Mistaken Identity

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Big Dick

Friday night my room mate and I were invited to attend a bachelorette party. It was being thrown by one of the girls in my fraternity for her sister. It was sort of a no expense wasted sort of thing. The sky was the limit.

I had never been to one, but I’d heard that they get a little rowdy and sometimes end up as drunken orgies. I was up to it I thought because midterms were over and I had two weeks to kill. Anyway I had picked out a really nice gift and was looking forward to getting away from campus.

I should explain, my roommate and I are sort of opposites. I’m level headed and rather shy. She on the other hand is gregarious and daring. Daring almost to the point of being an embarrassment.

Well anyway, we made arrangements to drive down to the city and even rented a room for Friday and Saturday nights. I expected to have a few drinks and didn’t know when the affair would be over so staying over was the answer. As it turned out, I did the right thing.

The evening started out pretty much as I expected, but around ten things got a little more interesting. Most of the girls had drunk more than they could handle by then and that was about the time the entertainment began.

Now I had heard about male strippers and Chippendale guys thru the grapevine, but I never actually attended a male strip show, so I guess I was sort of stupid about what went on during those shows.

It began all right. I mean he came out and did a sort of strip tease and all but then some of the girls began tucking fives and tens in his waist band.

The more daring girls began doing the touchy feely thing. You know grabbing him in places they shouldn’t but the guy seemed to enjoy the attention and actually began to…. You know, respond?

By now there was a cluster of the more daring girls gathered around him blocking my view so I don’t know when it actually happened, but the next time I could get a glimpse of him one of the girls had pulled his briefs off and he was naked.

Debbie, my roommate was right up front with about five other girls who were playing with his cock. I mean a really BIG cock. I moved up closer to watch and found Debbie doing what Debbie does best. Embarrassing people and making a fool of herself.

Anyway by now the guy was being dared to do different things, and the girls were daring each other. My roommate was in the center of the melee by now.

First one of the girls, on a dare, began to sort of jerk him off. He let her do that for about a minute before Debbie dared him to let her suck his cock. Well that started the girls making bets among themselves as to how far things would go.

I was about ten feet away when he looked at me. He didn’t seem to be paying attention to what they were doing to him. He just stared at me. I don’t know if it was an invitation to do what the others were doing or not.

All I know is our eyes locked and I felt flushed. This good looking guy was naked and he was looking hungrily at me and I had this urge to get closer and join the other girls touching and playing with him.

I tried to push my way closer and was almost there when I saw Debbie on her knees in front of him with his enormous cock in her mouth. I stood frozen.

Debbie and two or three of the other girls had stripped down to their panties and bras and were doing a sort of snaky dance in front of him. Then two of the girls took their bras off and wiggled out of their panties. Things were getting out of control and I backed off.

From that point on it was a sort of orgy. One girl bent back as if doing a limbo and was wavering her pussy enticingly in front of him while Debby was trying to get him to put his cock in her.

Now I’m not a prude, but I had to leave and go for another drink and step out for some fresh air. It was getting to me and my panties had become wet and slippery with my own excitement. Standing on the balcony I could hear the crowd suddenly, “Oooohing, and Ahhhing as something happened.

I didn’t want to look. Actually I was jealous that it wasn’t me in there. In that brief moment when we had stared at each other I think I we shared our hunger for each other.

He had made me want him. In the dark, on the balcony I slid my hands up under my skirt. Yes I felt the slippery fabric of my panties and they were slippery wet.

I felt a need that I had never felt before. I wanted him to put his arms around me and hold me close. And, yes fuck me. That’s a hard thing to admit, but that’s what I wanted at that moment.

When I went back in, the guy was gone, and so was Debbie. One of the girls told me that two of the girls got him to fuck them before Debbie left with him.

So I had a few more drinks before I left and went to the room. By now it was around one and washed up and went to bed. And yes I played with my myself until I came three times before I fell asleep.

Debbie came in around five in the morning and crawled into her bed. Though I wouldn’t dare ask what had happened, I assumed they Esenyurt Escort had done it and I envied her for being forward, and cursed my shyness. She was up to almost anything and everything. I was left to fuck myself and be satisfied.

