Mississippi Magic

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Ariella Ferrera

My eyes pop open after telling me the day is breaking through my eyelids. It is Saturday morning, a grin befalls my face. The long awaited day to meet Magic Mike is here. He’s flying in from Mississippi to Charlotte, the place I decided would be far enough away from my daily routines and with plenty to do. I reach behind me to wrap my Boo’s arm back around my waist and slide even closer into him to snuggle just a few more minutes. His warmth is turning me on, and I turn to greet him good morning with a kiss on his sexy thick lips.

A little morning nookie is always a great way to start the day. I take his hand to cup my breast, pinch at my nipple before putting as much of my boob in his mouth to feed on for his favorite breakfast. His suckling always gets my juices flowing, a satisfied moan leaves my mouth. My leg raises and drapes across his side, opening wide enough for me to massage my pussy lips and clit. Boo pushes me on my back and spreads my legs wide for the next part of his morning feeding.

I crave his lips on my warm honey pot, as he takes his time to cover every inch of my sweetness. His tongue glides up and down my bald pussy, sucking my clit as well as a seasoned porn star. More intense sucking on my nub has me about to reach orgasm. I move to his rhythm, pulling at my titties, I feel it coming. Yes, my legs start to shake.

“I’m cumming” I yell.

Giving my man what he always wants, my warm cum filling his mouth, legs quivering, eyes rolling. These orgasms just get better and better. I lay there in complete awe of how good of a lover I’ve been blessed with. He asks how I’m feeling about meeting Mike later. Excited, anxious, nervous are all words coming to mind.

We make our way out of bed, shower together, I lather him and play with this dick with the other hand, going down on my knees to give him some attention. We both love getting frisky in the shower, water running down our bodies is just so fucking sexy. His dick grows in my mouth as I lick it up and down, as my own lollipop. Head bobbing, I’m enjoying this pleasuring as much as he is, he’s giving it back to me, now his rhythm is matching my sucking skills. I tighten my hold around his manhood, I want that warm nut sliding down my throat.

“Cum Baby, CUM, give it to me, you know what I want.”

He throws his head back and releases that warm liquid, I swallow it all. Good til the last drop and wipe the corner of my mouth as if I’d just had a juicy steak.

After our shower, I went into the closet to pick out my clothes for the trip. The weather is hot, so I select a low cut yellow mini dress that hits mid thigh so these thick, juicy legs show. I will pair it with a pair of silver open toe heels to show off my freshly manicured white toes that my man loves. I have another pink dress as a backup, same fit. The dresses are sexy enough to go without panties. If I bend over just right, I will give the people a peek of my lady bits. Babes bag already has his khaki slacks and red polo. Gosh, I love him in his frat color.

We hit the road, jamming out to our playlists filled with our mostly old school jams from over the years for the 2 hour drive to the Omni Hotel in Uptown. Upon arriving, we checked in early to let me relax a bit before meeting Mike at the hotel bar. My nerves are really starting to take over. It’s always nerve wracking meeting someone new for the first time. Even though we’ve video chatted multiple times, that’s from a distance. But I’m anxious to see and touch that sexy ass body. It’s pure perfection.

I got a text from him that he’s arrived at the hotel but is on a different floor. Time to get this party started. I shower again, smelling good from my Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction body wash and lotion up. I’m seducing his ass tonight alright. Get my curls popping, lips glossing, slip into my dress and heels. Hubs is smelling and looking good too. Man am I lucky to have 2 sexy men with me, one all the time and the other as my fuck boy.

We head downstairs to meet at 6pm sharp. He’s punctual and we arrive at the same time. My eyes widen, I’m happy to see he looks even more handsome in person. Fresh cut, clean shaven, that picture perfect smile, and dressed to impress. He’s wearing black slacks and a white polo, not that thug, young pants low attire. Mike’s on that grown man level, one of the reasons we connect. The men shake hands, introductions and pleasantries. The lady gets a peck on the lips. I love it. He ain’t scared of Boo, as we agreed to this and set the parameters before we even got to Charlotte. My heart fluttered a bit and I still have butterflies after seeing him in person. I’m only imagining the body underneath his clothes. I know what he’s working with, but I am actually going to see it later.

