Miss Guided Pt. 02

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I arrived at Dr. Bill’s office and he greeted me and we sat chit-chatting together for about ten minutes. Then, Charles and Emily arrived.

Dr. Bill addressed us all.

“I have read Dr. Price’s diagnosis and report and I concur with her findings and recommendations. It’s probably best that Dr. Price tell us about them herself.

Dr. Em began saying,

“Well, first Charles is not impotent.

The tests I gave him were pretty conclusive. However in establishing that he is a Category Three and not Four as originally indicated. I also, as a tangential finding, found his personal sexual persona naturally submissive in following instructions and understanding suggestions in the various tasks and tests I administered.

To determine how attached he was to his fantasy of dressing up. I asked him to shave his legs which he readily agreed to do. Shaving his legs showed me that he was making a commitment to dressing up because it is difficult to hide and doesn’t go away when you take off your panties. You would only do it if you intended to wear nylons again, a thing which he definitely did intend to do.

The next test was asking him if he wanted to paint his toenails with nail polish which is something difficult to hide or to explain. . Again, he easily agreed and painted his nails

The higher level tests also confirmed my opinion.

He agreed to piercing his ears in order to wear pretty earrings.

This, again, was a serious commitment.

I wanted to see if he would hide or be ashamed, in the presence of a man since, up until then, he had only been dressed in the presence of very understanding women.

He was not ashamed

. …Au contraire…

I couldn’t help but interrupt at this point.

I said, “And he sucked a man’s cock!”

Dr. Bill interrupted asking,

“Are you suggesting homosexuality, Doctor?”

Dr. Em replied,

“I istanbul escort can’t draw that conclusion. Too many confounding factors.

1) Charles is submissive by nature. He may have just been following orders.

2) He has been medicated with Notkairatol for several days

3) The post hypnotic suggestion lowered any possible resistance.

4) I put him in a forced situation where he basically had to follow doctor’s orders.

To sum up-Charles is a naturally submissive, Category Three transvestite, commonly known as sissy.

Dr. Bill questioned, “Do you have any recommendations, Doctor?”

Dr Em replied, “I will need to observe Charles closely and regularly in order to probe the depth of his commitment to dressing up as a woman. I will lower the dosage of Notkairatol. I will be testing his reactions to ordinary womanly things like breaking a nail, running a stocking, being attentive to hair and makeup as well as what clothes to wear, posture, wearing high heels all day, and not just for fun. dealing in mixed company with others, and the like.

He may well come to realize that it is not as easy as he thinks to act like a woman. It could very well change his current behavior and re-examine choices he making. On the other hand, if he embraces his Charlene side, at least both Susan and Charlene will know the score and can proceed from there making whatever adjustments to their marriage that they need to adapt to it.

I suggest Charles spend two weeks in residence at the clinic for further observation.

If there are no questions?…

Dr. Bill simply said, “I concur.”

He turned to me and said, “Susan your individual appointment is next so you can remain here. Dr. Em, Charles, let me walk you to the door.”

They left and I remained with Dr. Bill.

Dr. Bill began talking.

“Susan,” he said, “I know this must be a trying experience escort bayan for you. You have been very understanding and strong and must continue to do so for Charles’ own good.”

I asked him what the future looked like for our marriage and he said, “Well, Susan, if Charles is a true sissy he won’t respond to Dr. Price’s solution. Only one in ten sissies ever abandon the hobby. I, quite frankly, think he will adopt his Charlene persona and, at some point, you will have to decide how to adapt to it and make whatever changes in your marriage are required to adjust to it.”

I replied, “I was on-board with the treatment plan…but…I’m not so sure anymore. When I saw him kneeling in front of the delivery guy giving him a blow job.I was shocked and immobilized. My husband-a cocksucker-a transvestite fairy princess! I don’t know what to think anymore.”

Dr. Bill then suggested I participate in a group therapy for significant others -a discussion group of women who are married to sissies and share ideas about dealing with the situation.

There was a group meeting the next day and I attended. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

There were four women in attendance: Carol, married to Joe, now Joe-Ann. Donna married to Lou, now Mary Lou, Joan, married to Jack, now Jacqueline, and Molly married to Roger, now Fanny. They discussed their recent activities with their sissy-husbands all of whom had been sissies for 6 to 12 months. I mostly listened.

Carol said that “her Joe-Ann” was a perfect maid and that she loved having him around the house. He never goes out dressed but comes right home to change at 5 p.m. She always finds the house spotless-dusted, vacuumed, dishes done and with a cocktail served to her while Joe-Ann prepares dinner. She cheats on him discreetly with other men usually during the day when he is at work. Joe-Ann is none the wiser.

Donna is a different Pendik escort story. She is a dominatrix type and her Mary Lou loves to be humiliated and submissive. Donna brings men home and makes love with them in front of Mary Lou, sometimes having him fluff her lovers. She also invites her girlfriends to the house to tease and mock him.

Molly told the group that her husband, Fanny, was a total slut. She decided that he would be a perfect whore and so she got a website and a studio apartment for him and now Fanny earns around $2000 a month. The two seemed to have a strictly business arrangement. Molly. as Jacqueline’s pimp, earns far more from the business than her sissy-whore husband does.

The only ones with a somewhat “normal” relationship were Joan and Jacqueline. Jacqueline is very cute and passable. Joan said that Jacqueline has a thing for feet and gives her pedicures. She found him a job in a nail salon. They live together as girls. Sometimes they double date.

In all of these couples the woman was in charge. Since the guys were wearing the pantyhose, the women wore the pants in the family.

As I am not a bossy or demanding type person, I wondered if I would have to become one in order to deal with Charles as a girl. He had seemed to respond well to my instructions under post hypnotic suggestion and with the Notkairatol medication and Dr Emily said he was a submissive personality. None of these lifestyles really appealed to me and I don’t think Charles would be comfortable being a maid or whore. . As for him being humiliated…I really don’t know. After all, he wasn’t humiliated sucking a man’s cock in front of me and looking at us with cum all over his makeup. Perhaps a regular job in a non-threatening environment like a nail salon would be good for him.

One of the women suggested getting all the “gurls” together for a pajama party. Another suggested we all go out to a male striptease show with our sissies.

I was still undecided what to do when the meeting ended.

As we left the session, Joan gave me a gift card for a free pedicure with her sissy Jacqueline. Donna invited me to dinner at her house that evening.

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