Minnie: Portrait #1

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I was in a bad mood all day and wasn’t feeling particularly tender towards women. Minnie, the girl who lived across the floor from me in the apartment house I stayed in, had once again turned me down for a date. Her old professor was in town, she said, and would be spending the evening with him. I knew all about him, Mr Vilsen, the letch. He had a wife and four kids up in Montana somewhere, but had to rape every nubile girl who walked in to his European literature class. He was forty-five and I was only twenty-nine, but he still got more pussy than me. To top it off, the bastard had flunked me when I was in his class. It created a whole mess for me. I had to turn around and opt for a minor in music, just because I wouldn’t have enough credits for the English minor.

Shit, and I hadn’t been laid in three months on top of everything else. I decided to teach Minnie a lesson. After all, the bitch was practically living off me for the past two months, ever since she had lost her advertising job, but still wouldn’t even have a coffee with me at the corner cafe.

I had lent her some two thousand dollars (some of which she used to get herself set up on the Net). She said I was the only person in the world she would borrow from. Not even from her parents. Yeah, I was a nice guy who could be trusted not to use the fact that I gave her money to my advantage. Why didn’t she just come out and say it. Anybody else would’ve probably got a lay a day out of her by now.

That evening, I hid in her apartment with a key she had forgotten at my house some weeks back. I knew she hadn’t had a decent lay in two weeks (twice a week is her style) and would probably bring Ol’ Vilsen back there. She usually liked getting laid at home, and anyway Vilsen wasn’t staying anywhere in town. He had just flown in for some conference, and was living with some relatives who were out in the suburbs. Too far for him to get back tonight itself.

I was right! The clock had hardly struck eleven when the Escort bayan two drunken fools came in. She had her arms around him and could barely walk. The sot, and at her age too! She was laughing at some witty narration of his. The bastard, he’d have to get her drunk to have her laugh at his jokes. He couldn’t tell a knock-knock joke to a man ODing on nitrous. Anyway, he soon got her clothes off and had her stark naked in the living-room. My eyes popped. I’d never seen Minnie naked before.

She had nice breasts, they were medium-sized and rested with just a slight sag (after all the fornicating she’d been doing!) on her chest. Her nipples were large and round, and responded to his teasing as he looked hungrily into her eyes. She raised her arms up like a whore and looked right back at him. The pig, he began licking her armpits. The sow, she sighed. then he began stroking and licking her all over while she stood there naked, arms raised.

“Call me Daddy’s little girl,” she said. I couldn’t believe my ears. The pervert.

“Does my little girl want a spanking?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, Minnie has been a bad little girl. He sat on the edge of a sofa and placed her ass-upwards across his lap. The slaps rang out coldly in the still room. All I could hear was her breathing and slight audible gasps. His breathing was loud too, but different. She was submissive, piteous; he lecherous, merciless. The slaps sounded rich and luxurious as his coarse, strong manly palm crashed again and again into her succulent, soft buttocks. She looked back at her reddening ass as he spanked her. I saw a trail of saliva leave his lips and fall on her hot red ass.

“Bad girl. Bad girl,” he half-grunted, half-spoke, as the frequency and force of his slaps quickened. I could glimpse her pussy from where I was hid, behind a curtain. The cunt was wet. The cunt.

Why not me? Why not me slapping that lovely ass?

Finally, he made her stand up. It was a bit of Bayan escort a job, with her ass sore and all. She stood up half-whimpering… and half-smiling!!! Can you imagine the slut?

Then he put some strange, Gregorian-chant-type music on — the cassette he’d had in his pocket — and forced her to dance orgiastically around the room for him, while he sat, smoking, considering her like a judge would detachedly watch the proceedings in his court I wanted to jump out from behind the curtain and stick a knife into his heart.

I was already highly aroused by now, and became more aroused on seeing my lovely Minnie prancing shamelessly around the room. She had a good, sexy body. Not a well-toned, well-muscled body, but a good sexy body meant for good sexy fucking. She was about five-five, with short dark hair, and a longish face with a slightly squarish jaw.

And the best thing about her, she had just the right amount of a little bit of extra fat on her upper arms, her hips and belly, and her waist and thighs. She was an eminently fuckable pussy. I could hardly restrain myself from pouncing out from behind the curtain and raping her right there on her own living-room carpet.

My eyes were getting watery. I was squeezing my cock with my thighs. But it was Minnie, Minnie that I wanted. I wanted to fuck Minnie, darling Minnie, perfumed Minnie, soft-voiced Minnie, giggling Minnie. My own dear Minnie. Then the unthinkable happened. Her dancing brought her near the curtain and she saw me. She kept dancing turned and looked at me a second time. My eyes widened and then shut. She turned and looked at me a third time. I had removed my cock and was massaging it in my hand The fright turned it limp. She again twirled and then looked at me. I looked, afraid, deep into her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I managed in a hoarse whisper. She pulled the curtain slightly aside and looked at my penis, still half-engorged.

She smiled at me. “Stay right there,” she Escort whispered back.

“I’m not going anywhere, I think,” I said, and in an attempt to make a silly joke nodded my head to indicate what was behind me. Beyond the closed french window was a four-storey drop to a cemented parking lot.

She went back to the professor. “OK,” she said to him, making a point of saying it loud enough so I could hear her, “You’ll see that I’ll be able to get that scholarship?”

“My dear,” he said smiling, “this time next month you’ll be a grad student, trust me.”

She knelt before him, pulled open his pants, and sucked him, finally jerking him off all over her face and tits. She sucked him a second time and jerked him off all over her ass.

Soon, he was gone. Minnie came to where I was standing. I had stuffed my cock back into my pants. She opened my fly and pulled me by my open cock into the center of the room.

“And what were you doing there?”

“Just seeing that you weren’t getting into trouble,” I sheepishly offered.

“Bad boy,” she said. I was made to strip completely, then received a spanking, the same way she’d gotten hers. She loved every minute of it, beating my bottom as viciously as she could with her palm. She even dug her nails into my ass. Then she made me turn over and puled and pinched my tits, even torturing them between her nails.

Finally she bent and sucked me hungrily. When I was as hard as I was gonna get, she threw me on the floor and rode me like a tigress possessed. She moaned, stifled her screams, gasped, panted choked — and I did the same. She came, then I came. She came again (on my mouth), then I got hard and came again, in her butt. Then I fucked her face, and then she sodomised me with a dildo.

All very nice, and we were only beginning to fall in love. Finally, she told me that she hadn’t told Ol’ Vilsen yet that the college she had applied to was right in town, and not where he taught. So, if he was thinking of free young pussy for the next couple of years, he was mistaken.

Yes, she was turning over a new leaf and all that.

From now on it would be only me. And, yes, the little dear has been true to her word and is riding my dick while I write this.

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