My play toy is full of compliments, as a man should, he showers me with compliments. Got my brown cheeks blushing. He tells me I am one of the most attractive women he’s ever met. Loves my short, natural cut. Body is banging, curvy in all the right places. I adult hikayeler peeped his eyes glued to my cleavage the first few minutes he saw me. Shit, he posts enough women with their titties out, so I know he’s a boob man. Hell, I don’t mind one bit, that’s why I have them on display. He’s cheesing as much as he does in our video chats.

We get a booth at the restaurant to have some drinks and have some small talk. Mike and I sit on the same side, while Babes sits opposite us. I invade his space, get my flirt on, rub on his leg and vice versa. His thigh is so muscular, I can feel it through his pants. I slide my hand up closer to his dick and feel it’s slightly firm. I’m ready to get it at full attention. I know my sexy ass commands this reaction from any straight man. I order my rum punch, the gentlemen have something a little stronger.

I feel my nerves calming after the initial greeting, but a drink will definitely take the edge off. I asked about his flight and what he thinks of Charlotte so far, it’s his first time here. He says he likes what he’s seen so far. Then we get into a discussion about the evening, expectations. We’d already talked about wants but it doesn’t hurt to talk about it again. I told him we’ll be going on a tour of the city in one of those personal tours of downtown for our party of 3. He likes to do things outside the box, so this would be nice and I have plans for a little voyeurism while riding in the streets. It’s summer and the nights are long, so it’ll be perfect so the cops won’t pull us for indecent outside activities.

We hail the driver, I hop in the carriage first. I make sure to give my men a peek of my bare goodies since I have to have a hand getting up in the seat. I was already a little wet from my reaction to FB at the restaurant. I want to be in the middle, sandwiched between these 2 sexy men. We take off. However, I could care less about the ride, so I immediately took Mike’s hand and placed it on my thigh. Since my pussy is exposed, he rubs up and down before taking his thumb against lips. I spread a little wider so Boo can see what’s happening and get his dick growing from his excitement in seeing me have fun. While Mike is getting to know my body, I’m touching my breasts. I hear the driver babbling about something regarding Charlotte.

I’m enjoying Mr. Caramel playing with my bald pussy that is getting wet, just from his light touching. I’m horny as fuck. He gently slides his middle and ring fingers inside me, I let out a moan. His fingers are long and thick and open me up, feeling good. I can’t wait for the finger fucking later, but for now, this is perfect foreplay. He takes them out and licks his fingers, whispering in my ear that my pussy tastes delectable. Says he is ready to have me spread eagle on the bed, wants to handcuff me and eat me until I damn near pass out. Whew Lawd!! I need to fan myself. I look over and see the bulge in my man’s pants. He’s definitely turned on now. We all are. Mike’s bulging too. Lawd, what’s a lady to do with all this. Anticipation is building, I cannot wait to have that third leg of his filling up my walls.

The setting is perfect, the time is right, I want those luscious, tasty lips. I lean over and turn his face towards me and greet him with my glossy lips, sliding my tongue into his mouth. He’s such a good kisser, as if there was any doubt that he wouldn’t be. Kitty is speaking again, she’s pleased. This is going to be good, the kat must be thinking.

Our ride takes an hour, at our request, and drops us back at the Omni. At this point, I’m ready for the dick and to experience all the things he’s talked about over the last year or so since we linked up on MeWe.

The city tour was nice, an unusual breeze for a hot summer evening. I enjoyed it, if no one else did. It was the voyeurism for me. I love the thought of people watching or even just getting a glimpse of some erotic pleasuring. I’m sure the driver got a peak from his peripheral view. My leg was draped over his thigh at one time, wide enough for his 2 favorite fingers to find their way back inside my slit. I love being fingered, especially when the fingers are just as thick as the dick, which his are. Just like my man’s. I let out a soft moan, which is how I know the driver knew he had some freaks on board. Kitty is telling me she is ready to see Mike back up his talk.

Being a gentleman, my Boo steps down first, takes my hand and helps me down. I strut in my heels up to the entrance, knowing I am giving them something to look at and get that dick growing. I know my man loves the hoop cheese thickness, while Mike loves the D cup titties. I turn around and walk backwards so he can get a look at my cleavage before he gets to suck them later. No one is around, I flashed him and plop my titties out and wink at him. Back to my forward walk so they men could watch my rumpshaker.

Approaching the elevator. I feel someone walk up behind me, pressed up against my back. The firm dick print rests in the crack of my phat booty. Which sexy man is it? I can tell from the height, it’s my Boo. Mike is a few inches from Babes, and even with that, I can still recognize my man from another. He plants a kiss on my bare shoulder. Reminding me, even with this weekend, I’m still his. He is mine. I turn to face him. I want his kiss.

