Mistaken Identity

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“Shut up,” Fiona said, laughing. “Just because she’s got blonde hair doesn’t mean she looks like me.”

“She fucking does,” Ria said. “She looks exactly like you. It’s really weird. Honestly, next time you see her you’ll see it.”

“Whatever,” Fiona said. “Well I’m seeing her later.” Time to change the subject. “I was hoping to come around yours, but I forgot about this stupid Halloween party at my uncle and aunties. I can’t even be bothered to go, let alone dress up.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be awesome,” her friend said, heavy with sarcasm.

“Tell me about it,” Fiona said. “I’ll message you later. Sure you won’t come?”

“No chance. Speak to you later,” Ria said. “Have fun with your twin.” She started laughing and hung up.

“Idiot,” Fiona said. She dropped the phone on the bed next to her and sighed. She really didn’t want to dress up. She wasn’t even sure what she had to dress up as.

She then started thinking about what Ria said, about her brother’s girlfriend looking like her. Of course, she had noticed a slight resemblance. Blonde, shortish, and petite. Their body shape was slightly similar. Did that mean he fancied that type of girl, did that mean Fiona herself was his type.

Sally was 20, the same age as Fiona’s brother. Fiona was a year younger at 19. So the age difference was minimal. And there was no denying the similarities in appearance.

She couldn’t stop the feeling that emanated through her body at the thought. She pushed the thoughts away that threatened to bubble to the surface, she didn’t want to go there, not now. She knew what it led to and there wasn’t time. Or was there.

Her hand was on her tight flat stomach, she stroked it, her fingers creeping lower.

She flinched as the doorbell rang. “Saved by the bell,” she muttered, jumping up. She felt the frustration creep into her though. It’ll just have to wait, she thought, as she ran downstairs.

She opened the front door to find Sally there, her brother’s girlfriend.

“Hey,” Fiona said.

“Hey Fee,” Sally replied, pushing past her.

“Come in,” Fiona muttered sarcastically. Grimacing at the shortening of her name. It wasn’t the name that riled her, a few people called her that, including her brother, but it just sounded annoying from Sally.

Fiona followed Sally into the kitchen. Sally’s pert little ass hypnotising her as they went. She had on a small pair of cream denim shorts, her pert little cheeks swaying. That and the red crop top left little to the imagination. Did Ria really think they looked the same? Fiona wasn’t sure she could look that amazing, even if she wanted to.

She looked down at her white baggy t-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms. Alright, she was ultra casual, but she still would never wear what Sally wore. Not that she judged her, of course, Fiona thought. Everyone should wear what they want, and if Sally wanted to dress like a slut then so be it.

Fiona coughed into her hand, scolding herself for the thought. That wasn’t fair, Sally looked great and if she wanted to show it she should. Fiona just had this thing with Sally that she couldn’t put a finger on. She had a habit of getting under her skin.

Sally dropped a carrier bag stuffed full of something on the table.

“Adam isn’t due for a couple of hours,” Sally said, going straight to the fridge. “I thought I’d come over early and we can try on a few costumes.”

Fiona shook her head. Straight to the point as usual. She watched Sally pour two glasses of rose wine. Help yourself, Fiona thought.

“I’m not sure I’m dressing up yet,” Fiona said. Sally spun so fast that Fiona actually jumped.

“You have to dress up!” Sally nearly shouted. She lowered her voice. “Please. It can’t just be me.”

“My brothers dressing up,” Fiona protested. “You’ll look good together.”

“I know,” Sally replied, and Fiona could see her eyes dreamily flick up as if imagining how great they would look. Fiona felt the urge to slap her. “But we girlie’s need to stick together.”

Oh Jesus, Fiona thought. “I don’t think this girly even has a costume,” she replied. “Unless I can squeeze into a 4 year olds princess dress.” Thinking about it though, she wasn’t even sure she had one of them when she was younger. She used to play things like pirates, or superheroes with Adam. She smiled at the memories.

“That’s why I brought extra costumes,” Sally said, grinning. “I’ve got lots of choices.” Her pretty blue eyes flicked to the bag on the table. She passed Fiona a glass of wine before, taking a big chug of her own and topping it up.

Of course you fucking have, Fiona thought. “Great,” she said, not bothering to hide the sarcasm. It went over Sally’s head.

“I’m sure we can find one that’ll suit you,” Sally said. Her eyes judgmentally scanned Fiona’s baggy clothes. “Maybe.”

