Miss Toni Comes to Visit Ch. 02

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[This was intended as a bridging part in the story. My mind took over and made it somewhat longer than anticipated. This doesn’t fit in with the narrative of BDSM; however I have filed it under such as it is part of this series of Miss Toni visiting]

A lovely glass of wine each later and decisions had been made. No plan survives first contact with Miss Toni.

The shower had been decided upon. Both had stripped their dresses off then and there upon the decision and then to the large bathroom with its spacious standing shower. Miss Toni turned on the water, standing under the warm cascading water.

Mistress hesitated then detoured. There was a cruelty in making the boy wait, and then there was just being ignorant of the boy. She untied him. Kissed him. Rubbed his rock-hard penis. Then dismissed him to have his own shower in the spare bedroom. Leather collar and cuffs would stay on. Oh, and NO masturbating! He walked off slowly, his muscles a little knotted and cramped. He would be fine, she was sure.

The Mistress took another detour. To their more private room, the naughty one. Into one of the oak wardrobes, one of the drawers therein the closet. She skipped back to the bedroom; her bare feet light and airy on the carpet as she practically danced in. Then slowed on the tiles of the bathroom. Opening the glassine door of the shower and coming in.

Miss Toni had her back to her. Head back as the shower poured onto her scalp, flowing down her dark hair onto her soft, bare back. The Mistress had envisioned facing Miss Toni, mouth to mouth as her new toy added to their pleasure. No plan survives first contact with Miss Toni.

She moved up being her, pressing her body to Miss Toni’s. Her left hand moving around to Miss Toni’s front; her arm hugging Miss Toni to her. Her hand cupping and fondling the nipple of the left breast. Letting it tease for a moment. Squeezing and rolling it. Letting go to grip the underside of the breast; kneading. Holding it firmly then massaging.

The Mistress’ mouth was on Miss Toni’s neck. Kissing passionately as the shower rained a waterfall over both of them. Intermittently one head, then the other as the rocked against each other.

The right hand of the Mistress had been held aside for now. Holding the surprise she had collected from the Oak wardrobe in the secret room. Not yet. She knew, she was rubbing her left hand from Miss Toni’s left tit to right. Teasingly rubbing and squeezing the nipple of each. Her mouth and tongue lovingly kissing and worshipping the neck of Miss Toni’s. Kissing the side of the neck opposite to the breast she was kneading. Her other hand gripped around the surprise unconsciously.

The Mistress momentarily wondered if the boy knew what she was about to do. He had been in the spare room, not yet in the shower when she had walked past; first one way and then back. He had a good imagination. He would have guessed. What could she have collected to take in the shower that there wasn’t a version of in secret drawers of the bedroom? He would know. First doing the stretches and twists to ease the aches from being bound so long, first with some movement, knelt on the floor and then for so long dead-still on the bed. He would have sussed it. Which was all the more delicious as it would sustain his poor erection. It would be driving his imagination wild. As she loved. Yet he wasn’t allowed to even touch himself. Normally she would have allowed; let him cum and tell her later what he imagined. Not this time. No. Miss Toni hadn’t allowed.

She brought her mind back. Realising now the surprise, a double ended large dildo was rested on her hip but her hand was stroking it as best she could without dropping. She moaned into a kiss; feeling Miss Toni’s body shudder in return. “Surprise time.” She cooed in Miss Toni’s ear. Feeling her squirm in her embrace.

She stepped back a little. Just enough to look, judge and then manoeuvre her right arm downwards and aiming one end of the U-Shaped dong upwards. Not meaning it but rubbing it up the thigh of Miss Toni as she raised it. Feeling Miss Toni jolt as if it were a thousand volts, instead of ridged rubber.

The Mistress found her target. Pressing it to the sweet flower of Miss Toni’s cunt and then pressing it slowly – tantalisingly almost – upwards.

Miss Tipobet Toni had other ideas. Of course. She started to bend her knees. Taking the bulbous tip inside her. Descending further as she took more and more of the shaft inside her greedy pussy. She swallowed all of the one side. Six inches in all. She didn’t stop going down until the curve of the U met the base of her pelvis. Her head was facing downwards. It had to be. Her mouth was held wide open in a silent groan of ecstatic and delightful pleasure.

Mistress’ hand was now on Miss Toni’s shoulder. Holding her in the semi-squatted position as she now organised her own body to be above the other leg of the toy. When she was ready her left hand moved down once more, fingertip stroked the hot, wet body of Miss Toni as it traversed downwards. Neck to between breasts, then over Miss Toni’s belly and then under to find Miss Toni’s clit. She teased it at first. Then she held her hand against her mound. Middle finger pressed to the clit. She then started to lift Miss Toni.

Her hand part guided and part pulled Miss Toni towards a standing position. Feeling the head pass through her lips; feeling it rise within her. Feeling her cunny take more and more as Miss Toni rose. She began to groan out loud. Miss Toni now joined her. Their voices filling the steam filled shower as the Mistress felt the dildo move more and more up inside her.

