Millville Ch. 21: The Sybian Finals

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Big Tits

Chapter 21


(Author’s note: The reader should definitely read chapter 20 before embarking on this, a continuation of the event that began in that chapter.)

The intermission that Bob, the host of the party, called for was ending and everyone was reassembled in Bob and his wife Julie’s playroom/dungeon. Contrasting with the darkness of the dimly-lit room, the Sybian sat on its special platform in the center of the room, bathed with the rays from several white floodlights. The galvanized pipe framework that surrounded the sides and also extended above the “machine” gave the whole setup an ominous look, especially when one considered that this was all for the benefit of a BDSM group.

I noticed that the dildo attachment, which had been removed for the men who had to sit upon the Sybian, had been replaced by an even larger one. This one was probably six inches long and one and three-quarters inches in diameter. Like the smaller one used earlier in the evening, this one was made of metal, with a wire leading from its base to a TENS unit. A similar wire led to an electrode pad that rested atop the portion of the Sybian that stimulated the clitoris.

Bob stood in front of the Sybian and faced his guests who were anxiously awaiting the final rounds of the evening’s contest. All, except perhaps the two men and two women who were the finalists. They pondered their upcoming challenge with some trepidation, knowing that they would have to better the time they had been able to withstand Bob’s own special home-made Sybian experience. “All right. I think that everyone’s here. Let’s find out who will be Julie’s and my guests at our cabin in the Smoky Mountains. I can assure you that it will be a pleasure and fun filled weekend.

“Ladies first, as it should be. Melissa and Suzie. Let’s flip a coin to see which of you will go first. Suzie, you call it.”

“Heads,” Suzie said from her seat on the sofa next to me.

Bob flipped the coin into the air and let it drop on the floor. When it came to rest he called out, “Heads it is. Suzie you’re up first. Come on up and get ready for the ride of your life.”

“Oh my God,” Suzie said to me. “I don’t know if I can do this. I’m scared, Tom.”

“Look, Suzie. You did fine the first time. That’s why you’re still in the running to win this thing. In fifteen minutes you’ll be all done. You managed to survive before and you will again. Be tough.” I planted a big kiss on her mouth, gave her bottom a little slap and sent her off.

Bob said, “Ah, here you are, my dear. And, God, I can’t get over how sexy you look in that leather lingerie. I’m afraid I have to ask you to remove it, however. We need you sitting up here naked! This time you won’t need the ankle cuffs.”

The guests, who were gathering closer to the action now, murmured their approval of Suzie’s getting naked. While Suzie put on the wrist cuffs Bob cleaned all the equipment with the disinfectant towelettes and then put some of the conductive gel on the metal dildo and the electrode pad. Suzie climbed aboard and carefully lowered herself, wincing a little as the larger dildo slid into her vagina.

“Good girl, Suzie,” Bob said. “Now let’s get you ready for action.” He reached up and attached Suzie’s wrist cuffs to the pipe above her head so that she could hold on to the pipe but not lower her arms. “This time we won’t spread your legs apart and fasten them to the outer frame. We did that so you couldn’t hold your body up by squeezing your thighs together against the platform sides. When the time comes that you want to lift your body so your clit isn’t resting on that electrode you can clench your legs tight against the platform and take some pressure off your arms.

“But…you knew there would be a ‘but’ didn’t you?”

Suzie nodded her head with a worried look.

“But, you may not have noticed on each side of the platform there are many little holes. On the inside is a board with many small nails sticking out, right where each hole is located. At a certain time in the pre-programmed cycle, that board will move next to the side and the nails will poke through the holes, about an inch. At that point you may want to unclench your legs and hold them away from the platform. I hope you have strong thigh muscles.

“One last thing we’ve added for the finals here.” Bob picked up a pair of Japanese clover clamps from the table. They were connected to each other by a thin chain. “I’m going to place these on your nipples, then connect the chain to the platform so there’s no slack. When you lift your body up to avoid the electric shock running from your clit to your vagina, the nipple clamps will be pulled tighter. I think you know how that will feel.”

Now I was worried about Suzie. She was pretty new to all this and she had never had anything clamped on her nipples. She must have been terrified listening to all that Bob was saying. This ordeal was apparently going far beyond what she had endured earlier. Sahabet I wouldn’t have blamed her if she quit right then. But, although she looked terrified, she was sitting there, apparently ready for whatever they threw at her.