At nine the next morning, I left Debbie still sleeping, and went down to get some breakfast. That’s when I saw him. The stripper guy. He was sitting at a table in the corner drinking coffee. Determined to be more brazen I worked up enough courage to go over to over and sit down at his table.

He didn’t seem to recognize me but when he looked into my face I got that feeling of weakness again. The waitress came over and I ordered eggs and bacon and sat sipping a cup of coffee. Still he didn’t say anything. I decided to break the silence.

“Was it good with Debbie? They told me you left with her last night.”

He looked up at me with a sort of puzzled look on his face but said nothing. I had broken the ice and now dared go on.

“They told me you did two of the girls before you left. Is that something special or is that something that’s included in your services?”

He smiled at me and slowly shook his head, no. Then with a cute smile on his face he finally spoke.

“Miss, you must have me mixed up with someone else. I do perform services but…. I don’t understand the special services thing. I’m the masseuse here at the hotel and my services are by appointment only. And all my services are sort of special in a way. Massages always are.”

I could have died at that moment. I had made a mistake and a complete fool out of myself. He must have known what I was hinting at because he sort of fidgeted in his seat.

“God I am Sooo sorry. I thought you were that…,” I let my voice trail off. I was getting deeper and deeper in trouble and decided to shut up.

“Oh you’re talking about Kevin. My name is Brad. I’ve been mistaken for him any number of times. No I’m not Kevin, but I do sort of envy him in a way. I guess I’m not as daring as he is. So I’m not quite as popular as he seems to be, if you know what I mean.”

I think I was blushing when I answered. “Oh I really don’t know that much about what went on, it’s just that he left the party with my roomie and she didn’t get in until this morning.”

He was driving me crazy. That smile and his light grey eyes were hypnotizing me just like that guy last night had. I was getting the hots for this guy and it was exciting.

Again I was getting wet and just moving my shoulders was making my bra rub against my sensitive nipples..The more I did it the more I could feel my pussy starting to do that twitching thing.

We chatted for a few more minutes before my breakfast came and he got up to leave. I didn’t want him to go so I looked up at him and asked. “How do I make an appointment for a massage? One of your massages.”

Smiling down at me he just nodded his head towards the door and whispered. Just call down. I’m open most of the afternoon. We can do it either in your room or at the massage parlor. Which would you prefer? I mean do you want it done in your room, or down in the parlor?”

“My room,” I mumbled, 304 at the end of the hallway.”

“Three thirty ok with you?”

I nodded and he turned and left. I don’t even remembering eating. I was actually trembling. If this guy Kevin looked anything like this guy when he was nude, I was in heaven.

I didn’t like to do it but I convinced Debbie stay out of the way for the entire afternoon. I did tell her I wanted some time to myself and that I might indulge myself with a massage this afternoon. She looked puzzled but promised to stay away until supper time.

I made the appointment and at three thirty there came the soft knock on the door. I was wearing short shorts and a snug pullover. I have a good body and I wanted to have him see just how perky my breasts were.

I’m not as large on top as Debbie is, but a small C is better than a small B if you get my point. And my thighs and tummy are as firm as one could ask for. So I opened the door and he rolled his massage table into the room.

I thought I had dressed seductively, Short shorts, a blouse a wee bit too small and a low cut bra. If I thought I was enticing, I was pleasantly surprised by his outfit.

He had a pair of rather brief cargo shorts on and his shirt was opened almost down to his waist. I couldn’t speak. His bare muscular chest was everything I had ever dreamt about,… maybe even better.

“Shall we start? Er, what is your name, I never thought to ask.”

“Lynda, but everyone calls me Lynn. It’s easier that way,” I giggled.

“OK Lynn, just take off your sneakers and sox and your blouse so we can start.”

For the first time I began to have second thoughts about this. Here I am standing in a strange hotel room, getting undressed for a guy that looks like some sort of Adonis.

The sneakers and sox were nothing, but when he had me unbutton my blouse and put it aside, I realized that I was standing Avcılar Escort there in just my bra. I began to quake. “What about my shorts? Them too, I asked.”