The Mistress used her thumb and index finger of her left hand now. She squeezed and nipped Miss Toni’s clit. Pulling it side to side then up and down. Feeling the pained squirm of the body pressed against her. She now crossed her arms around Miss Toni. Pulling her tight against her body. Resuming kissing her neck. Pressing her lips to the drenched skin of Miss Toni and licking then puckering in with her lips. Her hands, crossed over, on Miss Toni’s breasts. Massaging them. Rolling them in her palms. Fingers massaging.

Also guiding her. Lifting up and down. Letting her slip downwards onto the dildo and then back up. The Mistress began the opposite motion. See-sawing up as Miss Toni moved down and then feeling Miss Toni rise as she pressed down.

Miss Toni didn’t need much encouragement. Bending her knees slightly to let the dildo ride high up within her and then standing again. Feeling the Mistress moan as she paralleled-in-reverse. The two of them moving up and down on their feet, knees bending and straightening. The U-Dildo fucking their cunts’ one after the other as they alternated pressing down onto them.

The Mistress felt Miss Toni’s hands on her buttocks. Her hands still held and massaged Miss Toni’s breasts, her arms crossed over Miss Toni’s chest. Both were mutually supporting one another as passion and fatigue in the warm shower gave them ever weakening and shaking knees.

They still continued relentless nonetheless. Up and down. Down and up. See-sawing against one another as they pressed the double-dildo into their spasming cunts.

Miss Toni had now turned her face, meeting Mistress’ lips with her own and kissing passionately. The water continuing to rain down over their pressed bodies. Tongues randomly dancing and lingering with one another in their mouths. Their eyes screwed shut as their lips gripped one another as if for dear life.

“On the floor” Miss Toni whispered, when she could finally pull her mouth away from her lover’s. “Shower floor” She panted.

Which wasn’t easy. Not even slightly.

It involved a warm embrace as they worked to kneel. Mistress behind Miss Toni and between her legs. All the while holding the double-headed dong inside themselves. Gripping with the muscles of their pussies. Miss Toni then knelt forward, with difficulty as the toy was new and not as subtle as it could become. But she managed to move to being on her hands and knees. Shen then managed to turn. Rolling in very slow motion onto the floor of the shower. The water splashing to her side. Steam surrounding and rising around the shower-room.

Finally. After much puffing, horny giggles and moans as the motions caused the toy multiple times to ride up and down within their cunnies. They managed to lie on their backs on the warm, tiled floor.

Then it was self-desire and passion. They had see-sawed standing. Now it was more like tug of rope in reverse. Tipobet Giriş Each using their bodies, slightly up on their shoulder-blades and with elbows and upper arms on the floor, hips and pelvises slightly raised. Double-dong inserted half in both. They began to rock. Back and forth. Pressing into one. Then pressing into the other.

They took no quarter. When their momentary turn they pressed with all their body might to press the dildo into their lover. Feeling the shudder. Hearing the moans echo around the steamed walls of the shower. Mouths up in delightful convolution. Water landing safely to their sides.

The passion built further and further. The dildo itself vibrated not only from its machinations back and forth but as one or the other of its holders shuddered and spasmed.

The Mistress was under no illusions the utter orgasmic Miss Toni was feeling. Third orgasm since arriving or not. However, she was reaching her own point of no return. She had one. Everyone had one. That point where her climax was so close she no longer cared about her partner. She was reaching out, gripping like some drug addict within millimetres of the next high. Her eyes were already tightly closed but she screwed them further. Screaming from the depth of her belly. Gripping the dildo tight within her. Feeling her walls spasm in waves from within out. Not even noticing her lover had also stopped.

Then the sweet release. Her whole body shuddering. Then the explosion. From somewhere deep within her she let go. Feeling everything just gush through her, from toes to the tips of her hair. She howled. She didn’t have much to release by Jupiter she certainly had energy for a tremendous orgasm to absolutely shake her like a feather in a tornado.

Was some hell of a shake. The Mistress found herself at the other end of the shower-room. The hot cascading water in-between her and Miss Toni now. Somewhat bizarrely, with the stream curling around the small room, it actually made the shower look more like a waterfall as she looked through falling water and fog at Miss Toni. Who looked at her somewhat interested. Her head cocked slightly to the side like a confused cat.


The boy had had a nice shower. After some stretches and some quick exercises he had gone into the guest-room shower and put the water on warm. Stood under it naked for a few minutes and let the water and the steam do its work. A very luxurious lather, wash and then repeat later he was fully clean and felt pretty good.

He emerged from the shower. Dried himself thoroughly and then gave the shower walls and floor a quick dry with the towel. No immediate need to go back and do a full clean as Miss Toni would be staying in the main bedroom (it was still somewhat unusual that his Mistress referred to it as the Master Bedroom with no sense of irony).