“I’m going to clip these on now, Suzie. I know you’re new at this, so I’ll warn you. It’ll hurt like Hell when they first go on, but the pain soon subsides. I didn’t say it goes away, though. OK, here goes.”

“Owwwwwwwww!!! Shit!! Ohhhh, that hurts!”

I watched as Suzie endured what I imagined must have been the worst pain in her life. I imagined that I, in her place, would have quit right then. My beloved wife was tough. It was hard for me to keep watching, but I did, as Bob placed the other clover clamp on her opposite nipple.

“Ohhhhh, noooooo, pleeease. I can’t take it! Damn!”

Right away Bob attached a thin cord to an eye bolt just in front of the Sybian. He ran the cord up and around the chain connecting the two clover clamps, then back through the eye bolt and forward to a cleat where, pulling the cord so it had no slack but wasn’t pulling the chain, he fastened the cord. Then he immediately reached to his computer and started the Sybian and TENS cycles.

Julie, Bob’s wife and Suzie’s best friend, came and stood next to me. “Suzie’s a real trooper. I don’t know if she was ready for this heavy-duty stuff yet. Neither Bob nor I thought that she would make it through the first round on the Sybian. I’m rooting for her, though.”

“Thanks, Julie,” I replied. “I’m not too hopeful, but I know we’d sure like to be the ones going to your cabin. Maybe that’ll be the incentive she needs.”

At that point the Sybian had been rotating and vibrating for a couple of minutes. I imagined that the TENS had been on for a while already, but one couldn’t tell by watching Suzie’s expression because she was still dealing with the clamps on her nipples. Another minute went by and suddenly I noticed that her expression was changing. I recognized the look. It was similar to when I was going down on her and I twisted her nipples before she orgasmed. Could it be that with the stimulation from the Sybian and the nipple pain she was getting that aroused?

The electricity must have been turned up as she started to vocalize her discomfort. “Ohhhhh. Not already. It was just starting to feel good. Now this. Ahhhhh!”

She withstood it for perhaps another minute before lifting herself slightly to break contact between her clit and the electrode under it. She moaned as the nipple clamps were pulled tighter. I could tell that she was squeezing her thighs into the sides of the platform to help hold her up. I also noticed that the humming noise that the Sybian makes was getting stronger. Suzie gingerly let her body down to touch the electrode. It must have been off because she let herself drop.

Julie whispered to me, “She’s got the system figured out pretty well, Tom. That’s how she did so well before. She’s smart.”

“Yeah. I hope she’s smart enough, and tough enough, to beat out Melissa.”

Just as Suzie started getting that “look” on her face again the Tens current ran from her clit to her pussy and she instinctively pulled herself up by her arms, which, of course, pulled on her nipple clamps causing them to tighten and stretch the nipples. Her screams were just as intense as those caused by the TENS machine.

Once again I saw her legs tighten against the sides of the platform and I could tell that her arm muscles relaxed a bit, but after about thirty seconds she squealed again and her legs flew away from the platform, dropping her body back onto the Sybian, and starting the flow of electricity through her genitalia. “Ouuuuch! Ohhhhhhh! Help me,” she yelled, again pulling herself up off the electrode while holding her legs to each side. The nipple clamps pulling again made her scream once more.

I said to Julie, “I don’t see how she can last much longer. Her arms are pretty strong but I don’t know about her leg muscles. That’s got to be hard.”

Julie said, “You’re probably right. But she’s determined. She’ll stay until she physically can’t last any longer.”

Gradually Suzie’s body lowered as her arm strength gave out until her clit contacted the electrode. Her screams were louder than ever and, for the first time that evening, tears dripped down her cheeks. I wanted to cry for her and almost yelled out “Stop!” myself, but she saved me the trouble as she yelled it herself. The rotation and vibrations of the Sybian stopped. The TENS unit shut off. The nails protruding from the sides of the platform retracted. Bob released the clover clamps from her nipples. Suzie slumped forward, held upright only by her wrist cuffs bound to the pipe above her.

I ran to her and put my arms around her. I whispered to her. “Oh, Suzie, I don’t know how you did it. It must have been awful. I’m so proud of you for staying up there so long. Here, let me help you off this torture devise.”

She said, weakly, “I wanted so much to Sahabet Giriş do this. To prove to myself that I can take it. You know, at one point I thought I might have an orgasm, until the damn electricity thing got so strong toward the end. Oh, Tom. Did I really do good?”

