you would do the same for us, so stop yakking and let’s get out of here.”

Later that night as Tom and Susan lay in bed they began to fondle each other. Susan’s hand slide down his legs finding his organ almost fully hard. In turn Tom had opened her nightgown and was busy feeling one of her large breasts while his lips pulled and sucked the milk from the other. Before long they were deeply into making love and , since neither of them had ever had reason to be quite, made lots of noise.

The next morning Judy called the hospital and found her baby had spent a restful night but still needed their attention. She sighed as she hung up the phone. Susan came into the den and asked about her baby. Judy told her what they had said.

“You didn’t sleep very well last night,” Susan commented. “I see dark circles around your eyes.”

“Oh, I was hoping it wouldn’t show,” she said. “I’m still worried about my baby and…………, and…………..” Judy stopped her face suddenly glowing red.

“And what?” Susan asked.

“Uh, well, it was rather noisy last night,” she murmured. The guest room was next to the master bedroom.

“Oh, that.” Now it was Susan’s turn to blush. “I’m sorry Judy. We didn’t thing of that.”

“Whoa, hey don’t give it a thought. I’m just so very glad you two are here to help me. What you guys do in bed is none of my business anyway. Besides, it’s only for a few days and I can manage. There is one small thing though.”

“OK, what small thing?”

“My breast pump broke,” Judy grimaced. It was suddenly obvious to Susan her friend was in pain.

“Oh, my,” she exclaimed.

“Uh, if you don’t mind my butting in, I think I might be able to help,” Tom spoke up standing in the doorway. “Get the busted thing out and let’s see if I can fix it.”

They women waited patiently for Tom to fix the broken pump. Susan brought out her baby and gave him one breast. When it was empty she looked at Judy and motioned for her to get ready. Neither of them knew if he would take from her, but anything was worth a try. Judy was now in a lot of pain from the pressure building up in her large milked filled breasts. She took her friends baby and put his mouth to her nipple, but after sucking for just few minutes rejected her offer. He began to cry and Susan had to take him back and put him to her other breast. Ten minutes later Tom came back with the bad news.

“Sure enough, it’s busted and I can’t fix Bayan Escort it. The diaphragm has one hell of a big hole in it.”

Judy began to cry again, her large pain filled chest heaving with her sobs. Suddenly she rose and rushed from the room into the bathroom. The door slammed shut and they heard the lock clicking into place. From the outside of the door Tom and Susan could still hear her crying, then came the sounds of real pain. Tom used his pocket knife to jimmy open the door and Susan rushed inside. There she found Judy, her upper body naked, leaning over the sink attempting to squeeze the milk from her breasts. It was obvious she wasn’t having much luck as very little was coming from her turgid nipples.

“Judy,” Susan spoke softly. “I think I have a solution for your problem.”

“What,” she all but shouted. “How the hell am I going to get rid of this milk that’s making me hurt so bad? You know just what I mean and how it hurts.”

“I’ll help you,” Susan again spoke softly as she took Judy’s arm. “Come with me and I’ll make it all better. I’ll take away the pain.”

Susan led her friend to her own bedroom and lay her down. She was amazed at how well her large breasts remained so upright on her chest, but then that was to be expected when they were so full. Susan lay beside her and with tentative hand reached out to cup the closed full breasts. The skin was so soft, so hot and stretched hard on her chest. She gently pinched and swirled the leaking nipple until Judy began to relax. Her lips moved closer and closer until they finally encircled the milk dripping nipple. Gently Susan applied more lip and soon began to suckle. Almost instantly she was rewarded by the sweet taste flowing from her friends breast.

Tom stood in the door way not quite believing what he was seeing. His wife sucking the milk from another woman. At first anger filled him, but seeing how Susan was enjoying herself and the look of pleasure on Judy’s face he changed his mind. Not only that but he found himself becoming aroused. He slowly began removing his shirt as his eyes watched Judy opening his wife’s blouse. His body moved closer to unsnap Susan’s front opening bra exposing her breasts. Judy’s hands seemingly moved without thought as they touched and cupped his wife’s naked breasts. Dropping his pants to become naked he knelt and found one of Susan’s still full breasts. His lips clamped over the nipple and he began to suck, filling his mouth with her milk.