He had obviously thought about what might be happening. It had been difficult not to. But he orders were specific on masturbating. It had been hard not to; even whilst washing he had to be careful of the attentions he applied to his dick. To make matters worse: He knew exactly what she had collected from that room. His left ear had been facing the door after all. There were three oak wardrobes in that room, all painted black. Only two had drawers and of those two one had a slight squeak to one of its hinges. It was the non-squeaky one and a drawer had been opened. So it was the double-dildo he had bought his Mistress but had yet to be used.

Good for her and Miss Toni. Agonising for him.

Entering the bedroom, naked, the bathroom door was open. Steam billowed out from it as the internal extractor fan tried, unsuccessfully to clear the steam from the bathroom… let alone the shower cubicle. Her heard the shower running, the fan groaning but more-so he heard intertwined moans and gasps of his Mistress and Miss Toni having a far more enjoyable shower than he had.

He looked to the bathroom, then looked at the room. Ropes were still bound to the centre-rod of the headboard, and both bottom bed-posts. He left them. He squared away the covers and pillows a little better. Not sure why, but simply for something to do.

He hadn’t been given any instructions beyond Tipobet Güncel Giriş a shower and not to masturbate. He wasn’t sure what next. His cage was in another room. He could kneel in the corner, he supposed. However, then he could hear them… was he allowed to listen? Should he just go to the living room and wait? Or the cage and wait. Should he clean the wine glasses; or maybe get two new ones. If Mistress were on his own, he’d know what to do. With most of her intimate friends, he would know what to do. Miss Toni was an erotic, kinky individual altogether.

In the end, he went to the corner of the room. He was opposite the door into the room; the bathroom was further to the left and the entrance partially blocked by the large bed. He could see the lights through swirling, foggy steam. He could hear the noises. Good for Mistress and Miss Toni. Agonising for him.

After a very considerable amount of time (especially go considering he had also both exercised the stiffness in his bones and also had a Hollywood shower of his own) the shower switched off. The slavish whirr of the fan continued and was now joined by giggles and softer moans and even softer words. He could not hear what was said but he knew the sound. Voices softer, deeper than normal pitch. Two very satiated lovers in post coital conversation.

He waited some more. Full of patience; he was always happy if his Mistress was happy. He was even more delighted that Miss Toni feel as such herself. The pitch of the words returned to normal and then became a little higher, giggly and girlish. Like drunken tickle-fights at a pyjama party. Drying themselves, he thought to himself.

He pictured it. The biggest of the new towels. Large, fluffy. Humungous as they surrounded them both as they rubbed them over one another. Chirping away as they teased one another and laughed away without a thought in care in the world.

Then they walked through into the room, almost falling through. Surrounded in the new towels. Each one large enough to take all three of them on its own but instead one apiece. One set of blonde hair and one set of black; soaking and dripping on the carpet. Plastered across bare shoulders. Facing one another and giggling; part still thriving on the excitement just shared, part beginning to wane as tiredness began to overtake them.

“Oh… hello” Miss Toni said, seeing the boy in the corner: sat on his behind, back to the corner. She looked to the Mistress, exhaling long with a very apologetic look on her face. He smiled himself, very tired. She was looking for help. They needed some respite.

“Boy, come here and kiss me. Then we need to nap my Babyboy.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He said, rising to his feet. Walking to them both and kissing his Mistress with deep love and with no small amount of passion that he was feeling. Miss Toni insisted on one herself.

“Please go to Your cage sexyboy. Have a nap yourself if you want. But my baby, we definitely need it!” A giggle. “You need Your strength too slaveboy.” A wink. A spank to his bare ass.

He walked to the special room, opened the cage door. Crawled in and lay down on the blanket within. He wasn’t sure he would nap; he felt fine. Although he trusted his Mistress if she said he might need his strength. She never lied about that.

He did nap; woken up big a foot poking through the bars and prodding him with the underside of a toe. He turned, quickly trying to catch his barings and then turning to kiss the proffered toe of his Mistress.

“I’m sorry baby.” She said, her foot resting on the blanket between the cage bars for a little bit. Then stepping back an waving him to come out. He crawled out, turning to crawl to her but she again motioned. This time to stand and come to her. There she kissed his lips, once then twice before they embraced. Lovers. Not Mistress and slave.

“Mistress, honestly it is okay.” He replied; which a submissive would be expected to say anyway but he actually meant it fully. He kissed her cheek.

“No… it’s just, you know how it is. Desire took over emotion took over looking after You my lover and my slave.” She nuzzled into his cheek. She truly meant it. She felt bad. She felt like she stretched into ignorance.

“Honestly, Mistress. It is fine, I promise. You have to go where these things take You, Mistress.”

She moaned softly into his chest. Leaning up to kiss the side of his jaw. “Don’t worry sexy little bitch. Will be made up to you.” She kissed his lips once, then once more. “Wait in the cage sexy slave. Miss Toni’s still napping.”

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