Mistress Ebony, Ultimate Revenge

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This is a follow up to the story “Educating Mistress Ebony”.

My Nubian Goddess, Tracey was clearly having fun preparing her basement and one bedroom for future slaves. We had lunch twice during the week and would work night at her house to make sure things was set for her yet-to-be slaves. We also spent some time making sure she knew how to use each piece of equipment both practically and safely. We also discussed how far to take things and how to watch for the fine difference between true fear and erotic fear.

She tried to convince me to be tied up for the evening, but I reminded her I had chosen to teach her the basics. In truth I have never served as a slave for anyone, but she was very tempting. She showed me emails and photos of the two white men begging her to serve her. She was planning on starting to train them in the coming weeks. She hinted that she had something special in mind though, as a way to celebrate her “grand opening”. She wanted to take me to supper and then back to the singles dance for a while, then just “see what happened.” I agreed as I had not heard from Judy and in truth was glad to have her gone from my life.

As much as I had enjoyed our sex, I knew a relationship with Tracey would never work, but as friends we could have some great times. If she came to be the kinky mistress I had seen the hints of during the last weekend, some slaves were in for wild times. I secretly hoped she would video tape a few sessions for my pleasure at a later dates.

Tracey called me at work on Friday. She was going all out for our celebration. She would pick me up at my house at 7 p.m. While I was dressed and ready by 6:30, I was not ready for the ride. When she rang the bell, I open the door to be greeted by her limo driver. It was not just the limo, but the driver was a fine young lady in a skin-tight top with no bra and a plunging neck line that barely hide her nipples. This blonde lass had the deepest blue eyes and a quaint Southern accent, “Master Al, Mistress Ebony sends her greetings. If you are ready, I am here to serve your every need.”

The true meaning of those last words I took as more than just her driving abilities. As the driver opened the door to the limo there was Tracy. She wore a black lycra cat suit that was equally plunging in the neck line and had a leather skirt wrapped around the bottom. She opened the split in the skirt so I could enjoy the fact that she had nothing under the cat suit and it was tight enough to be a second skin. “Oh my, you will be popular with the men at the dance tonight.”

“I have one request from you – tonight you are mine and I am yours. I want revenge so promise me you will dance every dance with me. In short I want every man wishing he was you and every woman ready to claw my eyes out.”

“It is a deal, but I must admit I am having a Batman flash-back to my teenage years with Catwoman,” was my reply.

“Tonight I will fulfill every fantasy we both have,” was her response. Further conversation was ended as she filled my mouth with her tongue. I believe we rode all the way to the restaurant locked in a passionate kiss.

The meal was great and we made small talk as we both enjoyed the looks of the other patrons. Our poor waiter displayed a nice erection. Every time he tried to speak to me about our order, I made it worse by informing him the lady was in charge. As we left, she left a business card: Mistress Ebony with her private telephone number. She had written on the backside, “Call me only if you are man enough to please me in every way I tell you to do so.”

I delayed my leaving the restaurant to watch his face. I am sure he was calling the number as soon as he got off work. Tracey and I laughed about as we drove to the dance. When we arrived at dance, she told Toni, our driver to pull Tipobet to the far side of the parking lot. Once there, she opened the door for us to exit. “No, I want you inside.” Toni obeyed her. “Now remove every item of clothing you have on and place them in this suitcase.”

I was amazed. I did not expect this.

Once naked Tracey or rather Mistress Ebony as Toni was calling her, locked the suitcase and placed the key in her purse. “When I return I will consider allowing you to have your clothes back. Now suck Master Al’s cock the way I have trained you.”

Toni unzipped my pants and proceeded to give me a blowjob that was almost as good as what Tracey had done last week. As I started to cum, Tracey pushed the girl out of the way and took my load into her own mouth. “I will need this in a few minutes,” she said as she licked my cum across her lips.

Taking her arm, we walked into the dance together. There was a large table next to the one where Judy and her friends were sitting. Often they would sit as a group. Tracey walked us over to the one next to Judy and her friends, taking the chair at the empty table, but at the same time it was the table closest to Judy. I held her chair and we settled down.

Almost immediately the sparks began to fly. “I am thirsty, are you?” she asked me.

“I’ll get us both a drink,” I said starting to stand.

“Oh no, it is unfitting for you to wait on me.” She turned and in a clear loud voice commanded, “Judy, be a good little girl and fetch us both a rum and coke.”