Fiona rolled her eyes as an oblivious Sally grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs to her room. Snatching the bag off the table as they went.

It wasn’t long Silivri Escort before a variety of Halloween costumes were laid out on Fiona’s bed. Fiona stood, slightly horrified, looking at the skimpy, or tight, costumes. Some skimpy and tight. Jesus, she thought, I can’t wear them.

“Tell you what,” Sally said. “You wear the catwoman costume and I’ll wear the Harley one. I couldn’t decide anyway. The catwoman one is slightly less revealing.”

How the fuck can that be less revealing Fiona thought, looking at the tight trousers and the small leather top on the bed. Out of all of them though it was probably the least slutty.

Fiona picked it up and took it to the bathroom. She wasn’t giving Sally any more opportunity for back handed comments on how she looked.

Sally stripped down to her underwear, a pretty black bra and panties that she had treated herself to recently. She ran her hands over her flat stomach and then over her slender thighs. Tempted to go somewhere else.

“Fuck,” she muttered. “Why am I so horny.” She sighed and stopped her hands caressing further. She picked up the faux leather leggings. She pulled them on, squeezing her thin legs into them. Pulling them up as high as possible, which wasn’t very high.

They barely covered her narrow, bony hips. Her thin waist and toned flat stomach would be pretty prominent, she thought. She slipped a hair band on, her long blonde hair now hanging in a ponytail down her back..

She put the crop top on and checked the mirror again. The low v neck showed ample cleavage of her round pert orbs, squeezed together beautifully. Jesus, Fiona thought. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. She stuck the mask on for effect and exited the en suite.

“Wow,” Sally said. “You have an amazing body. You should definitely show it off more.”

“Like a new car,” Fiona said, again heavy on the sarcasm.

“Yeah,” Sally agreed. Fiona didn’t even think she listened. She was too busy laying out her costume.

“I’ll be downstairs pouring us some more wine,” Fiona said, leaving Sally to it.

“Can you bring it up?” Sally asked. “My make up will take a while. Don’t forget your whip too.”

“Yes boss,” Fiona muttered. She turned and picked up the accessory. She then left the bedroom and headed downstairs.

Fiona dropped the whip on the table and went to the fridge. She took out the bottle of rose wine, unscrewed the cap and poured two more glasses, picking one up and taking a sip. She put the glass back down and picked up her phone.

She was bent over the kitchen worktop, texting Ria about how she was right, they did look similar, and about her stupid costume, she felt like an idiot. And shit was it going to be hot, she thought, they didn’t design these things with chafing in mind. Her still present arousal didn’t help.

Ria text back. Fiona laughed. Ria had asked how it felt to know her brother likes to fuck someone who looks like his sister. Fiona started writing a witty reply.

Fiona gasped as a hand went around her bare waist and one squeezed low down on one of her buttocks, fingers teasingly between her legs.

“That costume is hot,” came her brother’s voice. He pushed his pelvis hard into her and she felt his hardness press into her ass. She went to protest but his hand slid quickly across her flat stomach and down the front of her faux leather leggings. She gasped again.

She felt his fingers push between her pussy lips and her legs went weak with pleasure. She tried to protest, but it had been so long, it felt so good, she needed it. His finger running up the centre of her made her legs shake.

“So wet,” he said. “I know what you want.”

She moaned as the fingers left her, but gasped again as her brother pulled her trousers and panties down to around her thighs with a jolt, her pert ass exposed. She felt a finger enter her and heard the sound of him undoing his trousers. The fingers squelched deeper into her dripping cunt.

Shit, she thought, he’s going to fuck me. She had to stop it going any further, she went to turn but all sane thought was obliterated as she felt the tip of his cock ease her open. Pleasure soared through her petite body as he stretched her wider, she wanted it deep inside her.

She pushed herself back onto him, a brief stab of pain but then just pure ecstasy. His thickness breaking through her tightness and sliding deep inside. She bit her lip hard, stifling a scream. His hand gripped her narrow hips and he pushed in deep, her pussy squeezing his thick cock.

Adam hadn’t been able to help himself. When Sally had said she was dressing as catwoman, he had been horny as fuck all day, it was one of his top fantasies. And when he had seen her bent over the kitchen worktop, her firm pert ass sticking out, he hadn’t been able to resist.

He had asked his sister earlier if she was going to the party and she had said no. ‘No fucking chance,’ were her exact words. She said Şirinevler Escort she was going around to Ria’s. He knew his parents were helping with the setup of the party, so the house was free. And his girlfriend loved a quickie.