He just smiled at me and asked: “If you want. I mean if it would make you more comfortable, sure that would be ok, but it’s not necessary.”

I wiggled out of my shorts and now stood up. I was standing there in just my panties and bra. He reached out and put his hands on my waist and lifted me up onto the table.

Just his touch was leaving me breathless. The room was warm and I looked at him, waiting for him to tell me what to do next.

He unfolded a towel and holding it by the corners dangled it in front of me and nodded.

I didn’t quite understand what he wanted and I suppose I looked a little puzzled.

“Your bra, that’s going to be in the way. So just take it off and lay on your tummy. I’ll start on your back.”

He was holding the towel about two or three inches in front of me, giving me a bit of privacy as I fumbled with the clasp. I unfastened my bra and shrugged out of the straps.

He was looking at my face, avoiding looking down.

On impulse I suddenly reached out and snatched the towel from him. Then slowly swiveled and laid on my tummy. There was no way in hell he couldn’t have seen my breasts and how excited my nipples had become before I laid down.

I was already breathing hard. Actually I was a bit lightheaded, almost intoxicated by what I had just done.

At first it was relaxing.. He worked his hands across my shoulders and behind my neck. But as he gradually worked lower, another, more exciting sensation sent chills thru me. I turned my head sideways and commented.

“It’s warm in here and I don’t want to be the only one with nothing on. Would it be all right if I asked you to take your T shirt off?

He hesitated, then I heard a soft rustle as he took it off. Again his hands returned to my back as he continued to stroke and knead lower and lower.

My panties were becoming wet and slippery again. I don’t think he could see the spreading dark spot but he paused to put a towel over my behind before moving lower with his massage.

Past the hollow of my back and lower his hands moved and suddenly he was massaging the cheeks of my ass. Oh sure, the towel was in the way but at that point, I wanted to feel his hands on me, not the damn towel, so I snaked my right hand down and finding the end of the towel, pulled it off and dropped it to the floor.

He paused, than started again but now the silken fabric of my panties was the only covering and I became frustrated. Sliding both my hands down my sides, I hooked my panties with my thumbs and pushed them down as far as I could. Again he paused before starting again.

While he continued kneading my ass, I moved my legs apart as far as I could. My panties were sort of locking my thighs together just above my knees so I mumbled. “Take them off. They’re in the way. I’m not shy. Just take them off.”

He said nothing but I felt him fumble at the sides of my legs and begin to work my panties down towards my feet. Lifting my ass slightly he was able to pull them off.

Things began to get more exciting. More than that, I was getting hornier and hornier as each moment passed. He went back to massaging my butt and now I could move my legs further apart, just barely keeping my legs on the table. He had to see at least part of my pussy, and definitely all of my ass.

The warm oil on his hands was being worked in and he began massaging from the back of my knees up to my buttocks. Possibly by accident, or maybe not, his fingers slid between the cheeks of my ass and across my tiny opening. I stifled a gasp and wiggled my back side letting him know I enjoyed it.

Picking up on it, he began to tease his fingers more daringly over my ass and I couldn’t stop the soft moaning sounds I was beginning to make.

For the first time in minutes he spoke. “Is this all right? I mean is this what you want?”

I practically yelled aloud, “Yeah, Oh yeah, that’s good. It’s making me crazy. But I like that.”

To encourage him more I spread even wider. My knees were at the edge of the table and I had to sort of lock my ankles together to prevent straddling it. Now his fingers were massaging that short space that separates my pussy from my ass. I was ecstatic.

Afraid he would stop and go back to massaging my legs I mumbled. “Keep doing it there, I like that. Do the inside of my thighs too. That feels so good.”

I had almost told him to go lower, touching my pussy, wanting him to massage my cunt with his warm oily fingers, but dared not actually say it.

He began letting his index finger slip between the lower portion of my pussy’s lips before again moving up to my ass. I couldn’t take it any longer and gasped: Put it in. Use your finger and put it in.

I was going mad just feeling his fingers teasing my pussy and ass and I couldn’t stand it any longer. He slid his index finger into my pussy as his thumb began stroking the small opening of my ass. I was close to orgasming and couldn’t stop myself.