“You did the best, Babe. Now let’s clean this thing off for Melissa. Wow. Look how wet it is. The dildo and everything under it is dripping.”

“I told you. I was so super turned on. Even those nipple clamps. As painful as they were, I could just feel the hurt in my pussy.”

We walked back to where Julie was and sat down on the sofa. Julie went and got Suzie some juice and me a beer. What a night it had been…and it was still going on.

“OK, Melissa, you’re up. Let’s see if you or Suzie will be joining Julie and me in the Smoky Mountains.”

Melissa, naked, paraded up to the Sybian, wiped it down before Bob coated the dildo and electrode with the conductive gel, put on the wrist cuffs, and mounted the Sybian. Looking confident she lowered herself onto the machine until her vagina was impaled by the metal dildo. Bob fastened her wrist cuffs to the pipe above her head and reminded her of the changes that had been made in the program since she last had experienced it.

Julie told Suzie and me, “She should be good at this. After all, she’s a switch so she has lots of experience tolerating pain and discomfort. You would imagine that that would give her an advantage, but I’m still betting on you to win, Suzie.”

“I sure hope you’re right,” Suzie replied. They hugged each other, looking extremely sexy, both wearing their black leather garments. Suzie had donned hers again, still feeling uncomfortable being totally nude in the gathering of people, some of whom she had just met.

“Here come the clamps, Melissa,” Bob said as he attached one of the clover clamps to a nipple. She winced as he let go, but didn’t utter a sound. The same with the other one.

“See,” Julie said. “Didn’t faze her a bit.”

Bob fastened the cord to the chain hanging from the clamps so it was tight but not pulling, and pushed the “start” button on his computer.

Melissa sat passively atop the Sybian as it started its gyrations and vibrations. Almost immediately she started some low moaning, an indication that she was enjoying it all. She even leaned backward which increased the pull on her nipples. “Ohh, that’s good,” we could hear.

Julie whispered, “She’s digging it already. I bet she thinks that if she’s aroused enough she’ll be able to withstand more.”

Suzie said, “Well I was getting aroused and I wasn’t even trying. I certainly didn’t try to have my nipples pulled more than they already were.”

Melissa’s expression changed suddenly and we imagined that the TENS must have turned on. It, too, must have stimulated her and turned her on even more. Her moans of pleasure were increasing in volume. A sound and look of disappointment signaled that either the TENS or the Sybian, or both, had shut down for a brief moment. Then Melissa screamed as a stronger jolt of electricity must have coursed through her genitals, startling her. This time she did pull herself up to break the electrical connection.

‘Oh, that’s a little too much. It was sooo good before. Her clover clamps on her nipples were pulled tight by the attached cord, which caused them to pinch the nipples even harder, and at the same time pulling them away from her body. As Suzie had done, Melissa clamped her thighs to the platform to help hold her aloft. She relaxed her arms and gradually lowered until her clit rested on the electrode, letting the TENS current add to her arousal in spite of the intense pain she felt in her clit and vagina.

When her legs quickly spread away from the platform sides we knew that the nails must be coming out. Her leg muscles soon were trembling. Her voice was getting louder. “Oh….Oh…Oh, yes,”

Still resting on the electrodes she leaned back again to stretch her nipples. “Oh….Oh…..I can’t take it, Oh, yes. More. YEeeeooowwww!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. Her whole body became rigid, yet her arms and legs trembled.

Bob pushed something on his computer and everything shut down right away. Melissa continued to shake and scream for at least a full minute before her body relaxed and she slumped forward.

Suzie asked Julie and me, “What happened? Is she all right?”

Julie answered, “She had an orgasm. I told you. She’s so practiced in being a bottom that her body responded to all that stimulation and gave her an orgasm. She obviously couldn’t control it.”

“So what now? Will she be the winner?” Suzie asked.

Julie responded, “Depends. Having an orgasm was the same as her calling ‘Stop!’ If she lasted longer than you, then she’ll be the winner. If not, you will be. I’m hoping for the latter.”

“Me, too,” I added.

After Jack helped Melissa down and they returned to their places among the guests, Bob looked at his computer, and then announced, Sahabet Güncel Giriş “Well, folks, it was very close, but the winner, who, with her spouse, will be Julie’s and my guests in the Smoky Mountains, is…Suzie!”