As if to prove the point he felt her push back onto him and then start moving, her tight cunt squeezing his shaft. He slowly started moving his hips onto her, slowly fucking her. He loved the sight of the small of her back, and he gripped her thin waist as he slid in and out of her. Her ponytail stuck out the back of her mask and flowed down over her neck, her slender shoulders and neck on display. She was so sexy, he thought.

Adam ran his hands over her body as he continued to fuck her, speeding up slightly at the sound of her soft moans.

Fiona was trying not to cry out in pleasure, she was biting her lip hard as her brother picked up the pace and pounded into her. He felt so big inside her, she tried desperately to hold on, but she couldn’t stop herself, she was going to cum.

She groaned as pleasure ripped through her body and she shook violently, her pussy flooded with her juices. She buried her head in her arms, now crossed on the kitchen worktop.

Adam heard her groan and watched her start to shake, felt her in his grip. Her cunt squeezed his cock as she orgasmed and he couldn’t stop as he ejaculated inside her. He groaned loudly as he unknowingly filled his sister with his cum. He pushed hard into her with every thrust.

Every thrust sent pleasure through Fiona. She felt him cum in her but could do nothing. How could she reveal herself now? Adam’s thrusts slowed and then stopped as he finished unloading inside her.

They stayed like that for a bit, and then Adam pulled out of her, a small river of cum followed the tip of his head out.

“That was amazing,” he said, his breathing heavy.

Fiona groaned in agreement, nodding her head. She felt cum drip out of her, she looked down between her legs to see it running into her panties, down by her still shaking inner thighs.

“I’m going to go and have a shower and get ready,” he said. He kissed her on the back of the head and left the kitchen, leaving her dripping cum.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Fiona said. She pulled up her leggings and panties, feeling more of her brother’s sperm leak out of her. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. What have I done.” She turned around, panicking. “Think, think, think.”

How was she going to get out of this? She heard the shower start. She thought the only option was to run, go to Ria’s. Just as she started to move Sally entered the kitchen.

“Hey you,” she said smiling. “Is that Adam just going in the shower?” She stopped and looked hard at Fiona. “You okay, you look flushed?”

“Um………yeah…….I’m fine,” Fiona said. “This costume is a bit sweaty.”

“Yeah sorry,” Sally said. “That’s why I wanted this one.” She spun for Fiona. She had on a Harley Quinn costume that fitted tight to her perfect body. Small shorts, and a small white cropped t-shirt. She looked hot, Fiona thought. “Was that Adam I said?”

“Yeah it was,” Fiona replied. “He said he’s having a shower and then will be down.” To get the surprise of his life, she didn’t add. Fuck, she thought, this is going to be bad. She squeezed her legs together, her crotch wet from her brother’s cum, her pussy still wanting more. It had been too quick.

“What do you think then?” Sally said, she turned sideways and stuck her pert bottom out. Her firm cheeks squeezing the small shorts. Fiona’s eyes flicked to the baseball bat, wondering how she was going to block it when Sally started swinging. She had the whip, maybe she could fend her off like an angry lion.

“Very sexy,” Fiona said. “Adam will be impressed. He was quite surprised I was catwoman, I guess you told him this was your choice?”

“Oh yeah,” she replied. “Forgot about that, it could have been interesting.” she laughed. Fiona nearly choked on her rose wine.

“You okay?” Sally asked. Picking up her glass. “You never did bring my glass up.” She downed it in one and headed to the fridge.

“I’m fine,” she said, ignoring her jibe. Fiona took her mask off, it was too hot and she didn’t need it till later. She was going to have to go to the bathroom before they left, the cum was going to be uncomfortable. As nice as it felt now, that would change.

Obviously that was if they left at all. The shits really about to hit the fan she thought.. What would everyone think of her? She felt a sick feeling rise in her belly.

“You might get lucky tonight, for once,” Sally said. “You look amazing.” Fiona bit her tongue. Even when saying something nice Sally always managed to come across bitchy.

“Thanks,” Fiona said. “Even though most of them will be my relatives.” Didn’t stop myself fucking my brother though, did it, she thought.

“Ewww! That’s true,” Sally said. She had downed her wine again already and started pouring Şişli Escort another one.

“I better finish getting ready,” Fiona said. Edging towards the door. She could still get out of the house without Sally noticing.

“Stay with me for a bit,” Sally said, gripping her arm and steering her to a chair. Fiona peeled her mask off, rejected to the shit storm that was about to happen.