I was torn between laughing and being stunned. I expected a look of scorn and maybe even a “fuck you” from Judy. I was shocked to hear “Yes, Mistress Ebony”, as she rose and walked to the bar. I had not been willing to trust Judy as a slave knowing she had sent her last husband to jail for spousal abuse, yet she was publicly serving the woman she had attacked just last week.

“I guess it just took a ‘woman’s’ touch to dominate her,” I said quietly to Tracey.

She smiled a chilling smile, “I promised you a surprise tonight. Just wait a while.”

Soon Judy returned with our drinks, she kept her eyes down cast. Before she could sit back down, Tracey took her arm. “Oh Judy, I forget to change my shoes before we came in, would you?” Tracy asked, handing her two lace-up boots.

“Yes Mistress Ebony,” said Judy. To the embarrassment of her friends who were glaring at us, Judy dutifully knelt and began to lace up the boots.

Just as she finished, the music began to play “The Rose” by Bette Midler. In haste Tracey stood taking my hand. “They are playing our song,” she said turning so that the still kneeling Judy was now face to face with Tracey skintight catsuit, which was basically rubbing her crotch into Judy’s face. “Oh don’t worry, you can eat my pussy after Master Al has filled it with cum and not before.” Tracey said.

As we walked away I could see her face bright red as her friends were snickering.

As we danced, our bodies were rubbing in a most erotically pleasing manner. “That was almost cruel.” I said. “Remind me never to allow you control of my life.”

“I thought you would enjoy that almost as much as I did. I told you this is about revenge tonight. Besides she was not your slave and she was free game, so to speak.” She smiled with each word. “I need to prove myself tonight as a Mistress you will be proud to have trained.” She paused then added with a twinkle in her eye, “Just wait until we get back to the house.”

I shuddered with pleasure thinking about what this goddess would be doing to my former lover tonight.

We continued to dance, taking time out for her to humiliate Judy during breaks. As the evening worn on, she became more demanding. Judy was required to go to the ladies room and remove Tipobet Giriş her underwear, bringing it back to Tracey who then tossed it under the table, in full view of her friends. Judy was required to turn down all invitations to dance, with the phrase, “My mistress will not allow me to dance this evening.”

As the evening came to an end, the three of us walked to the limo. At the limo door, Tracey opened the door to show Judy our naked driver, Toni. She then required Judy to strip while standing outside. Tracey then had Toni dress. Then Toni was required to stand there while Tracey and I settled in to the back of the limo. “Now you two whores can get in the front. But Judy, hand me your clothes then turn around.” Judy handed her clothes to Tracey then turned around. Tracey quickly fastened handcuffs to her wrist trapping her hands behind her back. “Toni, fasten her to the passenger seat, roll the window down and leave the dome light on as we drive to my house.”

Tracey and I watched the reactions from others as we drove down the road. It was priceless. “This will teach that whore to mouth off to someone she doesn’t know,” said Tracey as she began to assault my mouth with hers. I have never known anyone who could kiss like this wild woman could.

Arriving at Tracey’s house, Toni opened our door. Judy was also standing there, naked and hands behind her back. Tracey put her arm around my waist and we slowly walked to her door. She handed me the keys. I opened the door and she and I walked inside. “Toni you know what I want done with this whore” she stated very coldly.

“Yes mistress” was Toni’s only reply.

Tracey directed me toward the sofa, “Toni will let us know when things are ready,” she said as she fixed us another drink.

After a few minutes, Toni walked into the room and knelt near the door. She remained silent until Tracey looked at her. Getting up the nerve, she spoke, “All is ready mistress.”

Tracey stood and took my hand. “This is as much for you as it is for me. I know that I can never have you as a lover other than as friends who fuck on occasion, but tonight I want to give you several things. I hope you will take them with the love I offer them.”

As we descended into the basement, now converted into a dungeon, I saw Judy standing along one wall fastened to a ST. Andrews Cross, naked other than a ball gag. “Whore, am I your Mistress?” asked Tracey to which Judy nodded. “Are you totally mine?” again Judy nodded. “Did you love this man?” To my surprise Judy nodded again. “Were you good enough to serve him as a slave?” she shook her head as I saw tears running down her check. “But you love eating my pussy don’t you?” again Judy nodded.

“Toni, undress Master Al.” I stood still as this cute monkey began to remove my clothes. When she had finished Tracey had Toni do the same to her.