Our lips lock, his so smooth, thick and luscious. Tongues dancing their familiar dance. My pussy gets stirred up all over again. I feel the wetness begin its descent. The evening has been great, but I can’t wait to get fucked. Kissing with my eyes open, I look over at Mike and wink, then break myself from my boo. He’s standing on the other side of the elevator. I walk over to him, snuggle up against his chest, and lay my hand over his package. Rub it just so I could feel it grow right in my hand. I’m feening for it, I’ve been waiting for this experience for too long, but I’m so glad this elevator is a slow ride.

We arrive at the 14th floor, Room 1408. Our room has a view of Uptown. Bright lights, reds, blues, greens liven the room. I need more alcohol. We’d stopped at the ABC Store for a bottle of Bacardi. I make the drinks in the signature red cups. I take a few sips to loosen up some more. I tell Mike that I know he’s usually oiled up when we video chat, that I brought some massage oil and am going to rub him down. I set my drink down and start to unbutton his shirt. His hairless chest, perfect sized chocolate nipple leap out at me.

He told me, with that cute, southern Mississippi accent, that he loves his nipples played with and nibbled on. I aim to please and can’t wait to slide my tongue across his. I suck on it lightly, my other hand pinching the other. After I give the first plenty of attention, give them the same pleasure as the other. My hand finds my way down his trousers again. Our lips and tongue unite again. Kisses planted on my neck. Uh oh, he’s found one of my spots, has me squirming. Tickles me. Boo is over on the other chair, leaned back, legs spread because his dick is getting hard during the show. I tell him to unbutton his pants, slide his hand in his boxers and let me see. It’s a real turn on to see a man comfortable in pleasuring himself.

Mike pulls my straps down, exposing my D cup breasts. My nipples stay on peak and he comments on my blackberries. He loves the size, cups one in his hand and returns the same pleasure on my right breasts with the mark. He sucks my nipples forcefully, hard. He paused for a moment and realized he was tasting milk. I was waiting to see if he noticed.

“Mmmmm”, he said.

I massaged the opposing one and made it squirt. That made his suck my tit even harder, just how I like it. If I had panties on, they’d be soaking wet. While he’s giving my breasts the attention, I open my legs and slide in the middle fingers, touching myself just how I like. Hit my spot, but not enough to make me cum. I don’t want to yet. This has created my own high and it’s not from a drug or alcohol. Nothing like good loving. My boo is still stroking at my request. Keep stroking Honey, I see you and it’s turning me all the way on. I slow down my finger strokes while he’s still playing with my titties between kissing my neck.

I tell Lover Boy how good his lips felt on my titties and neck. Got me all flushed. Standing up, I step out of my dress. He should see the full view of my curvy body. These perky titties, phat hoop cheese booty, and thick thighs. When he is standing before me, I take his shirt off and unbutton his pants, pull them down. He wears boxer briefs and they look fucking good on him. He looks better than Marky Mark rocking them in those Calvin Klein ads back in the day. He could definitely model them. But I’m ready to see what’s in the briefs. There’s a huge bulge that’s ready to come out and play. I slowly pull them down, dick popping out, sticking straight in my face. I lick my lips but don’t touch it just yet.

Lead him over to the bed, retrieve the oil from the drawer. I tell Mike just where I want him on the bed, lay back so I can massage his front. Start from his neck, slowly glide over to his shoulders, move over to his pecks, down his sexy abs where I pay extra attention. Love a six pack. I lock eyes with him, they tell me he’s enjoying my touch. His muscular legs are next, all the way down to his ankles. I purposely avoided his dick because I wanted to massage it last. His videos and pics don’t do that piece of artwork any justice.

When I say it’s all those words used to describe a well endowed dick, it’s everything. Long dick, third leg…I could go on. I want to suck it. Start with the head, I wrap my lips around the top, rolling my tongue over it, sucking gently. I lick from top to bottom, showcasing my oral skills. He likes them because his chin rises, head goes back and the sound of pleasure is released.

“Damn Baby, suck this dick.”

My head is bobbing up and down while I fuck him with my mouth. I impress myself sometimes when I think how I was when I first sucked my man’s dick. Practice makes perfect and I can please a man with ease now. Even hands free.

