Minding My Own Neighbor Pt. 01

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I got injured at work and was home on medical recovery. I arranged to work from home part time on my computer and set up a small office in the spare bedroom. The same bedroom that overlooks the neighbor’s back yard.

I was working on a spreadsheet and found my mind adrift several times over. I walked around the house and tried to find something interesting. I grabbed a cup of coffee and returned to the office. As I went to take a seat, I glanced out the window and could not believe my eyes.

There in the back yard was our neighbor (recently divorced) sunbathing topless.

I set the coffee down and stared out the window long enough that I felt my cock getting hard.

I decided it was time to look away when she turned over, untied the strings on the bikini bottoms and allowed the sun to wash over her firm round cheeks.

I stared a little longer. A LOT longer.

Carol had been married to her husband for a long time. She caught him cheating on her with their babysitter. He had lost his job and was now serving time for being a child molester. As part of the divorce, he was forced to liquidate all his marital assets to pay off the house, and their debts.

Carol was a personal trainer and it showed. After the house and debts were settled, she quit her job as an ad executive and followed her dreams.

I admired the view a little longer, then got back to work.

I did check from time to time, just to make sure she didn’t burn.

This went on for over a week. I never thought she knew. Boy was I wrong …

Carol was enjoying the fact that she was tormenting me right from her own back yard. She enjoyed the idea of another man taking an interest in her.

Carol and my wife did NOT get a long. They had gotten into a heated discussion about schools, taxes and federal funding. Their opinions differed and that is where their relationship ended.

I had always gotten along with Carol but felt her husband was “off”. Sinop Escort I never said anything to anyone about any of those thoughts, but it taught me to respect my gut feelings.

I was nearing the end of my recovery and was trying to finish up a lot of reports and other items with deadlines. I was home alone and the wife would not be home until 6pm.

I grabbed my late morning coffee and headed to the stairs when the doorbell rang. I was still in my boxers and a t-shirt. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I just went to the door as-is thinking it would be quick and uneventful.

I opened the door and my jaw almost fell to the floor when I saw who it was. Carol was standing in the doorway, in a short bathrobe. She smelled like sun tan oil.

“Hi.” she said innocently.

I cleared my throat, “Hey Carol. How are you?”

“Well … I am kind of lonely. I heard you were over here in this great big house all alone and thought I had better check on you.” Carol said.

“Oh I am fine, I -” I replied.

Carol let herself in and pushed the door shut for me. I was both THANKFUL and shocked by her display of confidence.

She stopped and turned in the foyer. She looked at me with some very hungry eyes.

“I kind of missed you staring out the window at me in my backyard, so I was worried something might be wrong.” she said innocently.

“So you thought it was best to rush over here without even changing your clothes?” I replied.

“I wouldn’t use the word change.” Carol said.

She pulled the belt on her robe and it popped open. Carol had NOTHING on underneath her robe. She let it drop to the floor in a pile and looked at me with a devilish smile.

Her pussy was shaved smooth. She had a dark tan and no tan lines what so ever. Her nipples were hard.

I was speechless. My cock sprang to life and Carol could see that I was thinking the same thing she was.

Carol smiled as she walked towards Sinop Escort Bayan me.

I broke the look long enough to set my coffee down. By the time Carol was in my personal space, my eyes were closed and our tongues were dancing.

Carol’s hands went straight to my cock. She rubbed me through the boxers and then yanked them down firmly. She gently stroked my shaft and fondled my balls. She moaned with approval.

I caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples.

“Its been so long for me …” Carol whispered in my ear.

“Come with me.” I replied.

I took Carol to the Livingroom and laid her down on the floor. I wasted no time. I sucked on her nipples as I stroked her pussy lips. I was brief but thorough.

Carol pushed my shoulders down and I took the hint. I kissed her pussy lips and pushed them apart with my nose. I used a pointed tongue to find her swollen clit and I touched it with the tip. She drew in a deep and sudden breath.

I plunged in with a flat tongue, applying more pressure and moving faster. Carol’s moans meant I was getting a strong approval rating. She rested her legs on the back of my shoulders and used them to pull me into her hips. She lifted her hips against my face and used one of her hands to hold the back of my head as I ate her pussy.

In less than a minute, she cried out my name as she flooded my face with her juices. She used her second hand to hold my face against her pussy as she panted and whimpered. As her orgasm would fade, another would build up and she would “smother” my face again with more of her sweet juices. This went on for three “volleys” as she struggled to catch her breath and regain control.

She finally pushed me away so she could catch her breath. She laid on the couch panting, her long brown hair pulled up in a sloppy bun and her sunglasses still resting on her head.

“WOW …” Carol panted. “That is the absolute best orgasm I have ever had Escort Sinop in my life!!” She confessed.

Carol sat up and kissed me. While she was kissing me, she pushed me back onto the couch. I tried to fight her, but she was stronger than I was.

I could feel her hard nipples brushing against me, even through my shirt. She pinched my own nipple as she made her way down to my cock.

Carol took me in her mouth and my head started spinning. “Oh My God …” I said out loud.

Carol took the encouragement and started moving her head faster. I held her hair out of the way so I could watch.

“That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” I whispered.

Carol started stroking the shaft of my cock with one of her hands. She used her tongue to swirl the sensitive area just under the head of my cock and within minutes, I was shooting a heavy thick load down her throat while chanting, “Carol … Carol … Carol.”

Carol swallowed all of my cum. She even used the head of my cock to push some into her mouth.

She licked the entire length of the shaft and then kissed the head before getting up.

I laid on the couch, unable to form a sentence or even move. I felt like I had just had the life sucked out of me.

I watched Carol walk across the room and grab her robe off of the floor. She dressed quickly. I had managed to sit up and could speak a few words.

Carol walked back into the room and leaned over. She kissed me on the lips. “Thank you for taking care of your neighbor.” she said (like I had just loaned her a pair of shears).

“Anytime … Glad to help out.” I replied.

Carol smiled. “ANY time?” she asked slowly.

“Absolutely.” I replied with confidence.

Carol smiled a little harder. “I might take you up on that.”

Carol leaned over and kissed me a second time, this time she used her tongue and she KNEW I could taste myself on her lips. She moved her hand down to my cock and stroked it playfully. “I wouldn’t mind test driving him now that I got the oil changed.” Carol joked.

“hmmmm” I teased, “Should we set up an appointment?” I asked.

“My place, tomorrow, 10:30 sharp …” Carol replied.

“I will be there.” I confirmed.

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