Julie, Suzie, and I all let out a loud “hoop!” amid the applause of the other guests.

Bob added, when the cheering died down, “Suzie, I’m proud of you. I think you surprised us all, being a newbie to our lifestyle, by your strength and tenacity. We’re all very glad that you and Tom have joined our ranks. Julie and I will certainly look forward to our weekend at the cabin. And, speaking of such, we need to choose the other couple that will join us. Mike and Len, come on up.

The two men’s finalists of the evening sauntered up to the Sybian where Bob awaited them. “Ok, gentlemen,” he said. “Pretty much the same as before, but with the same changes the women had. So, please put on only the wrist cuffs this time, and, of course, this little strap that goes around your cock, right beneath the glans.” Bob held up the little strap that the men had all worn earlier. It closed with Velcro and had a wire leading from it to the TENS unit. The other lead went to the electrode pad on the Sybian. The same one that was beneath the ladies’ clits but would now be covered by the men’s balls.

Let’s flip the coin to see who goes first. Len, you call it.

“Heads,” Len called out.

Bob flipped the coin once again, letting it drop to the floor. When it came to rest he bent over to look closely, and then stood up and announced, “Tails!” Mike, looks like you’re up first.”

Mike fastened the cuffs to his wrists and, after Bob coated the inside of the little leather strap with the conductive gel, wrapped it around his penis. That done, he climbed aboard the Sybian. The dildo had been removed again and as Mike straddled the platform on which the Sybian lay, his balls sat squarely on top of the electrode pad, which Bob had also coated with the gel.

Bob said, “And, of course we can’t forget these.” He held up the shiny silver Japanese Clover Clamps.

“You could forget them if you want,” Mike told Bob. “I won’t tell anyone.”

“Come on, Mike. Can’t let the women be braver than us men, can we? Just because you don’t have the nice breasts that our women have doesn’t mean we can’t use our nipples. They must be there for a purpose, right?” With that said he placed the first nipple clamp on Mike which made Mike squeal.

Julie whispered to Suzie and me. “This is going to be the opposite of Melissa. Mike’s strictly a top. Probably never had his nipples so much as squeezed with fingers. You know how he must feel, Suzie. You were pretty much a ‘nipple virgin’ up there, weren’t you?”

“You bet I was,” Suzie answered. “And believe me, it hurt like Hell. It was all I could do to muster up the courage to go on at that point. I also remembered just then how you screamed at our house when I took the clothespins off your nipples. So I was expecting the pain after I was through on the Sybian and Bob removed the clamps.”

“You are learning, Suzie. Just think, a few short months ago you didn’t know anything about BDSM.”

Now that Mike was all hooked up, Bob started the program. He had neglected to mention that the program for the men was not the same as it had been for the women. So Mike was startled when no sooner than the vibrations had begun than the TENS unit switched on, strong enough to make Mike scream. Instinctively he pulled his body up by his arms until his balls separated from the electrode they had been resting on.

“God damn, Bob. You could have warned me that you changed things. You sadistic bastard!”

Bob stood next to Mike with a smug smile on his face. He seemed to be enjoying the results of his mechanical and computer programing efforts. He watched as Mike tentatively lowered himself just enough to make contact with the electrode, and when he realized that the TENS was off, relaxed. He tried to catch his breath. Through all this his cock had become, and stayed, erect. The strong vibrations under his scrotum were keeping it that way.

Once again the TENS came on, very strong, only this time the nails poked into his thighs at the same time. So Mike pulled himself up and held his legs apart, all the while having his nipples pulled and squeezed harder by the clover clamps. Mike was now yelling as loudly as anyone had all evening. His arms and legs were all quivering and slowly Mike settled back down until his balls grazed the dreaded electrode.

“STOP!” he screamed, and Bob shut everything off at his computer. Mike slumped over. He looked as though he had fainted. Bob quickly removed the nipple clamps. This brought mike back to life as the blood surged back into his nipples. He screamed again. Bob released Mike’s wrist cuffs and helped him down. Mike’s wife, Debra, helped him back to their seats where she gave him a long, erotic kiss.

“And now it’s time for Len to be the finale of tonight’s playtime,” Bob announced. “Come on up, Len. Let’s see what you can do.”

As Len made his way up the Sybian, his wife, Leila, came over to where Julie, Suzie and I were standing. By this time, everyone in the room was standing, anxious to see if Len could outlast Mike up there.

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