He leans up and tells me to lay down now, reaches over for the massage oil and goes straight for the titties. His touch feels good over my skin, squeezing my boobs, oiling me down. Our bodies are going to slippery whenever they unite for the real sex. He slowly covers my skin from my neck all the way down to my toes. Magic in his hands as well. Something else he’s good at. He hovers over me, dick dangling over my triangle. I reach up and massage it with both hands again. I look him in the eyes and let him know I’m ready to receive it, but he tells me not yet. He wants to taste my sweet nectar.

Kissing my chest, stomach, he lands right between my thighs. First kiss is to my throbbing clit. He licks one side of my lips, up and down. His mouth is so warm against my flesh. Then the other side. He eats for what seems like an hour. My body is squirming, getting hot. The sucks get harder, pulling at my clit. Oh shit, fuck, my favorite fuck words are the only things coming out of my mouth. His words are true, he’s doing everything he said he’d do.

I feel like I’ve left my body. I start bucking, my orgasm won’t wait. Ahh gosh, I’m cumming. I grab the pillow behind me with both hands to brace myself. He’s talking nasty between the oral, telling me how my pussy tastes, that he wants my nut. Dirty talk makes it even better and tops it off. My juices are all up in my mustache. Damn, that was everything. Now I know I want that dick bad. Give it to me now I tell him, fuck me good. I look over at my man, his dick is all the way out, hard as a rock. He’s stroking faster; he says aloud. My wifey wants you now, give her what she wants.

I don’t want to wait another second. Usually I need a moment to compose myself but I don’t want anything to stop. As much as I know his raw dick would feel, I reach for a condom, Magnum XL. I grab his dick, pinch the top of the rubber to place on the head of his dick. I roll it down slowly, looking dead in his eyes lustfully, and hold that dick right at my opening. I’m going to fuck you so good, he says with that southern drawl. Still wet from my orgasm, he eases in slowly. I feel every one of those 12 inches. My tight pussy is full, grabbing a hold, not letting go. He finds a rhythm, stroke game on point. He knows how to work that ass. I’m loving this missionary, putting my hands on around his waist while he works me out. You like that, he asks.

Hell fuck YEAH, give me all you got. He continues to put it down. Legs over his shoulder, pushing those inches even deeper in my pussy. That shit hurts so fucking good. This pain is pure pleasure. Then the next position is both our favorites, I prop up on all fours for the doggy. Gimme that pussy, that’s some good pussy, he says. Talk about deep! SHIT, that infamous slapping sound fills the room, along with some curse words and screams. YES, give it to me, hard. He obliges. Face down now, ass still up.

“Play with that clit Baby”, Mike says.

I happily play with my nub for added pleasure. Ah yeah.

As the fucking continues, we break from doggystyle. I know he likes that reverse cowgirl, so I have him set on the edge of the bed. I place my phat ass right down on that dick and sit in place a few seconds before I start the ride. Find my groove, ya know. That’s a lot of dick to work with but it sure as hell feels some kind of good. His hands cup both my titties, squeezing hard.

“Let me squeeze those big, juicy titties Baby,” he adds.

That surely helps me find it. My strong legs hold my body up and I bounce up and down on his pole, massaging my clit as his dick fills me again. I ride as long as I can but stand up when I can’t take it anymore, my legs or the size of his dick. We stand up for some lip locking to keep my pussy good and juicy.

I wrap my legs around him and I ask if he would pick me up. I’m sure he can handle me, he’s plenty strong and that’s one of my to dos. I am a happy lady when he does so with no hesitation. His dick is hard enough that it goes in easily, stroking me without falling out. Shit, that is hot, I’m thinking to myself. Titties bouncing, this is just as good as doggystyle. After some vertical fucking, he lays me back on the bed and asks me how I want to come. Fuck me, holding my legs wide, so I can feel that shit deep, hitting me in the right spot. Harder, harder, HARDER. Yes, I feel it coming. He’s ready, balls tightening, slapping up Fuck yeah, this is amazing. CUM.

“I’m cumming. Baby, stroke it harder. CUM CUM”

Mike’s strokes are getting faster and faster. I explode, as does he. That Magnum was full of that nut. I hear the sound of my man holding his own in the chair and releasing his nut on the paper towel.

Oh my fucking goodness. That was better than I’d imagined. I can say I had my second greatest lover. He was everything, backed up every fucking word he said. Him and that body and that dick. If I smoked, I definitely would have one now. He fucked me every which way, wore me and Kitty all the way out that I lay there for a good 15 minutes, he fell out beside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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