They sat and talked for a bit. Fiona slowly losing the will to live as Sally talked about herself. Fiona decided to try and get away before her brother appeared.

“This wines gone straight through me,” Fiona said. “I just need to nip to the loo.” She stood.

“Okay,” Sally said, standing to fill her empty glass again.

Where the fuck does she put it all, Fiona thought.

Just then Adam came in wearing a Joker purple suit, his face white with a big red smile painted on. He took in the young women and his face dropped. The fake smile made him look quite comical.

He looked at Sally in her Harley costume and then to Fiona, who was now mask-less, and Adam instantly knew that he had fucked up big time. His first thought was, oh fuck, his second thought was, why didn’t she stop me.

“Are you okay babes?” Sally said.

“Yeah…….yeah…….I just can’t believe how hot you look,” he managed.

“Awww, you’re so sweet. Come here,” she said. He came over and hugged her. He stared hard at his sister over her shoulder. What the fuck! He mouthed.

Fiona just shrugged and looked down, she went red. Sally released Adam and he stepped back, smiling at her.

“Doesn’t your sister look amazing for once?” Sally said. She stepped to the side. Fiona managed to smile at the backhanded comment.

“She sure does,” Adam said. “I saw her when I came in.” And fucked her from behind, he thought, and fucking enjoyed every second. But he told himself he didn’t know, that made it okay, didn’t it.

“Yeah, he’s already shown his appreciation,” Fiona said, not sure what came over her. Adam coughed into his hand.

“Remember it’s early babe,” he said to Sally, changing the subject. She was pouring herself another glass of wine.

“Don’t tell me what to do,” she snapped. “It is a Saturday night.”

“I’m going pee,” Fiona said. “Then we better get moving.” She quickly retreated upstairs before an argument began. Her heart raced. Her brother’s reaction surprised her. Yes he looked shocked, but not disgusted. She had seen his eyes flick over her body.

“Oh god,” she moaned. She was so turned on. She rushed to the bathroom.


An hour later they were at the party. Fiona was sitting on the sofa watching Sally knock back more alcohol as her brother was desperately trying to get her to slow down.

It wasn’t long before Sally was flirting with Adam and Fiona’s uncle. Which Fiona found highly amusing. Until the horror of her brother coming over wiped the smile off her face. He plonked himself on the sofa next to her.

“What the fuck sis?” he said. He leant in close. His joker make up was beginning to look a bit smudged.

“Don’t,” Fiona said. “Don’t start.” She was already hot in the fake leather catwoman suit, this conversation wasn’t going to help.

“What do you mean, don’t start?” he said. “We need to talk. Why didn’t you stop me?”

Fiona looked down, she had to tell the truth. She didn’t want him to think he had forced himself on her. “I couldn’t,” she said. “You touched me and I wanted it. I didn’t want you to stop. And by the time I knew I should definitely stop you it was too late.”

“You’re my sister,” Adam said. “Oh god. I came inside you. Are you….”

“Typical. Yes don’t panic,” she hissed, more worried about himself than her feelings. “I’m on the pill.”

Adam visibly sighed. “Oh Jesus,” he said. He rubbed his face with his hands. Smudging some of his make up.

“Oh don’t be so fucking horrified,” Fiona snapped. “Sorry you had to go through the ordeal of shagging me.” She held back tears. Her emotions were all over the place, and he wasn’t helping. Seeing his horror at what had happened didn’t do great for her self esteem.

Adam saw tears in her eyes. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he said. “You…….were amazing.” He held her gaze with difficulty. “I’m not ashamed that we did it, I’m ashamed that I enjoyed it so much. I’m ashamed that I wish I knew it was you.” He looked across at Sally talking to their mum, she was knocking back more wine and laughing very loudly. He knew how much she looked like his sister, but she didn’t compare to Fiona, it wasn’t just about the looks.

“We need to try and forget it happened,” Fiona said. “It was an accident.” She didn’t know what else to say. She didn’t know what his words meant for them.

“Hey you two,” their dad said, appearing behind them. They both jumped. He was dressed as Uncle Fester from the Addams family and the appearance was scarily uncanny. “Cheer up. It’s a party.” He pulled them both together for a hug and then walked off. Fiona and Adam shared an amused look. Relief filled both of them that things might not be completely screwed up between them.

“Are we cool?” Adam said. He wanted to say more. To say how he really felt, but nerves got the better of him.

“Yeah,” Fiona said, lying. She let Adam kiss her on the head as he got up and walked off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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