The center of the room had a raised bed, to which Tracey led me. Which do you want first, my mouth, my pussy or my ass – all is yours tonight. If those are not of your desire, both of these whores are yours for the commanding.”

I took Tracey’s mouth and again began to kiss her. I worked my way down to her breasts and then to her sweet pussy, enjoying seeing the tears on Judy’s face. I rose up and looked around the room. “Toni eat Judy’s pussy until it is wet, then fist her,” I ordered.

“Oh, you are so nasty. I am glad you are my teacher,” Tracey cooed in my ear.

I reached across and took a tube of lube and began to work Tracey’s bottom. She moaned as I worked my fingers into her ass. “Toni, come here and get my cock wet,” I ordered. Clearly Judy had been enjoying the fisting. I look at Judy and said, “Watch me fuck her ass, when I am finished you will eat every drop of my cum out of her ass.”

As much Tipobet Güncel Giriş as I was enjoying Toni’s mouth on my cock, as soon as I was wet, I entered Tracey’s ass and fucked her like a madman. The strokes were hard and fast. I had Toni rubbing her titties on my back, and then on her own she dropped down to rim my ass. I was enjoying this, a hot tongue in my ass and my cock in Tracey’s ass, while at the same time my former lover watching.

As I came, I shoved Tracey down from her doggie style to both of us laying on the bed like two spoons in a drawer. I told Toni to get Judy down from the St. Andrew’s cross and remove the ball gag. I kissed Tracey and told her I was taking Toni upstairs to the shower but I would watch for a few minutes. I place my hand under Judy’s chin and lifted her face. “It is a shame you were never this good in bed. Now eat my cum from your Mistress’ ass, then eat her pussy until she cums repeatedly.”

I took a paddle from the wall and as Judy began to eat Tracey’s ass, I gave her about five hard swats. Satisfied, I put my arm around Toni’s neck and said, “Now you will clean me up.” She smiled as we climbed the stairs.

Following a relaxing shower where Toni would lather her chest with soap, then use her soapy breast to wash my body, she carefully dried me. Then I ordered her to massage me. It was during this massage that Tracey rejoined us. She gave me a kiss and then entered the shower alone. “What? No slave to wash you?” I asked.

“No, I need a few minutes alone before the next steps,” she replied.

I was puzzled but said nothing. As she exited the shower, Toni dried her. Tracey wore a soft terry robe, while Toni and I were still naked. Together we went back to the living room where a naked Judy stood. Tracey looked at her. It was a hard look. She picked up her cell phone and dialed a number. “The package is ready, come pick it up,” was all that she spoke.

Returning the telephone to the table, she walked around Judy, twisting her nipples and slapping her ass. She dug her long fingernails into her breast leaving hicky like marks. “A week ago tonight you did not know me. You called me names and caused a scene at the dance. Later that weekend I proved you were not even worthy of being called a woman, just a whore. You have watched me make love to Master Al in more ways than you were capable of and you have eaten his cum from my pussy and ass. I have even fucked you with a strap-on dildo. I have degraded you in the presence of your friends and co-workers. What kind of a whore are you?” Tracey asked.

Judy stood in the center of the room, looking down. “I am your whore, Mistress Ebony. I beg to serve you in any way you would allow me.”

Tracey smiled, “Judy, your clothes are on the sidewalk, a taxi is waiting to take you home. You are not good enough to be my whore. You are just plain trash and I think you are even a failure at being trash. Get out, now.”

Tracey opened the door and a naked and broken Judy walked out. As she cleared the door, Tracey slammed it hard.

This was not what I had expected to happen. Tracey looked me with a mischievous smile. “I am a real bitch, aren’t I?” she said with a laugh in her voice. “I wanted revenge on her, but it was good training for the male slaves I have coming next week. I just don’t like female slaves.”

“What about Toni?” I asked.

“Oh her,” again the mischievous smile, “since I took Judy away from you and destroyed her, I thought Toni would be a nice replacement. She is a real woman and has learned my secret blow-job technique just for you.”

Toni looked at me, “I will do whatever you say. I will move in if you want me 24/7. I will keep my job or quit if you tell me to, although as you saw tonight there are advantages to having access to a limo. Plus I have no limits – I will obey each and every command Master Al, if you will have me.”

Damn, I thought, Mistress Ebony, this wild woman, was going to be a good friend to have. But did I really want Toni as a slave? Hmmmmm.

– – – – – – –

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