Susan couldn’t believe the feelings she was receiving. Not only was she sucking the milk filled breast of a woman, but she was having her own sucked. Her body began to heat up as she felt her pants coming off along with her panties. She had one hand occupied with kneading one of Judy’s large full breasts, but the other she moved and found Tom’s rock hard throbbing nine inch erection. Instantly she felt the heat of him along with his hardness and began to slowly stroke him. Judy’s head lifted up when she felt another body joining them and smiled. While she loved her Sam, Tom certainly had him beat in the manhood department.

Susan took little notice when Judy shifted alongside her. She felt the softness of her hand slipping over her belly and knew where it was headed. Her fingers felt the touch of Judy’s on hers and she moved her hand down to his testicles allowing her dearest friends hand easy access to his organ. Tom felt the changing of hands and moaned deeply into Susan’s milk spraying breast as Judy took hold of him. Without thinking his hips began to move, to thrust into her tightly clinched fist. In the mean time Susan was eagerly caressing and squeezing his heavy full sack while pressing her chest more to his Escort sucking lips.

“Susan,” Judy moaned, “I’m sorry but Sam hasn’t paid me much attention lately and Tom is so much more than him. Oh, God, but he’s big, thick, hot and so very hard. I’ve never touch a cock anywhere like this before.”

Suddenly bodies began moving. Susan helped Judy to remove her clothes while Tom watched, his throbbing organ pulsing as it lay on his belly only to be lifted with each heartbeat. Susan knew it would take some doing but what with their very open style marriage it could be done. Finally all three were naked, Tom on his back, Susan kneeling alongside him and Judy, well, Judy’s leg were now on either side of his body her sex dripping her juices all over his erect manhood.

For Tom it was a dream come true to know he was finally going to be inside the body of their neighbor. He had longed for the chance and now here it was. As Judy slowly lowered her hips bringing her sex closer and closer Susan held his rigid prick allow her to easily slip it inside. Seconds grew into minutes as she took her time filling herself with his manhood. At last she was full filled with his thickness and she groaned with delight.

“Yyyeessssssssssss,” she exclaimed. “I’ve never been filled so full of cock. Yes, let me feel you so deeply in me,” Judy gasped as she began to rock her hips taking all he had to give her.

Susan managed to move her friends body low enough to suckle from her still milk filled breasts while Tom could still get from hers. She had now idea how long she had wanted to do this, her sucking milk while her husband sucked her, but it was now real and happening. Her only comment was to assure Judy not to worry, Tom was fixed and couldn’t get her pregnant. Those words seemed to unleash Judy as she began to frantically move her hips forcing as much of Tom’s cock into as she could get.

Susan’s breast ran dry and she forced herself to remove it from his greedy lips. Still she couldn’t keep from taking the milk from her friend as she felt her husband having her body. Finally Judy’s breast went dry and Susan moved to her other side, but this time not to suckle. This time she kneading and squeezed her remaining milk filled breast forcing it to spray it’s contents all over Tom’s face and chest. It wasn’t surprising to find Judy doing the same to her but the milk was covering her own body.

“I’m going to cum,” gasped Tom as he hunched his hips upward to drive his throbbing organ deeper into her sex.

“Yes, yes, cum and fill her,” Susan whispered leaning close to his ear. “Ram your cock deeper and deeper into her. Give her your cum, empty your balls and let me see your suck her milk filled tits.”

Tom was gone with her words. He felt his organ swelling up thicker as great gobs of his sperm erupted. Judy’s own sex exploded and soaked his shaft and testicles. Together they climaxed hard. Susan was roughly squeezing Judy’s remaining milk filled breast letting the milk waste away over her husbands naked chest.

Their mutual climax ended and Judy slumped to her side as Tom slipped from her body. He was very spent never having such a good time with sex outside his wife. Wearily he raised his head when a pair of soft tongues began lapping his rapidly shrinking organ. Both his wife and neighbor were taking turns lapping and sucking the mixing juices of the recent coupling. Later, all three sitting naked in the front room sipping white wine, they discussed what had happened. Judy told them Sam would never go along with anything close to this and they agreed he needn’t know as long as the could get together whenever he was out of town in the future, or busy at the office. They all laughed and all knew Sam could be still in town and they would have more sex.


There you are, Lady. Maybe not quite what you had imagined, but I used my writer license to expound and elaborate. Now, enjoy the reading. Trog.

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