He must have suspected it because he paused and moved back to my thighs and calves. I was panting by now. And when he finished with my feet I flipped over and stared at him.

“My front. Do my front now Brad. I like what you’re doing.”

Bending down he picked up the towel and put it over my hips, covering my pussy.

I reached down and took it off, held it out over the edge of the table, and dropped it to the floor. There was no pretending anymore. He knew what he was doing to me and I think he was enjoying it. At least if that bulge in his shorts was any indication.

From that point on I was lost. He worked my shoulders again but moments later I felt the warm oil, then his soft hands cupping my breasts. His palms seemed to brush back and forth across my nipples, stirring them, making them more erect, and turning them into points of erotic sensation.

I have this thing. There seems to be some sort of connection between my nipples and my pussy. I mean it’s as though, if one is touched, the other responds along with it.

Even when I masturbate, I get a more intense feeling when I pinch and roll my nipples as I play with my clit. But now my hands were at my side and he was doing it for me.

I was rapidly losing control. I wanted him to touch my pussy while he was doing that massage thing to my nipples and I had to tell him.

“Oh god Brad. Yeah that feels good……. Please don’t stop, but… massage my….. Down between my thighs while your doing my breasts. I think I’m gonna…… You know. Finish. Just please do it both places at the same time for me.”

He must have done this before with other women. He knew exactly what I needed and as his hand slid down over my tummy he put his lips over my nipple and began flicking his tongue back and forth.

A second later his fingers were on my cunt. Then I felt his fingers slid inside me and his thumb started rubbing back and forth across my swollen clit. I was getting closer and closer when I suddenly reached out and tugged at his shorts, setting his cock free.

It all happened so fast. He was leaning over my breast sucking my nipple, his hand was doing things to my cunt that I never believed anyone could do to it, and I was clutching the biggest and hardest cock imaginable.

My body began to shake and I moaned aloud as I came. I don’t mean I just had an intense orgasm or anything, I mean I went ballistic. I never had an orgasm like that in my entire life, and between gasping for air I cried out. “Fuck, Oh my god I’m cumming. Don’t stop, I’m cumming! Give my pussy what it wants! Oh Yeahhhhh. Like that.” I was shaking like a leaf when he let my nipple slip from his mouth and he stepped back. Almost as if he were embarrassed, he turned away and tucked his cock back in his shorts and put a towel over me.

I was panting so hard I couldn’t speak. He began to fold things up, put the cap back on the bottle of oil, and got ready to leave.

Helping me off the table he led me to the couch and I sat down. I stared at him. How could he be so nonchalant? How could he have just given me the most fantastic orgasm of my life and just pack up and leave? I was desperate yet I wanted to act as if it hadn’t happened.

“You don’t have to go. I owe you something for that. You know……. We could do more in the bedroom if you want. I mean, I want to sort of repay you for that. Don’t you like me? I’d like to do some more, .. You know,…. With you, the two of us. I can do that again and I can do you at the same time. Please?”

He paused, looked down at me and just gave me that sexy smile.

“Thanks for the offer, but I have another appointment. Maybe another time. OK?”

Softly he closed the door behind him as he wheeled the table out into the hallway.

At first I was ashamed at what had happened, then embarrassed. What had I let myself do? I had actually asked him to make me cum and I felt like an idiot. But then I got furious. I’m a good looking woman and how dare he walk out when I offered myself to him.

I wanted to wash away my shame so I showered and got dressed.

An hour later Debbie returned. She knew right away that something was wrong and that I was upset. I told her everything that had happened and what I had practically forced him to do.

She seemed amused and stared at me before asking. “You perfectly sure it wasn’t Kevin? It seems strange that two guys who look so much alike would show up at the same place.”

I thought for a minute before answering. “No…… it wasn’t the stripper guy. Brad actually was a lot nicer, but my god was he built. I mean he is big. It’s just that….you know, it hurt when I couldn’t talk him into fucking me or even let me suck him off. And I’m sure he’s not gay. He really got turned on doing that to me. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.”

Debbie grinned and pursed her lips in thought. “Maybe he has some sort of problem and its not you. Maybe…you know his foreskin is too tight and it hurts or something. It’s probably something like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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